Sadda Haq 12th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 12th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir comes to sanaya. She says is there another thing you want me to do for you? Randhir says I want to take you out on a date. Sanaya says why? He says because you are my best friend. She says tell me what is going on in your mind. He tells her everything.
Sanaya says later, am I doing right? but whatever I see love in randhir’s heart.

Sanyu gets ready. Aryan smiles and looks at her. Sanyu says lets go. Sanyu’s earring falls. He picks it up for her and makes her wear it. Aryan extends his hand sanyu holds it.
Sanaya and randhir get ready too. Sanaya sees the video in his laptop. She says what is this? Randhir says it was actually.. I was distracted for a moment. Its not what you think like. Sanaya says who made this video? Rnadhir says you think I would do this? I received this as email. Sanaya says but someone sent it.randhir says doesn’t matter. Lets go.
Sanyu says send this video to aryan. Randhir says are you out of your mind. Sanaya says you really care about her. You hate her but you get protective about her. Randhir says shup and lets go.

Sanyu and Aryan are on the date. Sanyu says why you came to this expensive place. He says everything should be special in your life. Career relationships everything. I know you have face difficulties in your life. If you old relationship didn’t work..
They see sanaya screamin what you mean by tables are not available. Manage says ma’am please lower your voice. SAnaya says I want a table right now. Sanaya says hi sanyu. Manager says I know everyone here. One status and your restaurant will be ruined. Sanaya says we have to go. SAnyu says you guys can join us if you want. SAnaya says no we will go. Sanyu says its fine.
They join sanaya and randhir.
Joy says why is this sanaya not picking the call.
Sanaya gives everyone drink. She has mixed something in aryan’s drink. Aryan says sanyu only eats healthy food. he says things change with time randhir you know. Sanyu says yeah.
Kritika is working. Joy comes in and says hi. He says you are so hardworking. But you working at night can get you dark circle.. I mean i have dark chocolates for you. She says i don’t eat chocolates I have migrain issue. He says let me help you with connections. The circuit sparks. Their faces are all black. Joy says sorry.

Aryan comes back to table. Sanaya says I am really sorry. She says in heard enjoy the drink aryan. Sanyu and sanaya keep talking. Sanyyu asks aryan are you okay? He says yeah I am fine.Aryan says can I dance with you? come please. Sanyu says no please. He takes her hand and says lets go. Randhir stops him and says relax aryan. Ayran is about to punch randhir, sanyu stops him and says are you out of your mind. Randhir says I think he minds that we spoiled your date. We should leave Sanaya. sanaya and randhir leave.sanyu take aryan back too.

Next morning, Aryan wakes up and recalls what happened. He is totally mad/. Randhir comesand says drink this fresh lime. You are embarrassed? Aryan says you did all this. Randhir says of course.

Precap-Randhir says I thought this competition would be tough. It is a one sided game. SAnyu gives aryan fresh lime. Randhir is there. He says I wont drink until you forgive me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Today sanaya should be beaten with slippers how dare she interfere in Aryan and make him mad? Anyways i liked where randhir told sanaya to shut up.

  2. richa (titli)

    OMG OMG!!! Sanayaa with RD against Aaryan πŸ˜› let’s see whether Aaryan can manage both

  3. richa (titli)

    well the episode was nice Poor joyyy got triked by Sanaya nd poor Kt”ka πŸ˜› but i enjoyed..

  4. Nicee epii…..:-)
    Hahaha sanyu di in our clg all girls r thin bt when u see them eating u would nt believe…
    I thnk same is with u:-)
    Hey guys I wanna ask u question If u like a girl n she likes u bt is too much shy wht shd u do????
    Plz tell it’s urgent.:-D

    1. sanyukta rathor

      Sanyu di ……bhai dii such me

      Ya ur right same with me i m num 1 bhukad

      now ans is this ke aap uske sath beth kar ache se bat karo use samzhao … toda hasao ….. or to pta nhi muzee to bas yahi pta h try this ……… and be happy always

    2. Who is this girl???????????

    3. Look bhai, i don’t know much about love…but if the girl is shy, the best way to make her share her feelings is to make her laugh…first understand her, n then accordingly u take action…
      Best of luck

    4. I think yu should tell her yu like her before it’s too late. Take a chance. Pour your heart out. Or if it’s too much then give her hints by making her feel special.

