Kaala Teeka 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Leela brings Kali down. She says thank God prohit took me here and told me about Kali’s plans. I would never know that we have this conspirator in house. Yug says you are not getting it right. Leela says Gauri is our daughter in law. I am taking her with me. Prohit bring them.
Chulbul says to Vishwa and Manjiri Kali did something that risked Gauri’s life. Leela comes in with Gauri. Vishwa says are you okay? Doctor checks her up. Vishwa says says will someone tell me how it happened? Leela Kali did all this. Vishwa says Kali? Leela says she is not kala teeka. She dreams to become yug’s second wife. Vishwa says she wants to steal yug from gauri and for this she was getting gauri sacrificed. Yug says before you say something did you try to know what Gauri confessed? I know everything. How you all fooled me and Kali. Gauri opens her eyes. The daughter in law you are worried for.. I never married her. Everyone is in a shock. Yug says the one I filled hairline of.. That was not gauri. That was Kali. Gauri wakes up and says what else could I do papa. I was scared. I was scared of dying. So I lied. And when I saw Kali and Yug are hidden behind tree I got to know this is Kali’s game. gauri says dadi, i was forced to lie. I went with Yug and I thought I would spend time with Yug. but yug was with Kali. Yug ignored me a lot. I tolerated. And when I felt like yug and Kali are part of same plan i lied. I didn’t want to lie. I don’t wanna live here. Please take me from here. When my husband and sister are against me I can’t stay here. I can’t fight anymore. Kali says I never wanted to harm gauri. I would have stopped that anyway. Vishwa says enough. I don’t wanna listen to anything else. Manjiri says Gauri is not well. Lets take her to room.

Leela says to Kali how much will you poison yug’s brain? What do you want? Yug says we didn’t want to harm gauri. Leela says you can’t understand what this kala teeka is upto. Don’t give importance to these lower people. She dreams of becoming daughter in law of this house. Yug says if you think what happened was wrong then I am equally responsible for it. I gave her a chance so she can prove herself because I still believe she can’t lie. Leela says you trust her more than us? You risked life of your wife for her. Why are you not answering. Yug says I am nothing to speak or say. He leaves.
Leela says to kali if you wanna live in this house, stay in your limits. No one does anything by their will here. Remember that. I am leela chaudhary. I know your worth. You marriage with yug.. Manjiri comes there.
Manjiri says why don’t you complete the truth? You have take married life of a woman? Leela don’t force me to say your. kali is just a tool of yug’s better for me. I will throw her away. Manjiri says you can’t do that. You know why because truth is with my daughter and not with you. I will get her what is rightfully hers. Leela says Yug is gauri’s husband. And that is why gauri will do teej for Yug and vatsavitri. Manjiri says kali will do that for her husband. I will get her what is hers in seven days, I promise you that.

Vishwa says you will be okay soon. Gauri says I won’t be able to forget. Vishwa says take these medicines on time. Manjiri says we should leave now. Chulbul says to Gauri you need something? Gauri says no. Chulbul says you are so clever. Drama.

Kali comes to yug and says please eat something. Yug says what sin did I do? Just loved. All fingers are against me. Kali says dont worry. Its not your mistake. Thats how situation is. Please give it sometime. Yug says I waited for my seeta since childhood but I can’t wait anymore. I can’t take this circus anymore. i can neither give you title of my wife to you and nor to Gauri. Kali is dazed. He leaves.
Gauri comes there. Gauri says what happened? Plan failed again? Kali oh that was all your drama. Gauri says you know thousands came like but you can’t do anything to gauri jha. You can’t win. Look at you so much happened you are still here. Just get out. Kali says why should I? Gauri says let me remind you, you said yug is your husband. it has been 40 days, you could do nothing. Its all over. Kali says 6 days. 6 days are left for 3 weeks. Keep that in mind. Dadi will accept me as yugs’ wife. Gauri says all the best. Leela comes there and smiles. Leela says you should learn how to do drama. What if yug had seen you talking to her? Tell me what drama was this? gauri says nothing. Leela says tell me. Prohit told me everything. You wanted to spend a night with yug. Prohit knew and told me. Good plan you made. Gauri says I did that to defeat Kali. Leela says how many times do I have to tell you? don’t use this brain of yours. i will get you title of yug’s wife of patsavitri.

