Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita coming in the kitchen and speaking to Mrs. Bhalla and learns that she is making sarson ka saag. Simmi also joins them and Ruhi comes and says Papa is looking for you Ishi Maa. Raman is in the room and unpacks his bag. He gets angry as he can’t find white shirt and asks Ishita to look for it. Ishita finds it. He then asks her to find belt and both taunts at each other. Ishita and Raman’s nok jhok starts. Everything looks normal between them, as they are back to pulling each other’s leg and passing taunts. He softens his tone and asks her to say what she wanted to. She asks will I say it.

He says you want to hear it. She asks does he not know. He says you tell me what. She says I won’t say. He says I will make you say and holds her. She acts

like hurt and goes far, saying nothing happened. She says you have to learn much from me, and asks him to keep all clothes in cupboard, else he knows no one is more dangerous than her. She winks and leaves. He smiles and says I will arrange this, but I will make you admit, wait for the evening for my style and then see.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to come and have food. Ishita says I will come. Mrs. Bhalla asks is she waiting for Raman. Ishita tells everyone about Raman blaming her for not getting these things. Simmi teases her and they laugh. Mr. Bhalla suggests to send them for holiday. Ishita says no, what will I do going with him, I like being here. Mrs. Bhalla asks Romi to call Raman. Romi leaves. Raman books a table for them, and does all arrangements. Romi hears this and says he is doing this for Bhabhi, he is so filmi. Raman says it’s a surprise for my wife, send confirmation on my phone. Romi thinks he has to tease him. Raman says now I will show how to romance, I will give a surprise and then she will know I love her too.

Shagun is angry as her club membership got cancelled and even she got account problems. She says I will talk to Ashok and scolds the person. Adi comes and asks why is she worried. She asks him to have breakfast. He asks about school fees. She gets Ashok’s call and talks to him. He says he wants to meet her. She says ofcourse, tell me where to come, I will be there. He says not now. She asks about Adi’s fees, I will come home. He says I will message in evening. She says finally and is glad. She tells Adi that everything will be fine. Ashok is missing us a lot, he will take us back. Adi smiles. She says everything will be fine. She says I will be Mrs Ashok Khanna finally, go to school.

Ishita arranges the room and is irritated. Raman comes to her and she smiles calling her Sadu Kumar. He asks her to be ready in evening. She asks why, anything special. He says don’t be happy, we are going on dinner at my boss’ place. She says fine and he leaves. She says yes yes, we will go together. She says I m behaving like teenage girl, I m very happy. Mrs. Bhalla teases Raman and says Ishita does not want to go with you, she said she gets bored with you. Simmi smiles and says yes, she said she enjoys with us, not with you. Raman says its official dinner. Mrs. Bhalla says I have to showoff my bahu at Pammi’s place. Raman says take anyone else. Mr. Bhalla says yes, Raman is right, Ishita will come with me to see my friend’s tooth problem.

Raman says she is kids’ dentist, hire anyone else. Mr. Bhalla says she treated you too. Romi says Bhabhi will go with me, as I need her help. Raman says she will go with me. Everyone tease him. Raman says listen to me, and shouts enough, be quiet, ask me, she is my wife, she is going with me. Romi says it means I should fail. They all argue. Ishita comes and says I m very sorry to say, I can’t go with anyone, as I have to go with Raman. Raman smiles. She says Raman’s MD is coming and it will look bad if I don’t go. She says she will send her senior to treat Mr. Bhalla’s friend and send her associate to help Romi. Simmi asks Raman do they have any plan. Raman says its official dinner. Simmi and Ishita smile. Raman asks Ishita to end her work and come back soon.

Ishita says whats happening to everyone, I have to go with Raman, I will try to look beautiful, I have to make him admit that he loves me, it’s a challenge today. Romi tells Raman that he has heard everything and they were pulling his leg. Raman asks did he tell Ishita. Romi says no. Mrs. Bhalla blesses Raman and Ishita. They all smile. Mrs. Bhalla hugs Raman and Romi. Ishita tries a western dress and thinks can she fit in it. Ruhi comes and brings a gift saying its for you. Ishita asks whats in this, and asks who gave this. Ruhi says Papa got it. Ishita asks where is he. Ruhi says he went. Ishita opens it and sees a saree, and note. Ruhi says wow, so pretty.

