Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi asking Shagun to come along. She says no, you have everyone there, they love you, its matter of few days, I will be alone, I will miss you a lot. She asks him why is he confused. He says he will convince dad and everyone, then they will leave together. She says just go there and enjoy, I love you, sleep now. Its morning, Ishita wishes everyone happy holi and Bhalla family wish each other. Ruhi comes and asks Ishita to come. Ishita asks her not to play with water, she will catch cold. Ruhi asks about Adi. Mrs. Bhalla says he will come soon. Mihir and Rinki come and greet everyone.

Raman asks them to apply color. Mihir and Rinki apply some color. Raman puts lot of color. They gift Mihir for holi. Mihir says I won’t take. Raman insists and Mihur says this is

last one. Pammi comes and greets them. They all go downstairs to play Holi. Ishita makes faces seeing Raman and goes. He says she has allergy with color, I will end this today. Everyone play Holi. Ishita does not let anyone color her face and sees Raman, who is fully covered by colors. Raman applies her color and she says she is not playing, it does not suit her. He asks why, you played last year.

He applies color again. Ye khatti meethi takraar hai ya pyaar……… She also colors his face. He lifts her and throws her in the water tub and puts water color on her. She also throws water color on him. Yeh hai mobabbatein……………plays………….. She goes from there and he smiles. Mihika sees last year Holi video and cries. Vandu comes to meet her and hugs her. She says she came to wish her happy Holi. Mihika gets glad. Vandu asks about Ashok. Mihika says he went out for meeting, its good I can relax.

Vandu gifts her and applies color. Mihika too applies color to her and hugs her crying. Ishita is irritated because of Raman and comes to take shower. She says why is this not working. Raman comes and hugs her. She says leave me, I don’t want to talk. She asks did he have bhang. He says he promised he will take their relation ahead, when Adi’s problem gets solved, now Adi is with us, I m ready to express my feelings, which I have not told you till now, I m sure your feelings are also same. He starts the shower and they stand under it.

He holds her close and hugs her. Hasne laga sehra………plays……………. They have a romantic moment. He gets intimate and stops her from leaving. He moves her hair strands and she holds his hand. She gets shy and hugs him to avoid his striking stare. Music plays…………… He lifts her and she smiles. He brings her to the bed and touches her face. He cups her face and kisses her. Ruhi comes and knocks the door. They smile. Raman says she went on me, she spoils all the work. Ishita says I m coming. Raman stops her and she hugs him smiling. She leaves. He thinks he will get everything today, Adi will come to him, and their relation will have a new start.

Mrs. Bhalla is anxiously waiting for Adi. Raman calls Shagun and gets angry as she does not take the call. Simmi asks will she come. Raman says she will come, she signed legal docs, its not joke. Mrs. Bhalla says why did she not come. Mr. Bhalla asks him to try again. Raman calls her hotel and comes to know she left. Ishita says she has doubt on Shagun. He asks them to be positive, she is just torturing in last min. He calls lawyer and can’t connect. Shagun brings Adi and asks whats their problem.

They all get happy. Mrs. Bhalla does his tilak and aarti. They all shower love on Adi. Adi hugs everyone. Ruhi comes and asks him to come, as Ishita and she has kept some surprise for him. Raman thanks Shagun for getting Adi. Shagun says why thanks, its legal deal. Ishita asks what deal? Shagun asks did he not tell. Raman says there is nothing, I know what to tell her and what not. Shagun says it does not matter to me. Ishita asks what. Raman says just shut up. Shagun says don’t talk to me like this, I m not your wife. Ishita asks what is it. Raman says fine, she sold Adi to me, I will give her 4 lakhs per month. Shagun asks what money, did I sell my son. He asks what are we discussing in meeting. She asks him to get the papers and all confusion will be gone. Raman goes to get papers.

Ishita asks whats written in it, her heart is sinking, how can he sign without reading. He says let me find it. Raman checks the papers and is shocked. He drops the papers and she asks whats written, tell me. He recalls how he signed on the papers and is shell shocked. Ishita reads the papers and is in shock too. She cries and says no. She beats him with the papers and asks whats this Raman. He stands in shock. She asks whats his problem, he did this bad deal. He says I… She says the papers had his sign, he signed without reading, he always hides things from her, see the result. He says this can’t be legal papers. She says I won’t let his happen, its all your fault.

Ishita tears the contract. Shagun says Raman wrote this in stamp paper, you can’t breach it, you all started this, I had just Adi, you wanted to snatch him, now I will see what you do. Everyone cry.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Yaar Raman ne kis haq se sign kiya…
    Legaly Raman Ruhi ka kuch bhi nai hai….Ruhi ki gurdian Ishita haj……… Ruhi kis ke paas rahegi yeh sirf aur sirf Ishita decide kar sakti hai……Raman ki ek sign nahi….

