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episode 1
let’s start

in a music studio a dashing young boy was singing in melodious voice and a middle aged man was listening to him
that man burst into clapping .that boy was non other than our sanskar maheshwari

that man ; good very good sanskar your voice is bettering day by day.even after rehearsing for 4 consecutive it was maintained it’s level .now i can say my hard work did worth i am just waiting for the day of your grand launch

sanskar ; yes mr kanishk maheshwari[km] your hard work in spoiling my childhood is really gonna bear fruit for you but forget the deal

km ; yeah i remember the deal sanskar am your dad i know what’s better for you now you can go gone but be careful of media didn’t spot you

sanskar ;you are impossible mr maheshwari

[what deal wanna know wait for the next part ]

sanskar was the son of the most famous actor the kanishk maheswari and singing sensation divya
from childhood singing and acting were forced on him .his father always kept his dream of making his son a singing sensation above studies ,dreams and even health of sankar .from mere age of 5 sanskar was asked to sing and his voice was hit but sanskar’s face was never revealed to the world because km wanted to launch him with a bang for the world he was just a mysterious baritone .sanskar never wanted to be like this ,which child will like to wake up at 4 am to rehearse .he hated all this it was not his dream he even hated his parents who ruined his childhood he was barred from eating ice creams ,spicy food all that which normal children loved to have .his had ample amount of time for his voice but not him and his mom person who really could have loved him left him alone in this world
for sanskar his life was just a cage.we all dream of limelight and envy those born with that what is this world of limelight really as bright as it appears ?

ragini ,ragini.ragini whole hall was cheering the name of the youth leader ragini karbanda with full honour .suddenly the voice disappeared and a harsh voice came you are good for nothing ragini politics is for boys ,girls doesn’t belong to it and suddenly ragini woke with jolt .yes it was dream with a nightmare which ragini dreamt every day .it was her ambition to become a successful leader like her father yudishtr karbanda the successful cm and famous leader but discouragement of her own father made this as her nightmare .her farther hated the fact that she was girl who can’t lead his party in future he never cared about ragin this was what ragini thinks reason behind exclusion of hers from her fathers party .ragini”s parents were divorced and her mother remarried and had a new family that’s why ragini loathed her a lot .rejection of mother and ignorance of father made ragini a harsh and emotionless .she was the one who had to fight a battle to prove herself in every single second of her whole life she just longed for her father’s attention which she never got .she is strong ,rude and a cool tomboy with determination to achieve something in her life .she could anything for her dad that’s the only reason she was joining……..[wanna know wait for the next part ]

sanyukta aggarwal a simple ,polite,sissy and stupid girl ,this was what her father wanted her to be but she turned to be completely opposite a sharp,intelligent ,tomboy and not to forget girl with highly competitive spirit .sanyukta was the elder daughter of village head and local gun kishor aggarwal who thinks he rules the world which is false but true fact about him is he is the chairman of the mcp club who thinks girls only belong to kitchen only but sanyukta being thorn of his eyes from birth turned to be rebel of his philosophy .sanyukta is free spirited tough determined girl as she has grown with harsh and merciless scolding of her father ,beatings by her grandpa on small mistakes and most importantly the torture her step mom did has made her believe that none is theor for in this world .it’s only her willpower because of which she had dared to take such a strong decision against her orthodox family .her aim of joining………..[next part guyz] was really a next to impossible thing .

see the difference between lives of 6 characters let’s see how their lives get interlinked

precap ;starting of the real story

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  1. SidMin

    Kushagra what a contrast are the 6 characters Loved it waiting for the next part and your Sandhir ff too 🙂

  2. Wowwwww loved it!!!speciallly ragini’s intro…waitng for ragsan 🙂 .. its veryy interestng dear ,now lets see wt wl happen in dere lifes n how wl dey tackel dere problemsss… post nxt part soon plzzz..keep rockng dear 😉 😉

  3. Superb yaar…..really superb introduction of 6 diff characters …m waiting for the story…#really excited?

  4. Akshata

    awesome introduction of the characters. your concept is really interesting and out of the box. update soon

  5. it was really amazing. Love ragsan

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