Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Roshni gets insulted

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aaliya saying I permitted Roshni to come here. Shagun says no need to become like your Amma, Roshni will snatch everything from you, she snatched Adi. Pihu comes with Roshni and asks Shagun why is she shouting. Ruhi sends Pihu to play games. Shagun asks Roshni is she not ashamed, this baby is illegitimate, how did she come here, she ruined Aaliya’s life. Ishita says enough, don’t say a word against her, relation can be illegitimate, not the baby, those who think so, their thinking is wrong. Shagun shouts enough and holds Roshni. Aaliya asks Shagun to stop it and leave. She says if you feel guilty, apologize to Roshni. She asks Mani to take Shagun. She goes to Roshni and says sorry, you wanted water, I will get juice, you will be feeling dehydrated. Ruhi says Aaliya,

I m so sorry, I should have not blamed you, you did a commendable thing, I m so proud of you. Aaliya says I did what I felt right. Ruhi says you stood by Roshni against Shagun, you need Shagun the most.

Aaliya says I m not great, I did what’s better for the family and baby. Roshni hears them. Aaliya thinks this is Adi’s child, I will snatch him from Roshni. The women apologize to Ishita. Ishita says money can be earned by respectable work too, we are leaving you but just don’t do such things again. The women leave. Parmeet slaps and says this is good, why Raman, you came to our room and snatched our phone thinking Simmi and I did this, but Shagun was wrong, won’t you call police now. Raman asks him to stop it. Romi says Parmeet is saying right, won’t you get Shagun arrested. Raman says I know you are upset with me, but I will make things fine. Romi says I don’t want anything from you. He gets arguing with Mr. Bhalla and Raman. He says Simmi was doing right, I thought she is selfish to ask for share, she is right, one has to snatch rights in this house. Mihika asks him to stop it.

Romi says Raman throws anyone out of the house, he judges anyone but can’t see his mistake, Parmeet said right. Mr. Bhalla asks him to stop nonsense. Raman asks are you insulting dad for Parmeet. Romi says no, I will support Parmeet, do anything, if that shameless girl can come here with illegitimate child, can’t Simmi and I ask for our share, that shameless girl has come here just because of you. Roshni comes and asks Ishita to take her, she doesn’t want to stay here. Ruhi says don’t take it wrong, Raman and Romi always fight. Roshni says no, this place isn’t right for baby, everyone hates me, I can understand, they are calling the baby illegitimate, I can’t tolerate this, you taught me to protect child, I m doing this, I want to go home. She cries. Ishita says okay just calm down. She says Raman, I can’t let her be here, I m taking her, no one shall stop us. They leave. Mrs. Bhalla cries.

Raman asks Neelu for tea. Mihika serves it. Raman gets angry seeing burnt parathas. Mrs. Bhalla sits crying. Raman asks her not to cry. She asks him to get Adi’s baby for her. He says it will happen as you want, just don’t cry. Ishita says meditation really works, we will do it together, everything will be fine. Raman comes. Ishita says I understood you and sent Roshni, flash mob and godh bharai looked good, what intentions matter, whatever Shagun did with her, can you change their thinking. He asks can you take someone’s behavior’s guarantee. She says I just want her to be here, I can take care of her, she is alone for some time here, she fell lonely there, your demands can’t be fulfilled, sorry I can’t help you. She shuts door.

He says fine if you are stubborn, I m also stubborn, lets see who wins. Mani says you tried to harm Adi’s child, its our child too, how could you do this. Shagun says I wanted to just scare Roshni and make her away, its Adi’s child, its Aaliya’s happiness, I couldn’t tolerate, I was really upset. He says you should have spoken to Aaliya, what’s the point to say sorry to me, apologize to Aaliya, Bhallas and Roshni. Roshni asks did Raman go. Ishita says yes, you didn’t had dry fruits. Roshni says Raman went easily, I felt he wanted to take me back, he doesn’t give up so easily, you don’t give up easily either. Ishita says no, I won’t give up, he has left, don’t worry. She goes and says Roshni is right, Raman won’t give up easily, I won’t let Roshni go to Bhalla house, even if I have to stand against Raman.