Ishita says its love letter, Papa wrote it, its first time, I will keep it safe. She reads to wear the saree of his choice, maybe he will like her, make her heart beat faster, wear this. She smiles and says I m impressed. Ruhi asks what will she wear, saree of this dress. Ishita says I can wear anything now, as your Raman Papa loves your Ishi Maa, if anyone loves someone, it does not matter what she wears or looks, he will like me, I will wear this saree as he gifted me, and I will be comfortable in this. Ruhi says why did he not wrote Love you Ishita, he just wrote Raman… She says he is scared of love, he is very shy.

Ruhi says he did not tell me I love you when you were not here, you taught him. She says yes, I m teaching everyone. Ruhi says she has idea to make Papa say I love you. Ishita says no ideas for him, as we have competition, we have to say who tells I love you first, whoever says first will win, and we will see who wins tonight. Shagun comes to Ashok’s home and commands the servant. She asks where is Ashok, is he in his room. He says yes. She asks him to get out of here, and says finally I m home. Ashok comes and says hello Shagun. She turns and is shocked seeing him and Mihika wearing garlands. Shagun raises her hand to slap and Ashok holds her hand.

Ashok scolds Shagun and kicks her out of his home. Raman and Ishita celebrate newly found romance between them. They smile and look adorable. Shagun asks Ashok to think where will she go and cries sticking to the shut door.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. mano

    very nice episode
    u stupid mihka y dont u think abt ishita
    if u marry ashok shagun will defanately goes to raman life
    upcoming was so bad ektha pls dont do like that

  2. SS

    nice episode ……………………………………………………………and love you both issra …………………………………………………………….

  3. Divya

    Wow what an episode ………………:-)
    I just loved it
    And wat d hell is going on yaar that idiot mihika I laterally hate her
    What was d necessity to marry that kamine Ashok ahh
    Really its horrible

  4. wow hamara pyaari ishra ka nok jok is back.they r too good to c.and arey when something good is happening then they makes some trouble yaar.waise bein whether it may be punjabi raman aur mathrasan ishu just we want that golden words of them which we were waiting eagarly till now.and bhalla family always rocks the show yaar.and congrats to ishu ka divyanka tripathi for the award form big star entainment.

  5. waise shagun deserve this.phir bhi wt mikha did is not doing this she made many lives will make ishra trouble.and bechare mihir feeling very sad for him.pata nayi wt reaction will mihir have.this mikha always create problem for akka ishu.may she planned something for ashok but this time also she didnt say to anyone.waise bein shagun ka entry in bhalla house may cause some problem.but hamara ishra ka relation is builed with she cant do anything to ishra.hamara toshiji is there naa.she will handle this may be adi can get some good values form ishra.i hate shagun.wt a women she is.

  6. chichi

    Mihika is sooo stupid she does all the srupid stuff that makes ishita n raman suffer for everything !! She never tell anyone about what she’s doing also !! Don’t bring that b*t*h to ishra’s lives

    • akira

      This time ishras date will be spoilt…
      heyy chichi…u share ur name with famous actor of bollywood Govind… its his nick name

  7. ishra

    Ishita looking beuatifull in pink saree. ..raman looking. .sooooooooo. ..hand same in black and white. .suit. ……..
    but shagun. .. ne Sara mood spoil kar diya yaar. ….

  8. Thank God hum yeh hi expect kar rahi the ki yeh Shagun jald hi apno mwnhusiyat lekar chali jay Bhalla house se……& ab to maja aayega..Bhalla family bhi IshRa ko honeymoon bhejne ki taiyari kar rahi hai…

  9. ishra

    haan. .prayosha. ……..aaisa hoga. …..but. ……apshaguni shagun k. ..bhalla house se. jane k. ..bad. …..uss k. .rahne. ..tak. ..toh. ..aaisa. ..hote. ..dikhayi hi nahin dera. …


  10. p

    guys shagun bas kuch dino me bhalla house se chali jaye gi and adi ko bhi pata lage jayega ki kaun sahi hai aurkaun galat

