Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman asking Mihika to go out, meet people, get a change, atleast meet Mihir. She says no, I don’t want. He asks her not to bother and not over think, do something for Mihir, make some imli sambar, men like to be fed, and breakfast in bed is even better, surprise Mihir. Ishita says really and talks to him. They both argue and Mihika looks on. She thinks they cutely fight, and Mihir and I are unable to talk, maybe Raman is right, I should meet Mihir, talk and end it. Ishita tells everyone that she is tired as she has dropped Ruhi to school at last moment. Raman calls doctor and asks about Suraj’s health. He ends call and says he should tell this to Ishita, but this can affect Mihika too.

Ishita gets the court orders and is tensed. Mrs. Bhalla asks about

it and asks Simmi. Simmi says she did not start the case. Ishita opens the envelop and is shocked reading the papers. They ask whats written in it. Romi reads it and says its Ruhi’s custody case reopened. Ishita cries and Raman is shocked hearing this. He gets upset. Mihika meets Mihir, and asks about Shagun. He says she went to drop Adi at school. She says we are having breakfast like this together after many days, I know you like south Indian breakfast, I made it, don’t diet today. He says he will have it.

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Ashok comes angrily to Mihir and scolds him for beating Suraj. He says I will kill you. Mihir says listen to me. Ashok says you have hit my brother’s head by the chair, what do you think. Mrs. Bhalla asks how did this happen. Raman says it happened because of me, I fought with Suraj at Ruhi’s school, and he is in hospital, the judge was there and she saw everything. Mrs. Bhalla scolds him and he has put Ruhi at risk. Raman says I was angry. She says you get mad in anger, tell me what will happen now. Ishita scold him for not controlling over his anger, does he know its price, Ruhi, she will be here at any cost. He says I will handle this, listen to me, no one will take Ruhi. They go to the room.

Mrs. Bhalla cries by fear of losing Ruhi. Mr. Bhalla asks her to have patience. Mihika scolds Ashok and asks him to get out. Ashok says ask your lover, why did he beat my brother. Mihir says as you both have habit to say nonsense. Mihika asks why. Mihir says how could he listen to dirty things about her and Raman’s family, if they say it again, he will break their heads, I can’t take this nonsense anymore. Mihika cries and leaves. Ashok looks at her. Ishita irons the clothes while crying. She says whatever happens, they see my daughter, why did Raman fight with Suraj, my daughter came in between this matter, I won’t let anything happen to Ruhi, no one can take her from me. She cries. Aansu ka rishta….. plays…………Raman comes and sees her crying.

Mihika cries thinking about Mihir’s words. Ashok comes to pacify Mihika and holds her saying I m with you. She says how dare you touch me, if you think you will become a wall between me and Mihir, that will never happen. She leaves. He says it will definitely happen, I have already come in between, I have to realize I m the only option for you, I ill trap you to make you marry me, that’s a promise. He smiles. Raman holds Ishita and asks her to listen.

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The says don’t touch me, what ever happens, I lose my daughter. He holds her and says enough, Ruhi is even my daughter, I promise she will not leave you and go anywhere. He hugs her. She cries and says please don’t let Ruhi go, I can’t live without her. He thinks why does this happen, when I want to give you happiness, you get more pain. Raman talks to Pathak. Pathak says judge already said she will verify before giving permanent custody. Raman asks him to give any solution, Pathak says we have to meet Shagun.

Raman says why, and gets angry. He sees Appa sad and asks Pathak to leave. Appa gives his FDs and asks Raman to win Ruhi’s case. He cries and says Ishita can’t live without Ruhi, I know you have money, but I want to do this for my daughter’s happiness, I want Ishu and Ruhi to be together, Ishu has bear a lot, her engagement broke as she could not become a mum, if she loses Ruhi, she will break down, if you love my Ishu, don’t let them get apart. Raman says trust me, I know Ishita loves Ruhi, and I promise Ruhi will not go to Shagun, and keep this FD, we are FD for life for ourselves. Raman cries and pacifies Appa.