Precap-Gauri says after so much you don’t accept me as your wife. For your happiness I will go away from you Yug. I have decided i will take divorce from yug. Everyone is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Arey what’s happening yar again same drama fed up with the story

  2. This was not the precap atiba….there is some mistake…please check it and correct it….please…..
    and I’m sorry if I’m wrong….

  3. precap is not that in precap gauri say to yug that she will go away from her and she will give divorce to her and full family is sitting there and kali is standing behind yug sorry precap is wrong

  4. yes mukhta the precap is wrong

  5. hii everyone….. can I join u guys?
    & thanx mia….u know its ma fav serial but d current storyline is very boring….d writers r dragging it….

  6. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Wat nonsense***(((((((()))))))

  7. Atiba

    Hey guys, there was some confusion with the precap. I have edited it. Apologies.

  8. Really I want to kill this writer yaar! … Why he is spoiling the story???? I thought finally Yug there to help Kali but turn out to be he an a*s don’t have brain to think in his own…. I’m so dissapoint in Yug… On the other hand gauri stop ur over acting and this writer want to more change gauri than KaYu….I hate watch that… Precap is disgusting… Gauri asking divorce???? She doesn’t even marry to Yug. And asking divorce so that way he will believe her….? uh it irratating me and getting frustrating yaar…

    Another lie promo.. I doubt that manjari will win in this… So such a waste of time.

  9. This writer don’t want get rid of gauri yaar.. Is that important?… I feel like cry…no justice for kali?????????

  10. no prblm.atiba
    but i have request me anybody can inform the zee to change the. repeta time of KT ie from 8:30am tp 8:00ameven today because of may studies i can onlg watch half episode..i dun want kaala teeka
    i had never missed it
    hello mukta ….

  11. sorry for the spelling mistakes

  12. After reading de updates I dun feel like wana watch todayz epi of kaala teeka … feeling tired n giving up. 🙁 🙁

  13. Please throw that gauri out of the show. She is becoming devlish day by day. I hate her :/

  14. I’m not surprise how today’s episode turned out….it’s sad though not once these producer and writers will do something different something unexpected always give priority to the villains of the show and make the hero/heroine look dumb af…..I won’t even bother to watch it didn’t even read the whole update just scan through and by reading everyone comments I knew nothing good happened

  15. why? really why?…..when the truth come out I wish kali leave yug…he need a punishment and he has to beg for her…..I hate gauri, viswa, and leela…I have a feeling that viswa also part of this plan…it proof it clearly today….I gud feeling he just pretending to be nice…..really this more more frustration……when are they going end this track and get that b***h gauri out of that house…please writer is gauri your relative cos u r more favorable to her than kali…..I wish writer read this comment cos I really want tell him go to hell….u r such evil mind writer….and just to keep viewers to watch show this don’t show us a stupid promo….we all know that june 4 you will give another shock like how you did in kali wedding day and the stupid mahasangam…sorry, I’m not watching your stupid show anymore….i’m really really mad…Yug u r not a ram and your love is not pure either…..uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  16. And please Yug don’t hug kali aymore….you don’t deserve her.

  17. my gosh…how many time kali saved his life?…can he really realize that kali is not lieing?….really i’m pissed off…..dragging …dragging ….dragging and more dragging ….to hell with it..

  18. guys don’t watch or read KT episode …its more and more disappointment ….yug become dumb…kali became weak ….stupid gauri now became strong with support of leela, and viswa….there is no way kali will win ….so, if u guys watch this again in Saturday…u all will get disappoint…so, I’m telling you all it such waste of time….please writer watch u direct and watch youself…..:/

  19. really not just kali…as a viewers..we got tired of this too….we expected some solution will come out of it for this track….same shit and we are tired……please end this show…

  20. please don’t spoil ram name again……ram never stop loving for not trust sita cos he has his pure love in her….yug is like which side I go and lots of confusion….please don’t compare yug with ram….he is a scum….he believe his dadi more than everyone…yeah right…doesn’t he has a common sense….that stupid loud speaker leela used hate kali….now he be so innocent puppet to dadi…yug really need a severe punishment for hurting the innocent girl…he knows she cant she cant lie and he is punishing kali for something she doesn’t commit any mistakes….


