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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita talking. Raman tells Ishita that he knows to rectify mistakes. She asks so easily. He says lets make a fresh start. She laughs. They both introduce each other. He says there is name confusion, we are not husband and wife from today. She asks what do you mean. Raman says GF BF, you are my GF and I m your BF. She laughs. He says we will go on dates and spend time. She likes the idea as they did not date before. He says I got a gift for you, and gives her a watch. She likes the gift and says I also got a gift. He asks her not to give toothpaste or dentist voucher. She shows best mom badge and fixes on his shirt. She says Pihu’s mum said you took care of all the kids well, its very commendable.

He says whatever I did, credit goes to you, I was

stuck and I thought what would you do being in my place, then I did what you would do, I became best mom. She says don’t tell me, this is height of coincidence, I did the same. He asks what. She tells how she was stuck and she thought as Raman, to get contract and teach Ashok a lesson by calling NGO women. They have a talk and like the GF BF thing. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays……. They smile.

Maid asks Aaliya shall I keep Shagun’s food in fridge. Aaliya says yes, and wonders why did Shagun got so late, maybe for NGO work. Shagun comes home. Aaliya greets her and asks did you have dinner, I was waiting. Shagun is angry and reacts badly. She says shut up, I just started and you started, I m not your Amma, idiot. She goes. Aaliya cries. She gets Mihir’s call. He asks for Shagun, he has to talk to Shagun. She says Shagun is at home and cries. He asks whats the matter, tell me. She ends call. He says why is Aaliya crying, I have to go and see.

Raman asks Ishita about method maths. She asks does Pihu’s syllabus have it. He says yes, kids study a lot, what are you studying. She says business news, I feel its greek latin, whats this sens*x, shares… we have to do this well, else we may lose Pihu or take Shagun’s help to manage Pihu. They encourage each other. He asks was Romi there when Ashok was insulting you. She says no, Romi came late and then he told Ashok to mind business, but what can he say more, he is Ashok’s business partner, he stays with us, he can join you, we can involve him in this project and he can get away from Ashok.

He thanks her for coming back in his life, she has all solution. She gets shy. He asks her to come and talk to Romi. She says its late. They go and talk to Romi. Romi says sorry, I can’t take this partnership in charity, thanks for asking, idea is good. Raman says what charity in brothers. Romi says I can’t trust Raman, he can snatch partnership in office and insult me in office. Raman says I agree I m short tempered, did I move back from professional commitment. Romi says I don’t want partnership, I m not interested in the project.

Ishita says I thought you have interest, that’s why you did bidding. Romi says really, then you would have backed out seeing me there, I was second best contender and would have got it. Raman says so this is the matter, we are family and contract came in our house. Romi says I m not interested, I don’t want things to become like before. Ishita says fine then and goes.

Mihir talks to maid and gets to know that Shagun scolded Aaliya. He goes to Shagun. Shagun talks to Ashok and says what does Ishita think of herself, I will use this weapon against her. Ashok asks her not to use that now. She sees Mihir and says you.. Ashok asks her not to do anything now and ends call. Papers fall and she lies that its Mani’s property papers, and keeps safe. He asks her to show interest in Aaliya too, alongside property, why did you scold Aaliya, she was crying a lot. She says when I came home, my mood was bad, she was asking questions and I got irritated, I scolded her. He asks whats the reason, I know NGO work can’t irritate you. She says I miss Pihu. He says I can’t help you there, its Raman and Ishita’s matter, its not fair that you get frustration on Aaliya, you married Mani, Aaliya is Mani’s daughter, you can’t shout on her, she is crying a lot. She says right, its my mistake, what shall I do now. He asks her to go and say sorry to Aaliya.

Ishita says we can take Mihir’s help, but he has much work, I m dentist, how will I manage, give me some response. He asks her to give him time to answer, don’t be nervous. He jokes and asks her to sit. He says you are superwoman, I have solution, this is short time online business management course, you can do this from home and get to know business well, and I m there always for help.

Aaliya asks Shagun not to be sorry, I can understand you are facing many problems and missing Pihu, no one scolded me other than Amma and Appa, so I overreacted, sorry. Shagun says no, I spoke badly, I won’t talk like that again, did you forgive me. Aaliya says yes. Shagun says Mihir is waiting outside. Mihir says finally, my tension got over. Shagun says thanks to Mihir, we sorted this. Aaliya says I should also understand we are family. Mihir says I will see you guys later, its all okay now. He starts leaving. Aaliya thanks him for coming and solving her problems. He says you were crying on phone, I was scared, I can’t see you crying, I will see you in office tomorrow. He leaves. Aaliya says I forgot to say about Lata and Kishore songs, I will tell tomorrow in office. Shagun looks on and thinks whats going on.

