Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Parmeet instigates Mani and Shagun

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aaliya thinking of Mrs. Bhalla’s words. Parmeet sees her and thinks its the right chance to provoke her against everyone. Mihika stops him and asks what are you doing here. He says I m here to console Aaliya, she is so hurt, Aaliya has done a lot for this family, Adi cheated her, Ishita killed Adi, even then Aaliya is staying here and working for Raman’s company. She asks him to show fake sympathy anywhere else, they are Aaliya’s family and they will handle her. He says I can see that and goes. Mrs. Bhalla says I know Aaliya will be hurt, but this is Adi’s child, its just one month for delivery, I want to take care of the child. Raman says fine, I shall see what I can do. Mr. Bhalla says Raman will talk to Aaliya. Raman goes. Ruhi thinks we will raise Roshni’s

baby, Ishimaa will be really happy.

Raman comes to Aaliya. She says nobody cares for me, Ishita too thought for Roshni, I feel so lonely, I thought this is my house and didn’t go to Mani’s place, but nobody thinks for me, that baby will remind me how Adi betrayed me. He says calm down, you are just like my daughter. He hugs her and says I can’t express how much upset I feel seeing you this way, think about mum, she lost Adi, she has just one way to get the heir, Roshni is the last hope, Romi and Mihika can’t give a heir to this family, just think about her point of view once. Aaliya asks what would you do being in my place, would you accept this child, no…. you don’t have an answer, you want me to make a sacrifice and understand, but its not easy for me, its too difficult, I can’t do this, sorry. He says I m sorry.

Ishita notes down and says we need a cot and CCTV, what else, we need a nanny too. She gets Ruhi’s call and says Roshni finished that jackfruit curry. Ruhi says Mrs. Bhalla has sent it for her, I have a good news. Raman takes the phone and ends call. He says this is our house matter, if Ishita knows about, she will create a scene. Ruhi says this is good news, Ishita will be glad. He says I know her well, I will handle her, just think this will be a surprise for her, she will be happy, she is very smart, don’t say anything to he, be with Aaliya, she is upset. She gets Ishita’s call and answers. She says sorry, the call disconnected by mistake. Ishita asks what’s the good news. Ruhi says Dadi was much happy today, she made good sweets for me, I got a new project. Ishita says I m so proud of you. Raman says ask her how is Roshni. Ruhi asks her how is Roshni. Ishita thinks why is Raman asking about Roshni and worrying for her after 8 months. Ishita says Roshni is fine, tell Raman too. He says her ears are sharp, I will go to Aaliya. He goes. Ruhi says everything will get fine soon. Ishita ends call.

Mani tells Shagun that its Parmeet’s call. She says don’t answer the call. He asks her to talk. She answers and puts the phone on speaker. Parmeet says I have to give some news, you maybe thinking why I m calling you, I maybe a wicked man, I don’t like wrong happening with an innocent person, you know what’s happening with Aaliya, her state is bad. She says what nonsense, she is fine, stop it. He says I knew you would say this, but I don’t care. Mani asks him to say clearly. Parmeet says at least her father worries for her, blood relations are quite strong, there is a discussion happening here about getting Roshni home, as she has Bhallas’ heir in her womb. They get shocked. He ends call and says now it will be fun.

Ishita talks on phone and says I want to make an investment for the baby. She says thanks, I just want things to go on smoothly. She sees a baby on the bed, crying. She gets surprised and takes the baby. She smiles. Yashoda ka nandlala….plays…. She thinks of Adi. She plays with the baby. Her imagination ends.

She smiles and says I have gone mad, I m waiting for the baby. She sees Adi’s pic and says you are coming back, I will keep your happy fine and happy, everything will be fine, you will be proud of your baby, people are angry on me and call me wrong that I want to get an illegitimate child in the world, relations can be illegitimate, but children can’t be illegitimate, this child will prove the relation of love and affection between a mother and son. Shagun says how can they do this Mani, they are seeing their heir in that baby, they don’t care for Aaliya, its all because of Ishita, she maybe wanting Roshni to get her rights. She calls Ishita. She asks where are you and Roshni. Ishita says we are at home, what happened. Shagun says you already ruined Aaliya’s life, stay away from Aaliya. Ishita asks what happened. Shagun says just stay away from her.

