Girls On Top 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Girls On Top 19th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Isha recalls her father’s warnings about joining his business. Everyone in the hall watch her closely, UC asks Isha to go and apologize. Isha says no, she will not give a public apology so she quit. She will send her resignation. UC shouts behind her that she is fired. Everyone was shocked.
Isha empties her locker in the locker room with a heavy heart. The producers were worried and tells the boss they don’t want this, they want Isha to apologize. They were afraid Yuvraj can sue them. UC suggests they must inform Yuvraj they are on his side, and have fired Isha. Sahir enters, UC shouts at him to get out. The boss says this isn’t the right time, but Sahir says this is the right time. Sahir tells the boss if Isha leaves, he is quitting. UC warns Sahir not to do so, but every contestant and employee come to join hand with Sahir.
They all come out and call Isha, the producer and the boss tells Isha that it’s because of her they all stand as a team today, the boss announces they will shoot the finale today. They all head to set the studios, Rave says it was life top ten moments for Isha. Isha was unable to believe it really happened. They were setting Isha’s locker. Isha was still afraid of her father’s notice for four months, she gets his call. His father tells her that he is proud of her, and hangs up. Isha cheers. Rave and Gia insist that her father loves her. They speak about Isha, Isha says she doesn’t want to be a girl who always says yes behind a boy.

PRECAP: Isha was moved at the performance of Sahir. Isha comes to the boys and say that boys misconception that girls like larger than life gestures are wrong. Rave cheers that Shekhar is back, Gia and Isha looks towards Guru sadly.

Update Credit to: Sona

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