Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi talking about Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says I will get Ishita home. Simmi says Raman will not accept this, he is angry. Mrs. Bhalla says he always stays angry, Raman and Ishita has to unite. Adi agrees. Mrs. Bhalla says what will happen if Ishita returns. Adi says don’t worry, Ishita will not go anywhere. I have seen hatred in Papa’s eyes, but I will get Ishi maa. She hugs and blesses him. She asks how will you do this. He thinks to make Ishita helpless by doing something.

Pihu tells Adi that she won’t leave this house, she decorated the room recently. She asks him to do anything. He says its Papa’s decision, we can’t go against him. She says you are smart, make some plan. He says I got an idea, I want your help, you have to do acting.

She agrees. He calls Aaliya.

She gets angry hearing him. He apologizes to her, and says we both did mistake, I want to talk about Ishita. You did mistake to play with Shravan and complain about me to police. She says yes, I did wrong. He asks can’t we forget everything and become friends, I m not that bad, I m decent guy, you are also not that rude. She says fine. He says I need a favor from my friend. She asks what. He says I want Ishi Maa. She asks who is that. He says your Amma is my mumma, I m Ishi Maa’s son, I m Raman Bhalla’s son, Aditya Bhalla, Raman and Ishita are husband and wife. She says I m understanding things slowly, how can I help. He says Ishita is going back to Australia, I want to stop her, help me, I want to make her meet Pihu, her own daughter, send her to this address, I m sure when Ishita sees Pihu, she can’t go back. She says fine, I will definitely help you. He thanks her. She ends call. Adi smiles.

Adi takes Pihu with him and waits for Ishita. Pihu asks why did we come here. He says patience, our plan started, stay here. He calls Aaliya and asks did Ishita leave. She says yes, she left. He says she did not reach here, did you tell her right address. Pihu sees Ishita and says this is that garland aunty. She runs to see Ishita. Adi sees Pihu in middle of the road and shouts. Ishita sees the girl and rushes to help her. Adi runs to save Pihu, while Ishita reaches her. She pulls Pihu away, while Pihu screams seeing a car. FB shows Ishita saved Ruhi the same way. Adi looks on. Ishita scolds the car driver.

She hugs Pihu and says we are fine now, relax. Pihu looks at her. Ishita sees her face and gets shocked. Adi thanks Lord and says now Ishita can’t go anywhere. Ishita says Ruhi… Pihu says I m not Ruhi, my name is Pihu. Ishita smiles and says yes, you are the one, Pihu. She hugs Pihu and cries happily. Adi smiles. Ishita says you are very lovely, same eyes and lips, Pihu… Pihu asks how do you know I m Pihu, we did not meet earlier, garland pic’ aunty…. Ishita says this is also nice name, Haar Wali Aunty… Raman comes and takes Pihu away. He scolds Ishita.

Pihu says she saved my life. Raman says your good luck saved you, she can’t be your good luck, who got you here. Pihu says Adi planned to make me meet someone. Raman gets angry and goes to Adi. Raman slaps Adi and scolds him. Ishita asks Raman to stop. Raman slaps Adi again. He asks Ishita to keep quiet and be away from his children. He says if anything happened to Pihu then…. Change your actions Adi. He takes Pihu and goes. Adi cries. Ishita consoles him and hugs him. Meri Maa…..plays……….

Ishita asks Adi not to feel bad of Raman’s words, you know Raman loves you, he gets angry on those he loves the most, you did mistake right. Adi says I know he loves me, but … Ishita pacifies him and says I missed you a lot. He says I missed you too and I love you. She apologizes to him. He says no need to say sorry, I just want to take you home. She says Raman said everything will get spoiled if I come there, Raman does not want me to come. Thanks for making me meet Pihu, I just saw her pic, she is exactly like Ruhi, our Ruhi.

Raman and Pihu are on the way. Pihu says I liked that aunty, when she hugged me, I felt like hugging like again. He stops the car and thinks she is your real mother. Pihu thinks not to tell Raman that Ishita is Iyer aunty’s daughter.

Ishita tells Aaliya that she should go in Mihika’s marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Ishita

    Oh god….. .atlast Ishita met pihu……… But Raman should not done like tat………? at least for a mother relationship with a daughter he should not do like tat……….very stubborn……….? nd am very happy today as aliyaadi came friends… hope very soon they become couple…..lets see tomorrow…….nd guys u guys don’t add me as ur friend aa? ?