Ishita says my problem is solved, what about your problem. He says I will learn everything. She asks how did you turn so sweet. He says I was always sweet. She says you got Salman’s style haircut and got more sweet, tell me, did this haircut happen intentionally or not. He jokes and she smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays………..

Raman and Ishita argue. He says you guys don’t know how many work men have. She finds him cute and says think what women manage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. today epi was very funny waiting for morning 7:00 so that epi can get uploaded on hotstar love u karan pate love u divyanka tripati

  2. Poor alia… She and mani have to suffer because of this stupid bhallas! They have done nothing wrong, they both are extremely sweet, they lived Ishita a lot and if she’s alive and with her family today it’s all because of mani, who almost got himself killed just to save her. Yet not a spark of gratitude from Ishita… She has completely forgotten about alia… Ishita never deserved such a good friend as mani…. She’s a selfish, ungrateful woman.

    1. I agree with u thetommogirl…even I feel ishitha is ungrateful towards them..I do like ishitha but I really feel bad for shagun..just as ishitha was with ruhi when shagun left ..shagun was with pihu when ishitha left.i really think shagun deserves better.this show is popular here in Uk ,so I hope to see better changes.

    2. I agree too

  3. veryyyyyy nice episde old yhm back love ishra scene …shagun mihir aliya part so irritating…hate this romi

    1. ishra nice …combo

  4. Hai rithu aditya khusi jaz sindhu shivani mino monique.d bhagya aruna aastha shreya vp az and all yhm fans. Today episode was nice our old ishra are back. Waiting for more ishra scenes with cute luv story btwn GF & BF (i mean ishra).

  5. How can u say that ishu is selfish? U r right she forgot mani & aliya but wt about raman ruhi adi and her blood relation pihu. Who can marry a girl if she can’t become a mother but raman did it. Her life is no more without ruhi she makes ishu a mother which she can’t become in her life. And pihu she is her blood relation how can she leave her. She attempts suicide because she felts that she is responisible for ruhi’s death. How can she leave bhallas who are always supports her even against their children simmi raman rinki. They all are only thought that shagun changed and get marriage with as they don’t know about evil side of shagun. Sorry if i hurt u thetommogirl

    1. No it’s alright… Btw, Raman married Ishita only for Ruhi. He never really liked her…. And just because bhallas are her family, doesn’t mean she completely pushes mani and aliya aside. Aliya feels so lonely without her…
      This is just my opinion

  6. Hi all yhm fans, I am a lover of yhm..and I am new to this website.. My sister Avanthi introduced me to this site….. Avanthi with the green icon light green icon…. I am her twin sister, U can call me Ananthi… Can I join u all ? I am sure that I won’t comment brutally… Pls can I join u all?

    1. Hi Ananthi …Of course you can join us….

    2. You can surely join us ananthi . welcome to this site and hiii.

      1. Thank u sooooo much for joining me in this grp….. so sweet <3

  7. you are welcome Ananthi ….

  8. Hi VP , Shivani, Sindhu, JAz, Rithu, Monique, Khushi, Ardithya,Az, Baghya, & All the YHM Fans. Sorry i can’t remember any other names. But All are included in the YHM fans.
    Seems like all are battering has worked & What ever this TRP too has worked when it started Dropping & our complains too.It was so annoying to watch the way it was going. at least it has come close to the Original YHM. This Shagun must be made Positive as Poor Mani & Arliya will suffer,, why did the cv;s put evil Shagun into their lives. not fare.. That is always the case & i nearly thre up when i saw Arliya & Mihir. Very disgusting of the CV;s to make them a couple. Godh what example are they setting for young kids. they will think old man & young are allowed to be a couple. nyway that is what is happening in the world now. but they can spare this serial of all rubbish & make it a real good story with good values. hope they will think about it & change like Raman & Sihu made positive….
    By the way where did VP, Sindhu, & Shivani Vanish to not seen these days with comments. hope they have not abandoned us..Love our group. Romi is a loser. & Romi doesn’t deserve Mehika poor thing she got loads of bad deals. i think Romi is with Anil’s sister. Pls get Ashok to get his part of the payment of what he did to others. & Shagun too. otherwise poor Mani & Arliya will suffer. don’t let Shagun win again doubt she has feelings for Pihu . But she can not make a little girl wicked & evil just to take revenge form her parents She has forgotten she is only the surrogate mum . who cannot claim Pihu. & She just not genuinely love Pihu just selfish love..we have to wait & see what happens.. Good Luck All Take care & Luv..

  9. Episode was worst and precap was ok.
    Shagun is just too much horrible.

  10. Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha parvathi anakha nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz sindhu Natasha siddhi jaz aditya jeni super girl Shona az Monique d unique angel aparna priya bhagi Sarita sara prisha simran mansi bhagya disha juhi and all yhm friends.
    Yhm is just being dragged only with shagun ishitha Pihu and all . Story is not forwarding more only.

