Kalash 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Ambika says on call ma he reacted and was shocked. Janki says I dont think he will go there. Ambika says he will have to go. his reaction shows there is something. There is guilt in his heart. He killed devika there. I will leave him with no option. He has to come there. Sakshi overhears this. Sakshi says I didn’t get what you were saying about ravi. AMbika says I am mad at him and my life. I will seek my revenge. My revenge will be complete. Sakshi says you will be alone. How will you live without him? She says I don’t know all that. I wish I had a reason not to do all this.I had a reason to love him. sakshi says whats in this revenge? Ravi is the love of your life. Nothing is more important than that. Your love for each other is everything you need in life. Please dont’ do this. You are not doing right. Even if you win you will lose.

Ravi comes to Vikcy. He says I wanted to talk about something. Ravi says I can’t talk to anyone else here. Ravi says I feel like ambika is devika and she did this to avenge her death. Nivii accepted that she killed devika. Vicky says this might be true. I hope it is. You should be happy about it. Ravi says ambika wants me to take her to amba ji temple. Vikcy says but why? Ravi says I don’t know. She knows what happened there. Vicky says sounds like there is something in her heart that should be clear. talk to her. Ravi says I did she wants to go. If I go there I will know if she is devika. I am going there. Ravi says think once again. Rvi says I will go there.
Servant comes in and says lawyer has come to meet you.
ravi comes downstairs. Lawyer says there is a good news. Your mom has agreed to sign those papers. Ravi says I am glad. Ambika and sakshi hear this. Ambika says this why I decided I will take my revenge.
Ravi says to ambika I will go there. I thought that would complete what was left incomplete last time. Ravi says we will go together. Go pack up we will leave early morning. Ambika says in heart I will close all your chapters you don’t deserve any happiness.

Rekha comes to Janki and says don’t send ravi and ambika there. You know what happened there before. I don’t want that to happen again. Please stop them Janki. Jankki says I understand but Ambika won’t stop. She has decided to go. She has to seek her revenge. She has a soft heart. She had been conspired and fooled. Rekha says but Ravi he can never do that. Janki tells her everything. Janki says ambika will get devika justice. She has to punish all her enemies.

Ravi and Ambika sit in the car. Her bag falls on her foot. Ravi says are you okay? He dresses her wound. she says I dont’ need it. Ravi says sit here quietly. He puts ice on it. Ambika says in heart you have lost my trust. Ravi says in heart trust me ambika please. You have changed devika you became ambika but I know my love will never change. Ambika says leave it please. They leave.
Vicky says I hope everything goes fine. Sakshi says yes I hope so.

Rekha says Ravi can never do this. He really loved devika. There is some misunderstanding. Janki says you think so because you re very nice. I understand people like him. He has a sweet tongue but a heart full of poison. I want ambika to live a peaceful life and thats not possible with ravi. He has not changed. He is a liar like his mom. He can do anything and I won’t tolerate that. Bell rings. Janki opens the door. Its ravi and ambika.
Rekha hugs ambika. She hugs ravi too. Rekah says in heart I don’t know what to say. Ambika says we have to leave now. We just came to meet. Rekha says to ravi take care. She hugs Ambika.

Precap-Ambika is in car. A pandit sees her and says you.. Ambika says in heart he recognized me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. siddharth sharma

    I know now either devika will kill ravi & after that in regret will commit suicide or both will reunite & serial goes on with their childrens in order to increse TRP as it usually happens in ekta kapoor serial


    What the hell is going on??? ????? just becoz navi huged ravi forcefully ambica is thinking about their affair…. tooooooo much… ?????????
    End the show will be better or either both should die…

  3. Here ek viswas kaha gaya……there is nothing in the serial…..these tittle is inappropiate……ekta ji….i have suggested 1 tittle…KALASH…EK DHOKHA……

  4. Guys we should have some patience, anyways I think whatever happened so far is right, think about it, if this serial was real life situation then any wife would doubt her husband as she can’t tolerate him with anyone else . Yeah Devika literally doubted Ravi from start but it was natural, I just hope that they get reunited soon, I just want that anyways it was okay type episode

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