Ishita says Raman will get this baby anyway. Raman says we want to give shares to Roshni’s baby so that Ishita gets convinced. Romi says sorry, I don’t want to give shares to Roshni’s baby.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. how could some family stood this much low and selfish… shagun s the real mother of india now hats off shagun… and ishita…. no words about her. did they think about aliya. she s real victim actually but they r all treat roshni like she s victim

  2. Shreya Shetty

    Ohh my,what I was actually afraid of its becoming a reality sooner or later!!
    Aaliya is slowly turning negative and if she does,i wish I would like to kick her out of the house if she ever tries to show off her evilness that too by snatching roshni s child
    I mean after all this time I thought aaliya was in a deep pain and had nobody to support her in life except her so called mean mother like shagun
    I hate to say this but my negative thoughts are coming here for real.its not just me but those who were knowing that this was about to happen,then its certainly sure that this dumb and bakwaas show will soon turn into a HOLY CRAP loaded with filled stupidity and mystery forever
    Ishu and Raman should catch hold of that nasty cheap criminal who was trying to harm roshni’s child all time and get him caught straight to the police.and yes I bet the criminal would be among the bhallas all this time as we had seen earlier like their very goody goody expert pretending dovey loved ones
    Maybe they ll show all of us the imposter adi was dead whom ishu shot and on the re marriage day of aaliya,the real one who is none other than our beloved innocent adi will soon return according to the spoilers I ve read.Seriously,those cvs are so much idiotic in mind and they only don’t know how to write the story well and especially for that MAHAN ekta Kapoor,the goddess of all bad soap operas needs some mental attention here
    even though I agree absolutely that all these things shown in this serial aren’t real but fake(I,e Reel),still I don’t know why am I getting too angry and mad after quiting watching the show and reading its updates
    I thought at first Aaliya needs to be given more consolence and love by the in laws and shaguns sayings were correct plus more rights of a second chance in life to move on,but now as I got to know that shes planning to steal roshni s child after her delivery I feel like giving A TIGHT SLAP right on her cheek for punishing her in such a manner like that if I were Ishita
    I supported for her needed support and rights with shagun earlier after the season ended,but now its changed.shagun is and will be hated by all for she can slide change from positive to negative and then later after something unexpected happens,the slide reverses negative to positive ONCE AGAIN??
    C MON CAN THEY GIVE ALL OF US A BREAK OR SOMETHING?sheeshh I had enough tolerating villainism slowly emerging out of good characters who are slowly turnin bad once more,disturbing indeed
    But anyways,nevertheless lets see what will happen next in this bakwaas show according to that pesky cvs

    1. really u want to slap aliya fr going to take adis baby .its nt so wrng den wat roshni did wid aliya by snatching her husband.
      nd adi s also involved n dis bt atlst roshni was acting as victim
      nd shagun wat she did was quite rit as a mother she cant tolerate d drama created fr roshni which mother wl tolerate dis
      Atlstt gud thing s she took stand fr d one she didnt give birth unlike ishita who left her child to take care of dat homewrecker
      I cant evn tolerate dis dat hw can ishita stoop so low she s giving lecture fr dat roshni
      she doesnt hav any rits to blame any of them
      Nd n wat rits she s taking care of d baby if then raman family has more rits cause he s adis real father
      Nd ishita has no rits neither she s adis real mom nd she s d one who killed adi nd nw becoming jagatmata by taking care of adis baby as if she has sole rit evn raman has more than equal rits
      bt no as always she has to show her lecture nd go against him to b mahaan
      Im seriously hating her more nw
      Nd wat if adi doesnt come den dis shit roshni nd her dumb jagatmata mummy as always shamelessly roam around
      One who killed her own son nd roaming nd fighting with husband shamelessly nd d other roshni slept with married man nd playing sympathy card nd acting as if she s sorry fr aliya
      Nd bcz of dat pendullum raman s going behind her otherwise he would gave d jagatmata a reality check
      nd ruhi hw dare she to doubt aliya ofcourse s nd puhi r another idiots supporting jagatmata nd shitty roshni
      Chi both jagatmata nd roshni r disgusting

      1. Shreya Shetty

        ohh yea!!!then lets watch and wait for the correct outcome until the very end,ms priya
        and one thing,dont feel guilty or either apologise if u lose and ur opinion is defeated
        i am hopefully sure that everything will be fine and together those who are die hard fans of ishu and raman,ishra will certainly win if the real adi is shown
        i challenege u to prove u r correct if that doesnt happen,do u accept it or not?tell me

      2. Very very true Abdi followed his mum shagun she did not like Raman so she went to Ashok so dhaaa why you blaming Roshni ? Adi told her on her face even you left papa for Ashok so why blame me. What parents do children adapt. So stop blaming Roshni or ishita. And fool Raman and his hypocrite mother she wants heir. My granny think of your son Romi who is unhappy in his life with no kids on top Raman fool wants to give 51% to that child. ??. Where he is suppose to give to his sister simi. Romi his daughters. My god is he dumb or becoming one Romi don’t sign take him to court for some sense all property belongs to all. Ekta please show some reality life series happening how’s to look after family not become selfish like shagun. This’s is all your doing rectify. Alia time is gone she has to move on what is she doing there she hates Adi but loves bhallas name ?. What the crap

