Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok warning Raman at his office about his life and home going to be ruined. He leaves. Adi gets taunted by some kids at the science class and defends his dad. The boys ask him to see news, how did he need money, he is big CEO. Adi gets angry and says he will beat them if they say against his dad. Vinni stops Adi and defends Adi and his dad. She smiles and asks the kids to go. Adi thanks him. She says she feels his dad will tell him the truth, her dad says media is bad, they need reason to make stories. She does the experiment with him. Adi smiles seeing her.

The society people ask Iyer and Bhalla family to leave. Mrs. Bhalla says how can we leave home. The lady asks them to pack bags and leave. Ishita says you all know we are good people, Try to understand the

matter. The people ask them to leave. Adi comes home and sees all this. Bala talks to the people and scolds them. He says Subbu is his brother, I m his elder brother, I m supporting them, this proves they are innocent. He asks them to come to their home, the people will not let them stay. The people ask them to leave. Ishita asks them to come, Raman will come and solve this.

Raman talks to his clients and investors. He asks them to give him some time. He gets Ishita’s call and says I m coming home. Bala brings snacks and asks Vandu to arrange some Punjabi food. He says when Shravan comes, ask him to take Adi to his room. Ishita and Mihika serve tea to them. Vandu asks Simmi to rest in her room. Simmi says I m fine, thanks. Ishita sees them upset. She asks Mihika to take Adi. Bala is ashamed of Subbu and feels guilty. He apologizes to them. Ishita asks him not to feel weak, and pacifies him. Vinni calls Adi and talks to him. Adi thinks did she know society kicked them out. He says he is fine. They have a talk.

Raman comes home and Simmi and Ishita serve him food. He is frustrated and scolds Simmi. Simmi cries. Everyone look on. Raman says Simmi is after him. Simmi leaves. She goes to Vandu’s room and cries. She says Raman will feel its all because of me, I said yes to marry Subbu and all this happened. A lady calls Simmi and calls her shameless and greedy woman, she is a stain on motherhood, at what price did she sell her daughter.

Simmi asks what nonsense, who are you. Subbu pays the lady for making the call. She leaves. Subbu says just wait Simmi, it just started. He calls Simmi and she asks what does he want. He says she did all this, her family is responsible for this. She asks why is he hurting her family. He says fine, come and meet me, I will tell you the truth, come alone. He ends the call. She says I will not go anywhere, this might be his plan.

She cries and talks to Ananya. She says she will know why Subbu did this and takes Ananya. Ishita stops her and asks is she fine. Simmi says I m fine. Ishita asks where is she going. Simmi says just taking Ananya for a walk. Ishita asks her not to feel bad of Raman’s words. Ishita sees Simmi’s bag and thinks where did she go. She stops Simmi and asks her where is she going. Simmi says she is going to meet Subbu. Ishita asks is she mad, I will come along. Simmi says I will come soon, and leaves in the auto. Ishita says how can she go like this. She gets Raman’s call and goes to him upstairs.

Subbu sees Laxmi’s pic and says he was waiting for this day. Simmi comes to Subbu and confronts him. Subbu asks her not to drama and come with him. She agrees.

Ishita tells Raman that Simmi is not at home, she went to meet Subbu. Raman asks is she mad, how did she let her go. She says I tried to stop her, she took Ananya. He says you know Subbu, and calls Simmi.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Tellyreviewer

      Only been 2 days of conflict, this problem should last for a another week then subbus character should exit, otherwise it will be dragging.

  1. stupid adi

    Urgh y dont u understand stupid CV’s we don’t want dis shitty Adi and stupid gal romance. It getting to my nerves ? 😡 👿 Thu hate Adi and Ga part. Need ishra scenes not this devil Adi scenes. I hateeeeee adi

  2. suvida gowda

    Maybe subbu has some connection with param….!.so mayb he is particularly taking revenge on simmi!!?……..

  3. Yaar….yeh class me Chemical ke saath itni chhoti age ke bachcho ko akele kaise ralh sakte hai……ek bhi teacher nahi tha………

  4. stupid adi

    Throw dis disgusting fellow Adi instead of Ruhi. Missing Ruhi. Cvs dnt dho thos Adi romance again really losing my temper ????

  5. nimrit

    full faltu epi tha….ek to wo subbu & thenuss aadi ka track……jaldise iss subbu ka track ko to finish karo yaar….this nt fair……………………………..

  6. stupid adi

    Yes all expecting ishras romance but here stupid cv.’s started lil devils romance ?? 👿 😡 urgh . How many of you agreed this.

