Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita telling Raman about Rinki’s extra marital. Rinki has told me herself, its not simple thing, she has lied to me, whatever she told me was all wrong, I met that guy when everyone went to Pammi’s house for aarti, I told Rinki to make me meet that guy. Raman asks then. Ishita cries. FB shows Ishita meeting Kumar in the fair in Pammi’s society. She scolds Kumar and asks how can he have an affair with Rinki, and now he is blackmailing her, now can he do this, she will tell this to his wife. He says who said I m after her. She says Rinki.

He asks her to find out well, Rinki talks senti with me, she says her husband is away and no one gives her attention, I came here to end everything. Rinki is blackmailing me that she will tell this affair thing to my

wife to break my marriage, I want Rinki to be away. She says I know you have her photos. He says she lied, read her messages, she was emotionally blackmailing me. He asks her to explain Rinki to be away from him, this will be big favor on him. Ishita calls Rinki and says she did not answer call. She then messages that Rinki you lied to me, the result of this lie won’t be good.

She tells Kumar that he will not meet Rinki again. FB ends. Raman asks Ishita why did she not tell him before. She says you know what happened with Simmi, now matter is out of our hand, I wanted to discuss with you, there is one thing else, I don’t want us to tell family. Raman says we have to say Rinki is missing, police is doubting you. She says Rinki would lose name, what will we tell Abhishek. Raman says don’t worry, I will manage.

Abhishek meets Ashok and says he does not trust him, if there is anything to say, he can. Ashok says he will tell what he has seen, Raman and Rinki were arguing and Raman threatened to kill Rinki. Abhishek asks what does he want to say. Ashok says I know Raman, he is violent man, I m just worried. Abhishek says enough of this nonsense. Ashok asks did Raman say he met Rinki yesterday, you ask Raman where was he yesterday at 5pm and with whom, and describes Raman’s clothes. Abhishek leaves. Ashok says I m sure Raman won’t tell anyone that he was with Shagun.

Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to call Mihir and find about Rinki. Mrs. Bhalla says why did Abhishek take Ishita to police station, does he mean Ishita is responsible for her missing. Abhishek comes and says yes, maybe I was wrong, investigation is going on, we got an eye witness, he said Raman and Rinki were fighting on the road, and Raman threatened to kill her. Raman asks are you mad, who told this. Abhishek says I can’t disclose and asks where were you yesterday. Raman is about to say and recalls saving Shagun. He thinks he can’t tell Abhishek, what will Ishita think, Manoj loves Shagun, Manoj and Ishita would be hurt. He says I was in meeting. Abhishek asks with whom.

Raman says I did not meet Rinki, will you agree if anyone says anything. Abhishek says Rinki is missing, my duty is to find her, did you wear black shirt and red jacket. Raman says yes. Abhishek says that eye witness said this. Raman asks are you mad, anyone can wear such clothes, why will I do this.

Ishita asks Raman to say the truth. Raman says you trust me right, I did not meet Rinki. He goes with Abhishek. Ashok looks on and smiles. He asks a man to give this packet to Ishita. He says Raman was saving Shagun, now what will this DVD affect Ishita, lets see. The man goes to deliver the DVD. Neelu asks him to wait.

Ishita consoles Mrs. Bhalla and thinks thank God mummy ji does not know about Rinki’s affair. Neelu asks Ishita to come and receive her courier. Ishita goes and gets the courier, without any name and address. She plays the DVD and gets shocked seeing Raman and Shagun in the cold storage and Raman getting closer to Shagun. Ishita recalls Raman’s words and cries. She says there will be some other reason behind this, Raman can’t cheat me, why did he not say me. She cries recalling Raman. Dil kahin rukta nahi…………………..plays……….

Mr. Bhalla stops Mrs. Bhalla from going to police station. She says Rinki is missing and Raman is taken for questioning, I will go there. Mr. Bhalla says we should stay at home. Abhishek said we will get ransom call if Rinki is kidnapped. Mrs. Bhalla says she will see Abhishek and leaves. Ishita cries and says Raman can’t do this. She plays the DVD again and sees the time, 5pm and Abhishek feels Raman was with Rinki at 5pm, Raman was with Shagun.

Abhishek asks Raman not to make it difficult for them, and questions him. Raman says whats wrong with you. Abhishek says I know you are lying. Mrs. Bhalla comes to defend Raman and scolds Abhishek. She says Raman and Ishita can give their life and you are saying so. Ishita comes and says Abhishek your witness is lying, Raman was somewhere else yesterday at 5pm, he was not with Rinki.