Ishita says what was that… She calls Shagun and finds number busy. Shagun says Aaliya’s phone isn’t connecting, we should go to Bhalla house. Mani and Shagun leave.

Appa sees them and asks you here at this time, is everything fine. They don’t answer and get in. Appa says don’t know what happened now. Amma asks Appa to have milk. She asks what happened, you look worried. They hear Shagun shouting and go to see. Shagun asks Raman to answer, how can he get Roshni home, will he get Ishita home too, why is an illegitimate child getting so much imp. Parmeet says I have told them about injustice happening with Aaliya. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Shagun. She says that child is out blood, we can’t call him illegitimate. Shagun asks did anyone think for Aaliya, if you aren’t changing decision, I will take a decision, Aaliya won’t stay here.

Ishita says Roshni’s godh bharai can happen in this house. Mrs. Bhalla says we have come to fulfill our duties. Ishita says I can’t separate Roshni from her child.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Yeh hai mohabbatein!!!!!!!

  2. Shagun is absolutely right just because roshni is pregnant she will enter bhalla house and will be treated like a queen while the lawful loving wife will be treated as babysitter. Roshni was not raped by adi she in her full mind slep with him despite him being married, they both are cheaters and are responsible for whatever happened. Still only adi has been punished and roshni is pampered . I agree with raman, ishita is not suitable to be a mother maybe she can be an ayaa but mother definitely not. How easily she left aliya in the most painful moment of her life to support a stranger. She raised aliya, gave her ruhi, pihu’s love then left her side for someone’s else daughter. Anyone can come and call her ishima, she will leave her children, husband, family to be that persons mother. She failed to be with any of her kids whenever they needed her because she is always busy being mother india and bringing storm on her family life. She brag so much about motherhood but doesn’t understand what it is. It hurt me writing these words but she is a stain on womanhood and motherhood, maybe that’s why she was never able to give birth on her own.

    1. ur so rit d character of ishita died wen she shot adi
      I dont hw she can live without any shame nd guilt nd taking footage n upcoming episode
      Such a worst character
      She s nt a deserving mother she has just lost it
      I want someone to slap her rit nd left nd roshni no words i means no gud words onlly bad words so dont want to spoil mu mood to scold dat homebreaking b*t*h

    2. true jagamata is not fot to be mother…her real place is in budhist temple. Shagun is better mom…she was a selfish women but turned out to be a good mom…nd take stand for her children rights

    3. Couldn’t have said it better. Ishita is beyond redeemable, she shows no remorse for her stepson neither any concern for her so called daughter Aaliya. Shagun is right and a better mother to Aaliya than Ishita will ever be. How has Roshni not been punished for her involvement with Adi, she is shameless. And as for Ruhi. ..forever her Ishimaa’s stooge…supports Ishita blindly even when she’s wrong. As for the Bhalla’s, can never be loyal to anyone… Toshi Bhalla is the most selfish character that changes her colours to suit her gain. Hate this family , show and he characters. Offcially done.

  3. You are right?

  4. Jisha

    Just a question to CVS and Ishita, jagatmata…
    What if adi has slept with 2 more other girls and they are also pregnant with his child… So bhalla house n ishita are going to keep all of them together… I think they would do that… It would be shown that the great ishima is holding all the three kids and all bahus taking ashirwad from her… And the title track of yhm plays….

    1. Ur question cracked me up ??

  5. utter rubbish didnt care for the mother (roshni) for eight mths n now seeking custody of her child. For the bhallas, wasn’t the child an illegitimate? why fight for him/ her nw? n besides want the child and wants nothing to do with the mother!

  6. Even if alia is her adopted child shagun takes a stand for her never let her down even in marriage episode it was seen but ishita went to Australia without even giving a damn about her own biological child even today I doubt whether she love pihu as much as she loved ruhi at the initial phase of the story

  7. How ablut leaving ananyas murder track and param and simmi evilness being not revealed yet!! Suddenly they change the track after leaving a year long track incomplete inbetween! Insane and rubbishness at its peak!

  8. Mihika is right , param should stay out of their family matters.

  9. I just hate that b*t*h Roshni can’t she go somewhere and die ??. I feel sorry for aliya , afterall that she is still supporting her family according to me she is the real heroine of the serial not that jagatmata. And for Ishita, I want her to suffer whole life and not able to even see AdI’s child and her whole family should leave her.

  10. When this crap going to end ?

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