  11. Are yaar humne wiah kiya tha ki hime YHM mai binmauwam barish dekhni hai….aur Ekta ne Meri Washiqi Tumse Hi mai pehle snowfall dikhaya aur ab binmausam bariah bhi….yaar hume IahRa ka romance dekhanw hai aur Barish se jyada romwntic kya ho sakta hai…..pls YHM mai bhi bin mausam barish dikhiye……..aur yeh barish mai…hume sirf IshRa dikhne chahiye……aur koi nahi..kahi aia na Mihika ie dhoke mai Mihir duba ho aur uski sadness ke liye barish ho MATH mai bhi aiwa hi hua barish to hui par RV & Ishani saarh nahi hai……..nahi YHM mai aisa nw ho……Barish scene is only for IshRa….

  12. ishra

    Yes. ..barish. ….scene..ho. ..waise. .hi. ..jaise. ..
    ..kabhi jo badal barse. ..wala romantic. …dance. ……aur usse bhi achcha ho. ………..barish wala scene. ……….

  13. ishra

    mujhe lagta hai ki ye ye ashok mihika ki..shadi. .jhoti hai. ……..mihika k chahre. .se. ..laga ki. ……..woh. ..khush hai. ..lakin woh toh shadi. nahin. .karna chahati thi. ….A achcha nak. ..kaise hogai shadi. ..????

  14. ishra

    haan. .prayosha. .ishita ne jo. .precap main saree pahni hai. ..sbb main bhi. .wahi saree thi. …..jab shagun ko apne bedroom main solar a hi thi. ….

  15. ishra

    May be. .raman jab…..romantic mood main hoga. .tabhi. …adi. .ka. .phone. ..aaye ga k. …..shagun sharab pikar. ..road par padi hai. ..
    ..aur IshRa. .undono ko. …ghar leke aayen ge. …..

  16. hAnny

    I don’t like Mihika marrying Ashok. What she did was totally unfare to their entire Bhallas and Iyers family. Wt about Mihir he will go mad. Precap was good. Ashok is a idiot but want to praise him for kicking out shagun from his home. Shagun totally deserves it. She is a really a horrible monster.

  17. Nice precap yaar kya lag rahe the IshRa!!! Aur yeh tezz hawayein …..what a romantic…….
    Ab to IshRa ke iss mood ko koi change nahi kar sakta chahe aisi 10 Shagun bhi aa jaye par yeh ful Mihika ke kaaran thode dino ke liye to unka mood off ho hi jayega…

  18. ishra

    haan. .. ..k liye. ….but. … drame.k …..beech. ..IshRa. ..scenes. .honge. ……..Mrs. bhalla aur. ..simmi. ..shagun. …ko. ..satayen ge. …raman. ishita. …..
    kitne. .khush hai. …..pehle le. …bhi toh. .aaisa. .hi kiya. …tha. ……..tabhi. .toh. ….shagun ne. .IshRa. ..romantic. ..scene. …maine khud ko. ……wala. ..dream. .dekha. ..tha. ….dream ho. .ya. .real. .dono. .bhi. ..chalenge. ……..prayosha. …..kaisa laga. ….
    I. .hope k. ..ab ke. .bhi. .aaisa. .hi.
    ho. …..dream

  19. bhagi

    i think mihika shadi with ashok is just shaguns dream bec mihika looks with pride bt she will feel so bad if she really married to that crap and i dont think shagun will disturb ishra bec they r not in home they r in hotel if even shagun came to home family dont allow her in & dont want to disturb ishra at any cost becz they know they went for romantic dinner for first time agar bhalla house me aa bhi gaya na tho phir bhi kuch nahi kar payega kyom ki ishra love each other nd their relation is based on trust and love

  20. Rk

    Make this mihikas n ashoke wedding a dream for Shagun…. I hate ashoke marrying mihika… Mihir n mihikaaaa R t best pair

  21. Raman Ishita hotel pahuch chuke hai…..& jaisa ki precap mai dikhaya ki dono ka romance bhi shuru ho chuka hai……matlab kal love confession ho na ho par hume unka romance jarur dekhne ko milega…….waiting for next episode……

  22. pk

    i hate the precap…………………….. byeeeeeeeeeeeee to yhm great mistakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  23. ishra

    I wish. …….k…….achcha wala. …romantic. ..scene. ..ho….nowty nowty. …..nok jok ho…….. kal. …….shagun. .se. …milne. ..pehle. ….