Abhishek sees the video. Ishita cries and looks at Raman. Mrs. Bhalla gets shocked seeing the video. Raman gets speechless and tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohababtein will
    show that Shagun finds
    out as Laxmi is diabetic
    so she cannot become
    surrogate mother of
    Raman and Ishita’s baby.
    Then Shagun decides to
    become surrogate mother
    of Raman and Ishita’s
    Furthermore, Raman and
    Ishita also have argument
    over cold storage CD.
    Ishita blame sIshita for
    always hiding everything
    from her.
    Ishita also accuses
    Raman for meeting with
    Shagun secretly and hide
    this from her.
    Ishita gets very much
    angry on Raman while
    Raman decides to keep
    Raman knows that if
    Ishita finds out that
    Shagun is going give
    birth their baby then she
    stops this surrogate
    It seems like big
    misunderstanding is
    going to create between
    Raman and Ishita.
    Stay tuned knowing
    further development.

  2. Mihika shoots pistol during playing balloon game at the mela. Ishita reaches the mela and Rinki’s boyfriend lies to
    her showing Rinki’s messages for him. Rinki’s BF has done conspiracy against Rinki and confuses Ishita with his
    lies. Mihika targets the balloon and fires the pistol oblivious to the fact that it was fake pistol. Rinki was hiding
    behind the balloon game board and gets shot. Rinki’s boyfriend knows all and is mastermind of the conspiracy. He
    wanted to kill Rinki through Mihika and got successful. Rinki feels pain after she gets shot. Mihika is still oblivious
    and thinks she has hit the balloon. There is possibility that if Rinki dies, then Mihika will marry Mihir in the show.

  3. Divyanka Tripathi aka Ishita of “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein”
    is one of the most popular TV actresses with a huge
    fan-base. The gorgeous actress is often showered wit
    gifts from her fans across the country.
    Recently, Divyanka, who is highly active on social
    media, achieved a milestone by crossing 400K
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    Overwhelmed with the love showered on her, Divyank
    took to her Instagram account to thank her fans along
    with a picture. “400K+ n gifts pouring in… thank u
    thank u thank u,” she posted.
    The entire team of “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” had
    recently celebrated the pre-birthday of their youngest
    and most lovable member, Ruhaanika Dhawan aka
    Meanwhile, on the show, Ishita has been kidnapped b
    goons hired by evil Ashok (Sangram Singh).
    While Ashok assumed that Ishita is dead, it has been
    reported that Rinky (Resha Konkar), not Ishita, gets
    kidnapped, by mistake. Both the ladies wear a similar
    outfit, creating confusion among the goons who end up
    kidnapping Rinky instead of Ishita.
    Further, news of Rinky’s death shatters the entire
    Bhalla family and a furious Raman would be seen
    vowing to seek revenge for his sister’s death.

  4. raman is a cheater .bewakoof aadmi.not fit to be a hero .agar asal mein hero hotha toh itnaa bewakoof nahi hotha .jab room mein temperature zyaada nahi badha tha aur raman ko jab patha tha ki woh phuss gaye hai tab bhi pagalon ki tarah khada tha .na chillaaya madad ke liye aur na hi darwaaza todne ki koshish ki .buss khada tha oh!no oh!no kehke.

  5. ab toh ek bhi episode dekha nahi jaatha .poora serial barbaad ho chuka hai aur agar iss serial ko aur barbaad karna chahenge toh woh kasar bhi leap nibhalega .

  6. roshann

    What the hell this serial is doing all romantic scene ,comedy scene are gone now only left horrible scene suspense scene and twist n turn scene

  7. koi bhi rinki ko dhoondne ki koshish kar rahe aur naa hi uske doston se pooch taach kar rahe hai .sab ek ke baad ek police station aana jaana aur rona dhona kar rahe hai bewakoofon ki tarah .

  8. kajal

    I am going to stop watching this show. From now onwards no comments too bye guyz may i will not comment on this again
    The show has become a suck

  9. kajal

    I am going to stop watching this show. From now onwards no comments too bye guyz may i will not comment on this again
    The show has become a suck

  10. B

    I started watching the serial because of the beautifully depicted interaction between Ruhi and Ishita; continued watching for the sweet and subtle romance between Raman and ishita but I just don’t feel like watching anymore. YHM is no longer a unique serial it once was, now it’s gone the same way as other potboilers and run-of -the -mill saas-bahu serials.
    I think the producers should quit while hey are ahead – please end YHM on a good note without dragging it interminably and insensibly!!

  11. even i am not interested in watching yhm but waiting to see ruhi in the fb there are pics of ishruh after rinki’murder wearing white dress.otherwise this serial is not worth watching at all.

  12. as i have read ekta is called as the queen of television .but still ek dhankaa serial bana nahi paayi.banaayi toh banaayi lekin serial kl barbaad karke choda hai .i know even all other ekta shows are also having horrible tracks .its better to boycott all ekta serials .why is she doing like this type of worst things in serials.its not a connects millions of people around the world.

