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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhaan telling Nupur about attending some party. Ruhi asks Aaliya where is her focus. Aaliya says sorry, I was thinking something, I came to inform you I m going back to Australia. Ruhi thinks its good Ishita is going back, she won’t meet Papa again. Ruhi says that’s very sad, I will be staying for more days, you can join me in Australia. Raman comes there to meet Ruhaan. Raman invites Ruhaan in his products launch party. Ruhi says its sweet you personally came, I will surely come. Aaliya recalls Ishita’s tears and tells Ruhaan to give her some days off, my Appa and Amma finally decided to get married. Raman and Ruhi get shocked.

Aaliya says Appa is my Mama, he has raised me like a father, Amma and Appa love me a lot, Amma finally said yes for marriage. Ruhi

congratulates her. Aaliya says I was thinking to go back soon, India trip is lucky, all problems got solved. Ruhi gets glad and thinks Raman is marrying Shagun, and Ishita is marrying Abhimanyu, I wanted this to happen. Raman gets thinking. Ruhi asks Aaliya to take her time, and asks Nupur to help Aaaliya. Ruhi asks Raman isn’t this a great news. Raman says I will see you in evening, and goes. Aaliya smiles and thinks Raman likes to hurt others, now he got hurt.

Shagun asks Mihir what marriage arrangements did he do. He asks about Pihu. She says Pihu is sleeping, tell me did you book banquet. He asks do you really want to marry Raman, do you think you both can be happy. She says yes. He says we both know Raman does not love you. Raman looks for ad DVD. He finds Ishita and his pics. He recalls their marriage. Dil kahin rukta nahi……plays……… He thinks of Ishita’s arguments about Pihu.

He gets a call and says I want this party perfect, call all the media, everyone should know its Raman Bhalla’s product launch party. Mihir tells Shagun that Raman still loves Ishita. She says I know, I m just supporting him, I want to see him happy, Pihu thinks Raman and I are husband and wife, whats wrong. He asks her to think does she want to get stuck in such marriage where Raman will not love her. She says don’t worry, I have no expectations from Raman, I m with this family and children here, I don’t want anything else, I m happy.

Raman comes in the party and greets some guests. He calls Mihir asking him to hurry up and come fast. The manager says this hall is always booked, you got this hall luckily, its marriage season. Raman asks what shall I do then, and scolds him. The man says sorry. Raman meets his guests and is angry hearing about marriages, love etc. He asks the bartender to make a drink and is frustrated. The man says sorry. Raman says leave it, you can’t make it, fool. Ashok sees Raman drinking and says party did not drink and he started drinking, its good he will get out of control, I will create some drama.

Ishita comes in the party and says I came with Mani, but I should have not come. She sees Ashok and wonders what is he doing here. Ashok calls someone and asks the person to come faster. He says Raman is drunk, I will see him. Ishita says what will be Ashok doing with Raman. Mani asks Ishita to come, we will attend party for some time and then leave.

Raman asks the bartender did you get married. The man says my marriage is next week. Raman asks are you mad, what will you do by marrying. The man apologizes and says don’t complain about me, tell me is marriage wrong, I will not marry if you say. Raman says you will complain after marriage, its punishment for men, you will be seen sitting in my place after some years.

A man asks Raman did he say anything. Raman asks did you get married. The man says yes. Raman says then its no use to tell you anything, go and find out Ruhaan. He sees Ishita with Mani. Raman talks to Mani. Ruhi comes there. Media takes Ruhaan’s pics. Raman welcomes Ruhaan and asks him to come on stage. Raman launches his product. The people like the ad and says Raman also acted in the ad. Raman thanks Ruhaan for the ad. The man says Raman proved he is a good actor, his company is number one because of such efforts. Romi comes there and looks on. Ruhi says it was pleasure working with Raman, I think I should leave. Raman thanks Ruhaan.

Romi asks Ashok why did you call me here, in Raman’s party. Ashok says Raman made a good ad, if this ad gets hit, product will get hit. Ishita hears them. Ashok says if Raman succeeds, he will get ahead of you, so we have to spoil this party, Raman is drunk, he will get out control with 2-3 drinks more, the men praising Raman will make fun of him. Romi asks are you going to do anything. Ashok says wait a min and goes to call someone. Ishita says what is Ashok going to do, I have to tell Raman.

Ishita sees Raman drinking and thinks its happening as Ashok wants, Raman is drinking wine. She goes to Raman and asks the men to excuse them. Raman says unbelievable, what kind of woman are you, you are marrying Mani, why did you come to meet me. She says don’t misunderstand me, I came to say something imp, Ashok is planning something against you. Raman says its bad that you are using cheap tricks to come close to me. She says I m serious. He says I m marrying Shagun, you are marrying Mani, its bad to marry someone and eye someone else. She says I came to save you. He says I have to get saved from you, I know you are marrying to make me jealous, but it won’t affect me, why are you seeing me, do anything.

