Who will reunite Raghav and Kalpi in Ek Mutthi Aasmaan?


Ek Mutthi Aasmaan’s current track is showing how Pakhi is trying to manipulate Raghav to get his love. More than love, she just wants to just get him as she likes him and can’t see him going to his love Kalpi. Pakhi wants Raghav to sit by her side, take care of her, and then he will feel worried for her and that worry and care would turn into love. This is what Pakhi is imagining by herself and showing it to Raghav, and she needs care. She gets her hand cut and shows it to Raghav, just to make him care for her. Raghav regards her a friend and cares for her. Pakhi is overconfident and challenges Kalpi that in one month, she will win Raghav and kick out Kalpi from his life. While Kalpi is sure of her love that Raghav will never leave her and will always keep loving her.

Kamla Maa whose heart always beats for Pakhi first, wants to talk to her, and knows Pakhi is super annoyed with her. Kamla thinks Pakhi needs to understand why she has hidden Kalpi and Raghav’s marriage truth from her, so that she doesn’t get hurt. Pakhi thinks Kamla is supporting Kalpi and is hell bent to boycott her. Kamla comes to meet Pakhi and gets to know that she is not at home since much time. She asks Raghav to call her. Raghav calls Pakhi but she does not take his call to make him worry more for her. Raghav had a meeting with Kalpi at the bus stop as he had to take his file which he left at her restaurant. Kalpi waits for him at the bus stop and Raghav does not turn up, as he is with Kamla looking for Pakhi all over.

Pakhi comes infront of his car and falls. Raghav and Kamla are shocked and rush her home. Pakhi gets conscious and asks him to call her known doctor, whom she has bribed to lie to Raghav that she needs full care. The doctor comes and says Pakhi’s BP is low and Raghav should be around her and not leave her alone in this state. Raghav says he will. Pakhi is glad and after he leaves from the room, she gives her doctor money asking her to keep lying and make Raghav care for me always. Kamla walks in and hearing this, she is left shocked. She can’t believe Pakhi can do this to get Raghav.

Pakhi finally confesses to Kamla that she can do anything to get Raghav, as more than love, he has become her need now, and she has the habit to get something, she gets it at any cost. Kamla gets upset seeing Pakhi’s selfish side. Will Kamla understand Pakhi does not love Raghav and just want to get him? Will she help Kalpi and Raghav in uniting? Else, will Pakhi realize Raghav’s feelings for Kalpi and change her decision? Even Raghav and Kalpi can fight for their love. What do you think? Give your opinion in the poll and reason in the comments.

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  1. kamla -kalpi will reach to raghav will raghav know about the truth

  2. gauri -paakhi cannot reach raghav

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