  2. kk..

    where is ruhaan (ruhi)…now its time for the truth that ruhi is also alive…then it will be very interesting…

  3. Episode was good. Ishita adi scene r awsome… Actually somewhern i think ramans anger is justified and somewhere not b’coz raman is shortempered and his anger goes away also ishita should not have gone away from her family and 7 years is a long time to stay away… Raman also should not have blamed ishita for everything so it is my feeling for current track of yhm…
    Hello to all yhm fans and friends…

  4. shivani

    Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) together in Romi and Mihika’s wedding in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein…..

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Raman and Ishita join Romi and Mihika’s wedding.
    Raman gets irritated when Pihu stands in between of him and Ishita.

    Raman recalls how Ruhi used to do this and takes Pihu in his lap.
    Raman stops Pihugetting closer to Ishita
    Raman tells Pihu as no need to talk with strangers and Ishita fees bad but she thinks that she deserves this because she is responsible of Ruhi’s death.
    Romi and Mihika exchange their garlands where both Bhalla and Iyyer families join the function.

  5. Hmmmmm nc episode. I loved adi and ishimas bond. Pihu also likes ishitha. When raman arrived i just say to my sis that villan is came. Now i say yhm villain is ravan kumar. Plssssss patch up ishra soon pls. I really like adis carecter.

  6. lavanyabai

    I missed the episode…thanks for the update amena…episode is nice..when wil raman change….I wish pihu should know that ishita is her real mother….and wow…aliya and adi team up for bringing together nice

  7. princess

    Jab tak ruhi nai ajati Ku6 nai hone wala
    Muje ye samaj nai aa rha..Ishita ko dekhkr bhi raman ka dil nai pigla

  8. shivani

    Episode was nice….lets hopes that slowly pihu will get attach to ishita…adi wil help her….mrs bhalla and simi will also help…then it would be nice to watch….but this ramans character is getting worse day by day..for the last 7 years he was mourning for ruhi and ishita..but wen ishu came back, instead of accepting her, forgiving her,he is blaming her for ruhi’s death….what wil he do when ruhan reveals his identity…??…like ishita , will he also hate ruhi ?? If he forgive ruhi, then i must say , his love for ishita is not at all sincere..because ruhi and ishita did the same mistake of hiding their existence…….Raman never said pihu that ishita is her real mumma, because ishita is dead for him….but now things have changed…i think he need to say that truth to pihu…she calls ishita as aunty and shagun as mumma….disgusting…

    • Siddhi

      I don’t think that ishu n ruhi situation r same ruhi was a seven yes old kid who bear niddhis torture while ishu was free in her life to go to Raman or not

      • shivani

        .But ruhi is shown as a smart kid throughout the an adi ruhi exchanging episode where ishita left with ruhi and fall ill, ruhi called raman for help..ok i agreed that ruhi was 7 old girl wen she got kidnapped….but now she is 14..she should have told raman atleast wen he approached her for add shoot…here ruhi intentionally hiding her identity…wen niddi got arrested, ruhi was about to tell everything to the police but she stopped herself seeing ishita…why..??.if she cant bear nidhi’s torturing , why she didnt tell anything wen ishita came to rescue her…instead of telling the truth, she supported nidhi and insulted ishita..

  9. bhagya(die hard fan of ishveer)

    oh my god simply awesome ishitha adi’s scene was fabulous.

  10. AbhiGya,IshVeer,IshRa,Rivanya, SwaSan And RagLak fan

    Arrey yaar! Expected this to be a gud episode
    But not bad as I thought
    I want My IshRa back together :'(

  11. vp

    Loved the episode …. Adi rocked … emotions and avted so well And our old Adi now loves Ishima like this means ….Isomething … heart touching . How well Ishitha made him understand things . And Dt …. mindblowing emotions … excellent … when she saw Pihu … wow what an amazing look as if Ruhi is infront of her . her emotion changed as she knew it was Pihu … too nice … atleast she cud have hugged her own daughter … she is deprived of everything in her life … now her own husband doesnt want her daughter to see her … cvs … very cruel of Raman to do that … even then the way she pacifies herself and understands Ramans anger … Adi and Alia will bring them together . Today I liked Pihu and when she said she would love to be hugged by her again …. mothers bond touches hearts and minds …cvs … please dont make Raman to blame her by wrong words … he has all the right to b angry for her being away … but she loves only one Raman … he doesnt know that …