  22. Ok.. First gave time 3 week… Now 7 days…next it will be 7 month and then 7 years…..so, KaYu will be united after they turn old or what????????????good job writer making all the viewer fool by fool every weeks…

  23. I just wish manjari take Kali leave the city….. Let ram live with surpanaka… So writer can provedly say that we change the history…. I wish another lead actor come fall for Kali.. So this stupid Yug realize what he has done?… and get jealous.?

    Sorry guys I can’t control my anger.

    1. And he doesn’t want find about the truth but sit and cry like girl….disgusting

  24. Hi guys why are you irritating? Already we are expecting the same story that’s why I didn’t see this serial yesterday. Yug always trust his dadi. Who said yug is ram.it is totally wrong. Hey guys u know one thing ram never doubted sita. Ram always believe and trust sita. In this serial hero stands always like a doll.pls writer send out kali from yug’s life then she will start a new life happily.

  25. Hey masz how did you feel yesterday episode?

    1. Hehe.anu.I know u wil ask me diz question… but honestly anu after reading de update written i dun feel like wana watch de last nite epi… even until now 🙁 🙁

  26. Dear Kaala Teeka writers and makers,
    I was expecting this from Gauri. When i read how Kali tried to get confession, I was sure this would happen. What’s d use of week long Mahasangam? V r back to square one. I am tired of writers showing that bahus as dumbasses. You managed to insult my intelligence.

    If I were the writer, I’d have written in different manner like this :
    Kali sets a trap in her hotel room. Gauri would come there. Both have verbal fight. Kali makes Gauri angry so much and Gauri herself starts boasting like how she tricked everyone including Yug and how Yug will never believe her. Kali cries and sits. Gauri walks out happy. All return home. Later, Kali organises a movie show at the home. In the garden, there is a huge screen. Then Yug and Gauri. Kali plays a movie. First, it’ll be Gauri talking over phone with mad mom – how her flowers plan failed. Next scene, Gauri confessing her crimes, Kali crying and Gauri laughing for that. Yug looks astonished. Then he starts yelling and Gauri gets angry and tells its fake. Then Manji Ma enters with an expert, who examines the video and tells its original, no tampering has been made. Manji Ma comes to Yug and gives the expert’s details – Name, address, contact numbers and tells Yug if he wants he can do police verification of the expert. Kali and I not lying. Even then if you want to verify the video footage, you can take some other expert’s help, anyhow u don’t believe us. Vishwa who had come before, also sees this video and expert opinion, falls down shocked.

    This would’ve been my way of showing Kali and Manji Ma. So intelligent Kali, yet showed as dumbass. Always evil wins!

    Guess I am going to add this serial to the long list of series I stopped watching/reading updates: Saath Nibana Saathiya, YHM, Ganga, Krishnadasi, TEI and now newest addition Kaala Teeka. Now I am only interested in Silsila Pyar Ka, TPK, Parvarrish, Kuck Rang Pyar Ke, and Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant.

  27. is leela a man or a woman??
    why do people believe lies easier than the truth??

    1. SHE IS BOTH:)

  28. Getting Stupid as all other on ZEE TV. Evil always wins over good. Making Yug and Kali look stupid. Guys leave this show they are making mockery of you intelligence. How many times must a person prove they are telling the truth, when evil is believed at once. Writers are EVIL AND STUPID. Loosing interest. Every serial on ZEE TV is Evil. You can miss for weeks and when you get back the story is still at the same point. Show something positive. I used to be hooked to ZEE programs but not anymore. PLEASE LET GOOD WIN OVER EVIL FOR ONCE.

  29. I’m pretty sur Yug going melt in gauri talk about divorce and going feel sorry for her… And we r viewer stupid watch her lie…now justice for goods….

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