    • Tellyreviewer

      This is for the leap which will take place in july or august where the kids will be grown up and are ready to marry. Stop calling a child devil such intolerant behaviour nto everyone has same opinion as you, we have seen so much ruhi.

    • stupid adi


  7. unique Angel

    Kal xam pls pls pray kiii I will get gud marks soo scared for 11th its really hard gys plss pray

  8. unique Angel

    Aarre yaar dis week trp will be low agar aaisa hii dikhaiga to no ishra scene no masti of family

  9. suvida gowda

    News is that ..adi is going to get caught red handed by police in a party for having ileagal cd!…

    • stupid adi

      Good news. Hope he will goto jail. Dono y I hate him this much. I liked him b4 wen ever Dey show dat shitty gal and adi romance I get anger. He will caught by having porn cd’s in his bag

      • suvida gowda

        What u thinknis not gpnna happn….Actually he is nt having those cd’s ..his friend puts those cd’s to adi’s bag….anyway adi is nirdosh…..and supermom ishitha wil howevr come and save adi…..

  10. unique Angel

    Bechari simmi pehle hii uski shadi dusri baar tuti aur woh kitni hurt hogai hai phir raman pura gussa simmi par nikalraha tha

  11. hey angel tume acche marks aayenge aur exams bhi accha jaayega.dont worry. my best wishes are with you. waise aaj se mera bhi college bhi start hua.

    • kavi

      Writers should not write the story like this. They should mind thing one thing that they r also a responsible citizens of India.children romance scenes will spoil the society. Y r u spoiling the society like this. Mind one thing u r also having ur kid at home.dont spoil the society for trp…..

  12. waise bhi jab leap hoga toh mein yhm roz nahi dekhne ki koshish karthi hun .lekin ab jokuch bhi ho raha hai bilkul bakwaaz hai.really nonsense dikha rahe hai. veiwers ko bewakoof bana rahe hai. ek mihine se sirf badla kidnaaping atempt to murder aur ab porn cd woh bhi bacche aur dhoka dadi wagerah dikha rahe hai.

  13. ishra

    I fully stop watching this after leap. I wish they will get bad trps after leap. Bad means really bad. Then they will end it. This is what they will get after a leap.

  14. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein starring Divyanka
    Tripathi and Karan Patel is gearing up
    for a lot of Drama in the upcoming
    As seen Subbu files a complaint
    against Raman stating that he sold his
    neice for money.Raman will face
    some problems in his business
    because of news in media.Ashok will
    try his best to snatch Raman’s
    The Bhalla’s and Iyer’s will be asked
    to leave their society.They will be left
    helpless and there Bala comes in
    rescue and takes them to his
    home.All the family members
    specially toshiji will be disturbed with
    this incident.
    Simmi starts blaming herself for
    everything and decides to confront
    subbu about the same.When ishita
    asks her where is she going ,She
    makes an excuse of taking ananya to
    doctor and leaves from there.
    Ishita finds out that ananya’s bag and
    feels that simmi lied to her.Soon
    Ishita will find out that she went to
    meet subbu.
    As mentioned earlier,Subbu tells
    Simmi to stand on the edge of the
    terrace with Ananya and commit
    suicide.Soon Raman and ishita reach
    the place and save simmi.Adi will be
    in problem after being caught with
    adult content CDs.
    Seems like problems are not leaving
    raman and ishita,According to spoilers
    it is heard that Raman will be sent to
    jail which separates him from
    ishita.The show will take a leap for
    Will ishita able to find out reason
    behind Subbu’s behavior? How will
    ishita saves Adi ?
    To know more keep reading TellyGuru
    For More updates.

    • kutti chetan adi

      Hmm another pavitra rishtha. Ekta knows only seperating true lovers. And breaking marriages and making affairs. Two marriages and finally making her viewers fools big fools. We r not fools to watch ur shit. I ll definitely stop this after ishra consummation. I’m watching only for them.

  15. kutti chetan adi

    When we will get some ishra scenes. Ha full of stupidity track is running here. Y ekta and CV’s always spoil good serials. Y don’t Dey end with happy note. Prolonging dragging really fed up with ur serials ekta. 1st yhm has its uniqueness now d routine revenge dramas. Really I hate myself that I have started watching yhm. Even after knowing it is ekta serial. 1st in sky next in earth. I wish this drama will utter flop after a leap. Ameen summa ameen. ?

