Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Subbu talking to his mum, and saying he wants to rest today. He says Ishita came to meet me today, I felt like she is trying to forgive me, like I can go ahead with her forgiveness. She says everything will be fine slowly. The teacher says Adi can choose any subject, and Amma says Ruhi will come in 10-15 mins. Adi says he will choose subject till evening. Mrs. Bhalla tells Amma that Adi became director and making film. Amma asks him to make film on their temples. Mrs. Bhalla says make comedy film, we will act. Simmi says make film that touches everyone’s heart, with emotions and drama.

Mrs. Bhalla says people see film to enjoy. Ishita says let Adi choose himself, and then they will help him. Adi smiles. Adi works with his teacher and says he does not know on

what story to make the film. She asks him to choose and then they will sort it out. Ruhi comes and says make on me and Muttu, we love each other. Romi asks him to think about mother and son love. Adi says whats love story. The teacher says any love, like friends, parents etc. Adi smiles and says now I know what I have to make.

Raman comes to the room while talking to client and takes responsibility to make things fine, and defends Ashok’s company. Adi comes to talk about movie. Raman ends the call and says he will help, whats story. Adi says you will know it, come downstairs. Ishita says he has grown up, I used to come first always in Bharatnatyam. Ruhi asks Adi to say fast, how much will they wait. Adi says I will make love story on dad and Ishita aunty’s love story. They all smile.

Adi says it will cover everyone, Simmi, Romi. Raman and Ishita see each other and smile. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays…………Raman and Ishita recall the old times and start arguing. She says its all about for Ruhi, we don’t have any love story. He leaves. She smiles.

Its morning, Ishita says I can’t work, as we can’t show wheelchair in every scene, we will take auditions. Adi asks Romi to call his friends. Raman says I have work in office, Romi will manage. Romi says don’t worry, I will get actors line. Raman says choose good Ishi Maa. Ishita says I can also say anything. Romi says Butter Chicken loves Idli Sambar, auditions starts and they show some bad forms of Raman, funny and more silly of Ishita’s forms.

They refuse everyone and have a laugh riot. Adi says they can’t become anyone’s Papa. Ruhi says this way you have to draw and make Papa. Simmi says we will get somewhere. A lady Sharda comes and says my friends call me Shady. Romi looks at her and says Shady.. Shady says she has to go washroom, and goes to use Ishita’s washroom. Raman comes and says she always gets ready even if her leg is broken.

He goes and hugs her, and then shouts seeing her face. Ishita looks on and gets angry. She confronts him. he says I thought its you. Shady says I came for audition and came to use washroom. Raman says I thought its my wife and Shady smiles saying its ok. Raman smiles and says sometimes its good these things… Ishita sends Shady out and scolds Raman, asking how did he do this.

Raman says fine and hugs her. She says nothing is happening to me. Dil kahin rukta nahi………. Plays…….. He romances and she smiles. They laugh. She says if he sees any girl then she will pull his ears. He says get walking fast. The teacher says whom will we take if your dad and mum does not work, lets take auditions and finish yourself. Bala acts like Raman and they clap for him.

Ishita says Raman does anger in style. Vandu says no one will do Ishita’s role if Bala does not do Raman’s role. Ishita says she is going to meet Subbu for some work and leaves. Mihir comes. Mrs. Bhalla asks Adi to give Raman’s role to Mihir and Rinki’s role to Ishita. Mihir refuses and Rinki says we will go and change. Mihir and Rinki start acting. They clap. The teacher says Mihir is acting well, but not Rinki. She asks Mihika to act along Mihir. Mrs. Bhalla and Rinki worry. Mihir asks Mihika to come.

Mihir and Mihika start acting. They all smile seeing them. Adi smiles and records them. They all clap. Rinki gets sad and cries. Mrs. Bhalla looks on. Adi says we will finalize Mihir and Mihika. His teacher calls them perfect couple. Ashok scolds his staff for not sending proposal to client. He sends them out. Raman comes and asks whats the matter.Ashok says you are CEO, you are asking this. Raman says answer me. Ashok says clients did not get proposal. Raman says I have signed it, I will find out, calm down.

