Who will reunite Raghav and Kalpi in Ek Mutthi Aasmaan?

Ek Mutthi Aasmaan’s current track is showing how Pakhi is trying to manipulate Raghav to get his love. More than love, she just wants to just get him as she likes him and can’t see him going to his love Kalpi. Pakhi wants Raghav to sit by her side, take care of her, and then he will feel worried for her and that worry and care would turn into love. This is what Pakhi is imagining by herself and showing it to Raghav, and she needs care. She gets her hand cut and shows it to Raghav, just to make him care for her. Raghav regards her a friend and cares for her. Pakhi is overconfident and challenges Kalpi that in one month, she will win Raghav and kick out Kalpi from his life. While Kalpi is sure of her love that Raghav will never leave her and will always keep loving her.

Kamla Maa whose heart always beats for Pakhi first, wants to talk to her, and knows Pakhi is super annoyed with her. Kamla thinks Pakhi needs to understand why she has hidden Kalpi and Raghav’s marriage truth from her, so that she doesn’t get hurt. Pakhi thinks Kamla is supporting Kalpi and is hell bent to boycott her. Kamla comes to meet Pakhi and gets to know that she is not at home since much time. She asks Raghav to call her. Raghav calls Pakhi but she does not take his call to make him worry more for her. Raghav had a meeting with Kalpi at the bus stop as he had to take his file which he left at her restaurant. Kalpi waits for him at the bus stop and Raghav does not turn up, as he is with Kamla looking for Pakhi all over.

Pakhi comes infront of his car and falls. Raghav and Kamla are shocked and rush her home. Pakhi gets conscious and asks him to call her known doctor, whom she has bribed to lie to Raghav that she needs full care. The doctor comes and says Pakhi’s BP is low and Raghav should be around her and not leave her alone in this state. Raghav says he will. Pakhi is glad and after he leaves from the room, she gives her doctor money asking her to keep lying and make Raghav care for me always. Kamla walks in and hearing this, she is left shocked. She can’t believe Pakhi can do this to get Raghav.

Pakhi finally confesses to Kamla that she can do anything to get Raghav, as more than love, he has become her need now, and she has the habit to get something, she gets it at any cost. Kamla gets upset seeing Pakhi’s selfish side. Will Kamla understand Pakhi does not love Raghav and just want to get him? Will she help Kalpi and Raghav in uniting? Else, will Pakhi realize Raghav’s feelings for Kalpi and change her decision? Even Raghav and Kalpi can fight for their love. What do you think? Give your opinion in the poll and reason in the comments.


  1. Rakhee

    As I said raghav because his character is portrayed as intelligent , confident businessman. He is staying with pakhi and if he doesn’t’ understand pakhis cunning act then he is not entitled to own singhania empire. So raghav and kalpi should be together to get away from pakhi. With them sammy would be a great help. Now there is a vote button ignore my earlier post

  2. Eena

    In ema no body is there who can reunit Ragna bz every charcter become usless even raghav except kalpi and for whom she wl fight for d waste fllw raghav who dnt diserve kalpi

  3. vaneeta

    Raghav ll fight as his character from d beginning is portrayed as a strong, shrewd, sensible, smart, cunning manbut after 9th may EMAteam has made his character brainless and weak….. but since they ve got d pschotic track of pakhi then natuarally d most affected ll b Raghav as he is going to b personally reciepeint ofher dirty games …. Kalpi is tied by her parents !!!!!! others r useless characters …… soRaghav it should b

  4. susheela kulkarni

    My Dear Friends and dear RagNa lovers ,& Dear All EMA Viewers, ;
    Please BOYCOTT sending/ Posting all/any Likes, Comments or any type of Posts to any sites, FBs, or elsewhere, including this page/fbs of EMA, from Now, today 19th July 2014 Onwards IN PROTEST of Pakhi ( promoting & irritating ) Scenes Till / UnTill & UNLess RagNa Returns & story lines tracks changed to unite Raghav & Kalpi ( & Not Raghav n Pakhi ) in EMA .

