Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishita supports Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita saying Raman is wrong as he drinks a lot, but he isn’t so wrong, he goes to pub and meets girls. But I know why he is doing this, I will tell you, Raman used to meet this girl, he used to go on dates with her and clicks pics, he used to send me message and pics to make me jealous, to torment me, he wanted to take revenge on me, he was successful in doing so, but I m sure that he would have not send me those pics if he had some different intention, I know very well that he has no interest in Tania, I don’t care what you all think, but I can’t hear this that he is wrong, I will stand by him, I know he isn’t wrong.

Raman looks on. Romi gets a call and goes out. He says really sorry, you are from Gupta’s side. The man says yes, I have come to shift

your luggage. Romi says it can’t happen today, there is an emergency at home, we will shift tomorrow. The man goes. Ishita looks on and thanks Romi for staying here for Raman. Romi says you are wrong to think so, I m doing this for mum and dad, Raman should have considered their age, you are wrong to take his side, he should regret his actions. She says I came to thank you, not to take Raman’s character certificate, others have made such mistakes in the past too, I felt good that you are supporting family, I m hurt to know Raman isn’t your family, it doesn’t matter, I m with him, we will manage. Tania says I will go to police now.

Shagun says don’t decide in haste. Tania says really, Ishita is ignoring all this and supporting her shameless husband, she is proving me wrong. Ishita asks what will you show to police, CCTV footage, Raman is seen going to your house with you, you took him home, he didn’t force you, call police if you have proof. Tania says I have Raman’s phone, it has my recording. Ishita says you can also make the video, is there a proof that Raman planted the mobile in your bathroom, maybe someone else was hidden in your house and did this work for you, Raman didn’t bring his phone back home, you might have taken it from him and planted, you are free to talk to the police, be ready for their questions, they will ask you why did you take Raman home in drunken state, be ready with your answers, get out. Tania says you think you are smart, I will come back with your answers and get Raman punished. Simmi signs her. Tania goes.

Shagun says Ishita, you blindly trust him, Raman can do anything when he is drunk, that’s the truth. Ishita says you can support her and fight for her justice, I feel Raman is right and will support him, I will fight for his justice. Shagun goes. Appa asks do you know what you are doing. Ishita says very well, shall I go and handle him now.

Simmi says our plan failed again, I thought Ishita will break down, but it didn’t happen, I thought I will hurt Raman and break her, but our plan failed, we have to do something big, else everything will go in vain. Parmeet asks what did you think. She says only the family members know this, so what if the outsiders know this.

Ishita comes to room and asks what are you doing, you promise you won’t drink. He gives the wine bottle to her. She says trust me, this isn’t the solution, everything will be fine. He asks why do you trust me so much, why do you feel Tania is lying, why do you think I m innocent, don’t try to save me, I become a devil when I m drunk, maybe she is saying true, I don’t know what I m, I used a girl to make you jealous. She says stop blaming yourself, why do you feel that you did all this, you can lose your control, but you can’t do such a bad thing, you don’t know yourself as much as I know you, you hurt others by your words, you get angry, you have hurt me a lot, its not easy for me to forgive you, I m sure that you can spoil a girl’s respect, I will prove this. He asks how. She says I don’t know. He gets a call and says cancel my meetings tomorrow. She takes the phone and asks Shweta to line up all the meetings, Raman will come to office. She asks Raman not to hide his face, he didn’t do anything wrong, work shouldn’t stop any way. He says fine, be with me. She says I m with you, just relax. He holds her hand. She thinks I love you Raman, I will not leave you alone, I was with you in good times and will be with you in bad times too.

Its morning, Raman comes to have breakfast. He greets everyone. Everyone stays silent. He says I m going to office. Ishita asks him to have breakfast. He says I m not hungry. She says please come and have it. He says family doesn’t lose trust so easily. He goes. Neelu gets tiffin. She asks shall I give him tiffin. Ishita says no, he will like it when I take chole for him.

Raman is at office. He thinks what all happened. He says why can’t I recall anything. Shweta says clients have come, they are waiting. He says I m coming. He gets Ishita’s message. She wishes him all the best for the meeting. He say thanks, this meeting is very imp, I need to crack this. He goes to meet the clients. He hears some women shouting. He goes and sees the women barging inside and protesting. Ishita comes there. She hears the guard calling police station. She asks what happened. He says some women barged inside the office and protesting against Raman.

She says Tania would have done this, stop those women, none should touch Raman, I will be back soon, keep Raman safe. Raman says you are trespassing in my office, get out. Tania shouts on him. He says my staff is here, they are working, get out. Tania says you ruined my life, see how I ruin your life. He says don’t test my patience, I don’t want any drama here. Guards stop them. Tania and everyone run to Raman. Tania says I will surely have you punished. The lady scolds him. He says I haven’t committed such an act, get lost from my office.

The ladies shout slogans against Raman. Ishita comes and says I will prove you wrong within two days. Tania worries. Raman gets fainting. Ishita gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nobody wants to the see the serial .It is aqward. Again Simmi hsa drugging Raman. ( in ther Bhalla family Bhalla, Mrs Bhalla, Romi, Mihika, Ishitha, Raman, Ruhi Rohini, Alia & Iyers family .Lot of member s available there .Even A single person cannot find truth about ot Simmi & Param . It is nice joke

    1. its nice Joke over a decade and its a blo*dy sense coming from bald

  2. Nobody wants to the see the serial .It is aqward. Again Simmi hsa drugging Raman. ( in ther Bhalla family Bhalla, Mrs Bhalla, Romi, Mihika, Ishitha, Raman, Ruhi Rohini, Alia & Iyers family .Lot of member s available there .Even A single person cannot find truth about ot Simmi & Param . It is nice joke

    1. Ya it’s a nice joke. This type of jokes over a decade in this serial. And it’s coming from a bald

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