Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rinki coming home and asking Neelu about everyone. Neelu says they all went to support Ishita in completing the contract. Rinki gets angry and calls Suraj. She tells him everything. She asks him to ruin Ishita’s work and he realizes Raman does not know anything. Sarika hears her and is shocked. Suraj and Parmeet come to hospital and meet Raman. He says your company will be ruined. Raman asks what does he mean. Suraj says your over smart wife Ishita and family are managing ministry’s project, Ishita convinced the ministry that she can handle it, I think dentist can’t manage it without your help.

He says she does not know if she makes any mistake, you will be ruined. Suraj taunts Raman. Raman asks the nurse to send them out. The nurse asks them to go. Raman

throws the bouquet asking them to take it. They leave. Raman asks the nurse to give the phone. He sends her out angrily. Ishita talks to Mihir and says she got the boxes packed as he said, inspection is over, they are satisfied, thanks for guiding. She says a call is coming and she will talk to him later. She takes the call.

Raman starts scolding him. She says listen to me once. He scolds her. Mrs. Bhalla takes the phone and scolds him. She says we made the order ready by Ishita’s hardwork. He gets surprised and smiles. She says Ishita did not tell you as doctor stopped her, talk to her now. Raman apologizes to Ishita. She says she can’t hear anything, say loud. He says my wife got fat. She says she can hear it, your shouting is bad, your project has united everyone, its blessing in disguise, everybody is involved. He smiles and thanks Lord.

The nurse comes and asks for the phone. Raman acts and asks does anyone leave costly phone like this, keep it safe. She says you got mad and leaves. Suraj gets a call at 3am and is shocked. He rushes and wakes up Parmeet. He says he got the news that Ishita is almost completing her project, what should we do. Parmeet says there is one way, our man in Raman’s office can come in use. Suraj says right, we have to do as we thought, we will contaminate the juice by adding pestidices, we will ask him to mix that wrong boxes in good ones, when kids have it then.. Parmeet says Bhalla and Ishita will go in jail.

Suraj says if we inform Ishita about this and ask her to find out which is wrong one, lets see how she stops this. Its morning, everyone come and smile seeing the work complete. Mrs. Bhalla says congrats. Mr. Bhalla talks to Romi and they see the boxes. Mihika says Raman would have been glad seeing this. Ishita wishes Raman was with them, as its his day, he is getting discharged tomorrow.

The nurse sees Raman calm and mannered and gives him the phone. Raman calls Ishita and asks about the contract. She says truck will load now and it will be dispatched, we have done it. He says yes, you all did it. She says she is getting call from ministry and she will talk later. Raman asks the nurse to talk to doctor, he wants to surprise his family, its special day. She says fine, but on one condition, you have to come tomorrow for checkup. He happily hugs her and agrees. He looks for his slipper being eager to leave.

Ishita talks to Murthy. They get the truck loaded. The truck leaves and they all smile. Suraj asks the man to add pesticides in two cartons, good you will get your prize. He tells Parmeet that the man did his work, min 100 kids will be ill, they can die too, its possible that minister can get unwell too, now no one can stop Raman from going to jail. Parmeet says even I wish to see Raman behind bars. Rinki hears Suraj saying nothing can go wrong now. She is shocked and cries, saying if kids die, then all blame will come on Raman, I need to stop this.

Mrs. Bhalla and Ishita clean the place. Ruhi comes and asks Ishita to come, they will go and meet Raman. Rinki comes running there and tells Ishita that they have to stop the truck, she heard Suraj saying he has hired a man to contaminate two cartons in the truck. Ishita is shocked. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Rinki and asks her to leave. Rinki says I admit I did mistake, trust me, I have heard it, kids can die too having that drink. They all get shocked. Ishita asks Romi to stop the truck and cries.