Shagun comes to meet the judge and asks for Ruhi’s custody, telling about Raman’s behavior at school. She defends herself and says Raman was so violent. The judge says I m not saying any of you is wrong. Shagun says its affecting both kids, Adi misses Ruhi and cries for her. The judge asks her to come to court and talk. Shagun says you did not give me custody as I m single mum and can’t give stable environment, and asks her to think about Mihika and Ishita, and how can they influence Ruhi, evem Mihir knows how Raman and Ishita have ruined my life, Mihika had affair with her boss, my to be husband, please get my daughter out of here, she will just see violence and dirt, Ishita is her step mum, she does not have time to take care of Ruhi, as she is tangled in her sister’s scandals, give me daughter back, I will take care of Ruhi and keep her happy, give me one chance.

The judge says she can’t take this consideration, she will call both parties and then tell her decision. She asks Shagun to leave. Shagun and Adi leave. Shagun thinks Ishita took away my Ashok, now see how I take away my daughter from you. Raman asks Pathak to sort this out, he can’t lose Ruhi. Mr. Bhalla says don’t worry, Raman will try his best to get Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla says stop this now, Ruhi will be coming here. Pathak says we have to go tomorrow to court. Raman asks him to have dinner. Pathak says sometime later, I m going to meet magistrate. Ishita requests Pathak to do anything, but not let Ruhi leave them. Pathak asks her not to cry, and he will manage this.

Mrs. Bhalla asks her to become tigress and no one will dare to snatch Ruhi, be normal now, Ruhi will see and ask us. Ruhi and Shravan see them. Raman says I m going in meeting with Pathak. Ruhi asks where is he going, won’t he have dinner with her. Raman stops.

Ruhi says she wants icecream. Ishita asks Raman to get it for her. Raman and Ishita silently cry. Shravan asks her why is she not scolding Ruhi for wrong. Ishita says sometimes we should do wrong too. Ruhi asks what happened to them, they are not scolding her to have icecream in cold weather. Ishita asks what happened to her, seeing her so angry.

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  1. oh ho ishu dont cry ruhi will be with her ishimaa only.waise bein we got the spoiler which say ishu wins the custody case woh bhi becoz of ashok.i cant believe it.chalo tk atleast in life ashok did a good thing and that makes favour for ishra.aap shagun atleast now findout wt ur ashok is.

  2. ishra

    Ruhi kitni samaj dhar hai apni ishimaa ki tarha. is situation main toh sab rorahen hai likne ruh normal behave ka rahi hai. ……..

  3. and today epidose ishu aur raman ka emotion for ruhi really superb.chalo we will wait for ishra ka custody case win and then we will get that scene which we all ishra fans waiting for that is ishra love confession.waiting for that.i hope we get that scene till end of saturday.cue ki we have no patient to wait till plz before saturday aur on saturday.and happy for that after wining custody case only their love confessing.then only we can get superb scene of ishra and ruhi.and we can get to c a happy and perfect family.

  4. nufra

    Feeling very bad for ishita n raman.i know raman and ishita ill win the custody as they are bestest mom n dad.ashok and shagun are such a creep.they dnt hav anywrk n interfere in oders lyf.ruhi is ishitas lyf hope ruhi dnt go anywere leaving ishita n raman.luv u ishita raman n ruhi n they r d perfect family.

  5. p

    after this custody track next track is gonna so much interesting because in next track their is romance of ishra and the mystry of bala is revival to everyone and mihika’s problem is also sort out.