  24. Arpit

    After long time writing a comment ! Now everything was going good and now ishra again interrupted by that Shagun (****) ! The fight was so cute at the airport ! Just love it !
    I love you Ishita !!

  25. ishra

    Yes eagerly waiting. ……kal ka episode. ..only for IshRa. ….romantic scene………hayyyyyy. …..kab. .baje ge. ..7:30. …….

  26. ns

    Mihika is doin a drama, she is not married to ashok jst to reveal d truth she is doin a drama…. but ishra ke romance ke liye sab ko kuch din wait karne padenge…..

  27. Yeh P tumne kaha padha tha ki yeh Shagun ka drama short hpga?? Agar tumhe yaad hai to please batao mai kab se search kar rahi hoo par muje kahi nahi mila…..

  28. ishra

    Hey. .P. ….maine bhi tum se pocha tha ki …shagun ka drama . short hoga kahan se pada ….kab bolo gi ..bolo
    ….main intezar karrahi hoon

  29. Yaar yeh Shagun Aadi ki fees ke liye kyo tension mai hai Raman ne Singapore jane se pehle paise diye to the…..shayd 1 ya 10 lakh ka check tha abhi to sirf 2 din hi hue hai… kya itni jaldi sab paise uda diye ?,!!??

  30. Maine FB par padha ki Divyanka ne fan’s ki B’day gift ki hui Pink saari pehni hai to yeh kaunsi saari ke baare mai baat kar rahe hai? Jo usne award function mai pehni thi wo yaa jo Raman ne gift ki wo……

  31. ishra

    Yes. .prayosha. ..p…sahi karahi hai. ……award function. ….wahi saree pahni hai jo gift main mili the. ……woh saree main. ..bahut. ..beautiful lagrahi hai. ……divyanka ko. colour. .bahut. ..suite. ..karta. hai. ….I. …wish k woh aage bhi. ..aaise hi. .pink sarees. …pahne……tum log ko. ..kya. ..lagta hai. …..

  32. Hey Ishra muje kya lagta hai ki aaj jab Aadi Raman ko call karega tab pehli baar shayad Raman call recive nahi karega kyonki most of aisi situation mai couples apne phone calls ignore karte karte hai …..aur jab yeh disturbance hoga tab Raman ka face dekhane layak hoga….bechare dono ghar se dur apne special moment bitane aaye hai tab bhi sab unhe disturb kar rahe hai…..tumhe kya lagta hai Ishra..?

  33. p

    yaar yeh adi kabhi bhi raman se shedhe mu toh kabhi baat nahi karta hai toh ab raman ko kyu phone kar raha hai and ishra ke special moment kyu khraab kar raha hai

  34. Apni mwa shagun ke baare mai batane ie liye phone karega shayd warana IshRa ko Shagun ki aisi halat ke baare mai kaise pata chalega…..and dont worry Aadi bhi ab bada ho rqha hai use bhi pata chalega ki kaun sahi hai aur kaun galat….kyonki jab uske haath mai chot lagi thi tab usne Ashok ko nahi Raman ko apna haath dikhaya tha…..

  35. Hab bhi iss show mai koi hungama hota hai tab uske negative point mai se koi na koi positive point bahar aata hai….jaise ki jab Sanjna wala hungama hua tab Ishita ko apne pyar ka ehsaas hua…Mani wale hungame mai Raman ko pyar ka ehsaas hua….Mihika ke hungame mai IshRa ko Ruhi ki perminent coustody mil gai…..and yeh singapore wale hungame mai IshRa karib aa gaye……to muje lagta hai ki iss Shagun wale hungame ka plus point yeh hoga ki Ishta ko apni maa ki care karte hue dekh Aadi ki Ishita ke liye nafrat kam ho jaye aur shayd wo bhi use apni Ishimaa mwn ne lage……

  36. akira

    Prayosha jab aadi call karega tab raman aur ishita dono jaayenge shagun k paas
    n they will be shocked to c ashok n mihika… i read this

  37. ishra

    Yes prayosha. …calls aayen ge. … …raman. ..k expressions. .toh. ..dekh ne k..honge. …..maza aaye ga. ….