  5. susheela kulkarni

    Helloouuu, dear Friends , Y Not This Can B Happen ! Just think , & its possible for EMA , That:
    Do u all recall in those 3 days when Pakhi n kapoors went to Paris, EMA 3 Smarts ( 3 smart idiots of ema !) i.e.R,G& S Team of Master Minded Mission of Revenge , when they made all pre planned Revenge actions Targeting Kapoors in their Mission, then , Raghav while making all documents & papers, also puts CCTVs ( remember, earlier in Colors in Datta Nakusha serial it was there , Serial name I forgot !), Camaras are installed every where & Raghav had made well arrangements & connections at his Office to watch all / what is / that are happening in that house n what is cooking by Kapoors, Pakhi etc.all he can see in his office ( in confidence) & is unknown to anybody ( except Sammy )
    Tho fir, Pookhi is a / will be gone case of Mental hospital patient !!;
    But 1 thing , today, on looking at Pakhi, & her such a disgusting cheating & deceiving & disheartening attitudes, Pakhi is not even deserve any kind of relation ship with anybody , leave alone that poor Raghav’s real & genuine friendship !!;
    It is now 100% sure that none, neither appa, nor EMA Team.will support such an evil character of Pakhi & therefore, EMA ( or Bappa ) has to kill that Pakhi’s such evil nature ( even an enemy doesn’t behave how Pakhi behaved vth Raghav !!), by teaching her a very good lesson by Raghav , by Kamla & above all by Bappa !!
    EMA now made Pakhi as Bali ka Bakra , as they make her to have full of her attitudes , ( i.e. Pet bharke Bakri ko khana khilayega ) before they destroys/ kills all her attitudes by teaching her lessons for cheating Raghav ( Bali chadane ka pehle ) ;
    Paakhi, Now You Are Finished !!

  6. susheela kulkarni

    Dear EMA Team, pl.change your present story lines and creativity script tracks which you are presently purposefully ( forcing in your EMA Episodes just with your sole selfish purpose of Promoting that one Pakhi Character Actor) throwing it on the Viewers as against the your own original story script & pl.bring back the EMA’s Original script creativity lines with the past Glory of RagNa love n to unite Raghav & Kalpi then to lead EMA its purpose, RagNa’s ema in its story as purpose ;-
    Dear All , Very True:
    We have lost all , as of now, all that past RagNa Momentums, the past blossoming RagNa love, the awesome Glory of the then Ragna,, etc. etc.
    In fact, now it has / EMA has now become almost Star Less & Character less;- Else, Can one imagine a Cockroach in Pooran Poli !!?? What a stupid creativity, the EMA Team has got, OMG, Deva, Bappa; On the one hand EMA shows divine blessings like Ghende ka Fool fell on Kalpi’s Photo; & Quite Contrast to that, now they are depicting the University Topper, Civil Engineer Kalpi’s New Restr Entrepreneur of Mumbai Express, which has Cockroach in its Pooran Poli?? – Oh ! What a Class !! of creativities by its Team !! EMA, now you are making even the MOCKERY OF Hygine Food, even, ; Oh Bappa, ! aEMA ko Aaap apna Sharan may lelo, pl. aur RagNa ko aage badhavo;
    Else, friends, what is it’s all happening in EMA? RIDICULOUS!!; By the Way, EMA, kya jaroorath tha ? Cockroach ko Pooran Polike andar dikhaneka ? dikhake, fir kya huva? JUST TIME PASS, ; ? Has it served the purpose? Has Kamla punished Manda,? the Manthara, who did this Nonsences ? Have they caught hold of supporting role for the Cockroach, Neetu ? A Kya ho raha hai? Bagwan ! RagNa ko Baksh do ! and EMA ko Lead karo, Bappa:

    EMA , also pl.note so far what ever you created pakhi promotion twists that is sufficient for that character actor to get for her a supporting role in any serials in tv as she will never suit or nor she has features or Talents or acting skills or natural beauties ( like sweekt Kalpi urf.Rachana Perulkar who vl b always a heroin & suit for lead role even in.movies too ) to get any lead role in tv sops ( pl.forget about the role in movies, if she dreampt about it !! ) ; ”

    So EMA dear, pl.change the tracks to suit RagNa , make it to happen soon in EMA without pulling its story track further foolish & stupid twists & if you continue to bring ridiculous twists then EMA TRPs will reach the Drains & Drainage as Garbage as EMA will be unliked by all its valued & esteemed viewers !! So All the Best to you EMA to change the tracks to bring Bappa blessed RagNa soon ; ; !!l.”

  7. Hariye Premlatha Chinnayya

    Dear susheelaji
    We are writting requesting so much,You have written so much clearly any clever person can unserstand it and would have corrected them self to give the reality.but what has happened they are least bothered about our comments.They are taking their own decision.Ma’am dhamini is she from India if yes whether she doen’t know the importance of sindoor..Instead of big mouth kamala pand pakhi’s Bashana (lecture) writer would have added a line that Raghav should ask kalpi why r u not applying sindoor.If u want to see me alive you .will apply sindoor choice is yours.This serial is utter crap.

