Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Negi’s puppet tries to befriend with Anjali and asks how does she know Nikki. Anjali says same college. He says he did not know such beautiful girls study in that college. Anjali gets happy hearing that and starts dancing with him. He goes to get cool drinks for her.

Raghav gets Soniya home back from temple and says she should eat first and then change. They both sit on dining table and asks Rathi about menu. She says she and Deepu prepared his favourite dishes and is about to serve when Khushi angrily comes and asks Soniya when she has money to buy expensive dresses to Anjali, then why can’t she give her course fees. Soniya asks what is she talking about, she did not buy Anjali any dress. Khushi shows her price tag and says servant found it in dustbin. She starts

shouting. Raghav asks to behave well with Soniya. Khushi says she just wants to know how did Anjali get so much money to busy costly dress. Soniya says she will call her and check. Ratna and Suhasi watch the drama from balcony and smirk. Soniya calls Anjali, but she does not pick call.

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Negi’s puppet mixes drug in Anjali’s cold drink and gives it to her. She drops glass by mistake and goes to clean herself. Soniya calls Anjali again, but to no avail. Khushi says she has gone for combined studies to her friend’s house. Rathi gets Anjali’s friend’s numbers. She calls a friend who informs her that Anjali went to party in her friend’s house instead of combined studies and tells her address. Soniya is shocked to hear this. Deepu says that means Anjali told lie. Khushi says she bought dress for a party then. Soniya says she is worried about her and wants to go to the party venue. Raghav takes her. Suhasi says Ratna that she must be happy seeing Soniya tensed. Ratna calls Negi and asks him to finish his work before Soniya comes there. He says okay.

Raghav takes Soniya in a car in search of Anjali’s friend’s bungalow. Soniya says she is getting nervous thinking about Anjali. Anjali on the other side starts getting dizzy. Negi’s puppet gets her drug mixed cold drinks again. Anjali says she does not need it. Her friend forces her to drink it. She starts getting inebriated and walks with stooped gait. Raghav and Soniya reach bungalow. Soniya sees Negi coming out of bungalow and thinks she saw him somewhere. Raghav takes her into bungalow and does not find Anjali. Soniya says she has Anjali’s pic and they can complain in police station. She just then sees Anjali’s bag and shows it to Raghav. He says Anjali must be somewhere here. Soniya is about to pick pick when Anjali also comes to pick back and is shocked to see Soniya there. Even Raghav is shocked to see Anjali in that state. Anjail stumbles and falls down. Raghav holds her. Soniya asks Anjali why did she lie and came to this party and drank. Anjali tries to explain, but soniya stops her and says she came to find out her sister but does not find her here. Soniya says it is good our parents are not alive as they knew she should get shame for them and they would have died seeing her in this condition. She says she is ashamed to call her as her friend. Anjali says she did not have alcohol. Soniya says she has lost her sisters and does not want to speak to her and asks Raghav to take her from here. Anjali asks Raghav to calm Soniya. Raghav says Soniya Anjali needs us. She says if she takes her, she will lose her sister forever and says she wants to see if Anjali can get over all this. Raghav says he cannot leave Anjali like this. Soniya gets angry and walks out.

Raghav brings Anjali home with Soniya. All sisters get tensed seeing her inebriated and ask if she is alright. Anjali tells Soniya that she lied and went to party, but had soft drinks given by her friend and does not know what was mixed in it. Soniya is still adamant and stands silently. Anjali asks her to beat her, but not not hate her.

Precap: Soniya’s sisters and Raghav request Soniya to have food, but she does not and starts crying.

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