  3. They all are useless. And the show should be banned??

  4. I’m with Shagun. She’s that only one who cares for Aaliya, she’s right. Ishita has become pathetic , always claiming to be right and morally upright yet she is supporting and pampering an Infidel over her so called daughter. How long will roshni play a victim, she slept with Adi knowing he was married to another woman so obviously her child will be illegitimate now, she should feel insulted fir her shameless behaviour. As for ruhi, she blindly supports ishita even when she is wrong. Raman and the bhallas are so selfish and two faced , only know how to use people for the or own gain. Shagun is completely right , she lost her son , her daughter lost her happiness all because of that shameless woman who everyone is pampering. It’s good that she took a stand for aaliya, she’s a great mother and woman unlike ishita who doesn’t even show an ounce if regret for murdering her so called son.

    1. U hav just said d words i was thinking .
      D character was once my most fav nd nw i hate her morend ur rit she doesnt evn hav any shame r guilt left nd n upcoming also she s blaming romi dat too fr dat b*t*h roshni
      D only thing i liked n todays episode s romi given a piece of mind to d whole family nd roshni specially
      Bt asual jagatmata nd homebreaker started drama
      I wish romi s d rit person to give her left nd rit fr killing adi nd bossing around wid d b*t*h
      Nd one more hw can she solely claim adis baby
      Evn raman hav more rits then her hw shamelessly she was arguing wid raman fr dat duck face roshni nd giving bhaav dat she wont giv d child
      I wish if d case goes to court den raman nd family should win nd aliya should take care of d baby
      Den nly jagatmata nd duck face will suffer morend dey should b left alone
      Truely disgusted with jagatmata nd shitty roshni

  5. Shreya Shetty

    ohh please priya for god sake,could u ever let anyone pin down their opinion instead of u attacking anyone
    aaliya was right at first but now how can she think such unexpectable act by separating a baby from its mother
    and please young lady,if u were married or something and this situation arised in ur case then by any chance u might probably lose one of ur loved ones then how would u feel?
    I mean this was just an EXAMPLE given not an explanation Ms Priya madam.
    and what in the HELL would u do if I were like ishita would slap her bahu for taking revenge by snatching a newborn child?GO AND CALL THE COPS OR SOMETHING OR WHAT to arrest me by correcting an unrepairable mistake,HUH??

    please allow me like other people to comment here,i too earlier was just like u behaving like a mad person attacking peoples opinions having that ego in me
    but now i am completely fine,so thank u very much priya for u r kind brief opinion

    besides its just a show and what i said is true,u cannot change others opinion keep that in mind
    and here i am not lecturing u,just telling u that whatever is happening is just a showpart thats all.
    and i dont and never judge either ishita,aaliya,shagun,roshni or anybody in this serial are completely wrong or right in their sides.
    we will see what will happen until the very end,and i am sure the real adi will be back sooner or later coz the one who slept with roshni according to the spoilers i ve read is an imposter!!not the real one,get it
    jeeez,i am not overacting here at all.and if i am,i sincerely apologise insulting u and i am even very sorry for that in pushing u too far priya my friend

    1. Its k evn i didnt intend to attack u .so need to say sry .its just i said my opinion nd u said urs.
      I think gt angry quickly repent it evn quickly dats gud of u.

  6. It’s so irritating to see ruhi behaving beyond her age, am I the only one who felt this??

    1. y nt its jagatmatas parvarish rit so she will behave lyk dat nly.
      Lyk mother lyk daughter one shamelessly roaming after killing her son nd dis ruhi s supporting jagatmata blindly nd supporting roshni
      Yesterday i gt so angry at her fr doubting on aliya evn if aliya does dat i dont think its wrng evn den i wl b with aliya cz she was d one suffering b4 nd aftr adis death
      Let roshni nd jagatmata suffer
      Ishita worst supporting infidelity.

    2. Not only ruhi but pihu too, one can think being a modern young girl ruhi would question whatever is happening but no following blindly ishita…ruhi, pihu are like floor sweeper whatever water or pee they will sweep without complaining.

