Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishita gets caught

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman cleaning his clothes. Ishita thinks of his words and calls him. He asks how are you, I want to meet you. She asks is there any imp work. He says yes, I will come to Ashok’s house. She says no, there is a party underway, sorry I have no time. He says we shall talk when you have time. She says sure and ends call. She says its so difficult, I m not able to meet him, I wish this oath didn’t bound me, I want to meet him. She cries seeing Raman’s pic. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…. She says this is not the time to get weak, I need to look after Ruhi, she must be at the office.

Ruhi comes home. Simmi asks what happened to you. Ruhi says please come with me. They go to room. Ruhi cries and says Nikhil has come to stay in this building, how will

I stay aside, he just pushed me, how will I hide. Simmi says how dare he. Ruhi says do something. Simmi says come with me, we will go to him. Ruhi says no, I won’t face him. Simmi says he won’t harm you, come with me. Simmi knocks the door and shouts Nikhil open the door. Ruhi says I don’t want to create a scene. Simmi says its enough now.

Ruhi asks her to come. Simmi shouts. Nikhil opens the door. Nikhil says Simmi ji… Simmi scolds him. Ruhi hides from him. She asks him to leave the house. He says I took this house on rent, I will see what you can do. She says stay away from Ruhi, else I will see you. He asks her to leave. She gets angry. He says lets call the neighbors. Ruhi takes Simmi. Nikhil winks to Simmi and smiles.

Neelu asks Ishita to chop the spinach, Simmi is talking to Mihika, why is Mihika at Simmi’s side. Mihika asks what, Ishita can’t do black magic, are you believing Shanno. Simmi says Raman is always after Ishita. Mihika says I know Ishita, she is a doctor, what did Shanno say. Parmeet says Shanno was making Simmi say something, that’s not imp. Mihika says why does Shanno interfere so much. Simmi says he is so nice to me. Mihika says it could be her trick, we need to find out what she wants, she is so smart, I will find her truth.

Ishita says how is Simmi giving those pills to Raman, even Ruhi is in bad state, Lord just help me. She hears Mrs. Bhalla shouting Pihu….. Ishita says did Simmi give any medicine to Pihu. She runs to Pihu’s room and looks for her. Lights get on. She gets shocked seeing everyone. Mihika stops Ishita. She says your truth has come out, there is no use to run, I can’t believe it. Simmi says you came to us as a helpless woman, you duped us, you should be ashamed. Raman says Ishita… you have been in my house, I confided in you about Ishita, assuming you to be Shanno, why did you do all this. Mrs. Bhalla says she was fooling us, I doubted on her.

Mihika asks Ishita is she ashamed to talk now. Ishita takes Mihika aside and says I have to hide my face from Raman because of that promise. Romi says I m ashamed to call Mihika my wife. Simmi asks Romi to shut up. Romi says everyone knows who is the bad one. Raman asks Adi did anyone know Ishita is Shanno. Mrs. Bhalla says she has cheated all of us.

Mr. Bhalla comes home. Romi asks him to come fast, there is much drama happening because of the oath, wrong is happening with Ishita. Shagun asks what, Ishita is Shanno. Aaliya says don’t tell me you didn’t know this, Mihika has exposed her. Shagun says I don’t believe this, how can she do this, I will come. Ishita says you know why I have come here as Shanno, I have to be near Raman. Raman asks why. She doesn’t face him. He asks why are you not looking at me, which oath are you talking about. Simmi scolds Ishita.

Ishita asks Simmi to stop her nonsense, they know who lie the most. Raman asks her to stop it, why did she need to cheat them. Ishita asks her to listen to her once. Romi asks Mr. Bhalla to take the oath back. Mr. Bhalla says you stayed here in disguise when I gave you an oath. She says I didn’t break the oath, I have put ghunghat to keep your respect. He says you didn’t value the oath, you don’t value anyone, I free you from the oath, don’t step in this house again. Raman asks what’s happening here. Mr. Bhalla says you matter me the most, I thought you face problems when Ishita comes in front of you, that’s why I made her swear, but she has crossed all the limits. Raman says so you want to explain this. She says I have done all this for you, I had to come in disguise because…. I don’t know if you will believe me or not, your life has a threat by your family member. Raman asks tell me who wants to kill me. Ishita says I know, but I have no proof, I had to come here as Shanno to protect you and fulfill the oath. He says shut up, you are accusing my family and want me to believe your lie, give me one reason, why should I believe you. Pihu looks on.

Raman drags Ishita out of the house. She asks him to believe her. Amma stops Raman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Plz stop this serial. Ekta Kapoor dragging the serial she wants many number of episode. Shann track totally waste of time. Didn’t come out any result by Shannon track…….
    I think Ishita has not so clever as like her sister n simmi. Poor character of Ishita……
    Bakwassssssss. Bundle serial. Stop it!!!!!!!

  2. Riana

    This show is still existing…They showed raman throwing out ishita how many times ??…More than 20-25 times…???…Ekta kapoor learn now how to make serials from comedy show producers of sab tv & sony tv…they are way way better…awesome shows like krpkab, rlhn, aapke aa jaane se…these shows are far better than this #new yeh hai mohabbatein which started after 3 years leap…lol…

    1. Jasminerahul

      serials lose their charm after a point of time.krpkab was it was sweet.the other 2 shows are they are good.but if they drag them for years their downfall will happen

      1. Riana

        absolutely right yaar ???

  3. No development in the story happened. It’s totally waste of time to watch it. The same track is repeating everytime and nothing more!

