kriyam – u r my strength Episode 146

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Episode 146
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3PM Afternoon
Time Passed n It was Afternoon time in BM n As it was a Wedding House Everyone in BM were busy in Further Preparations of Wedding n Other Functions..While All were Bzy in Preparations of Wedding in Hall Our Love Birds Krishna n sayyam were in Their Room Having Some Family n A Cute Nokh Jhokh Moment with Each Other Forgetting about The Fact That there is A Wedding Going to Take Place in Few days…
Krishna : ( Fake Anger n Talking to Baby Boy ) Dekha Beta Aapne..Aapke Papa ne Bhale Leave liya ho Office se Fr Us bt Still He is Always busy in His Work Through Home..Hamesha Saara Din sirf Laptop lekar baith Jaate hai..Very Bad na Beta..Tell Ur Papa nt to do Like this..n Agr phir bhi Work is important fr Him more than Us then tell Him to go to Office.. ( Angry ) Ghar main Shaadi hai ..Everyone r busy n Enjoying The Functions Outside n We r Sitting Inside Like A Strangers.. ( Touches Her Baby Bump ) Beta u don’t Become Like Ur Papa..Very Boring Type Person.. ( Stares sayyam Angrily )

Sayyam who was busy in His Work in Laptop Heard Krishna’s Words n After Some work a Naughty Smile on His Face He Closes The Laptop n Goes Near Krishna n Sat with Her n Started Talking with Her in The Same Way She was Talking with Him…
Sayyam : ( Goes Near Krishna n Sits Besides Her n Touches Her Baby Bump n Started Talking to Baby Girl ) My little Princess See what Ur Mummy is Telling about Ur Papa..Ur Papa is Boring Person it seems. . ( Smiles Naughtily ) Princess U n ur little Bro Just Show Mummy ur Presence in Her Tummy.So that She Comes to know hw Boring Person i m ( Winks Naughtily at Krishna while Krishna Blushed )
As sayyam was Having a Talk with His Babies Krishna Receives a Kick in Her Tummy indicating that Babies r Responding to their Papa.
Sayyam : ( Happy n Smiled Naughtily ) Dekha Krishna..even Babies know ki i’m nt Boring Person..agr Main Boring Hota then U would nt Carry Our Two Babies inside u ( Winks Naughtily at Krishna ) Hain na Krishna ?? So Think Twice before U Speak anything in front of Me becoz i’m sayyam Birla n No Matter agr Koi Krishna sayyam Birla ho toh..Always Guru is Guru Only..Naam Bada hone No One Gets Bigger Brain ( Laughs Teasingly )
Krishna after Hearing sayyam’s Words was All Shocked n was Blank as She Remembers The Dialogues She told Yesterday while Sleeping after Having Ice Cream…
Sayyam : ( Smiles Naughtily ) N My Princess Listen don’t Ever Hide anything from Me Haa..Chahe woh Chupke ice cream Khaane ki baath ho Ya Koi Boy Frnds ki..Always Feel Free to Talk to Me..becoz Ur Papa is always there fr His little Princess..Ok..
Krishna : ( Shocked ) ( in mind ) Yeh kya bol raha hai sayyam..Y is He Talking soo Strange n Exactly Related to Yesterday’s Incident..kahi sayyam ko kuch pata toh nahi chala..nahi nahi..hw is it Possible..He was Fast Asleep when I had My Ice Cream.. ( Sweating )
Sayyam : ( Laughing ) Krishna..Look st ur Face..U Look so Tensed as if Someone Caught U Red Handed.. ( Serious bt Funny Tone ) Kahi tumne sahi main kuch aisa kiya kya which u r Hiding from Me.. ( Smiles Naughtily ) Bolo..
Krishna : ( Angry ) sayyam..Stop Acting..i know ki U saw Me having Ice Cream Yesterday..So don’t Pretend..
Sayyam : ( Still Laughing ) Accha Ok..Sorry..I know u r Angry on kya karu Ur Angry Face makes Me Laugh.. ( Talks to Baby Girl ) See little Princess ur Mummy na gets Angry soo Early..Plzz don’t be Like Her Angry Young Woman ( Giggles Teasingly )