  12. The wedding drama will provide for some emotional moments Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) who is back to India after a seven-year stay in Australia will have an emotional reunion with her family. There will be outpour of hidden feelings in Mihika’s (Avantika Hundal) wedding. Yes, Ishita’s little sister is getting married to Romi (Aly Goni). It is a grand wedding with even Raman (Karan Patel) and Pihu ( Ruhanika Dhawan) in attendance. However, a grand wedding will take place with all taam- jhaam. There is buzz that there will lot of confusion during the wedding due to the cultural differences between the Iyers and Bhallas. Both the families will want to follow their cultural traditions in the marriage. But no unsavory incident will happen and the marriage will take place smoothly. Ishita will be seen in a very emotional mood at the event. The lady is looking gorgeous in a hot pink sari with black blouse. Raman will look dapper in a blue suit with glares. Mihika will take promise from Ishita to stay back in India. The wedding will be an emotional moment for all. In the last few episodes we saw how Ishita had a run-in with Inspector Abhishek (Vivek Dahiya) who has now resigned from police service. She also has a showdown with Raman over the Aaliya incident. As of now, it is only Raman’s mother who is happy to see Ishita. In the coming episodes, we will see Ishita’s meeting with Pihu on the middle of the road. She will save her and break down.

  13. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    sachie and all yhm

  14. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Raman and Ishita join Romi and Mihika’s wedding. Raman gets irritated when Pihu stands in between of him and Ishita. Raman recalls how Ruhi used to do this and takes Pihu in his lap. Raman tells Pihu as no need to talk with strangers and Ishita feels bad but she thinks that she deserves this because she is responsible of Ruhi’s death. Romi and Mihika exchange their garlands where both Bhalla and Iyyer families join the function. How will Ishita remove differences between Romi and Raman?

  15. Rianaa

    Ishita doesn’t know how to snatch her rights as she is pihu’s biological mother so why she cant slap raman a hard…..and raman is a monster????????….santosh had told right”raman ko toh sirf nafrat karna aata hai”…..and whats wrong with this ruhi why dont she understand that ishita had always loved her then she is getting jealous of pihu….when niddhi kidnapped ruhi puhi was a baby so ishita should care for the baby….and raman said that ishita is truly a stepmother….how the hell he can say this as ishita had always loved her ruhi and adi too…then from where step mother comes….all these nonsense are boiling my brain…..why these writers and ekta had to twist this story….they had not only twisted but spoiled the whole story….really i miss the old yhm…..????????????????????????????

  16. guys I think you are forgetting that YHM is based on reality…so what Raman did with Pihu,,,taking her away from ishita …according to me it was one brilliant move from CVS… if you think practically… you too you wouldn’t want your own children to meet the one whom has abandoned you and leaving your children motherless for a very long time…no parent would dare to just give in just like that…so Raman’s behavior is justified though it wasn’t right for him to take his anger on Adi but everything is according to what YHM is all about… it will take time for Raman to heal and forget all that that ishita has done and accept her again.
    Even you too if you think about it then you will understand

    • vp

      I think Ramans move was wrong … cvs are making him characterless … If his love to Ishitha is true … where he was behind surrogacy to give a child to his Ishitha …then behaving like this and using hard words on her is really rude … she should have given the right to see Pihu for a long time . Here Raman is selfish ….always senseless …. true love is unconditional … where you want your love to be happy … yes Ishitha stayed back … it was wrong … Raman was under impression she died … same way Ishitha … she is under impression Ruhi died … without Ruhi no Ishima …if known Ruhi is alive Ishitha wud have come like Jkr only … here she is not reacting to Raman … becoz … she is dead without Ruhi …cvs should not atleast make Raman say stepmother … ect .. he can be rude … and if he accepts her without Ruhi s identity great … otherwise back again for Ruhi … no Love …Adi rocks .. Alia v understanding … we will wait and see … we all will feel Ishitha should go back to Mani but she cant she loves Raman … Hi Rithu … Sindhu .. Shivani …

      • shivani

        I totally agree with u vp…true love is unconditional….here its hard to believe that raman truly loved ishita…from recent episodes its clear that ishita always thinks about raman..she wants to be with him….but she hadn’t enough courage to face raman and his family after ruhi’s death..that’s why she stayed away from all…raman has to understand that…and wat did raman do…he never tried to find out the truth whether she is dead or not…acp said ishita committed suicide and he believed…!!