  11. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that BHall family celebrates festival of Raksha Bandhan.

    Both Ruhi and Pihu tie rakhi to Adi while Adi and Ruhi get emotional as they celebrated this moment after 7 years together.

    Adi gifts his bother sisters Pihu and Ruhi while Pihu also gift him some special which makes Adi surprised.

    Adi asks Pihu about what he will do of lipstick, nail polish then Raman says to Adi that it got exchanged with him.

    Apart from this, Simmi tie rakhi to Raman and Raman then tries to leave the place but Ishita stops him.

    Ishita makes Raman as brother of all girls of society

    Raman tells her that he has only one sister Simmi and Ishita then calls all colony girls.

    Ishita teases Raman that they all want to make him brother and they all tie rakhi to Raman one by one.

    Raman is angry on Ishita when Ishita tells him that she just to want to keep him safe from girls.

    Raman and Ishita cute noke jhoke continue in raksha bandhan celebration.

    This happiness will not be longer as Shagun will soon enter in Bhalla house along with Mani getting Pihu back.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  12. Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    Post role swapping, Ishita plans for something special for her children for Raksha Bandhan festivity.

    Ishita buys gifts for Ruhi and Pihu. Ishita brings dress for Ruhi and Ruhi admires the same.

    On the other side, Ishita also brings dress for Pihu as per her like but gets scared to give to her as she is upset.

    Raman gets cheerful seeing Ishita’s efforts to keep her children happy.

    Will Ishita be able to celebrate this Raksha Bandhan festivity successfully or new twist and turn waiting ahead to spoil their mood?

    Let’s wait and watch.

  13. I m sure adi would b heart broken Raman n ishita vl argue??about aliya n adi issue..n shagun vl use dat according to her plan n gets adi on her side slowly v vl c ishita getting selected 4m Raman n adi…nly our ruhi vl B with ishita?? I hope story shld nt continue as I thought…like ruhi vl gve back to shagun …adi shld gve back to shagun n stay with her ishimaa?

  14. Lovely episode thetommogirl may be you are new to this serial otherwise you wouldn’t have comment abaout Ishita like that she has a good heart and genuegenue love for all including Shagun not happy turning Shagun negative again but Anita is a grate actor i salule her marrying Shagun to Mani is bad Mirih and Aliya’s is not good Ananithi you are welcome from Nigeria

    Guys this is the link for ITA awards pllzzzz for and vote for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

  16. Pihu should be told the truth about ishita. What is the trump card shagun has?

  17. Hi all yhm fans. Shaggy hiding sumthing, ashok knows but I think it’s sumthing big that will destroy the bhalla parivaar. I dunno what it is but it’s gona be a major twist.

    1. I think ye pihu k custody k pprs honge jise shagun be dhoke se sign kraye hinge jisme likha hoga k surrogate mother hone k bawajud pihu PR sirf uska hi haq hoga.

  18. Hey everyone on recent spoilers balls are celebrating raksha bandan but shagun comes with Mani and getting pihu

    I have a feeling that they are getting pihu custody and today episode shagun dropped papers saying property but I don’t believe it

  19. Way to go Bhalla family and show your complete selfishness and self centeredness in your attitude towards Shagun. This lady gave up her finance and life to care for her Daugher (by all definition except biologic) and to take care of your family. And in return none of you said anything when Ishtiha told her she would not be permitted to see Pihu. Sickening. Maybe if the Bhalla family wasn’t so selfish Shagun wouldn’t be driven to do more bad things. If just one person had said “relax Ishitha, you ran away from your responsibilities seven years ago and it created a lot of problems for everyone. Shagun is Pihu’s mother (the only mother she has known thanks to you) and deserves some respect. She is not a piece of trash to throw out once you came back.” – maybe Shagun wouldn’t have felt like she had no choice. Also hello Ishita your actions 7 years ago had consequences which ruined lives, maybe you can take some responsibility instead of ordering around Shagun. Also nice job ignoring Mani and Aliya. Come on, Ishitha spent many more years with Mani and Aliya then she ever did as part of Bhalla family! I guess it doesn’t count in serial time though.

    Ugh. This show really makes non biologic
    parents seem second rate compared to biologic deadbeat parents who don’t do anything for their children. Not true. Look at Simon Biles US Olympic gymnast. Her grandparents adopted her after her drug addicted mother gave her up. She calls her grandparents mom and dad and doesn’t acknowledge her biologic mother as what did her biologic mother do for her except give birth?

    And to date what has Ishita done for Pihu except provide genetic material?

    Leaves bad taste in my mouth how this serial handles issues of motherhood.

    What do you all think? Taking aside our affection for Raman and Ishita?