    5. try to make her comfortable dhruv bhai it is the.only way

    6. Bhai u like a girl … Interesting very interesting and I m also a very big one foody πŸ˜‰
      And according to me u should help her first then normally talk to her then make her comfortable and then friendship and then u know Bhai … πŸ™‚

  5. richa (titli)

    wweeellll wqelll in this tenced situation guyss chill and here is sm poem i liked here it id 4 uu
    What Is A Friend?

    A friend is someone you hold dear:
    Someone who is always there, through thick and thin;
    Someone who is only a phone call away.

    A friend is someone you can always rely on:
    Someone who is there to share your thoughts with;
    Someone to listen, no matter the subject.

    A friend is someone you can feel comfortable with:
    Someone you can sit silently beside, without conversation;
    Someone you do not need to fill the quiet moments with.

    A friend is someone you can trust:
    Someone who will guard your deepest secrets;
    Someone who will never let you down.

    A friend is someone who is not judgmental:
    Someone who will gently offer advice and opinions,
    Yet, someone who is not overbearing or critical.

    A friend is someone who can keep you grounded:
    Someone who can help you see through your obstacles;
    Someone to shoulder you through lifeÒ€ℒs trials.

    A friend is someone who shares unconditionally:
    Someone to laugh and to cry with;
    Someone to lean on, through both the good and the bad.

    A friend is someone you choose wisely,
    For a friend is your own mirrored image:
    Someone to compliment your own self;
    Someone who indicates who you are as a person.

    A friend is what you are to me.

    1. richa (titli)

      aalso some cute lines of a songg
      You hear my voice call out to you
      It takes control what can you do
      Follow me wherever I go
      You don’t have to be on your own

      So hold me forever
      Let’s stay together never let me go
      Oh hold me forever
      I’m lost without you, won’t you take me home

      At night you reach towards the sky
      The world you see inside my eyes
      And you know you’ve been here before
      Always with me you’re never alone

    2. di i liked d sng.. plz tell me sng name and from which album it belongs..plz di

    3. richa (titli)

      heyy Aastha m glad u loked thm first is an Random Anime song
      and the Punjabi1 is album by sheri maan one of ma fav’s
      Artist: Sharry Mann
      Album: Yaar Anmulle
      Released: 2011
      Awards: Punjabi Music Best Debut vocalist (Male) Award

      also my fav is mittran di chattri te ud gayi…
      by babbu mann

    4. thnk u so much di

    5. richa (titli)

      andd ONE OF MA FAV’S
      Bade chete aunde ne yaar anmulle hawa de bulle Bade chete aunde ne yaar anmulle hawa de bulle Si mauja karde collegi parde Si naal bitaayi oh umar jawani Oho duniya vakhri si ni lade ladayiyan Na hon padhayiyan sara din ghar ni Kise da darr ni gulaaba vargi ohdon zindgani ohdon zindgani Bade chete aunde ne yaar anmulle hawa de bulle Kadey laun classan na Kadey laun classan na Baith canteeni paa ke vadh cheeni Peende si chaah banaun salaahan Kive kujh kariye dhamak asmaani Sab bade shaukeen hunde Waal jehe waake te gel laga ke Sheeshe de muhre te bapu ghoore Tommy diyan shirtan aenak Armaani aenak Armaani Bade chete aunde ne yaar anmulle hawa de bulle Oh college kudiyan da Oh college kudiyan da Baje saade baarah te jaana yaarohan Ni sheeshe khole te khade patole Laa ke vich gaane chalaunde gadiyan Ik Samri hunda si Ji bada shikari te vekh kawari Lagaye tarayiyan ji bahut phasayiyan Chandigarh jaake kamaunda naddiyan Bade chete aunde ne yaar anmulle hawa de bulle Bada Bullet pyaara si Bada Bullet pyaara si Aap na naunde bullet chamkaunde Te hauli chalaunde gediyan launde Bullet de utte kudi vi marrdi Jeda kamra Gill da si Aunty si pittdi oh mehfil nitt di Yaar aaye rehnde kathe jad behnde Bottlan khuliyan garaari arrdi garaari arrdi Bade chete aunde ne yaar anmulle hawa de bulle Deep landi jeep wala Deep landi jeep wala Si Ray Ban launda te kurte paunda Sohni ji saheli uni ch baily Yaarohan da yaar saada MLA Jad pind nu mudh de si Cheema bai milda oh tukra dil da Motor te behnde aape kad lehnde Si ghardi kaddi sawaad awalle Bade chete aunde ne yaar anmulle hawa de bulle Bada bachpan changa si Bada bachpan changa si Ni khilre waal dostan naal Khaak si shaani koi gal purohani Oh bachpan wali yaad kar lehnde Jehde gaye videshan nu Gawa dil jaani labhan zindgani Ni khaake dhakke ho gaye pakke Desh na bhulda aakhde rehnde desh na bhulda aakhde rehnde Bade chete aunde ne yaar anmulle hawa de bulle Hun tak gumnaam reha Hun tak gumnaam reha Fadi baah rab ne salaya sab ne Hor ki dassa kudiyan te bussan Oh yaar malangan naal si gaya Anmulleyan yaarohan ne Saath na chadaya gharo geya kadaya Te pind na warda na likhda padhda Oh Chandigarh da si chaska paya Bade chete aunde ne yaar anmulle hawa de bulle Babbu likhda gaane si Babbu likhda gaane si Yaarohan nu chaunda te sohle gaunda Harry jehe yaaro ji paar utaaro Tape hun kadti Sherry ne pehli Sherry ne pehli Bade chete aunde ne yaar anmulle hawa de bulle Bade chete aunde ne yaar anmulle hawa de bulle