Romi stops the truck and they catch the man who did this, They beat him up. The man runs and Romi and everyone run to catch him. Ishita and everyone are worried. Ishita tries calling the truck driver. Raman reaches the company and sees everyone running after that man. He gets shocked. Raman catches that man and asks Romi what did he do, wait Romi don’t beat him, say it.

Romi says this man mixed poison in kids’ drink, he is working for Ashok. Raman scolds the man. Ishita says she is trying to call the driver, he is not receiving, we have to stop the truck. Raman says we have to take him, he knows it. The man says I don’t know anything, I mixed in two boxes.

Rinki says she will come along to complain about Suraj. Murthy scolds Raman and asks how will they find the faulty boxes. Ruhi says we will find it.

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  1. jhanvi

    Achha hua ki Rinki ko sahi wakt par apni galati ka ahesas ho gaya aur wo suraj aur param k khilaf gawahi bhi degi…bt I think best hota agar Rinki suraj k sath hone ka natak kark usi k muh se uska sach uglvati to unke bachne ka koi chance hi nahi hhat aur in logo k khilaf pakka sabut bhi mil jata bt OK Rinki aur us insan ki gawahi bhi kafi hogi unko saza dilwane k liye…..

  2. jhanvi

    Ab ruhi aur muthhu milke dhundh nikalenge ki kisme zehr hai …shayad….. hope sab thik hi ho……Nd yah ishu was looking pretty…..

  3. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman is proud on Ishita for completing contract well.

    Ishita launches the cool drink for the kids and keep a special party for the launch. Raman praises Ishita for this achievement and Ruhi calls Ishita as superwoman who can do anything.

    The minister comes there to launch the drink and getting the information about pesticides in it. To clear minister’s doubts, Ishita drinks the juice herself and proves that it is safe. Ishita makes minsiter assure that her company is thinks about others before self.

    Ruhi gets Muttu Swamy and they find the defective boxes. The family gets thankful to Ruhi for her smart move.

    Ishita and Raman find out that Suraj and Parmeet contaminated the drinks. Raman gives his success credit to his wife Ishita and his daughter Ruhi.

  4. Raman ne ishita ko bina bechari ishita ko gussa kiya par jab pata chala ki ishita ne sab handle kiya toh. ..sorry bhi kaha 🙂
    …poor nurse ko hi jhota bana diya ki woh phone bhol gayi thi. 😉

  5. Aww jis tarha se raman nurse ko kehra tha ki usse ishita k paas Jane de. .aaise cute pleading face ko dekh kar kon mana karsakta hai. …
    kabhi nahin soncha tha ki aaise wale raman ko bhi dekh payenge. …

  6. The Bhalla’s family have to thank Rinki as she overhear the dogs suraj and par meet conversation. She does a good thing that she run away to tell her family about to ruin Raman contract. Then she tell them about the plan that the two dogs had made. She tells them that they ask the driver of the truck to add pesticides in two cartons of juice. Poor Raman has to get scold with the ministry. The two dogs want to sent Raman behind bars and believe me they couldn’t send Raman behind bars. The two dogs will in jail as they are happy to ruin Bhalla family. It’s good that the driver has to get a good correction from the Bhalla. For the next episode we should have to thank cute,small and pretty Ruhi to find the to cartons. Rinki has to apologize to Ishita. Its good that all family have to become one and Rinki has to understand her misunderstanding. Thanks a lot for update the episode very quickly.

  7. ACP Abhishek to re-enter &
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  8. bhagi

    wow nice episode……kal ruhi bachayegi apni papa ki naam nd apni maa ki mehanath jithni smart parents uthni hi smart beti……love u ruhiiiiiiii sooooo cute

  9. V P

    Creators. Thanks a lot for the positive move . After taking such a united step from Bhalla family and if it was a failure , it would have been very sad . And I assume you have done it without Shaghuns help . Whatever said and done , even though Shaghun changed , involving her in Bhalla family is unimaginable. But honestly track is very boring and not acceptable . Raman is not that very sick not to take over the contract . Simply dragging

  10. darshika

    yes,yes,yes,yes…… I always wanted to see you…. RUHI……. ! Thank you makers. Because I love to watch ishra, and I like to watch ruhi’s track also….. Today episode is very niceeeeeeeeeee…………..
    And I love Ishra’s TP conversation. So lovely……..
    Happy today…… From sri lanka.