  2. Kash raman papers achche se padta toh ye sab nahin hota. ..par shagun ne raman ka dhyaan bhat ka diya baatoun mein laga kar

  3. Raman ne kya kaha….maine kaha tha ki ek baar Aadi mere paas aa jaye to hum apne rishte ko aage badhaayenge… mmatalb jab yeh cistody problem solve ho jayegi tab IshRa ka full too Romance hoga…..

  4. Raman ne kya kaha….maine kaha tha ki ek baar Aadi mere paas aa jaye to hum apne rishte ko aage badhaayenge… matalb jab yeh custody problem solve ho jayegi tab IshRa ka full too Romance hoga…..

  5. Dekha aaj phirse…..Shagun ne do alag papers diye the…….matalab 4 laakh wala lawyer ko & Ruhi wala Raman ko diya…& jab lawyer ne ok bola tab Raman ne sign kiya………

  6. Yeh new lawyer search kar rahe hai….to uss lawyer ke dimaag me light honi chahiye ke Ishita ki sign bhi chahiye Ruhi ke liye…….

  7. Yeh Colors ke promo me Backless chholi me Ishani ko dikhate hai but Ishini jayada backless to Ishita ki chholi hai……har style ke liye award to IshRa ko hi milega……..

    • mak

      hey plss share the link for shagun’s murder.. wanna chk the news as well. n yeah happy to hear that ishita being the legal gaurdian should have the sole responsibility to sign the custody papers for ruhi… kash ki new lawyer bhi yehi suggest kare and ruhi is all back with her ishima

  8. Shagun apni giri hui harkato se baaz nahi aayegi…….Kitna giriegi …Yeh shagun…..Sharam bhi nahi aati …Usse……Aur raman ko kya bewafoo banaya….Raman ek baar toh paper padhna chaye tha…

  9. sangs

    When there is a intimate scene between ishra. We can beat on who is going to disturb them , mobile call or ruchi or toshiji or romi. Its predict able.

  10. are yaar yeh kaise sign kar sakktha hainn…..demaag lagayi yeh writers ….custody toh ishta ko diya tha ….phir raman kese sign karsaktha hainnn…ha agree karthi hu oh dono biological parents haii …lekin baat custody ka toh ishitha ka hai use sign karna tha ….app kya prove karna chahteh hooll

  11. Divya

    Today’s episode was awesome
    Ishra scene was superbbbbb
    But we wanted more romance between them

    • Hey. .shagun ka murder hoga. .ok. .but neelo kyun mare gi. .shagun ko???
      ..aur ab ye …raman ashok se pehle shagun kis se pyar karti hai. ???…kon hai woh? ?………jo bhi Ho. .bhai humare IshRa par koi musibat nahin aani chahiye. ……bas. ……

  12. Karan marriage news is true yaar… Even he himself has tweeted…. This is disgusting… O hate aly fpr making them meet….

    • Chhodo na Ruhi……its their personal life…….14 th march ko Sagai hai…….yanha mera chemistry ka exam hoga aur waha Karan Divyanka ko chhod kar kisi aur ke saath chemistry badha raha hai…..

  13. Yaar Makers ne yeh to achcha kiya Shagum ko nilal phenka ……par ab uski murder mistry……….yaar iska blame IshRa par na aaye………bas ab to iss ke baad Aadi bhi IshRa ke saath hi rahega…….ab to IshRa ki family complete ho jayegi……ab to unhe sath happy rehne do…….

  14. Durga Devi Ramesh

    how can shagun got ruhi custody without ishitha knowledge soo rubbish dont seperate ruhi from ishita it will not fine pls finish all this problems come for ishitha and raman make them to united with ruhi and adi to lead happy life

  15. sharmi

    I think Adi needs to put Shagun in her rightful place. Writers should make him see her for what she is, a user for her benefit. This is one of the more decent shows so far. For as many wicked plots written for Shagun, there is always one better written for Raman/Ishita to answer her back.

  16. 123

    bullshit! karan is getting married to some girl on 3rd May 2015. Shit! I was expecting Karan to propose to Divyanka.This did not happen. This show will not look good with Karan marrying someone else in the real life. I mean, Divan shld have married each other. How come Karan did not think abt Divyanka? She is alone now and he shld have been with her during this tough time. He shld have made her feel that I will always be with u.

    • Karan is always with her…..but only as friend……

      Humara bhi Dil tuta hai…….par yeh unki personal life hai……..hum sirf wish kar sakte hai……jaise Show me Ishita Raman ki 2nd wife hai….may be real life me bhi Divyanka Karan ki 2nd wife ho jaye……….wish ke alawa aur hum kar bhi kya sakte hai?????!!!!??

