Will you be without me? Chapter 10

She can’t escape from me!!

Time passed very fast and the concert was was going to happen in just two days. Pragya and all her staff were busy looking into the preparations and were making sure all was going well.

Abhi as usual was there and he was also feeling bad as the concert is gg to happen soon which means after it ended he won’t be able to meet Pragya again! So he thought of spending these few days with her as much as possible even if she don’t like it!

Abhi was always around at the places where Pragya was, whether it was with her staff or even when she was having lunch. She realise that Abhi was always around her. She didn’t like that but she was stuck in a situation where she can’t say to him that please don’t come after him. After all she is working for him now so she just have to accept this situation.

The day of the concert….
Pragya was at the backstage and was overlooking that all the tasks were smoothly being carried out. And also making sure there was no mishaps occuring.

Abhi came to the backstage, Pragya ” U are here?” Abhi ” Why I can’t be here?” Pragya ” You are the sponsor of the event and you should be at the auditorium and not the backstage!” Abhi ” Yes I know that! Just came to check whether everything is going well!” Pragya ” Oh yes everything is fine as planned before!” Abhi ” Of course when you are in charge of all this everything will be fine and your team of staff are also very hardworking and responsible!!” Pragya ” Thank you! But I have to give the credits to you too! They were all very responsible due to your presence all the while!” Abhi ” U mean all were scared of my presence until they were responsible?” Pragya with a smile said ” Haan You are absolutely correct!” Just then she had a message from the walkie talkie that she was holding and she started to communicate in it. She excused herself from there and rushed to another place where one of her staff had called her to come.

Abhi, told himself…I am trying to be with u as much as possible as I know this would be the last few days that we will be meeting and after that we will have different paths and time only have to tell that when we will meet again…but I know all these doesn’t matters to you….

The concert that was for 3 consecutive days ended successfully and all praises were for the sponsors and organization team. Pragya was on cloud nine that all the hardwork of her staff and hers had been paid off. The sponsors thanked Pragya and her team.

Pragya met Abhi. Pragya ” So you should be very happy that the concert went well right?” Abhi ” Yes of course and thanks a lot for whatever you have done all the while!” Pragya ” It’s my job so no need to thank me!” Abhi in a low tone asked ” Can I ask u something?” Pragya ” U have been always asking me something and I always don’t have an issue in whatever u ask so just ask what u want to ask!” Abhi ” So after this what are your plans?” Pragya ” Hmm I am actually gg back to my hometown for a break and after that carry on with new projects! So it’s kind of a holiday for me!” Abhi ” Oh i see that’s great to hear and where is your hometown?” Pragya didn’t want to answer this question and was hesitant to answer…

Pragya ” It’s Tasmania!!” Abhi ” Huh? What tas…I don’t get it! Is there such a place called here?” Pragya ” Oh no! U are such a big businessman and you are a perosn who travels often and don’t know about Tasmania!!” Abhi ” So it’s not here right? So ur hometown is there is it?” Pragya ” Yes my hometown is Tasmania! And I will be flying off there soon…” Abhi ” Oh i see happy bonvoyage and still I am surprised of the name of ur hometown!”

They parted ways from that day and never met each other for many weeks…

And then one particular day Abhi had to go to Pune for a family function. He went there but still he was filled with the sweet memories of Pragya in his heart.

Once he reached the mansion, he heard a familiar voice and turned in the direction of the voice to see who it was….
He saw her again but in a totally new form!! She was jovial with so many of people there and she played with the children cheerfully… Then he thought so this is Tasmania is it? And this is her hometown where she behave very differently!! And he told himself, She can’t escape from me now!!

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)


  1. Maya

    Sorry again for saying sorry but there are some mistakes in today’s update again!!

  2. yup dr pragya’s character is quite intrstng eagerly waiting fr abhi’s nxt step nd pragya dialogues r always vry apt nd sweet

  3. TINA

    Super suga… bt pls make them unite soon.. i want prgys to be bit flexible on abi.. pls yar. I love your ff…

  4. Sanju

    Episode was awesome ??? .. I’m also very eager to know more abt Tasmania ???…

    Waiting for abhi and pragya’s conversation …

    • Maya

      Tks for the wait Sanju!?? Haha but i can’t explain much abt Tasmania here! But u can still google about it! If i am not wrong its a Australian state…

  5. Somiya

    Thisss episode, this episode yes this episode ahhhhhh it’s so besttttt! I mean like everything is so perfect! Anf pragya’s jovial behaviour! And now she can’t escape! Woww suga! You are amazingg!

    • Maya

      Tks Somiya! But this is not really the best…it’s short and there are mistakes in it! But still tks for the lovely words ???

  6. Maya

    Thank u all I mean u all really don’t mind my mistakes that I have done in this update! That’s so sweet of u all???

  7. OMG!!! Super epi da i don’t even have wrds to describe abt it & haan how dare u say tht there r mis & my dr self analyser don’t think a lot dr&wht abt ur health? R u taking ur med properly?&suga i want ur help dr could u help me?

      • Maya

        Btw u no need to ask for help frnd u can just order what u want me to do! Is it abt ur ff submission?

  8. sharaya

    Awesome awesome awesome suga I think awesome is not enough for you so awesome amazing excellent!!

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