  11. darshika

    Yes, sound’s good. I like to see ACP. But please makers, you should not join shagun into ishra’s lives…..
    From SL.

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  13. bhagi

    guys i dnt think they r dragging the story kyom ki agar vo drag karna chahthi hai tho vo 4/5 din aur drag kar sakthe hai par vo tho 2 din me khatam kar diya tha na its very nice yar love u muttu………

  14. kaafi dino se yhm site par sirf kuch hi comments aathe hai aur jo roz aaya karthe the ab nahi aa rahe hai like prayosha thachu angel ramchin nimrith and all.dont know why they dont come to this site.

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    We all are well aware of how close the cast members of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein are to one another. The show’s lead actor Karan Patel, who plays Raman in the show, shares a close friendship with co-stars Divyanka Tripathi and Anita Hassanandani aka Ishita- Shagun.

    Interestingly, his better half Ankita Bhargava too hares a similar equation with the rest of the YHM team members. Karan, Ankita are often seen partying with Anita her husband Rohit Reddy. Be it leisurely mini outings or adventurous trips,the awesome foursome never miss a chance to hand out together. Hence it’s a given, that when it’s Ankita’s birthday, there had to be a gala celebration and there was! Karan and birthday girl Ankita were seen partying with Anita and Divyanka and we have tons of inside pictures from the party to share with you! Check out this first one which was shared by Divyanka on her Instagram account. Here you can see a happy Ankita surrounded by her well wishers!

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    According to TellyBuzz,Ankita shares, “Last night I had a surprise birthday party that was planned by Karan. He was planning for this surprise from almost a week by getting in touch with our parents. Both the families helped Karan in arranging this party for me. Yesterday I was supposed to be shooting till late but Karan spoke to Goldie Behl and asked him for leaving me early so that I can make it to the party on time. I was told by my family that we are going for a dinner and I was taken to the venue. My father in law opened the door for me and it was darkness all around. When the lights were turned on, I saw that all my family members, my close friends, my colleagues from Reporters and the entire Ye Hai Mohabbatein family were present there. It was the most unexpected surprise for me.”

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  18. jo bhi hua ho lekin rinki ek flat ke liye apne bhai ke izzath ke baare mein nahi soochi.yeh nahi socha ki apne family ki badnaami hogi . its ridiculous.

  19. ACP Abhishek’s character had been missing from Yeh Hai Mohabbatein for quite a while and now the makers are planning to re-introduce the character to add more twist to the show.

    Actor Vivek Dahiya, who essays that role of ACP Abhishek, was on a break and was holidaying in Singapore but he will very soon enter the show and his character will have a romantic track with Mihika.

    Unlike the earlier track, Abhishek will also be seen supporting Romi and Sarika.

    \Actor Vivek has confirmed his re-entry on the show saying that he is happy to be back working with the YHM team and his entry on the show will surely be a fun track for the viewers to watch.

    Vivek has already resumed shooting for the show and his character will make an entry in the upcoming episodes.

  20. bhagi

    raman & nurse scence are really superb…………how cute raman isbe tho us nurse ko bhi pataliya…….,charm hai tho esa ho kisi ko bhi sec me patatha hai…….

  21. parthy

    Wonderful epi. Lekin Ishu should have been informed raman about well on going soft drink contract preparation and taken his advice for moving forward or at least she should have visited to the hospital in between to check the Raman’s health condtion, including Mrs and Mr Bhalla, so that raman cannot doubt her and all. Anyhow raman prises her after knowing the facts. Fine and Good bhalla family united together.

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