Will you be without me? Chapter 11


Why is he here now?

Abhi was welcomed by his Maasi and he was still curious how come Pragya is over here and on top of that being so cheerful with everyone. Until now Pragya had never seen Abhi yet as she was busy playing with the kids there…

Abhi was thinking whenever she was with me she used to be very quiet and the only time I saw her laughing aloud was in the storeroom that day. Other than that she just smiled a bit as if someone see her smiling widely then all her smiles will run out of stock!!

Abhi’s maasi called him and he went to see her. Maasi, ” Abhi! It have been so long that I have seen you! Why are you not coming here frequently? Now only you know the route to here is it?” Abhi ” No maasi! I have been busy with work and all if not I would have come here more often! And you know right? I love you and this place a lot! This is where all my childhood memories are!!” Maasi ” Ok fine but faster get ready and the function is going to start if not your cousin, Tina will yell at me and ask where is Abhi!” Abhi ” Okok where is Tina and where is her baby now?” Maasi ” They are resting in their room and they will come to the hall later for the baby naming function” Abhi, “Maasi all the decorations are so nice and I really like the hall decorations a lot! Who did all this?” Maasi ” Pragya was the one who was doing all this! She is very brilliant at this!” Abhi thought here also she had started her job….Abhi ” So how much did you pay her for all these?” Maasi ” Pay? U don’t remember Pragya? Oh my god for this only u should have come here more frequently!!” Abhi ” What are u telling Maasi? Do i know her before?” Maasi ” Haan! Now I know u everytime call her by the nickname Pumpy that’s why u don’t know her real name is Pragya!”

Abhi was surprised to hear that Pragya is Pumpy! He couldn’t believe what he had heard. Maasi ” If u also never remember i guess that she also don’t remember u as u always want her to call u as boss!”

Abhi and Pragya were childhood buddies…Abhi used to play with Pragya whenever he came to Pune for holidays.. They were neighbours but both of them call each other by nicknames all the time and that is why they don’t remember each other’s real name…

Abhi was very happy that now he know why he enjoyed so much being with Pragya! She is his Pumpy!! Abhi called her pumpy as Pragya used to play with water pumps all the time and as for Abhi he always from young wanted to be a boss and asked everyone to call him as Boss!

Abhi now wanted to find out whether Pragya misses her childhood moments spend with him! So he called some of the kids that Pragya was playing with as now she was not with them. He told his plan to the kids and they giggled in laughter hearing his plan but all agreed to do it as they knew it will be very fun to do and also Abhi gave them chocolates too.

The kids went to Pragya who was in the kitchen. One of the kids called her, ” Di! Pls hear what we want to tell u!” Pragya ” Ok!”
The first kid said the letter P, and followed by others saying the letters U, M, P, Y… and then lastly all of them said the name PUMPY together!!

Pragya was surprised to hear that name as it was used to call her only by his childhood friend! She was smiling widely as this means he is here now!! She asked the kids who told u all this name and said a uncle gave them chocolates and ask them to this. They said we have never seen him before but he was very sweet to them. Pragya thought of course he is very sweet as that’s y I always like to call him as Boss!!

Pragya went out of the kitchen to find where he was and that’s when she bumped into Abhi! Abhi smiled at her and Pragya was shocked to see him and thought Why is he here now!!

As I felt that from a lot of the comments that u all are eager to read the next update I tried to type this as fast as I could to make u all happy! But have to tell u all that my holiday is finishing on 8 may! And it would be quite difficult for me to update regularly as I am also writing one more ff too. So sorry if this or the other ff comes up irregularly…. Very sorry!! Already I am very nervous for my exam results on Monday and writing this 2 ffs and seeing all ur comments is one of the way to divert from my nervousness…

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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