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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone finding Ruhi in the mall. Ruhi is still there and Shagun sees her. She goes after Ruhi. She stops Ruhi from going out of the mall. Ruhi asks what happened, I m not alone, I m with my parents, I was going to take saree for my Ishi Maa, who are you. Shagun says I… and asks the guard where is his focus, girl was going out alone. Ruhi realizes its Shagun’s voice and asks her who is she. Shagun is about to show her face and stops seeing Ishita. Ishita hugs Ruhi and asks where did she go. Ruhi says she was going to see saree for her. Ruhi says sorry, I won’t do this again. Ishita says everyone was worried, come now, its fine.

Ruhi says when I was going, some aunty in burqa stopped me, she scolded the guard for me, her voice was like Shagu. Ishita says

Shagun…. And looks around. She hugs Ruhi and asks her not to go anywhere leaving her, and kisses her. Ishita thinks was it Shagun in burqa, why did she run, did she come to snatch my daughter again. Tere Dil se mere dil se…………plays………. Ishita lifts Ruhi and takes her. Raman takes her and asks where was she. Ishita tells everything and asks Raman how can he be so careless.

Vandu manages the baby. Amma comes to her and says its too late, why did baby not sleep, drink the milk and rest for some time Vandu. She takes the baby. Amma says I think baby wants massage, she will get good sleep. Vandu says she will not give anyone her baby, and argues with Amma. Amma goes from there. She gets annoyed and tells Appa about Vandu, and asks did I raise my daughters just like that. Appa asks what happened. Amma says I told Vandu to call massage helper woman for baby and she refused. She says baby is restless, Vandu is not getting enough and getting irritating, baby’s proper sleep is imp for growth, you go and get the massager lady, and describes her. She sends him.

Appa goes to the guard and asks for a massager lady. The guard thinks Appa is asking for himself, and says she is the one. Appa talks to the lady. The lady says she is busy, everyone here wants me to massage. Bala comes and looks on. Appa asks her to come. The lady says she heard his wife is very irritating. Appa says she is not at home, so I want you to come. Bala is shocked. The lady agrees to come. Appa gets a message and says fine come. He asks the lady to walk away from him, if his daughter sees, it will be problem. She says fine, come. Bala says Appa is smart, he asked her to maintain distance, what will I do there, I will sit here and go there when the lady comes back.

Ashok gets a girl at his home and says he is very happy, and takes her to his room. He is drunk and shows his room. The girl ties his hands and makes him lie on the bed. She ties his feet. He asks what is she doing. She takes his wallet, and watch. She says sorry sweetheart and runs. He gets angry and sees Suraj stopping the girl. Suraj walks in angrily staring at her. He slaps her, and asks her to return everything and get lost. The girl returns the items. Suraj says if she is seen around Ashok, he will not leave her. She leaves.

Suraj asks Ashok how can he get a thief at home, does he identity people or not. Ashok taunts him that Suraj has ditched him. Suraj asks him to focus on business. Ashok says I know your business is in loss. Suraj says sorry, we did mistake to get apart, our enemy is same, Raman Bhalla, I will not leave Raman, I can’t see him getting successful, he was our employee, we have to do something to bring Raman in his right place. They join hands. Mihika sees Bala in the compound. Bala tells her about Appa asking a lady for massage. She says no, you might be mistaken. He says no, I heard him, I think its because of Bhallas, when Amma knows this, how will she react. She says its not possible. He says come, we both will go and see the massage scene.

Bala and Mihika come and see Appa giving her the oil. Mihika says Amma is more beautiful than her. Bala says maybe Amma does not do massage. Appa says come to bedroom, no one is at home. They both get shocked. Vandu comes and asks whats wrong. Bala says nothing, you go to room. He tells Mihika that now Vandu will not leave Appa. Vandu asks Appa to stop it, and brings lady out. The lady asks Appa whats all this. Vandu says how dare you do this. Amma comes and says I told Appa to call the lady for massage. Bala gets dizzy by shock. The lady leaves on Vandu’s saying.

Vandu asks Bala are you okay. He says that lady. Vandu says I have sent her, I can’t let the lady massage my baby. He says what. She says yes. Mihika laughs. Vandu asks Bala what did he think. Bala starts laughing. Raman talks to Bansal. He sees Ishita upset and apologizes. She says no, actually you take care of Ruhi, its not about you, its something else. He asks what is it. She tells about Ruhi seeing burqa clad woman and she felt her voice was like Shagun, and even I feel the same, I m scared that she can come to snatch Ruhi. He gets angry. She says no, we are not sure. Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla bring some items and ask Ishita to adjust in her bag. Raman asks about Ruhi. Ishita says we have to tell you something.

Raman and Ishita tell the elders about Shagun being in Mumbai, and Raman is sure that Shagun wants to snatch the kids, Adi and Ruhi should not know this, we will leave tomorrow morning. Ruhi and Rinki look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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