    6. n di plz also dis one name and album i think its punjabi.. am i right? i like punjabi sngs.☺

    7. Nice poem richa…i love it

    8. richa (titli)

      thank u Sheena

  6. Hi richu di. After a long time… I hope you remember me. How are you ???

    1. richa (titli)

      Monaaa darrrrlinggg hw can u i frget eachh otherrr my lov i remember u nd the whole stupid gang πŸ˜€ lov u missd u keep in touchh nd read my XXXXXL comment on sadda haq 28 april page i was sooo emosional missd u all needed u all badly lol tc drr plss keep coming nd talkingg nd u changed DP againn wellll good πŸ™‚

    2. k di. Iwill surely read that. But now there’s no place na where we can meet regularly :(really missed and whole nauc friends

    3. OOps that was me itself

  7. Wow! Nice episode..i’m damn sure rd will win…
    Hey r u all? Dhruv bro, mukti, nishu, richu, sanyu, shivu, himanshi, karu, richa, shreya, bk, princess, ranaji, aaliya, anu, ria, aishu, aparna, kriya n all sh fans..

    Liya, how r u feeling now?
    Revati, mukti, rits, mayuri where r u guys??

    1. Hiiii Sheena dear thanks for your concern
      I m feeling good dear how r u …. πŸ™‚

  8. lolzz funny episode

  9. sanyukta rathor

    Nice epi

    Hii my sweet lovely friends

  10. Channel v is ending all its shows.but what about sadda haq i m watching this show frm the very 1st epi.sadda haq k makers ise kisi or channel par telecast ni kar sakte kya?ya fir hotstar par i do’nt want this show 2 end soon.

    1. sanyukta rathor

      What such me dii channel v is ending ??????????????????????????????

    2. Noooooo , it can’t happen I love this show,,
      I don’t want it to end soon…????

    3. i think they will telecast it on hotstar… so chill di

    4. Nisha Mukherjee

      r u serious??..from where u got such information ??.

    5. sanyukta rathor

      Good night lovely friends…..

      Sweet dreems

      Hey aalu i miss u sooooooooo much come soon dear …


      Love u all


    6. Good night dear:-)
      I lv ur happy smiling nature:-)

    7. sanyukta rathor

      Thanks bhai

      Good morning and be happy always


  11. Now I start liking sanaya, she actually want to bond our sandhir,,,
    I think aryan should also understand like sanaya
    I like aryan but …we all know that it is going to be sabdhir in last..
    I he understand it earlier than his heart won’t break…

  12. Now I start liking sanaya, she actually want to bond our sandhir,,,
    I think aryan should also understand like sanaya
    I like aryan but …we all know that it is going to be sabdhir in last..
    I he understand it earlier than his heart won’t break…?

  13. hi du….i also feel d same

  14. OMG i just love Sanaya…she is such a funny girl…they way she was arrguing with thar manager cracked me up…i liked her befor but now i love her coz she is trying to bring SanDhir together…i felt a little bad for Aryan but actually i liked seeing him all mad…he acts quite well…i liked it..