  8. Ajo (@1JonAmu)

    A new positive character..a straight forward no nonsense person who wont give any attention to Kamla ka humla..who will make Kalpi fight back every one to get her love..same with Raghav…

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  10. Hope so not but I think so pookni n raghav will be together
    I m not saying this
    Ema show us past epi pookni kalpi name karan vidhli
    Guru ji ki bhavishyavani

  11. bharati

    Ema poll team have you read our commet which we have given on this poll.becoz for long time we feedback for our chip & bakwas story to chang the lineup of story & today episode is very -very dumb & bakwas.you all of think that vivewers are all ful.as you creat your character ful.like raghav singhaniya,kamala,vitthal,& yes kalpi also,a businessmen raghav he can’t catch the cunning trik of pakhi though she is a daughter of that man who murder his father.even his mother also.i yet not understand how he stand such a big business a big builder of mumbai.you want to show that raghav is foolish & pakhi is mindblowing woo what a mind of pakhi.greatwriter yaar kya audience ko ful banaya.& now you want us to poll for ragana abhi tak kya so rahe tha.apke director .i angree on your hole team becoz you all spread all wrong message to society.you make a very dirty & chip serial.a lady she wants to fight for domestic worker & for truth.but you make her charecter very chip jo kabhi bhi sach ko ne dekh paye na sach ke liye ladh payi.ajj kya hayu kyou nahi usne apni sacchai ka saboot diya jab usse pakhi ke jhooth ke bare mein pata chala why should not she slapped pakhi is jagha kalpi hoti to usse jaroor marti.ye dono ka fark hai.kyou wo pakhi se andha pyar karti rahi kyou nahi usse bhi kalpi jaisi soch di kyou nahi pakhi ne apni self respect ke liye fight ki.kyou kamala ne sach ka sath nahi diya.who one give the answer of my question.& ye raghav singhaniya aisa lagata hai sirf serial mein show peace hai.he has no work in serial .yaar apna khud ka dimag hi nahi lagata ek ladki usko bavkuf bana sakti hai usse doubel cross kar sakti hai kya businessmen suchmuch itne bavkuf hote hai.dekho na kalpi uski lover she is univercity topper lakin ek dhabba khola kyou nahi usne usko samjhaya ki ye kaam tumhara nahi hai.aur ek univercity topper ko job dhodana nahi padata job uske kadmo mein hota hai.company’s khud toppers ko khojati hai.education ka satyanash.a selfish women gauri shyad hi uske jitna selfish charecter serial mein ho who give her shelter 20 year what she diid for them .usse to unka ahasan manana chahiya tha but no ussi ki beti ki insult ki usse mandap mein chod diya yaani usna ye bata diya ki kisi ki help karana paap hai.kya suchmuch ek rich people ki soch aisi hoti hai.gauri ko thodi se bhi sharam naho aati apne kiya per.is serial mein sirf bad bad bad people hi hai.burai hai.aachai to writer likhna bhool hi gayi hai.ab ye to app log hi socho ki ragana ko kaun milayaga.app jo na socho wo thoda hai

  12. Raghav nd kalpi will fight for their love or sammy will reunite raghav nd kalpana or raghav himself or kamla maa will reunite raghav nd kalpana

  13. mayashetty


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  15. sham


  16. i hope lord go ganesha will reunite them. i don’t know u guys observed when kamalama went to the temple to pray for pakhi and brought for her sindoor. Pakhi and Raghav invited for dinner and when they ready to leave kamalama gave the sindoor to pakhi. actually that sindoor was sitting on the pooja tray kalpi was praying and baaba please show me the way then kalpi show the sindoor and applied .after kalpi used the sindoor kamalama gave it to pakhi. i hope this sign showing kalpi and raghav will unite soon. i don’t like pakhi slap to kalpi i felt why kalpi didn’t stop or slapped her back. all kalpi’s patience and true love will unite with raghav. i don’t know why they are showing all the crap of pakhi and her argon attitude towards kalpi.

  17. raghav came to cafe paakhi,kalpi,kamla maa everyone is tensed they turn back to see raghav . raghav came in his car paakhi will loose everything its time to for loose to paakhi .paakhi should not have slap kalpi kalpi says to paakhi raghav is mine not urs pakhi kalpi says stop it paakhi raghav will not go to movie with paakhi kalpi will win challenge all kalpi’s patience and true love will unite with raghav raghav is kalpi’s only raghav nd kalpi made for each other i hope kalpi will tell everything to raghav about paakhi raghav will support kalpi paakhi will loose challenge also paakhi will not get raghav kalpi will get raghav i hope raghav comes to know about paakhi’s true intentions

  18. Wow wat slap kamla maa gave to paakhi in precap raghav should also slap paakhi I wish soon raghav should comes to know about paakhi’s intentions raghav will save kalpi dream

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