  17. as far as the plot of this series is concerned… well siblings rivalry with be introduced… Ruhi will hate Pihu
    REASON: Ruhi will feel that, if it wasn’t for Pihu …she would have remained with her family

    thats my point of view… imagination

  18. Rianaa I totally agree with you.. They should turn the tables on Raman.. Let him sweat for his love Ishu must not be that forgiving.. she should tell him she will not mess with his life & she will go back after a holiday in India so that it will make him realize how much he loves her & how much his kids needs their mum, He is such a rude uncouth stubborn moron. he is always right . such a EGO he has thinks no end of himself. though we all want IsRa to be together as a family . he should work hard with respect for the woman he loves instead of so much insults & hard hitting words. he is not Mr clean either . what about his mistakes.
    Hiding behind Drinks a real Coward can’t dace anything like a classy man. for a businessman he is disgraceful.
    ISRA they both are acting so well their characters. the expressions etc. are super.
    Hope they will get together but let Raman must not be given an easy way out..Sorry if i hurt ur feelings YHM fans

  19. Sunita

    Hi all…..thiugh ishita has come back to india…stilll too many things has to be sorted out…and that would be only possible once ruhi’s truth is revealed….ishita adi’s bond is truly amazing…no words….gud atleast Santoshji is happy to see ishita….raman’s anger is ok till some instant….but he has no right to use the step mother all the time….it was raman who decided that they will exchange the newly born baby with ruhi…ishita was against it…but coz of raman she finally agreed….she wanted ruhi to be safe and that was the reason she informed abhishek…and ruhi…she was such a smart kid….she heard ishita saying about exchanging the baby with her….she did not hear the complete conversatuon between raman and ishita… and when several chances came to tell the truth to raman…she did not…ruhi can’t behave like this as she was such an understanding person when she was just 6 years old….please writers unite ruhi now with everyone so the title “YEH HAI MOHABBATEIN” is justified….seriously its too much now….n please end the character of that stupid nidhi

  20. AS

    Pihu thinks not to tell Raman that Ishita is Iyer aunty’s daughter 🙂 🙂 ha ha ha Poor Pihu…
    Adi and Aliya will be the next couple in YHM

  21. Leila

    I hate how raman is behaving towards everybody m i think ishita should go with adi to mahika n romi wedding

  22. Vaishu

    Nice episode ishi maa & ADI’s scene was very beautiful plz unite ishra & make pihu to know that ishu is her real mumma

  23. Ishrakalove

    The series is just making ishita look so weak what’s up with star plus about women empowerment she needs to stand up to dat duch bag of a husband Raman is really the villain of the show she should just move on with mani and apply for joint custody for her kids then Ravan a gonna know what he is playing with the woman deserves better than what is giving for once let her stand up pls don’t make her just a cry baby what happened to jansi ki rani??

  24. shivani

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman (Karan Patel) keeps himself away from Romi and Mihika’s marriage

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is all set to roll out a marriage track with Romi and Mihika’s wedding.

    The wedding will be a grand affair with lots of drama as both sides belong to different cultures.

    Although there will be some ups and down amid the marriage ceremony, the marriage will get completed on a happy note with both family rejoicing the event.

    However, Raman will keep himself away from this happy event.

    Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) touched as Mihika ask her to return to family

    Later on, an emotional moment will take place as Mihika will make Ishita give a promise to her to return back home and live the family.

    Ishita will be quite touched as well as shocked with Mihika’s words.

  25. VIDHYA

    hey come on guys. y r so many of you against poor ruhi. pl remember she was just a kid when nidhi took her away. a child’s mind is like a blank paper where anything can be written and erased. ruhi’s mind was filled with only bad things about her family by nidhi and there was nobody to erase such things from her mind till now. so ruhi has turned hostile against her own people. its as simple.

  26. Sharib

    Raman bhalla u don’t deserve anyone on this planet. Stop blaming ishita for everything.. she always united ur family member, she turned Shagun good, she has always protected adi n ruhi and bcoz of her only ur relation with adi became good.. she has always done the best for u n ur family… nd ishita why the hall r u listening to him u?? Say something ur behaving like a typical woman

  27. Ananya Panigrahi

    ishita is a best mother, best doctor , best bahu & a best wife… so Raman Bhalla plzz stop blaming her

  28. Sonya

    very emotional drama. Loved it. Adi’s acting is superb, very innocent and childlike and yet mature.

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