  6. mano

    ishita going to win the custody case defenately. u creep ashok u wil defanately seeing ur end , be aware . u stupid shagun

  7. ishra

    ashok ishita k favour mai is liye bole ga …… se shagun usse nafrat kare gi aur uss shadi nahin karegi. ……………………2. mihika usse impressed ho jai aur usse shadi kare …….I think so…

  8. ishra

    jhoti shagun .judge se jhot bol rahi ho k aadi ruhi k liye roraha sab bakwas. ….dekha nai apni choti bahen se kis tarha fight karraha tha. ……….dono maa bete ek jaise hai. …………

  9. waise bein how cute ishu is whenever ishu gets tensed or angry then ishra ka room and things.phir bhi she look cute and ruhi tho mindblowing.ruhi knowns everything but she never say to anyone like her ishimaa.ruhi baby ur the best and u got the world best maa and papa.

  10. chintani

    At last some hugging scenes between ishitha and raman !! I hope that we get to see some romantic scenes between them very soon!! What happened to bala’s mystery girl???

  11. 123

    this week is very special for me. It’s Ishra’s love confession and my favourite Rajni Sir’s Lingaa releasing this Friday. All good this week. Raman took Mihir’s blame on him. Very good brother.

  12. and shagun dont u have any shame on u .ur lying that adi miss her choti behan.we r cing this serial form first but we did not even get one scene that show adi miss mean ur shagun.ishu plz reopen the custody case of adi also and get him back yaar raman.then only adi will realise his mistake.that will make him a good child.

  13. Sri376

    I’m surprised that I haven’t seen in a long time a Romi Sarika segment in the drama Where the hell is Sarika lately?

  14. even iam waiting for my thalavar rajni movie linga.iam going to watch the first day i took leave form my office to watch linga.iam sure it will be a huge hit that too in his brithday.and even we will get some good shot form ishra.advance happy brithday to rajini sir.

  15. Emoitional ep
    Shagun kaisi aurat hai…. Ishita se badala lene ke liye apni khud ki beti ko hurt kar sakti hai…….
    Court ka ep iss se bhi jyada emotional honewala hai…… Ishita ke superb dialog se judge ka dil bhi pighal jayega kyo na ho wo bho to ek aurat hai.. ek maa hai aur dusri maa ki taklif sqmaj sakti hai……

  16. p

    All ishra fans go on telly chakkar and vote for karan for the best male face of tv ,for divyanka for the best female face of tv ,for YHM for the best serial of tv.

  17. ishra

    raman ishita k sath jo bhi galat hota hai uss ko khud ki wajhe se mat samjo. ……..tum ne jo kiya sa hi kiya ……….ab jis ne bhi ye problem create ki hai usse maza chakao. ………….aur happy raho a apni cute family sath. …………love ishraRuh. ……….

  18. p

    hi anandraaz tum toh divyanka ke bahut bada fan ho toh karan,divyanka ,yhm ke liye telly chakker par apna vote do.

    • Bhai….thak chuke hai….
      like,comments bej Kr…..fb% telly express, some comments telly chakker ,or…bhi…website pr……
      by the way prayosha keh rahi Thi….ki tumne yhm set address likh Tha mere comments krne pr….agar pataa hai…to reply karo….
      or ek advice yhm fan’s ho…to..
      puraa naam liko….n thanks p…..

  19. bhagi

    kya sach me ishra ka confession ho jayega………waiting for it how mean ur shagun u have no right cal urself as a mom hamesha apne bachon ko istamal karte ho………

  20. tragic episode .i am extremely happy that ishitha will win ruhi s custody case and confession will also happen but i have a doubt about why ashok spoke im favour of ishitha in the cout . when it is ekta maam s serial then there will be obviously twists after this like romi sarika case and bala raina case and simmi param case and mihir mihika ashok case etc. and by the way where is mani ?any ways i have voted for yhm in telly and it is leading. but for ishra fans its dam good.yhm keep rocking.

  21. bewakoof pagal kameeni aur buri aurat shagun ye jo har baat pe blo*dy issthemal karthi ho na toh so blo*dy you . pattar dil hai tumhara .tum ek maa ho kar ruhi ka dil kaise hurt kar sakti ho. judge ke saamneb jhooti ansu aur bachari ishitha bahut ro rahi hai.what the hell lot of nonsense you are making. plz stop this yaar.