As Soon As sayyam Talked to His Baby Girl Krishna Receives A Light Kick Indicating Baby Girl Responded to Her Papa Leaving Both Krishna n sayyam Overwhelmed bt Listening to sayyam’s Words Krishna again Became Angry n started Talking to Her Baby Boy n Replied to sayyam Angrily.
Sayyam : ( Feels the Kick as His Hands were on Krishna’s Baby Bump ) Wowow Krishna Sees My little Princess Responded to Me..Oh Man seriously Love U little Princess ( Kisses Her Bare Belly as sayyam Lifts Krishna’s Cloth little Up n Krishna Feels the Kiss n Grips His Shirt )
Krishna : ( Blushes on sayyam’s Kiss bt Remembers sayyam’s Words ) n U My little Prince don’t Become Like Ur Papa Teasing Guy..Who Always Keeps Teasing Ur Mummy All The time..Be A Good Boy Haan..Just Like a Mumma’s Boy..
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) n U My little Princess U be My Good Girl Like Papa’s Princess..Ok My little Princess..n Just Like an Obedient Papa’s Princess U should Stay Away from All Boys..Coz I’m only Ur Boy Frnd.. Ok ?? Stay Away from All Boys in Ur College n Schools..Love U Princess..
Krishna : N My Little Prince U Stay Away from All Girls in Ur Schools n College haa coz M Ur First GF..n i won’t Tolerate if any Girl comes Near U..U r Only mine My little Prince..
As time passes both krishna n sayyam spend some quality n a cute family moments with their unborn kids n enjoys these moments with each other with a satisfied n a happy smiles on their faces..

Precap- Rahul Naina wedding ?

  1. Mayesha

    yaaahooo…..kal meri akka ki shaadi hain …!!!! Shaadi mubarak hoon…
    oohh..the BF-GF wala fighting….loved it…nice & unique concept..cute one..

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much for commenting ? keep reading…

  2. Hi Shaani ❤ I am a silent reader. But i love ur ff ??
    Wow. Loved it ? keep posting. Loved the way they were talking to the babies ??

    1. Shaani

      Aww… Thank u so much Anshu? thankx for coming forward n commenting… I’m soo glad to know that u liked my ff… Keep reading n keep commenting…

  3. hey ! hi i am adarsha .I was a silent reader till yesterday but after reading all these ff for sooo many months i realised that i should comment and motivate u all .I know its really hard to write stories and getting ideas like theseeeee.I appreciate all your efforts u but in making these ff .salute to u all .And yaa todays episode wa just amazing .wooow how cute family they made. OMG i am literally crying .The episode wa soo sweeet.;)::):0

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much adarsha? I’m so glad to know that you like my ff…thank you for commenting ?
      Thank you so much ??

  4. Ahhh this one was man too cute???loved their nhok jhok??

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much?

  5. Wow nice episode

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much Samaria ?. How r u? How is ur son?.. Hope u both r fit n fine..?
      Thankx for reading n commenting ?

  6. Nairan_kriyam_lover

    Nice update Di….

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much ?

  7. Nairan_kriyam_lover

    Nice update Di….
    Update the next part asap pls……

    1. Shaani

      Thank you n yeah I have uploaded the next part also.. U can read it dr..

  8. Boring epi plz next upii mai Krishna s misscarige wala drama dikhao and new villain I hope so ke raj hi wapas aaye plzzz interesting role raj ka

    1. Mayesha

      no..plz not again raj..AND It’s fabulous epi akka…not boring at all…I enjoyed it very much..not miscarriage of course…..we want a happy kriyam family…plz..akka..

    2. AnahitaAnnie

      Richa for ur kind information this was not all a boring epi. Firstly look at the comments. Everyone is enjoying it. No one wants Raj or miscarriage drama except u and Shaani has other readers to attend to. They are happy with her excellent writing and extraordinary tracks.. I know it was ur suggestion but plz try not call it boring for such things.. Becoz this track is really very good and interesting for all of us readers and none wants negativity anymore.. We want Kriyam.. So plz my request is not call this boring or interesting.

    3. AnahitaAnnie

      Or *uninteresting..
      There is a mistake in my above comment.?

    4. Richa but I feel u should encourage her instead of putting negative comments it was not boring rather an excellent piece of writing a happy kriyam is so much better

  9. Ema

    SHank akki dont listen to this stupid scarzy fool RISHA SHAH he or she is mad and this is not a boring epi its jzt great and fabulous èpi and keep updating and love ur ff ??????❤❤❤????

    1. Shaani

      Thank you for your support dr… Actually that person is like that only… I’m really fed up with her Ema… She is really a headache
      Thankx for ur support Dr… It means alot to me…

  10. AnahitaAnnie

    I loved the nok-jhoks soo much. This is track is so cute and interesting.. I am always in short of words as I get flabbergasted due to ur extraordinary writing and storyline. I am truly loving this cute track… Keep going.

  11. Amazing and truly adorable. The episode was just fabulous and exemplary in all aspects. The conversations were truly cute and lovely to read. The facts highlighted through the conversation were seriously so realistic and lively. The conception and presentation was indeed brilliant.

  12. Whenever kriyyam is together they forget about their surroundings.and their nok jhok is always mindblowing…… Anyways loved the epi ,not at all “boring”. Plz dont listen to that negative minded person. U hv a lot of positive minded readers.

  13. Krishna is in her last months and this Richa wants her miscarriage ? Is she totally out of mind or a big dumbo ?

  14. Krishna is in her last months and this Richa wants her miscarriage ? Is she totally out of mind or a big dumbo ? I think she is not at all a KRIYYAM fan. If she is than she will never want them to suffer.

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