  16. koi bhi website jao toh yeh manhoos leap ka news aatha hi hai.waise bhi yeh subbu aur adi ka track sabse backwaaz aur ghatia hai aur next trp i wish ki fifth ho kyunki ruhi nahi hai aur yeh leap aur backwaaz they makers think ki iss stupid track veiwers ko entertain karega aur trp laayega. uupar se leap.iss leap ki wajah se yhm is gonna loose its many fans aur yeh jo sabhi awards function mein majority awarda miltha hai na woh yhm ka aakhri saal hoga kyunki leap ke baad yhm poora flop hoga.waise bhi iss leap ki news ne hi yhm ke kayi fans disappoint karke hi rakha hai.

  17. Kal simmi ko suicide karne k liye kahe ga. Par ishra time par aajaye ge. …hope kal pata chal jaye ki laxmi ne kyun suicide kiya. …..

  18. Muje lagta hai….MATH ki tarha 6 months ka hi leap hoga……..& Raman jail jaye…..& Yeh Reporters keh rahe hai ke IshRa juda honge matlab Physicaly dur honge….Separate thodi na honge….kabhi nahi….. dono hamesha saath rahenge……

  19. Hey IshRa k paas Subbu ki medical report hai na. Toh woh report police ko dikhani chahiye thi. .ki. .Subbu ki dimagi halat sahi nahin hai aur woh bhallas ko noksan pahuncha sakta hai. ..kyun nahin dikhayi report. .

  20. kutti chetan adi

    I don’t want routine seperation track. Which is common in all balaji telefilms dramas. they lost their brains they experienced bitterness in all serials after seperations and leap. Phir bi iss log ko akkal nahi hai. Flopped after seperation and leaps.. Pavitra rishtha,parichay,matsh(low trps) this list will go on. Ha at least now change your mind and end it with happy note like ipkknd.

  21. yhm viewer

    I don’t want routine seperation track. Which is common in all balaji telefilms dramas. they lost their brains they experienced bitterness in all serials after seperations and leap. Phir bi iss log ko akkal nahi hai. Flopped after seperation and leaps.. Pavitra rishtha,parichay,matsh(low trps) this list will go on. Ha at least now change your mind and end it with happy note like ipkknd.

  22. Mihir trisha track………mihir mihika track……..mihir rinki track…..subbu ishita track…….subbu simmi track……raman shagun track…..mihika romi track…….mihika ashok track…….mihika abhimanyu track……romi sarika track……raman ishita track…this is truly yeh hai mohobbatein

  23. naima

    he or she wrote that subbu takes simmi and ananya to an edge of building and tells her to suicide from there

  24. Kanna

    Why do they repeat same thing again n again, why always media, ishitha scolded Raman at the time of Raman interview with media later ruhi now his niece getting bored of same story repeating, I don’t know till now that we can use media this much

  25. AA

    This is the worst story ever had…. this is the truth… Just because we viewers like the crew, specially ISRARU we stick to this show… And writers and makers take the viewers for granted

  26. AA

    I think this is the only show that has more negative characters … The writers always focus on and give much importance to those negative characters than to the lead roles…

    Fed up seeing Tshita & Raman struggling so much in their life.. Wonder what happened to ACP? Why Raman & Isita got Subbu’s medical file…. they can produce the papers and proove that he is mental case

  27. Kp

    Leap is confirmed , & it will be of 6 months raman vl lost everything and he will struggle.. Somebody said it in twitter just now

  28. Hey. ..friends. ..thasni ne sab. ..Hiii
    kaha hai. .aur tum sabb ko bahut miss karrahi hai. …uss k phone mein kuch problem hai iss liye nahin aarahi hai. ..

  29. itnaa bada major drame ke baad trp first iss liye nahi aaya kyunki sns mein gopi pehle maali se gir gayi aur hospital scene poore do hafthe emotional drame ke saath dikhaya jaise kuch really hua ho .aur yhm mein ishitha ke uupar poora building gira aur hospital scene buss ten minutes dikhaya.lag hi nahi raha tha real. toda toh genuine dikhathe.

  30. aaj kal ke aurathon ko bold ayr brave dikhathe hai aur simmi jaisi padi likhi aurath ko bewakoofi yaani sucide karne ke liye koi kehtha hai toh woh aurath karne nikal padthi hai.what sense does it make.

  31. mujhe se toh raman ko jail jaathe hue dekha nahi hoga.yeh subbu ka mystery gaya bhaad mein beech mein adi ka track bhi accha nahi hai. aaj kal yhm dekhne mein itnaa bhi maza nahi aa raha hai.bilkul backwaaz ho gaya hai.yeh subbu ke mystery ko buss ek mahine se gol gol ghuma rahe hai.ab toh mystery jaan ne ki curiosity bhi nahi hai.aur show mein sirf problems hi hai.ek baad ek overlap hothe hi jaa rahe hai.