Subbu and Ishita talk about conference. Subbu apologizes to Ishita and she asks him to forget it. He says I understood my mistake when I lost everything in my marriage, my wife and child got punished for my deeds. She says forgive yourself and move on. He says thanks, we all try, lets see what happens next. His mum comes and brings lunch for Subbu, and asks Ishita to have food along. Subbu says no, she will be busy, we have to discuss about seminar. His mum have food while working, Subbu did not had tea since morning. Ishita says fine, we will have food and end work, I have to go, its Adi’s school project. He says fine.

Amma welcomes and praises her family. Mrs. Bhalla too talk with love. Adi asks them to fight like they have done in their first meet, and the ladies get into a real fight.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. As stated by Sangram Singh aka Ashok, Ashok and Mihika to come together in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    Ashok (Sangram Singh) is the bad man of popular Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, however, Sangram Singh in real life is much opposite to his online image.

    Sangram, in a recent interview spoke about his character Ashok and on screen – off screen chemistry with his co-stars.

    Apparently Sangram is known to be a complete gentleman and is a favourite of ladies on the set including Divyanka Tripathi and Mihika Verma (Mihika).
    Ashok and Mihika currently hate each other

    It is seen that in the show Ashok tries to rape his wife Mihika while Mihika lodges a complaint against Ashok with Ishita’s help.

    However, according to Sangram, after a while the track of Ashok and Mihika will take a complete change.

    Ashok will actually turn in to a positive character of the show where he and Mihika will develop soft feelings for each other.

    It will surely be interesting how the Yeh Hai Mohabbatein story takes this turn

    1. oh!thnx 4 the news prayosha.

  2. Hey ….suna ……Nach Baliye….Shayad Mon to Sat aayega….& Sunday Repeat…aisa ho to kitna maja aayega……SBS me aaya tha……..

    Aisa hua to hum roj Karan ko dekh payenge…..

  3. yeh subbu ki amma kal poore episode mein chup thi.ishitha taunt nahi kiya.lagtha hai woh bhi uss subbu ke saath saath shagun se haath milayegi ishra ko alag karne ke liye lekin woh toh ishitha ko pasand nahi karthi aur woh kabhi bhi subbu ko ishitha se milne nahi degi .patha nahi ab iss vamp ke dimaag mein kya chal raha hai.par jo bhi ho yhm dekhne mein maza aa raha hai aaj kal.aur mani bhi aayega toh aur maza aayega.

  4. Hiiii ….Rithushree….aaj to kuch khas nahi aaya…..SBS me…..bas wo Adi ki film ki shooting chal rahi thi…& Mihir Mihika ko saath dekh kar Rinky jealous ho rahi thi ……

  5. lekin nach baliye kis time pe aayega?

  6. thanks prayosha for the news

  7. Can i know pairs of nach baliye???

    1. Don’t know……

  8. are accha hai ki ishitha ka plaster nikal gaya wow!

    1. But leg abhi bhi suja hua hai….maine kal ek pic dekha tha……

  9. hey guys plz plz vote forkaran patel and divyanka tripathi on telly express .com poll.

  10. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is
    entertaining audience with it’s
    interesting story line and amazing star
    cast. Adi is busy with his project and decides
    to feature a movie on Raman and
    ishita.He takes audition from different
    people but no one will suit for raman
    and ishita’s character. On the other hand,Romi asks raman
    that why he didnot told ‘I Love You ‘ to
    Ishita.Raman gives excuses saying that
    whenever he tried someone disturbed
    him.Romi tells him to confess his
    feelings as soon as possible. Adi and Ruhi will think a plan to make
    raman confess his feelings.They
    decorate the room with flowers and
    ballons. They bring raman and ishita to
    the room and they hide behind the
    sofa.They display cards showing raman what he has to say to ishita. Raman follows their cards and praises
    ishita that she is looking beautiful in
    the saree and continues reading what
    the chlidren showed him.But ruhi
    mistakenly shows Raman a card
    written as “I Love You Ishima”.Ishita finds out the plan of ruhi and adi when
    he says those lines. Anyhow Raman will say those Three
    Magical words ‘I Love You’ to ishita.She
    will be amazed and happy.Seems like
    happy days ahead in raman and ishita’s
    life.But will it last for ever. The real intention of subbu’s entry in
    ishita’s life is yet to be known.Will
    Shagun join hands with subbu to
    disturb raman and ishita’s happy life? Well,it will be a treat for the fans who
    are waiting from a long time to see the
    love confession of Raman and ishita.

  11. Thank u priyosha,cant wait for ashok and mihika to be together.

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