Yaariaan – Episode 1


In my story the characters r residents of Ooty. In real I never went there so some of the locations will be fictional. There is a small lake besides which there is a Basketball Court known as ‘THE RIVER COURT’. The leads r the 2nd year students of EXCEL COLLEGE.

The episode starts with Manik driving the college bus with his team being the passengers as they r celebrating their latest winning. Manik drove the bus from a railway track where a train was passing by and he literally put everyone’s life in danger.

On the other hand Ani with his friends is playing basketball at the river court, Mak (sorry guys Ani’s frnd name is Markand aka Mak) is doing commentary with Jay. Two people were watching Ani – they were his Uncle KT (Ketan) & Coach Singh. Ketan wanted Coach Singh to give a chance to Ani to play in the college team & as planned Coach Singh accepted. When Ani reached home Piyali & KT gave him the good news & he will start practicing from next day.

Next Day –
Manik was called by the principal for the nuisance he created last night & as usual was given a last chance. The team was in the court for practice & Ani entered.
Manik (to Robbie looking at Ani) :- what is he doing here?
Coach (whistles) :- boys Anirudh will be joining the team from today & (looking at Manik) I hope no one will have any problem with my decision. So pull up ur socks as u all have to practice hard for the next match. Saying so he left. Manik was frowning & came to Ani (as both d brothers share a hateful bond)
Manik (with anger) :- congratulations
Ani :- thanks but no thanks
Manik:- u know Na that there is only a best in the team & that best 1 is me.
Ani :- don’t u think that u r being over confident, little brother.
Manik :-we’ll see. Tonight at the River Court, what say? One on One, huh?
Ani :- sure.
Manik :- if I win u’ll back out.
Ani :- and if I win we’ll be playing together for the whole season in one team.
Manik :- done.
Ani :- Done. See u at 9.

This news spread like a virus in the whole Ooty that 2 brothers of a powerful family r going to fight against each other. As the clock strikes 9 almost the whole city reaches the River Court. Ani & Manik too came. Nandini, Alia & Mukti too were there. The match starts & Mak started the commentary. Ani & Manik were both good like really good just like professionals. The game was for 1hour & as the time passes by the scores were equal. In last 25 seconds the ball was in Ani’s hand, Manik was defending him he was not leaving any stone unturned to not let Ani score. Ani shoot the basket from 3D pointer & he scored the basket & thus won.
Ani :- now as decided we both will play in 1team little brother
Manik :- though we r in 1team but don’t forget I’m the captain & u’ll have to follow my rules.
Ani :- speaking of rules I’ll follow them but not of urs but of the Coach OK. So see in practice bye & by the way nice game it’ll be fun playing with u. Byee…
Bidding goodbye to Manik, Ani went to Piyali, Ketan & Nandini. Piyali & KT congratulate him & Nandini gave him a tight hug.
Nandini :- congratulations. U were awesome.
Ani :- thnx buddy.
Nandini :- I hope now that jerk (Manik) will not trouble u.
Ani :- why r we talking abt him. I won so let’s celebrate.
Nandini :- let’s celebrate.
Manik saw Ani & Nandini talking & laughing & gave a devilish smirk as a plan strikes his mind to hurt Ani.

What is Manik’s plan & what is he gonna do? Wait for the nxt update. Plz do tell how u like this episode.

Credit to: Kaavyaa

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  1. meghna shanti

    Waiting for next part

  2. Good going but i miss cabir and dhruv don’t think me wrong other than than is too good

  3. nice interesting.thank you for the update. waiting for the next update.

  4. Interesting …….
    Please update soon yar

  5. I have a doubt did u watched ‘ONE TREE HILL?’. I mean u used ‘TRIC’ and the river court was the basket ball court in tree hill and it was beside a river . plz clear my doubt

  6. The most imp thing that made my doubt strong is the basketball connection . In one tree hill also nathan and lucas in this story manik and anirudh are step brothers and their father was a basketball player and their man who was their father’s coach(whitey) is his sons coach .Nathan(manik) was the captain of the basketball team and lucas(ani) will join the team who will be his competetor.
    Is this a indian version of ‘one tree hill’

  7. SORRY KAAVYA I read the introduction once more and now I’M 200% sure that this an adaption of ‘ONE TREE HILL’
    sorry if i hurt u

    1. Yes i ‘m a big fan of one tree hill & I thought to write an Indian version of it.

  8. Nice start.
    Keep going.
    Keep smiling…

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