  4. finally it seems that the truth is near the door! hope fully 2moro iyer family reminds raman about his and ishu’s relation!

    btw i cant understand y they dont keep proofs in front of him?his marriage or else y dont they disclose all this!!! just dragggingggggg

    god knows how much long it will take to finish this drama

    ekta mam is like alcohol who first with its taste captures everyone’s tounge and later on only give the worse effect ! same drag is happening in kundali bhagaya! uff

    1. kundalini shaggy ais so good do not even say anything against it

      1. seems u did not get me! i said kundali bhagya a good show but ekta mam as bad becz she is just dragging in that show! no offends to the show,only to ekta mam

  5. Hong Nhung Vo

    Câu chuyện càng ngày càng nhàm chán và vô lý, không thực tế rồi đó. Raman mặc dù bị mất trí nhớ nhưng anh ta đang có lại tình cảm với Ishita. Cho dù cả nhà Bhalla, ngoại trừ Romi, Adid, Ruhi, Aaliya, Pihu và ngay cả Neelu cũng còn yêu mến Ishita thì tại sao không ai lên tiếng nói cho Raman biết sự thật Ishita là Vợ hợp pháp của Raman? Còn Mihika, trước kia yêu mến Ishita biết bao, bỗng dưng chỉ trong khoảnh khắc đã biến thành người xấu làm hại chị mình chỉ vì người chị đó ngăn không cho mình ly dị! Dừng lại sự vô lý này đi Ekta Kapoor nếu bạn không muốn bộ phim này rớt hạng và chúng tôi bỏ phim!!!!!!!!

  6. Glad she was csughta. I can’t stand ishita at all

  7. what can we except from mihika, she is so shameless.

    1. paayal sharma she is going to marry rman how shameless mihika

  8. Sadly the serial has lost all glamour and respect. Now its is giving a very bad vibe to the audience and mind u it is considered a family show. Very negative and incorrect moral and values being shown. Youth are very impressionable and this is not the message we need to send out.

    There is absolutely not correlation between the episodes.
    CVs we audience are educated people and understand its is a serial but still some of the things are really far fetched. Raman remembers everyone except insane.

    1. very true Jay ! Never expected cvs can stoop so low !No words to express my frustration on
      this storyline ! Dt as Shanno acted so brilliantly .. whats the use ! She is easily caught ! Evil wins over good thats always the case with Ektas serials ! Portraying wrong things ! Used to feel sympathy to Ishra but that impact also not there from Ishra becoz as much as we love Ishra … after a period we feel they are really useless … story is being given to them .. even then … as they perform their roles with full dedication .the impact is they are fools ! I get a vibe Mihika Romi and Ishitha is planning this. Even if its a plan Mihikas bad words used on Ishitha is not acceptable even if for drama sake .

  9. Raman now knows he has a daughter Phiu but he doesnt ask who is his wife.. funny. Mr. & Mrs Bahalla r very bad parents at this age when they r supposed to guide their children & grandchildren they make life more miserable. In every family some tragedy happens. when Ramans sister was killed they blamed Mikha now they accepted her and Mrs, Bhalla is supporting her y can’t she do the same with Ishitha who has kept the faimly together all these years. Mrs. Bhalla only know to take loaded and gets tense when she cannot drink worst lady she failed as mother, mother-in-law and grandmother. Mr. & Mrs. Bhalla have become blind they dont even think what has happend to Raman how he has forgotten his own children they want to lead a luxurious life thats all. They trust simmi who is fooling them & duping them with her husband who once was a Thud. Ruhi is doing over acting, when ishita is there infront of her why cannot she tell her problems to her their mother daughter magic failed here. Ishita was everything for her she know that ishita will help her but no Ekta has failed the character of RUHI & ISHITA’s bond here. Why cannot Adi, Ruhi, Pihu, tell Raman that Ishita is his wife / mother and they are his children.

  10. Syamala Ranganathan

    Please don’t make Isitha suffer more.with how many people can she fight? Please give a happy ending to the serial.Don’t make people loose hope in life.

  11. every single character has lost its value….1) Raman….the leading CEO has become a duffer…2) ishita…a sensible doctor is playing a fool by planning idiotic things….3) Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla ..who used to accept daughter in law as their daughter …are no more concerned even the least bit about her…4) mihika…a practical sensible woman has lost her senses completely…..5) romi, adi and aaliya are just dumb playing no role except giving an attendance… 6) iyers…whose life is ishita… take no effort to make ishita’s life better…..7) shagun used to have a powerful role at least as a negative character… now she too is doing nothing except praising ishita all the time…

  12. After the next 100 episodes.,hopefully,we can hope that raman’s memory is gained.

  13. Raman lost memory …….ishita killed ananya went to jail……. completed 4 months on same…. 🙁

    how many more days ……. if raman & mihika get married then director & creative head no words to explain…….. how we feel

    Raman ishita divorce & raman marriage ………
    we have lots of track like ruhi, aadi, romi ……. why to story defame by ishita raman seperation 🙁

  14. I understand Simmi has scared Pihu but can’t Adi, Romi and Ruhi show some proof any proof to Raman? And Mr. Bhalla once went to the extent of leaving his house with Ishitha as he always believes that she can never be wrong. What happened to those things now? I too initially thought Mihika is siding with Simmi only to expose her but I don’t think so anymore. I really liked Shanno track and I thought she was going to succeed. Ishitha has faced other problems in the past but at least Raman was there with her even though he gets angry on her. Now not even one person is able to support Ishitha and just watching the evil having fun.

  15. Long time a go Ishitha should have taken Ruhi and should have started to live with Mani and now she should have divorced Raman claim custody

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