  32. mein yhm ki bahut badi fan hoon like others lekin jo kuch bhi show mejn aa raha hai bilkul bhi accha nahi hai. jab ishitha ko smart dikhaya toh ab foolish kyu bana rahe hai.agar raman nahi toh khud ishitha usa subbu ko jail bhej sakthi hai na attempt to murder case mein .toh.yeh sab kuch jo bhi ho raha hai yhm mein total disaster hai.meaning less.

  33. r

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is set to take more
    and more drama in the show After Raman
    being accused for selling his niece
    Ananya,Subbu decides to make them more
    troubled by spoiling Simmi’s Image too.
    Not that ends there,Bhallas and Iyers are
    forced to leave their houses as Society feels
    them being around will degrade entire
    Society and blames them for selling their
    own daughter to others for Money.
    Bala knowing this will take the both families
    to his house and will apologize on Subbu’s
    behalf,While Subbu is happy that Bhallas are
    on Road and now decides to send Raman to
    Jail and Simmi on Death Bed same like how
    he was insulted in Society at London and
    how Lakshmi commited suicide.
    Although Makers are keen not to reveal the
    reason of Subbu’s Revenge to keep it
    suspence to viewers,we hear there will be
    more drama in the show as Raman will have
    no chance of getting out from Jail as
    Sujatha will make sure of it.We hear the leap
    is set to take in July where things might
    change for Bhallas.

  34. i am totally against leap if its for years abd if ruhi is not there. experience sab sikha detha hai toh ekta serials ke makers badimaagi kuch bhi jodha akbar matsh parichay itna karo na mujhe pyaar ke saath hua woh sab bhi yhm ke saath bhi hoga. aur jab diya aur bathi hum trp mein hai hi nahi toh yhm toh top twenty mein bhi nahi rehega.

  35. sharmi

    Can’t these shows stop with the overly dramatic stories…seriously, have a little bit of suspense/drama but don’t drag these stories to the point of boredom…I am guessing Ruhi has already left the show and will not make a reappearance if they are aiming for the leap unless they bring her back as a younger Ananya…

  36. Are yaar……ab yeh kya hai….abhi abhi to Raman ne new buisness atart kiya hai….& sab barbaad ho jayega……..yeh Makers Aakhir dikhana kya chaahte hai…ki Achche logo ke saath hamesha bura hota hai……..

  37. Kp

    Already YHM is no.5 in TRPS..Thanks 2 Dubbu track..NOw if dey show more crappy tracks it l move out of top 5 for sure..May be its time 2 say Bye Bye YHM..

    • 😉 😉 😉 😉
      5th positionpe
      😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

  38. plzz don’t send Raman jail
    ishita can solve the problem knw
    Raman did’t do anything
    hw can they send him jail
    here the law so dumbha
    no justice 4 raman
    there are so many culprits like
    ashok subbu nd suraj
    send them jail nt raman

  39. pata nai yeh makersko kya
    hogaya no ramishu scenes
    nd no our pretty angel ruhi
    i am missing her badly
    she is heart of yhm serial
    cme back ruhi we don’t want see u r brother over actions

  40. gopu

    Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) helpless seeing Subbu (Amit Tandon) destroys herfamily happiness in Yeh Hai MohabbateinThe upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman and Ishita are shocked to see Simmi is trying to commit suicide.They stop Simmi on time and Raman fights with Subbu.Furthermore, Adi gets stuck in big problem stuck in charge of having adult movie CD in his bag.Ishita defends Adi and use her efforts to take him out from this problem.Apart from this, society asksboth Bhalla and Iyyer’s leavethe society as they are shameless people.Bala gives them shelter at his house but all are tensed about how to overcome from this trouble.Situation will get more worstwhen Raman gets arrested in charge of selling his nieceAnanya.Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita get separateRaman and Ishita get separate for sometime during this jail drama.Ishita is shattered to see herfamily in problem and she cannot do anything.Let’s see how Ishita brings Raman out from the jail and end Subbu’s terror.

  41. SONIYA

    Please writers don’t spoil Raman’s image…he is a real gentleman who value the human dignity in the story… so how can you punish him? Subbu is a mental case, why do you want to give so much importance to a metallic ill person than Raman, Subbu taking revenge is okay but do not drag it so long till Raman lose everything ..

    I read somewhere that Shagun and Raman get united again … if so what will happen to Ishita? I wish at least Mani and Tandon will come forwar to safeguard Raman’s good name

  42. SONIYA

    Now they are focusing on that stupi Adi’s love affair …? what about ISHRA?

