without you i am nothing chapter 2

hello guys!! i am super duper excited. i was waiting for your opinion with fingers crossed. and yes everything is positive.sry guys i couldnt come to comment section becoz i am too busy. sry for that but i will surely come when i am free. thanking each and every one from bottom of my heart who read my ff.
so here we go…

saral was shocked to see this avatar of hers. the radhika whom he know was a timid creature who always do watever he tell. she didnt have enough courage to see his eyes and talk. but today it was totally different. he came home and rushed to his bedroom and locked it and stood infront of the mirror. he could see the finger prints of hers in his cheeks. seeing that his blood boiled becoz till date no one didnt dare to raise his /her hand on him. but today she did. as he recollected the scenes his blood boiled and his anger rose in such that he may burst in any second. with all his anger he broke the mirror and told YOU LITTLE GOOD FOR NOTHING CREATURE I WILL TAKE REVENGE FROM YOU SOON OR LATER FOR SURE ”

she was crying and leaving to her home. she never wanted to be that rude anyone but todat saral crossed all his limits and tried to molest her. today she came to know saral was not serious about her. he just want to fulfill his desire as he does to other girl. he want her to be in his bed to meet his desire. these words were spitted on her by saral himself and she feels disgusted with him. actually she too was not interested in this relationship. at first it was so smooth but at the midway he used to overpower her . eventhough she didnt like it she never complained. she had gone to him to announce about her new job she got in BIRDSONG [MUMBAI].WHEN HE HEARD he was furious as she has to go to other state so he decided to fulfill his desire and throw her but he did wrong.

tears were rolling from her eyes.she is pained,hurt and is angry too. she packed her luggage and decided to leave hrishikesh as fast as possible.she thanked her star as she got a job in mumbai otherwise has to go on searching for job in that unknown state..

RADHIKA REACHED MUMBAI .as she came out of airport she took a deep breathe and muttered WELCOME TO MUMBAI. She dont know from where to start as her joining day in BS is only after two days. she decided to find a new home for her but was rejected as she was single.she was hungry and also tired so she took a cab and asked the driver to take her to a pub. pub was not her choice. she hate drinks but now she wanted it most. to forget all her sorrows amd miseries. but she made up her mind to have only some.as she entered she so many couples dancing some romancing and some fighting . she walked further to the counter, there she saw a girl who was demanding the bartender for more and more.IT is none another than our SAMAIRA. but the bartender refused her. she got angry and took out a toy knife and showed it on him. seeing the knife he got scared and gave her a bottle itself. radhika who saw this smiled unknowingly. she came and sat next to sam and ordered her drink. as she was about to have it she got a call. so she went to corner to attend it due to the loud sound. when she returned back she saw her glass which was empty and saw SAM smiling sheepishly.she know wat happened and smiled back to her. sam who was know full drunken started to pull radhika for dance but radhika refused. then the bartender said”mam here is the bill and her address pls drop her”to radhika.now radhika was in dilemma whether to drop her not as she itself was new to this place…….TO BE CONTINUED.

Next will be on saturday. since i am studying i cant update regularly but wen i update i will update a longer one promise. pls do comment. thankyou.

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  1. Kavina

    Loved it

  2. Rg2015

    Hi it’s beautiful.

  3. Rossy

    Its very nice stars…update when possible with longer ones…will be waiting for sure

  4. Jnana

    Really good

  5. Jnana

    Its just awesome

  6. Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

  7. nice update….i like it…waiting for next one update soon 🙂

  8. Jessie

    Nice one starz.. Sam n toy knife ..haha .. will be waiting 4 nxt one… no worries..

  9. amazing episode………eagerly waiting next one……….tc

  10. Lakshmi05

    Amazing episode starz…waiting for next one…

  11. Myra

    what??!!! radhika meets sam in a pub….okay….and she pays her bill and will most probably go to drop her home….too much for a total stranger..huh?… 😛 jk…. loved it…..update asap.. 🙂

  12. Sweetie

    Nice update Starz..RadSam in pub..Lovely..Take your time to update,we will wait..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  13. superb!

  14. Nice one dear ..Rads Sam met in pub interesting….waiting for nxt..post a long one if possible…take care

  15. Aasthu

    hey starzzzzzz its nyc………………..but cud u increase the lenght ???????? wich class ?????? wichpart of kerala ??????????

  16. Awesome episode, love you loads

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