    • Hey plzzzzz divyanka ko. ..bechari. .hai. .aakeli hai aaisa mat bolo. …achcha nahin lagta hai. …agar DivAn ki real mein shadi honi hogi toh woh hokar rahe gi. …..aur karan happy hai. ..Ankita k sath. ..toh hume koi huq nahin banta unn ki personal life k bare mein bole. …….divyanka ko uss ka perfect soulmate mil jaye ga. ….wish k karan. …iss naye rishte mein khush rahe

  17. bhagi

    hiiii guys aaj kya kamaal ka episode tha par ruhi ne galath time par entry maari……patha nahi aan phir kab esa scene dhek ne ko milega…….i just hope ki e custody drama e week khatam ho jaye…………aur nextweek kuch acha sa ho…..v ise bhi aaj sbs me ruhi ne kaha ki kuch bhi ho jaye vo apni ishimaa ke paas vaapas ayegi . …

  18. sabnam

    Asalamwalekum are u ol sure this video is true and not a rumour coz neelu doesn’t work for shagun but for raman.

  19. Sach me yaar Arrange Merriage is the best……
    Dekho Divyanka ko kya mila Sharad ko 7 years dekar jab shaadi ki baat aai tab USS ne shaath chhod diya……Arrange Merriage ho to family ka support to hota hai………

  20. Subby

    How can Raman sign on a custody he doesnt have? The deal is illegal as Raman doesnt have Ruhi custody, it is Ishita who have the full custody of Ruhi, so ONLY ISHITA signature matters. Stop making us fools.

  21. 6 months hue nahi ki Ekta IshVeer ko bhi alag karne chali…..thank God Humare IshRa saath hai………..& humesha saath rahe…….

  22. hi guys.good mrg.have a fresh day.hi mizun.sry yaar kal mai thoda busy thi upper se new sim card tho activate hone mai time hogaya.isliye nayi aagaye.and all is fine and form now on i will always here.

  23. Rev

    shagun will take away ruhi…
    but ishitha alone has t custody for Ruhi… in tat case raman’s sign is not valid…
    buhahaha SHAGUN—:-)

    raman n ishitha’s love scene are always short liveddddddd…..

  24. VIDHYA

    where is raman’s lawyer pathak? y a new lawyer when raman had chosen him to prepare the documents when he wanted to divorce ishita? such a big issue and raman got a new lawyer?

  25. 123

    raman’s lawyer is the main villain in kumkum bhagya. he is busy there. So, cld not give dates for this show. It was Shagun’s lawyer who prepared the doc and Raman just signed it blindly. Show ko badana hai. Karan is marrying some Ankita on 3rd May 2015. ‘m disappointed

  26. Sach bolon prayosha. …. jab sbb mein karan ki shadi ka bataya tab. ….dil se khushi nahin hoyi. …achcha nahin laga. …dil maan hi nahin horaha ki Sach mein shadi horahi hai. ……….

  27. bhagi

    par prayosha kp tho panjaab ka mundaa hai na iss liye usne rokha kaha…….vise bhi kisi ne e news padi ishu aur ruhi huyi ghar se ghayab………..saree gharvale hui pareshaan…….

  28. Karan ne ek hi week me saadi karne la decide kar liya…abhi last week hi dono mile & iss week sagai……….Divyanka & Fans ki demand se door bhag raha hai kya………jo bhi ho Karan & family ki choice hai…..hum unki personal life to dekhane wale hai nahi…..hume to Reel life se matalab hai……..IshRa par yaa show par iss relation ka koi effact nahi hona chahiye……….

    • Yes. ……ek hafta. . pehle mile aur shadi karne k liye ready hogaya. …….bahut jaldi nahin horaha hai ye sab. ….? bhi Ho. …….DivAn ki real life se. ..IshRa ki reel life par koi farq nahin pade ga. …………pehle jitni dewangi se yhm dekhte the. …waise hi dekhe ge. ….

  29. Pehle Divyanka relationship me thi tab humne Dil ko mana hi liya tha na kiDivAn ek nahi ho sakte…….to ab Karan shaadi kare kya farq padta hai……muje to uss ke sab pics me aas paas kaun hai wo dikhta hi nahi…….sirf Karan ke glowinh face big smile hi dikhti hai…….wo khush to hum bhi khush……. & wese bhi Ankita itni buri bhi nahi lagti ……..Kamya se to better hai………Reel life me Raman & Ishita aur……Real life me Karan & Ankita jodi perfact hai…………Ankita …..very luky Girl yaar…….Karan kitni ladkiyo ke saath relation me tha but end me tumhara hua……….Dil se dua hai tum dono ki jodi salamt rahe………..

  30. Haan tasfia. …..karan shaadi karraha hai. …….Ankita bhargava se. …jo Mr . iyer (abhay bhargava ) ki real daughter hai. ….usse shadi karraha hai. …14th March ko. ..roka (engagement ) hai. …..aur 3rd May ko shaadi hosakti hai. …

  31. r u sure?i feel jealous!! Mujhe raman bohot psnd hain!!! Anyway,jo v hain assa hi hain… Mizun tum kis desh pe rehti ho? Tumhara pura nam kya hain? Mere friend banogi?

  32. Shital Patel

    Hum Patel’s me jyada tar aise hi hota he chatt mangani n patt muje laga tha KP celebrity he to uska itni jaldi nahi hoga….

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