    I think ISHRA will remain as it is because they married for Ruhi and till they die they will remain as same…

    I wish Ishita should go back to Mani, if Raman reunited with Shagun

    We want RUHI please… not this Adi and Vinni

  43. nimrit

    w’t the hellllllll………raman ko kyu jail bhej raho ho yaar….inn makers ko kya dusri story nahi milti kya dikhane ko…..ya phir inhe dimag kam hai jo aaise aaise faaaaaaaaaaaltu tracks la rahe hai…..nxt week yhm trp will go on 7th……hate….& shame u makers…..serial ka naam kyu nahi change kar dete tum log…..

  44. nimrit

    maine fb pe padha tha ki yhm ka new title…..savdhan india- ishita fights back….yahi sahi rahega…..aab to ye title final kar hi do…..

  45. ohh god pata nai kya hora hai
    mera serialme
    aisa kaisa hoga
    again raman nd shagun unite
    no we can’t see this
    what’s wrong vit this makers
    what they want they are doing
    bt we are viewers

    • gopu

      bhalla family had to make a video calls to their cousin in London… so they get clarity about subbu’s issue… they can plan next step….

  46. 321

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is no doubt
    no of the most popular shows on
    The show has maintained its
    position in the top 5 shows since
    a very long time and continues to
    entertain the audiences with its
    interesting twists.
    The lead pair of Raman and
    Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) is also
    one of the most loved Jodi’s of
    the small screen.
    It is heard that this popular daily
    soap will now be made into a
    However, it will not exactly be a
    Bollywood film but will instead
    be a short film which will contain
    some of the behind the scenes
    moments taken during the
    shooting of the show.
    This short film will be directed by
    none other than Aly Goni who
    plays the role of Romi in Yeh Hai
    Aly Goni has also shared the
    trailer of the film

  47. what the hell leap final ho gaya. how can this happen?itnaa sab kuck karne ke baad bhi leap hai aur ek backwaaz track raman jail it is ekta serial copy kartha hai apne hi serials mein .yeh sab matsh mein aaya ab yhm mein aur ekta serials ke actors bhi ekta maam ki harr serialsein revolve hothe hi rahenge.

  48. Annaji Sekhar

    This is really stupiduous serial, raman doesn’t have a single friend to help him out. He has a good client/friend in UK and he is much influential there. But he never call him to sortout the issue. What about mani who used to come regularly to create nonsense and just gone out of the scene.

    If Raman and Ishita submit subbu treatment history to court/police they will comeout of the soup…but they didn’t do.

  49. nimrit

    kaise kaise bakwas track la rahe hai ye makers….now finally…….baaaaaaaay baaaaaaaaaay baaaaaay yhm….yeh hai mohabbatein…..good baay….hate u ekta….

  50. nimrit

    what ….kya bataoge mr mad fan of yhm….me bhi mad fan thi yhm ki ..maine decide kiya tha chahe jo bhi dikhaye lekin yhm kabhi nahi chodungi bt i was wrong…..

  51. nimrit

    yhm 5 th postn….pata hi tha yahi hoga…now nxt week u jst see yhm on 7th……8th postn…..& after leap yhm top 10 se ooooouuuuuuutttttttt…….ffffuuusssssss……..

  52. nimrit

    hey ramya maine abhi uper padha kisine kaha ki raman shagun reunite honge….is it true…

    • Are kal fb par bhi tha. ..par woh Sach nahin hoga. …aaise kaise 5th position par aasakta hai. .Ab toh Subbu ki exist ka time hai. .aur uss ki sari sachchi sub ko malom hogi. ….

  53. Jab shagun ka bakwas track chal raha tha tab yhm 5th position par nshin aaya toh ab aachanak kaise 2nd se 5th position par aagaya. ……

  54. Ab toh Subbu track khatam hoga. …
    par Adi ka track bahut zyada hogaya hai. …hope jaisa spoiler mein tha waisa na Ho. ….

  55. Jab tak sbs & sbb mein na aajaye yhm konse possion par hai. …tab tak main yakhin nahin karsakti k yhm 5th position par hai. …

  56. adika track jyada nahi
    bahut jyada adi nd vinni
    friedshid means it is ok
    then partyme kuch ayatha
    videos smethg hw they do
    in serial
    it is family based serial
    if any children see they vil
    ask elders r8
    like smeone asked before hr
    bcz they don’t knw
    they shd nt bring this track

  57. Today Epi

    Simi falls from building.

    Ishra save her

    Raman and Subbu fight

    Shaila Bua comes

    Shaila Bua accuses Subbu of killing his wife and kid, Subbu declines.

    Subbu narrates his love story. FB shown

    Subbu takes name of Raman’s cousin who destroyed his family and life.

    PRECAP – Subbu accuses Param

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