  22. a

    God please help ishra to overcome this problem. Chahe kisi ko punish na karo but ishu,ruhi and raman ko sath rakho

  23. p

    hi anandraaz mere naam ke yaha aur bhi commenters hai so isliye me p likhti hu and yhm ka address hai :- SJ STUDIOS and entertainment limted khairani road,chandivil, Andheri(East),mumbai,maharashtra.

  24. p

    anandraaz mujhe isliye pata hai kyonki mai karan divyanka ki bahut badi fan hu mujhe unke baar me sab pata rahta hai and maine tumhe friend request behji hai accept kar lena .aur kya tum BCL dehko gaye

  25. Yaar Ekta humare Raman Ishita ko itna bhi mat rulao….
    Dekha nahi jata……..
    Feeling so sad after watch this episode…… & Appawala scene such a emotional scene yeh dekhakar to Raman ke saath mere bhi aansu behne lage…….
    I know bahut jald sab thik ho jayega phir bhi IshRa ko sad dekha nahi jata………

  26. p

    prayosha raman ko singapur jana padega.raman bahut sad hai kyon ki usse ishita and ruhi ko jhod kar singapur jana padega maine SBS mai dehka hai and divyanka ne bhi apne fb par iss bare me share kiya hai.

  27. Par wo to buisness tor hogi naa.wo jaldi wapas aa jayega na? & Us se pehle hi love confession hoga…. shayad love confession ke baad tour cqncle kar de yaa phir Ishita ko saath le jay??

  28. p

    prachi maine SBS mai dehka ki raman ko singapur jana padega but raman bahut sad hai kyonki usse ishita and ruhi ko jhod kar jana hoga .and tum divyanka and karan ko fb per join kar lo maine bhi join karaha hai.

  29. p

    thanks ki koi jarurat nahi hai prachi mujhe jo be news ishra ke baare me pata chalti hai woh me yahan par share karti hu.

  30. Maine Mani Ishita conversation & celebration wala vedio dekha FB par superb hai…. par yeh Raman hamesha aadhi adhuri baat sunkar kyin chala jata hai?,???? & wi 10 dino ke liye jaa raha hai itna lamba intjaar hum nahi kar sakte….kash wo Ishita ko apne saath le jaay Honeymoon bhi saath saath ho jaayega…..
    Par in sab ke bich achanak Raman ko divorce ka idea kab aur kyon aaya?,???

  31. 123

    ab yeh kya baigan ka twist hai. Raman will not be seen in the show? Raman airport ke liye jaata hai aur Ishita use chase karke rok leti hai yeh mujhe maloom hai aur love confession hota hai as per the spoiler. then kya raman chala jaata hai singapore akele? Kya Mani phir se wapas aayega? Raman ke bina show kyun dekhe hum. Shayad Raman Box Cricket League ki wajah se shoot nahi kar paaya. clear my doubts plz.

  32. p

    aysa kuch nahi hai 123 BCL ki jadha tar shooting ho chuki hai bahut kam shooting baki hai and yeh bas ek twist hai aage ishra ka romance hai so patient and enjoy the serial.

  33. p

    aysa kuch nahi hai 123 BCL ki jadha tar shooting ho chuki hai bahut kam shooting baki hai and yeh bas ek twist hai aage ishra ka romance hai so be patient and enjoy the serial.

  34. 123

    agar raman chala gaya akela aur 10 din tak nahi dikha na, main yeh show 10 din tak nahi dekhunga. yeh meri taraf se punisment hai balaji films ko.

  35. p

    prachi me tumhe friend request bheju gi accept kar lena and me india se hu and tum BCL ke opening cremony jarur dehka na raman ishita ka dance hoga .ishra song “jara sa jhume lu me”of movie ddlj par dance karege bahut amazing dance hoga dekha na jhrur on 14 dec 7.30pm on sony.

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