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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi talking about Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says I will get Ishita home. Simmi says Raman will not accept this, he is angry. Mrs. Bhalla says he always stays angry, Raman and Ishita has to unite. Adi agrees. Mrs. Bhalla says what will happen if Ishita returns. Adi says don’t worry, Ishita will not go anywhere. I have seen hatred in Papa’s eyes, but I will get Ishi maa. She hugs and blesses him. She asks how will you do this. He thinks to make Ishita helpless by doing something.

Pihu tells Adi that she won’t leave this house, she decorated the room recently. She asks him to do anything. He says its Papa’s decision, we can’t go against him. She says you are smart, make some plan. He says I got an idea, I want your help, you have to do acting.

She agrees. He calls Aaliya.

She gets angry hearing him. He apologizes to her, and says we both did mistake, I want to talk about Ishita. You did mistake to play with Shravan and complain about me to police. She says yes, I did wrong. He asks can’t we forget everything and become friends, I m not that bad, I m decent guy, you are also not that rude. She says fine. He says I need a favor from my friend. She asks what. He says I want Ishi Maa. She asks who is that. He says your Amma is my mumma, I m Ishi Maa’s son, I m Raman Bhalla’s son, Aditya Bhalla, Raman and Ishita are husband and wife. She says I m understanding things slowly, how can I help. He says Ishita is going back to Australia, I want to stop her, help me, I want to make her meet Pihu, her own daughter, send her to this address, I m sure when Ishita sees Pihu, she can’t go back. She says fine, I will definitely help you. He thanks her. She ends call. Adi smiles.

Adi takes Pihu with him and waits for Ishita. Pihu asks why did we come here. He says patience, our plan started, stay here. He calls Aaliya and asks did Ishita leave. She says yes, she left. He says she did not reach here, did you tell her right address. Pihu sees Ishita and says this is that garland aunty. She runs to see Ishita. Adi sees Pihu in middle of the road and shouts. Ishita sees the girl and rushes to help her. Adi runs to save Pihu, while Ishita reaches her. She pulls Pihu away, while Pihu screams seeing a car. FB shows Ishita saved Ruhi the same way. Adi looks on. Ishita scolds the car driver.

She hugs Pihu and says we are fine now, relax. Pihu looks at her. Ishita sees her face and gets shocked. Adi thanks Lord and says now Ishita can’t go anywhere. Ishita says Ruhi… Pihu says I m not Ruhi, my name is Pihu. Ishita smiles and says yes, you are the one, Pihu. She hugs Pihu and cries happily. Adi smiles. Ishita says you are very lovely, same eyes and lips, Pihu… Pihu asks how do you know I m Pihu, we did not meet earlier, garland pic’ aunty…. Ishita says this is also nice name, Haar Wali Aunty… Raman comes and takes Pihu away. He scolds Ishita.

Pihu says she saved my life. Raman says your good luck saved you, she can’t be your good luck, who got you here. Pihu says Adi planned to make me meet someone. Raman gets angry and goes to Adi. Raman slaps Adi and scolds him. Ishita asks Raman to stop. Raman slaps Adi again. He asks Ishita to keep quiet and be away from his children. He says if anything happened to Pihu then…. Change your actions Adi. He takes Pihu and goes. Adi cries. Ishita consoles him and hugs him. Meri Maa…..plays……….

Ishita asks Adi not to feel bad of Raman’s words, you know Raman loves you, he gets angry on those he loves the most, you did mistake right. Adi says I know he loves me, but … Ishita pacifies him and says I missed you a lot. He says I missed you too and I love you. She apologizes to him. He says no need to say sorry, I just want to take you home. She says Raman said everything will get spoiled if I come there, Raman does not want me to come. Thanks for making me meet Pihu, I just saw her pic, she is exactly like Ruhi, our Ruhi.

Raman and Pihu are on the way. Pihu says I liked that aunty, when she hugged me, I felt like hugging like again. He stops the car and thinks she is your real mother. Pihu thinks not to tell Raman that Ishita is Iyer aunty’s daughter.

Ishita tells Aaliya that she should go in Mihika’s marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. hey come on guys. y r so many of you against poor ruhi. pl remember she was just a kid when nidhi took her away. a child’s mind is like a blank paper where anything can be written and erased. ruhi’s mind was filled with only bad things about her family by nidhi and there was nobody to erase such things from her mind till now. so ruhi has turned hostile against her own people. its as simple.

  3. hey guys good afternoon to all.

  4. Can anyone of u pls say how old is aliya and ruhaan

  5. Raman bhalla u don’t deserve anyone on this planet. Stop blaming ishita for everything.. she always united ur family member, she turned Shagun good, she has always protected adi n ruhi and bcoz of her only ur relation with adi became good.. she has always done the best for u n ur family… nd ishita why the hall r u listening to him u?? Say something ur behaving like a typical woman

  6. Ananya Panigrahi

    ishita is a best mother, best doctor , best bahu & a best wife… so Raman Bhalla plzz stop blaming her

  7. very emotional drama. Loved it. Adi’s acting is superb, very innocent and childlike and yet mature.

  8. Nice.. Sindhu rm where is ur prem deewana

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