    3. very true 1234 ! I also felt Ruhi is always beyond her age ! For all these we can blame only cvs !
      They killed the character Ishitha for this Roshinis space . Both KP and Dt are not in their
      fullest acting … we can make out they too dislike this track . Feels sorry for them .
      I feel Roshini is really taking advantage of Ishitha .. Ishitha did not want to go to Bhallas house … she wanted … now she putting fire between Ishra ! Taking care of a pregnant lady that too Adis child if , its understandable Ishithas weakness for the baby … and she stood with that . Having sided with Roshini doesnot mean she is not fond of Alia . But the way Ishithas attention to her and Roshini to Ishima is not appealing to watch . I have a feeling Ishitha knew Roshini is negative .. original Adi will be back … then only cvs can justify Ishithas
      role . I think Adi and Ishimas game and if its for any drama sake … Ekta and Sickand should be killed for spoiling this unique story line .and playing with our emotions . Dt looks so stressed in her acting … its very defficult for Kp and Dt too .
      Cvs know what they are doing is not right … Romi is talking what audience want . This story from surrogancy track they cud have brought
      beautiful …
      Romi nailed these days and really love Param too.He really deserved an award .
      Vidhisha acting wise too bad and looks older than Dt … she cant even speak .
      What Alia feels is rt , her Adis child ..
      Shaghun .. I cant support her for this becoz her actions are based on her selfishness .
      The same person tried kidnapping Ruhi , did not like Ruhis return from Nidhi thinking Raman nd Ishitha will be united . Its just giving a space to her .
      And we dont know whether Ishitha was banned to come to Bhallas house after Adis death . So she was left with only option to take care of Roshni for the child .
      I am not justifying Ishitha , To me Ishima died once she shot Adi … This can be justified only if Ishitha knew it was Imposter Adi and Roshnis game .
      But these Bhallas if it was happening to Bhallas kids they wont spare .
      Bhallas house is a mad house … Instead of showing the good values in a relationship … all spoiled by cvs . Hats off to you EKTA …

      1. I’m pretty sure divyanka is frustrated with this track the way she looks at her co actors when she is doing the role, when she entered the house the way she looked at her mother looked like she was frustrated and would eat them raw any moment, she is overacting and definitely that’s pissing me offer

  7. How much injustice they will keep doing with aliya… treating roshni as their bahu, doing her godh barai, giving her shares but keep saying only aliya is our bahu…are they even human beings?!
    Frankly can’t really blame aliya…if roshni can snatch her husband why can’t she take her child in return…it is her husband child afterall. Ishita did the same thing—she is more dear to adi/ruhi than their birth mother. She had more authority and right over her step-children than shagun.They always loved, trusted, followed ishita more. If aliya gives more love to the child and the child choose her over roshni nothing is wrong…ishita was praised previously by all of us for that. In fact that can be even better for the child… aliya can give better parvarish than the real mother so when he grow up he doesn’t become too faced jagamata or despicable human being like the biological mother.

  8. How can Romi accuse a woman shameless when he himself put a women (Sarika) into such situation and later wanted to adopt that child and Ishitha went to prison 1st time on such matter. He himself putting women into such position now calling others shameless. I think my fellow bloggers have forgotten about the past episodes of the show.

    1. Rakesh Prankit

      THis is different, he was naive yong And ask having pre marital affair. Obviously romi is wrong, but roshni And adi had extra marital affair which is cheating and shameful compared to romi And Sarika situation.

  9. Priya, Ann, Barathi, VM and 1234….

    Will you please go and see u tube and understand it. Real Adi is alive and is kidnapped. Ishita did not kill her own son Adi. Roshini didn’t know that the lookalike Adi is an imposter who work for Suraj to steal Raman business contracts. I come to know that Kiran killed faked Adi because Suraj had force her to do it. Kiran is nowhere to be with Bala and Iyers. Romi is not growing up man and he behave like childish and misunderstood Raman. It is good that Rossini demand Ishita to take her home and don’t want to stay at Bhalla house as they pretending to care for her instead they want child. Aylia is the worst one that she get insecure that Adi doesn’t love her but it is not true. Real Adi loves Ishita the most then Aylia is the second person in his life. Aylia will be seen remarriage and Adi will mark his enter to home. Adi will ask Ruhi what happened in the past since he was not with them. Ruhi tell whole story and tell about their parent separation. Adi will help Rubi to get Raman and Ishita loves back again. Adi will be shocked to see baby and ask whose baby. They will tell him that the baby is yours and Roshini then Adi denied and tell them how can this happen as he was not with Roshini. Family get shock and get to know that baby is not Adi but imposter is father of the baby. Raman and family get hurt and think what to do with baby. Raman and Ishita think to give Roshini baby to Romi and Mihika. Room and Mihika adopted Roshini baby.

