Yeh Vaada Raha 4th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 4th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Meher’s residence
While survi stands tensed, kartik is made to eat the burnt food that meher has lovingly prepared, while tai and hr daughters are amused at his plight. when she signals him that they couldnt find shanti, he is disappointed and wonders whether ranvir has done something to shanti, and whether they shall ever get her back.

Outside, Ranvir steps out of the car, buttoning his coat, as he arrives inside the house. kartik is roaming around tensedly, when he turns around to find him coming in, he and survi are shocked. he tells them that his sister might have not been able to consummate her marriage but kartik’s sister definitely did. they are apalled to hear this. meher comes and finds him, and asks why is he back here, when she had asked him to get lost. he says that he has come to apologise as he realise she was wrong. meher melts and forgives him and asks kartik also to do so. ranvir says that they should start afresh and live like a happy family now, and holers for shanti. as she comes inside, kartik and suvri are emotionally overwhelmed to see her. survi rushes to her, but she brushes past her and goes to kartik, who hugs her. survi is shocked. meher is boggled. ranvir explains as to how she is her bhabhi and is a member of the family, and he decided that they should all live together now. she is ecstatic and leaves inside. kartik says that hshe wishes to talk inside with shanti for sometime. he permits. as they go in, survi tries to go after them, but ranvir stops her saying that she isnt related to them anymore and shanti means noone to them. she is agahst. now its her turn to listen to ranvir’s ire, just like she had, when they had managed to convince meher to let her stay here. he vents out his pen up frustration, saying that she underestimated him, and now shanti shall be right in front of them, and if they as much as try to act smart, it would directly affect shanti.

Meanwhile, inside, kartik is distressed to know that shanti’s love for ranvir has deppened, and she isnt willing to hear anything, and asks him to leave survi and be with meher since he already married her. he reminds her of the sacrifices survi made for her, and she is repaying like this. she asks him to respect survi’s sacrifices and move on in life. he swears that he wont let her live with that monster. they are shocked to find meher listening to them, and reprimands kartik for trying to spoil his sister’s marital life. he says that he has forgiven ramvir, when meher asks if he has. she asks whats the problem then. shanti stands tensedly. meher coems to her, and says that they can stay together happily now. shanti tries to show him how ranvir was equally helpless to take drastic measures that he did, while marrying meher, for his own sister. he walks out in a rage, and ranvi and tai are amused, while survis is apalled to see him come out. later, shanti comes down with meher, hand in hand, whil survi is boggled totally. meher takles her to see her room with ranvir now. she is aghast to see her whole plan falling into pieces, as she eyes kartik who stands helplessly. she prays to the lord, that they cant fail like this, after the immense sacrifice that they made for their marriage. ranvir warns them not to try anything, or else shanti shall disappear. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Kartik and survi talk amongst themselves, as to how thy cant leave shanti here, since meher and ranvir would turn her life into hell. just then, meher coems and asks whats he doing here. they are shocked. he hurriedly explains as to how he came here to see the child’s health, as she needs to go to the doctor. she says that whatever has happened, there are doubts looming, and she needs to clarify them right now, and asks her to seal their love with a kiss on the lips, right now. kartik is tensed while survi is distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I hate shanti’s character. She’s such an idiot I can’t even urghhh it’s just so frustrating

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