  13. V P

    Trying my best not to comment but very disappointed with this serial . Daily used to wait for this serial , but now feel like stopping to watch . What are the creators planning . Utter nonsense …. Divyanka …. So beautiful in off screen pictures …. But on screen looks so fat …. Please change the full sleeve bliss and horrible sarees …feeling very sad seeing you losing your charm ….. Hope there is no surrogancy … Why should this Shaghun go behind this surrogancy .

  14. leap ke baad toh yhm ko koi nahi dekhega .ekta aur makers zabardathi aise ghatia tracks thoos rahe hai .dekhna toh hume hai lekin banaa tob aise banaa rahe hai ki unko dekhna ho.badi freshness freshness kehthe rehthe hai.freshness my foot.aise freshness hi kyu laana jo fans ko rulai aur veiwers ko na dekhne ko majboor karde. ekta ne toh apne saare serials ka nakshaa hi badal diya hai.kaha yhm bahut accha simple unique aur beautiful serial tha jo sabse best tha ab sabse worst ho gaya hai.koi comedy nahi ,nok jhok nahi ,ishruhdira scenes nahi ,happy family scenes nahi aur kuch dekhne laayak bhi nahi .iss serial mein sirf bomb blast,miscarriage,surrogacy,extra marital affairs, dhoka, murder aur har kism ke buraiyiyaan hai.koi social message nahi balki kisi ko iss serial ke baare complaint karna chahiye .ab toh iss serial ko jitnaa dekhenge toh such mein veiwers aur fans pagal na ho jaaye yani ki mental pateints kyunki its too irritating and torturing . aur ab present track mein mms bhi. ek se bhadkar ek ghatia tracks . yeh makers toh naa samaj hai .issliye ek baar leap ke protest hone ke baad bhi fans aur veiwers ke iss serial ke liye interest nahi jaan paaye. utter nonsene serial.

  15. tarun

    go to.hell.ekta nd her bakwas serials.ekta mam ke all serials starting me bhut ache hote hi viewers ko attract krke trp bhi bada lete hi bt thode time baad wahi bakwas useles track har serial me dikhakar serial ko puri tarah barbad kar dete hi..yhm was very unique in starting evry episode was so good ,backgrnd music wth such romantic situations. ruhi ishu bonding evrything was awsoom…par ab ek episode bhi sahi nhi hi.nd waise yeh serials hamari daily life se relate krte hi to kya sabki life me unke past-ex hamesha unki har time ki news rkhte hi or unke harm phuchane ki.koshish krte rhte hi like that stupid ,irritating so called ashok….to phir log apni life ke bare me kya sochenge..i hate this crap..oh god pls stop this..kal ke episode me to aur bakwas dikhenge raman jaise cheater koi nhi .hoga..nd shagun par itna trust ek dam se..wo shagun hoti kun hi suurogate mother banne wali……cvs pls stop ur useless ideas…

  16. cham

    Can you imagine , what kind of problems will create if Shagun become the surrogate mother of Ishra baby as Raman hides the process about the baby from Ishitha?

  17. diya

    guys ,, i think the leap is not happening . which is a good news right? stay positive. and i hope they shut the surrogacy track soon nd instead consider putting ashoke and rinki’s ex bf behind the bars and then many more ishru nd ishra moments . with a love triangle betwwen mihir , mihika and abhisekh. makers listen to your viewers trp will increase. and one more announcement yhm has made it to the top 4 along with uddan . the best show running on starplus at this time .:)
    nd i hope the misundrestandings between raman and ishita be cleared soon.

  18. shree

    Kya fool hai hum…..
    Abhishek is dumb police inspector bcz he was with ashok at that time when Raman and shagun were in coldwarehouse and ashok said at the same time he saw Raman and rinki together how it is possible that he saw them together in presence of could abhishek didn’t catch a simple lie???

    • yes you were right the police (abishek) should do some investigation with brain at the same
      time the serial was started with basic story line ishra bonding due to ruhi’s sake if you were try to split them means the basic story line going to hell. the writters wants to remember
      that and dont break their relation

  19. Darshika

    Actually I don’t have any problem with these episode….. Yes,very sad…… But this kind of things may happen any time in lifetime. This is the nature of the humans.
    But that surrogate track and 10 year leap…….! ! ! My god, are you kidding me ekta…… We don’t want this. Honestly I hate this. And I like to see shagun free yhm.
    . But If surrogacy or 10 year leap happen, Obviously I leave this show and don’t think twice for that.
    Lets wait and watch,what will happen next…… Because I can’t predict about yhm now.

  20. Darshika

    And one more thing…… Hahahaha….. That acp is a fool…… He can arrest ashok now as he gives the fake witness to the police station……! ! !

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