She says I m not doing this, how can you be better than me, actually I m better, you are drinking and started shouting. They have nok jhok. She says I can also do this, if I drink, I won’t behave like you. He says then drink and show your control. She says my goodness will come out, I will not get drunk. He says we will know, have it. She drinks the wine. He says mindblowing, you had practiced well in Australia, one more, but you have habit to leave midway. She takes the bottle and says you feel you came from sky, you are a normal human, but I m better than you, wait and watch. He says that’s bottle, calm down. She says I will be in control.. she finishes the bottle.

Ishita is drunk. She dances with some guy on Tu kheench meri photo….. Raman looks on and asks her to stop. She asks for a drink. Raman takes her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i hate to core stupid raman..let marry to shagun….mani s kind hearted n true lover…ishita deserves mani only not ds useless raman…let him releave

  2. You Are Absolutely RIGHT Abi.
    MANI us A Perfect NATCH.

    1. Gd afternoon Adu.YA adi I saw your 29 May COMMENTS.Adi khash hamari riya bhi ishita jaisi BOLD hothitu kitna acha hota NA.Ekta ek acha kaam karti uske show ke heroines hamesha STRONG hothe hain.o leads ku lead ki tarha rakthi hai.Adi MAM SHOW WRITERS khabi track nahi layenge.dunya mei phela yaisa SHOW hum ne dhekha ki villains will be strong.main lead will be dumb.

  3. Ishra performed on spa can u plz tell me from which movie is that song?

    1. Anju. Movie NAME (Airlift)song (tere liye dunya chodi hai)

      1. Thank you very much jaz for telling

  4. Yep….today’s last scene n precap was funny

  5. chu raman ko shadun ko pasand h jo apni dudh muhi beti ruhi ko chhor k peso ki khatir ashok ke pass chali gyi thi . or raman ko puri tarah se barbad kr dia :/ raman tu shagun ko hi deserve krtta h. to kar na shadi usse ab b ku nhi ki bolne ke bawazud :/

  6. Just read up on serial gossip that raman to marry shugun in 24 hrs. Ishita finds nidhi alive.

  7. The upcoming episode of YHM will show that Raman an
    Ishita got drunk in launch party.
    It was all Romi and Ashok’s (Sangram) trick to humiliat
    Ishita and Raman before media, to make fun of them.
    Ishita got drunk and looses her temper, dances with
    strangers which Raman (Karan Patel) couldn’t see.
    Raman (Karan Patel) helps Ishita and turns savior for h
    Raman bhalla takes Ishita to hotel room.
    Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) flirts with Raman and both get
    close to each other, Raman couldn’t control himself.
    Shagun aka Anita turns negative again
    Ishita and Raman comes closer in drunken state and
    shares bed together, their bitterness is lost in drunk
    Shagun reaches to the hotel room and finds Raman-Ishi
    in each other’s arms.
    Shagun gets irked seeing this, and doesn’t want to loos
    Pihu (ruhaanika) and Raman again.
    Shagun now plans to separate Raman-Ishita (Divyanka
    Tripathi) and doesn’t wants them to come close

  8. hey guys good afternoon to all.

  9. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Shagun gets
    insecure seeing Raman
    and Ishita together so she
    calls Panditji at Bhalla
    Everyone is surprised to
    see Pandiji and Shagun
    tells them that she asks
    him to fix her and
    Raman’s marriage date.
    Panditji tells them that
    they will have to get
    married within 24 hours
    as it is good time for their
    Family objects on getting
    married soon but Raman
    tells them that if they will
    get married then what
    need to find other time.
    Raman announces that he
    will get married Shagun
    today which makes
    Shagun happy.
    Apart from this, Ishita is
    shocked seeing Nidhi and
    runs behind her but Nidhi
    runs away.
    Ishita bumps with Romi
    and Mihika’s care who
    also tells her about Nidhi
    Romi and Mihika tell
    Ishita that they will help
    her to catch Nidhi.
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  10. Shagun gets frustrated and calls
    pandit home and requests him to
    confirm their wedding date.
    Pandit ji inform that time within 24
    hours is the best time to get
    Bhalla family is against Shagun’s
    drastic decision but Raman
    supports Shagun and decides to
    marry within 24 hours.
    Will Shagun and Raman get
    married within 24 hours breaking
    all his ties with love of his life
    Let’s wait and watch.

  11. Ishita will get upset and walk
    away, there on the way Ishita will
    directly confront Nidhi and will get
    shocked to see her alive.
    Ishita will follow Nidhi but Nidhi
    will manage to escape
    What will Ishita and Nidhi’s direct
    confrontation lead to? Let’s wait
    and watch for the upcoming twist.

  12. ANJU
    JAZ is A Very NICE WOMAN.
    She Approaches People With A Very KIND HEART.

    1. Thank you so much my friend Adu you also such a very nice person.muje is layak samajne keliye THANK you again.

  13. Raman Aur Shagun KI SHAADI HONA.

  14. Hai frnds
    I am a silent reader and big fan of YHM.Can I join with you.

  15. actually i am also supported alia
    i am new in this page

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