    1. We will see when it happens. As of now these are all just speculations.

    2. We will see, although I don’t have much hopes on such a twist

  10. Oh I am now so much happy with Shagun she took stand for her daughter and to say jagatmata and roshni are b*t*h. Roshni doesn’t want her child to be called illegitimate but she can sleep with any married man wow , actually now I think there should be case on writer for showing such a crap they are showing roshni as victim, how could they really pathetic. I wonder if ADI would have been alive Ishita would have married him to roshni. And for I can see seeing Ishita behaviour thank God she didn’t give birth to someone because she doesn’t deserve to be called a mother. She left Pihu even knowing how much she went through, in early episodes also at the time Nidhi kidnapped Ruhi she went to live with her friend and raised their children leaving ADI and Pihu behind. I doubt she love anyone of her child because anyone call her ishimaA she becomes their mother. I think she will leave roshni also.
    Hope Aaliya becomes mother of ADI child and for Shagun I salute today because she did what a mother should do , a mother can fight from whole world for her child and she proved it today.

  11. Just chill chill just chill it’s only a serial please do not get worked up it’s not worth it at the end of the day it’s the directors producers who are laughing their way to the bank this is entertainment real entertainment at least we are not paying to be entertained it’s free of cost so let’s enjoy this comedy of errors while it lasts.

    1. Hi Jayashree we audience cant call it an entertainment rt ? Totally injustice to the lead actors and this unique story line . This was one of the fav serial to old people and small kids .
      Small kids we cant make them watch it now .. old people are getting stressed … Too much of negativity ! Production team each persom fro Ekta is mad and that is portrayed as Bhalla house a mad house . As Param says to Simmu why should we go for a movie , the house itself is full of drama . Its not that cvs cant give good dialogues … Param talked sense so too Romi … he was bad … but if people can accept Shaghun now Romi is much better than her .

  12. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Sudden negativity grabs Aaliya (Krishna Mukherjee) plays a deadly game
    Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is seeing a very complicated melodrama in the storyline.

    Roshni’s pregnancy had left Shagun miffed that she plots two ladies to harm Roshni,

    But Aaliya stands against Shagun and supports Roshni and her child.

    The family feels proud seeing Aaliya’s sacrifice for Roshni and the child, but who knew that Aaliya is playing her own game.

    Aaliya sacrifices her financial freedom
    Coming soon Raman wants to name 51 percent of shares to Roshni and her child but Romi refuses to give.

    Raman is tensed as his last attempt to bring Roshni back in Bhalla house fails, while Aaliya comes as a new hope.

    Aaliya sacrifices her financial freedom for Adi and Roshni’s child and names her shares to them.

    Aaliya is playing her evil game where she is winning Roshni’s heart, she wants to snatch Adi Roshni’s child from Roshni to make Roshni suffer the pain of losing the loved ones.

    Will Aaliya change her mindset?

    What do you think?

    1. Hi Rithu how r you ? How is studies going on ? Sooooo happy to see u in this site .Ramans thought of giving share to Roshini and Alia sacrifices her share and all not at all acceptable .Ishitha has no hand on all these . Raman is really shameless to listen to his mother .A decision is very important in anyones like. Not influenced by others …

      1. Hi VP .I am fine.How are you ?Got holidays so came here to comment after long time.

  13. The serial is turning worst .Why can’t they bring real Adi and end this crap .The show as to is also bad .It’s better if they end this track by bringing real Adi as it will be better for both audience and the makers. May be they get trp and we get something better to watch .

    1. right Rithu

  14. Hey Rithushree you were one of the sunshine friends right? If you were not sorry. I miss that group I am in touch with a few of them I miss that group sorry about Raven’s death. And VP exactly what you said Param said to Simmi they do not have to go to the movies for drama it’s in Bhalla house also entertainment because the movies also have lots of drama sa well as entertainment so there….I know it USED to be good not anymore all these series they are messing up.

  15. Hey everyone
    I guess the makers are trying their best to cope up with the trp rating and withing 4 to 5 episode u will get to see a happy bhalla family.but indeed the happiness would not last for long . Now the upcoming track might go these way…
    Roshni will get kidnapped by param and all the blame would be on romi as parmeet left romi ‘s handcarchif in that place where roshni was kidnapped. Ishita gets the hanky and blames bhallas for the kidnapping of Roshni especially she points out romi for that…
    And then raman and ishita get together and the both finds out roshni and take her back to bhalla house…after this sequence raman feels pity on ishita as ishita gets tired and goes to sleep….following these episodes u will get to see amma and mummyji ‘s arguement over the catreening business that they are about to start…i wish the following episodes might be well and good and the trp rating of yhm dont go down ?

  16. Romi should think before saying, did he forgot once he was alleged of pregnanting sarika and rohit was his illegitimate son, and it was ishita who saved you from becoming fool, romi don,t have no right to taunt roshni.

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