  38. ishra

    in saare. .insidence. .main IshRa. …..ka. ..hi. …bhala. ..hoa hai. ……pyaar. .k. .eh saas. .se. .pyaar. k. iqrar tak. ……

  39. Akira muje pata hai ki IshRa call ane par jauenge…par mai to yeh keh rahi hoo ki shayd Raman pehla call recive nahi karega….Raman apni aur Ishita ki itni important meeting mai yunhi thodi disturbance honedega……shayad 2-3 calls ke baad call recive karega…aisa me keh rahi hoo hoga ya nahi pata nahi……

  40. ishra

    I think. ..prayosha. …..aaisa. ..hoga. …raman. ..2-3….calls. ..k……bad. ……call…recive. ..kare ga. …….aur….aaisa hi. ..hona chahiye …………calls…k…k..time. .IshRa. …k..expretion. …dekh ne k honge. …..

  41. p

    SBB me dehkya hai ki raman ishita apna candle light dinner chod kar ashok ke ghar jate hai and raman ashok ki kya pitai karta hai and ishita mihika ko apne saath le jane ki koshish karti hai par mihika ashok ki hi side leti hai aur raman ko kahe dehkti hai ki ashok mera pati hai aap ashok ko maar nahi sakte

  42. Hey guys kal SBB mai jo Divyanka ka shory interview dikhaya tha wo pura video FB par upload ho chuka hai…jisme Divyanka se puchha gaya ki Ishita christmas par kya wish karna chahti hai to usne kaha ki yehi ki uska pati use kabhi naa chhode us se bahut pyar kare uske karib rahe………
    Ab jab Ishita yeh hi chahti hai to show mai bhi yahi hoga na… yeh Shagun kya kar legi…..ab IshRa ke ya family ke bich misunderstandings to creat wo kar nahi sakti kyonki koi us par belive nahi karega…

  43. we are not fools that we dont know that shagun has a mother and brother.where her mother is quite famous snd rich then why should she come to bhalla house.and shagun is a vamp and they cannot show a vamp winning because burai ki hamesha haar hoti hai. jaise all of you said like mihika is not really married to ashok and shagun s drama is just for a short time then hope the same happens.plz ekta maam jald se jald yeh drama khatam keejiye .its high time and is been stretched soo long.plz…….. we want this serial to top the highest of all.its a humble request.

  44. Sarith

    Totally disappointed with the latest promo which shagun’s re entry to Bhallas she doesn’t have mother and brother…Mihika’s sudden decision to marry Ashok.

  45. akira

    habbatein: Raman arranges candle light dinner to propose Ishita!)

    Suraj, on the other hand, is struggling with his life. Mihir had smashed a chair on Suraj’s head during an argument and it has mortally wounded him. Mihika is present at the hospital with Ashok and is worried about Suraj’s deteriorating condition. Mihir will go to jail for attacking Suraj, if he dies. Mihika is frightened with the thought of seeing Mihir behind the bars and she is praying for Suraj’s recovery.

    Ashok has finally got a chance to bait Mihika to marriage. He promises Mihika that he will not harm Mihir only if she agrees to marry him. Mihika has realised Ashok’s plan but she has no other option to save Mihir from going to jail. Mihika accepts Ashok’s offer to marry him.

    Is Suraj’s condition really critical? Are the brothers trying to frame the entire story just to lure Mihika? Well, considering their evil nature, we can take that clue. How will Mihir react to Mihika’s decision?  Will Raman and Ishita forgive Mihika for taking such a radical step?

  46. Arpit

    Prayosha Maine voh group banaya tha aur thode time baad delete Bhi kar Diya tha just to make the writer of yhm that they are taking the serial to a wrong direction and also I cannot see ishita in trouble and separating from Raman !

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