Y me??.. I was forced to ask (swaragini) (part 12)


Hi guyz I am back sorry for the late update but on 28 June it was my bday so I was celebrating for turning 14 then I was struggling with my hols hw n at last preparing for my reviews it really is difficult to adjust in a new schl in ninth grade but anyways so I will update the parts they might be a bit short but atleast one update in a week is my promise till I am supplied with Internet so here I start

Sanky:wht did Laksh do?? Did he play wid ur feelings I will kill him..,

He was interrupted by

Rags: no sanky I can’t face him

Sanky: y?? Do u know him?? Wht is ur relation wid him ?? In fact u always used to ask me abt Laksh how r u connected to him?? Speak ragini speak

She yelled


Love lucky was my best frnd n I fell for him 2 yrs before u fell for me but he had fallen for Kavita for me he was lucky n I was simply ragini no gadodia we were best frnz n today facing him that too to betray him I can’t sanky plz help me I still luv him even after 4 yrs

Sanky: don’t worry I have a plan no matter wht u will marry lucky when he will fall for u

Rags: sanky I won’t say thnq or sorry coz that is against our frndship rule but I feel it

S: u need not ragini
Okay bye I have to go sum where so bye

R: bye sanky

Sanky tells their convo to swara they both r very happy

The next day

At laksh’s house

Ragini enters laksh’s house

R: hey Laksh guess who is here are u sleepy head wake up lagta h tu aise Nhi manège
She goes to his room finds him sleeping goes into his washroom pulls out a bucket n goes to kitchen she finds ice cubes in the freezer she transfers them into the bucket n takes out cold water bottles from fridge n pours the ware in the bucket she touches it n says ab maza aayega

She goes into his room n she pours everything in the bucket over Laksh

L: maut death flood main mar jaungo woh bhi kunwara kaunse pahad pe chad gya tha main thand achoo

He came in senses n saw he was in his room ragini seeing his condition wrapped the quilt around him he was shivering he saw the angelic hands who gave him heat n

Laksh: ragini tum tum kab aaye aur yeh Utahane ka koi tareeka hota h main kunwara nhi marna chahta hoon

Rags: jaise tu Hamesha Kavita ki yaad mein rehte h tu kunwara hi mrega
Now go n freshen up m going to bring soup for u u will feel better

Laksh: okay

In evening

Swasan raglak meet at laksh’s house

Sanky: guyz we r meeting all together for the first time so let us know more abt each other so let us play truth n dare

They spin a bottle it points towards Laksh

Laksh: dare

Sanky: go to maheshwari mansion n hug bade maa n say I luv u maa I missed u I need u

Lucky: sanky m not going there neither m I saying those stupid lines

Rags: lucky u have to do it it is a dare

Laksh: no ragini I will never do it as a dare trust me whenever I will feel the same from my heart I promise

Rags: lucky do not lie I was not wid u these yrs but ur eyes tell everything u have gone thru these yrs n also how much u missed ap aunty

Lucky: okay f9 I will confess my feelings to mom but then u also will have to confess

Rags: f9 my I went away from delhi n came to Kolkata not coz of my family but bcoz I luved u n could not bear the pain I felt when u were wid Kavita but I knew u genuinely luv her n she also luvs u so I decided to go far away n forget u but I could not as I still luv u

Swasan were happy while Laksh was shocked

Laksh: f9 cum wid me

Swara(whispering): nic acting u started wid our revenge wow

Ragini(mind): I said the truth swara sorry but I won’t be able to take ur revenge

They went to mm

Laksh: Ma ma where r u

Ap: are kaun h aa rhi hoon aise toh sirf Laksh bulAta h

Ap sees Laksh she has tears in her eyes

Ap: Laksh beta tu Mujhe laga tha him tujhe kho chuke h par Nhi
Are ragini beta tum Itne salon bad andar aao na

Laksh: maa ragini hi wajah h mere is ghar mein Kadam rakhne ki
Maa ek dil ki baat bolni h Laksh hugs ap n has tears in his eyes maa I luv u I miss u i need u I am sorry maa

Ap: pagal ho gya h kya?? Galti teri Nhi thi sirf soch ki thi

Laksh: maa main jata hoon Mujhe jaana h kal main aapse Milne aaongi plz shahi paneer bana k rakhna

Ap: tujhe bolne ki zarurat Nhi h kal aana Zarur

L: bye

Ap: bye

They cum out of mm Laksh hugs ragini n says thnq so much 5 saal baad apni maa se mila hoon khushi se tum jo bhi bolti ho woh main krta hoon kaise apni baaton ko manvaa leti ho tum
Rags: magic!!

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