  20. Ishra are the best couples.. shagun olays a fantastic role. Actly she is rite on her part wen ishita wasnt there for 7 yrs .. it is she who took care of the family.. and wen ishita is back .. iys like everythng has been stolen from her.. i dnt blame ishita for cmng back in ramans life for i wanted this. however shagun should not play an extreme negative role .. thats my concern .. and abt mihir and aliya .. hmmm that is annoying..

  21. Sorry friends I know I am ignoring Shagun doing psychotic things like kidnapping and trying to murder Ishita. But it is annoying how the only way writers can make it ok for Ishita to come in and take over her place in Bhalla family and swoop in to be Pihu’smother is to make Shagun negative! It’s like the writers know if Shagun remained positive, Ishitha has little chance of being sympathetic mother to Pihu and replacing Shagun.

    Essentially Shagun spent more years better good mother to Pihu (7) than Ishita spent being good mother to Ruhu (2? 3?). Probably gave up a lot to do so. Wasn’t easy. Bc of her upbringing Pihu is a sweet strong kid who was able to not let Niddhi take advantage of her and who was able to both stop Niddhi from slapping her and apologize to her.

    But evidentally this means nothing to the stupid Bhalla Family, idiot Raman, and serial writers.

  22. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  23. Shagun is calculative, cunning, selfish. She did all this to get back to raman and family. Ishu is the legal wedded wife. Anyday she has more right than shagun. Raman did not forgive shagun. Please put her out the picture. Ushu was forced to take this step.

  24. Dont make negative like shagun

  25. Imean Mani

  26. Def Shaghun deserves Pihu … As Ishitha was coming to Bhalla house she made it very clear … only to win back Ruhi she is coming … not to snatch Raman or Pihu … Shaghun will always be Pihus mother … but cards turned defferently … Shaghun developed insecurity …Pihu is not her target .. Raman … And knowing she is behind her kidnapping … naturally Ishitha doesnt want Pihu in Shaghuns hands … I dont understand many of you are commenting against the positive vibes of the story line . suggesting Mani was a wrong move … but I think cvs will show Mani as the loyal friend of Ishitha .. she moved a bit .. thats giving space to Shaghun plus unnecessary twists developed .. ok fine be with Shaghun or Ishitha … Shaghun acts very well negatively .. but cant compare to Dt .. Any ways though turnef positive … I am not enjoying this track … Ramans apology is highly required … and what childish things these .. Ishras are forced to do … Before leap thouroughly enjoyed … before the wedding also their mutual attraction was amazing .. now what bf and gf .. not attractive at all .. something is missing … Raman was better before leap … And one thing we all should understand seven years Shaghun lived with Bhallas , cud not win Raman at all … His love was Jkr … each movement of his proves that … If shaghun is given permission to see Pihu … she will brainwash her … Ishitha and Raman wants to avoid that … working for NGO and cheap mentality shaghun has… Alia Mihir totally disgusting .. Mihir acting is not natural .. Shaghun can take advantage of this situation … cvs .. you have really respected fans request to bring Ishra together … please dont pair up Mihir Alia.. What is Romi … his partnership with Ashok to show Raman down is really wrong .. I always believe he has no wrong intention .. ok hi to all ….

  27. Wow…today’s episode was really funny…

  28. Yes vp,what you are telling is correct. the characters of dt and kp was too good to watch in old yhm.Now they are sending ishu to college. what about ruhi.should the cvs not think about ruhis education.

  29. Oh crap??nidhi is back?shagun n nidhi joined hands to destroy ishita?o shagun mark this is ur downfall …n getting seperated 4m pihu starts….nidhi?I knw u create legal troubles to ishita nw?CVS do not change yhm is in 6th place n they r increasing dose of negativity by bringing nidhi out of jail?the crap ashok would hav got bail fr her?

  30. Hi fnds….I m getting doubt by turning ishita to business women ?may b CVS r planning bigger twist?I think…bcz they didnt show us Raman n pihu bond?they r jst saying to divert pihu 4m shagun but in this if v see Raman explaining pihu wat z gud n bad..?like ishita used to explain adi n ruhi episodes would have been better..?I request ekta to stop #beatthebootychallenge…n ask ur CVS to concentrate on show…bcz the show has got wonderful actors.. ?ur crap CVS has been writing pale scenes..n actors couldn’t get so much scope to act….wat say fnds

  31. turn shagun positive please

  32. hey who r u sakshi? it’s my name.can u pl z change ur name as my friends would be confused.plz
    hi jaz,my studies r goin well,how r u?

    coming to the serial,
    y r u all saying negative comments about ishu.yes i agree that shagun is pihu’s mother but many years before shagun left ruhi wen she was a baby,and ishu,she left pihu in the guilt that she had killed ruhi. its not ishu’s mistake ,do u agree with me guys?

  33. Please give us some new track, stop this same again and again; Shagun,ashok etc. refresh it

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