    Guys so the bad news is confirmed by Channel V…by the end of june all shows will close and Channel V will be a music oriented program….i donno how i ll stay without seeing Sadda Haq πŸ™ its the best show i ve seen and i ll also miss u guys…but if they ll trully end SH then guys i still have a solution…we can still meet here on the pages of the ffs…we have about 4 ffs on SH here…and i think the writters wont close them so soon if the show stops…so we can still meet here guys…and remember guys last time Anda said that she doesnt have a problem if we chat on the pages of her ff…so we still can meet here guys…and also if SH ends then i ll desperately need some more ffs to read on SH…at least thats how we can still have a part of the show with us…so what do u think guys ?

    1. yup u r right.. if d luv is strng der r no barriers …no matter wat d circumstances r….. we all can continue on ffs …although i am new here bt i knw d bond which u guyz share

    2. Yup, u r right karu dear…we all will try to stay in touch even if sadda haq ends on channel v…

    3. U were the rights but I still want that it will telecast on hot star and any other channel..
      Acc to me it will not end after all it is one of the most popular show among youngsters…
      ( hope sooo…… Finger crossed

    4. Afffcrseeee my karu 100% We will meet on ffs:-):-)
      How,can we frgt each othr our frndshp is so strong

    5. Yesss….. Dear… We will meet on ff and chat there …. How can I leave such an important bond which I share with u guys …. πŸ™‚
      I m sad as this channel is soon gonna revamp πŸ™ πŸ™
      But we will meet

  15. Heloo frnds..missed u..:-)
    Lvuyy all..guys if sh is eending thn will meet on ffs..but we all know we all cannot be togthr except truth n enjoy the last epi:-)

    1. Hahahahah mukuuu mere liye nae sona rahul ke liye sweetheart..mai aisa hu????
      Hahaha,ddarling chillll.<[email protected]}–

  16. Im feeling to kick aaryan dam he is so blo*dy disgusting!! I hate him to the core. Im seriously missing sandhir vry badly!! Just waiting when sandhir will come togethet…!!

  17. richa (titli)

    IT;S ONLINE πŸ˜€

    1. richa (titli)


    2. richa (titli)

      alsoo i frgot after we achieve target signs we hav to send it to channel or authority

  18. richa (titli)


  19. richa (titli)

    @@@ niswaaaa i thought u read ma shsyaarii sply 4 u dr u didnt evenn buraai karing thm πŸ™
    gn tc hope to c u soon
    hw r u karu princesss nishh mona dARLINGG??

    1. Hi butterfly I m fine how r u

  20. Hloo richu creature u still here in tu … I din’t know well way abt all ur ff I dint find any after coming back dear…. Well devu may b u know me …. Lol tc wer can contact u mail or fb

  21. Hlo richu creature here u r …
    Actually after coming back I was not able to find any ffs other than ksv’s … Wat abt ur ffs and nisha ruby natty others all …. I can’t find any of my old ffs … Missing spl urs ruby’s nisha’s and others all … Plz do msg me in fb abt all ff currently… And I will chk it later …. I rarely come here but u can find me in edkv and krpkab both Sony TV serials and even on dehleez page …. As I dint find out ffs I thought u all r not coming to tu … Anyways bye if any of r mates r here tell them a big hi from my side. … Meet u soon in fb

  22. Heyyy guyzzz gd evng…….the epi…z good…..
    if anyone wanted the spoilers fr nextweek thnn comment 139+……if u all crossed 130+ cmmnt thnn I posted here spoilers fr next week…..soo guyzzzzzzz hurry up…….till that tymmm….gd byyy… ni8…..
    1more thing. week z really interesting….

  23. Bk…..pls bro…give the spoilers asap….i’m so eager….pls pls pls

    1. Be patient my dear……..I’ll update spoilers here very soon …….don’t wry…btt week..z really very interesting….

  24. hey guys …
    so its confirmed that channel v is ending all its shows huh ? i’ve watched shq frm the first epi .. nd it’s not only just a show .. u know even i get inspired by sanyuktha … her presentation nd all that day … it’s just an amazing show and abhi toh s2 start hua hai … then y ? i would β™₯ it if they don’t cancel sadda haq …
    will they just show sandhir reunion and stop the show ?! that’s crazy ! πŸ™

    anyways … we’ll all still chat here in the ff’s comment section .. and who knows there will be more ff’s ?!

  25. plz plz plz … give the spoilers na !!! soooo eager to know !!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  26. No way can channel v do this. ..nooo

  27. I rarely get time to watch the show.. It’s just tu that I have been following since the beginning of S1….
    I must say I love sanaya on one side for trying to reunite sandhir. ..
    But agar reality mein koi mujhe option de I’ll any day prefer a guy like Aryan over randhir (the character not the actor)

  28. Superb.

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