Yeh Dosti hum nahi Todenge (Episode 33)

Recap : Party at Raizada mansion by arshi swasan & aman anisha

Anjali : wait… where are those two.. ?

Sanky : yehi kahi soo rahe honge ( se they might be sleeping only somewhere )

Everyone search Arshi but couldn’t find them

Meanwhile all family members return & were shocked to see the state of house.. Swara hide behind Shyam.. Sanskar behind sofa & aman behind curtain.. Anisha stand beside Anjali nervous.

Mami : hello hi bye bye.. Yeh kaa huyi gawa. Humare peeche ghar mein earthquake aaye gawa kaa.. ( oh what’s all this did earthquake come when we were out)

Nani : yeh sab kya Hai ( what’s all this) & you two ( sanky aman) I’ve seen you so better come out & answer

Aman & sanskar come & stand infront of her nervously..

Sanskar : it was a small party dadi

Aman : very small one..

Mama : choti party ke liye hi itna halla machaya hai kya ( for small party you’ve created so much mess )

Nani now notice a bar counter..

Nani : ( angrily) aap log ghar mein sharab laye ( you people brought wine in home)

All 4 : No…

Swara : it’s just a setup Nani to get a feel of party.. We didn’t even touch alcohol..

Mami : toh yeh kaali botle khud hi katam hoke khud hi pade hai kya ( then are these empty bottles lying here by magic)

Nani : you people should be ashamed to pull out something like this.. Ghar mein mandir hai aur tum log.. ( we’ve temple in house & you people..)

Swasan aman : sorry

Mama : learn something from Chote.. How responsible he is..

Disturbed by talks arnav situp.. ( they’re sleeping behind bar counter so no could see them nor they could see others..)

Nani : Chote & kushi bitiya still have values left in them.. They’re so successful, travel so much but never have they crossed limits

That’s when they hear the sound from behind bar counter

Mami : what’s that sound.. Is there a cat behind it..

Kushi : arni.. Who’s disturbing my sleep.. Ask them to shut up

Anjali : ( mutter ) god these 2

Arnav : I don’t know.. Now get up & do something my head is blasting

Kushi lazily getup

Kushi : damn Arnav even my head is paining

Arnav : I guess we drank too much

Sanky aman give look to nani as if teasing her

Kushi : but we had so much fun it was worth bearing this pain

Arnav : yes aman brought nice collections.. He’s expert in this stuff

Now all elders glare aman

Kushi : ( grabbing 2bottles) I loved this cocktail let’s hide it in our room for tonight ( she wink)

Elders jaw drop hearing it

Arnav : ok fine now getup before any one see us

Both get up only to find whole family staring them & bottles in kushi’s hand.. She immediately give them to Arnav & smile sheepishly.. He hold them behind his back

Kushi : aap sab.. ( look at their glares she start acting)

Kushi : yeh ghar ko kya hua ( what happened to our home) ( Closing her mouth in shock…) sharaab..!! woh bhi humare mandir jaise ghar mein ( wine..!! That too in our temple like home)

Arnav : ( whisper) zyada ho raha hai overacting mat karo ( you’re doing too much overacting now)

Kushi : ( whisper) agar nani se pitana nahi chahte toh drama karo ( if you don’t want to be fired by nani then act now)

Kushi : nani.. Who did this ? I’ll teach that person a lesson ( looking at nani’s glares) I think swara. She can only think these things.

Swara : di..? How mean.. ( looking at Arnav) bhaiyya..

Arnav : why are you blaming by shona.. Sanskar only get all these ideas.. Swaru don’t even know the name of these drinks

Arshi swasan start their fight & finally point at aman

Arnav : fine fine.. Aman did this..

Aman : me..!? Traitors all of you enjoyed & blaming me now

They start again..

Nani : ( loudly) chup.. ( quiet..) With whose permission all of you partied here

Before she could scold kushi interrupt

Kushi : nani you only told na we can party occasionally if there is any good news

Nani : I see know reason for party here.

Swara : we were missing Paris.. ( sanskar close her mouth)

Sanskar : no dadi we partied because aman is getting married..

Everyone : what..!!?

Aman : ( to himself) khud bachane ke liye mujhe phasa diya ( to save yourself you guys are trapping me)

Arshi explain his & anisha’s love story & all elders bless them

Arshi swasan about to leave upstairs to freshen up but nani..

Nani : kushi bitiya..

Kushi : ( turning back) ji..

Nani ; bottle..

Kushi smile sheepishly & keep them there & run up

1 year later

Nothing changed in arshi’s life.. They were having full fun & had almost forgot they’re married. Swasan were back to normal but still missed their online love. Aman anisha were married 6 months back. From past 3 months Anjali was trying to talk about their marriage but arshi were very smartly avoiding it but Anjali was smarter so she had planned something let’s see what she’s up to now


Arshi & swasan were enjoying dancing to beats. Then started a couple dance.. Everyone were swaying to the music girls were constantly being twirled between the guys..

And suddenly kushi landed in arms of someone she never expected

Kushi : Rohan..!

Rohan : Kushi..!? Oh its cocktail affect I think.. How can kushi come here..

Kushi try to get free but he pull her closer

Rohan : Hi beautiful your good name please..

Kushi : you’re drunk.. Rohan leave..

Rohan : oh you know my name.. And it’s ok to get drunk in clubs right…

Kushi : rohan.. Leave me .. ( she say bit loudly & everyone look at them)

Arnav come & set her free & angrily stare rohan

Arnav : how dare you touch her

Rohan : oops sorry you’ve a boyfriend sorry

Swara : I think he’s drunk

Bar tender : it’s his everyday drama.. Ignore him sir its breakup effect

Arnav : let’s leave..

Kushi feel bad seeing rohan.. He never drank so much & never behaved this way he was very sophisticated & never liked to lose his senses..

Arnav : kushi.. Let’s leave..

Kushi nod & about to turn rohan fell unconscious

20 minutes later..

In car

Arnav : I can’t believe we’re taking him home

Sanskar : how could we leave him there bhai. He has passed out

Arnav : it’s none of our business

Swara observed kushi was very silent & she to felt bad seeing rohan’s state

Night – 1pm

Rohan was sleeping in guest room. Kushi walk there to see him. She adjust his quilt & about to leave but he hold her hand

Rohan : ( in sleep) are you happy kushi..? Do you still love me..? Don’t leave me please..

Kushi couldn’t hear more she free her hand & run out in tears.. Swara see this & feel bad. She remember her boyfriend & feel she played with his feelings.. She too walk back in tears..

Precap : Swara message her online bf again

Arnav to divorce kushi

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