I will never let anyone or anything hurt you,Promise (Episode-16)


Hey guys here goes the Episode -16 i know u guys are too curious to know the connection between riddi and Arjun so without any blabber of mine lets jump into the epi….

All the three were waiting for arjuns arrival
After waiting for more than 1 hour finally arjun reached there….
Arjun entered in… All the three were sitting silently facing different directions
Arjun saw all the three ???
Arjun : Wat a surprise.. Di and Sam here ?….

No reply
Arjun : Wat happened guys y are you sitting like dis..?
No reply
Arjun : di Wat happened…. Do our love birds fight ?? chuckled arjun….
No reply
Arjun : Wats the problem guys… No one is opening your mouth….
Arjun said in serious tone…
Neil got up from his place and went near arjun
Neil : Arjun Who is dis? Neil showed the photo to arjun
Arjun was shocked seeing that photo in Neils hand ??
Neil : who is dis?

Arjun : I don’t know Neil?
Neil : don’t try to fool me arjun… I saw you crying seeing this pic in that locket
Arjun : I don’t know abt any locket… Arjun said sharply
Neil :Arjun will you stop lying to me… Why the hell are you trying to hide everything from us…. Do u think that I am a stranger or anything else…. Pls tell the truth… Who is she y were you crying seeing this pic….. For God sake pls spit out the truth man…. ???
Neil shouted in anger…. But his eyes were full of tears..
Sam came near Neil and composed him… ??

Sam : Arjun pls tell the truth… If you go on hide your pain Wats the use of it…. You can find your solace by sharing your pain with us ?
Sam asked with concern
Arjun was stood silently for fee secs ?
Arjun : she is my nandu…. My nandini di…. My yelder sister ?
Arjun finally spelled out the truth…
All the three were shocked hearing Arjun???
Neil signed Sam and riddi not to talk
Neil : you said u are an orphan u was brought up in an orphanage den how come sister ?
Neil asked in confusion
Arjun : no one in the world are born as orphan… All orphans are made so by people and situation…
Arjun started breaking bit by bit…
Neil went near arjun he side hugged him in assurance and said Wat happened to ur parents and sister arjun…

Arjun : I was made orphan…. By shyam… Shyam wanted my father’s help in his illegal activities my father refused to help him… One day me nandu ma papa all were going for a picnic in a jeep…. I was sitting in my ma s lap… Nadu was standing and jumping in the backseat… a happy family trip….Suddenly one truck chased us… My father noticed that and tried to escape but the truck was chasing us fast… At one point… The truck hited our jeep…. My mom throwed me out…. Truck crashed the jeep…
My ma papa.. My nandu all died in front of my eyes ??? I was made orphan that day by that shyam ??
Saying this arjun Arjun hit the nearby vase by his fist…

All came to reality hearing the breaking sound of vase… Arjuns hand was bleeding…
He sat on the floor and started crying….
No one expect this… The strong Arjun crying like a kid….
All the three were disturbed seeing arjun like this ???
Neil hugged arjun trying to console him….
Neil saw his hand bleeding…
Neil : y are you doing this to you arjun…. See u r bleeding heavily ? Sam bring that first aid box from that cupboard

Sam took that box and handed it to neil….
Neil was about to dress his wounds
Riddi take the cotton from his hand and started treating Arjuns wounds ??
All the time Arjun was crying leaning over the wall and closing his eyes
Neil started talking softly to arjun still holding his shoulders ?
Neil : Arjun Wat do you do if your nandu is still alive
Arjun looked at Neil confusingly

Neil : Arjun ur nandu is alive…. ??
Arjun : Wat are you saying Neil… Were do you saw her….how is she… Pls take me to her Neil
Arjun started pleading Neil
Neil : Arjun pls compose your self pls arjun….
Neil saw arjun and riddi

Riddi was dressing Arjuns wounds with care….
Arjun saw Neil and riddi.. In confusion
Tears started flowing from riddis eyes and fall in Arjuns hands ??
Arjun saw riddi and Neils face again and again with confusion
Neil nodded his head in positive…. Arjun saw riddis face… She also nodded in positive
Arjun was dumbstruck… His nandu… Infront of his eyes unharmed ??
Arjun : nandu…

Riddi hugged arjun… Arjun was crying happily…
After few secs they break their hug ??

Riddi : but arjun I didn’t remember anything…but i trust you arjun… I can see affection for ur nandu in your eyes… And from the beginning I had a familiar feeling with you .. Though I didn’t remember anything my heart was always saying that u r connected with me… Atlast my inner feelings are true …. But How come ma and papa found me …..
Sam called her parents and asked abt how nandu became riddi

Piyali revealed how they found riddi near a crashed jeep in unconscious state… They admited her in the hospital and treated her after she gained her consciousness they asked abt her parents but she was unable to recollect his past memory so they decided to adopt her and named her Riddi and started raising her as their own daughter…

Arjun thanked them for taking care of his nandu all this time
Arjun wiped his tears and hugged Neil
Arjun :Neil thank you so much Neil for bringing back happiness in my life
Arjun Sam Riddi had a emotional group hug
Arjun laughed and said iam not a orphan anymore…. I have my sisters for me… Arjun hugged riddi and Sam.. And I have the best friend in the whole world
They are shocked hearing a voice… They turned towards the direction of voice
Radika was standing there..
Radika : now I have become an orphan again ?
Radika said again

Radika was hearing the whole conversation of Sams parents standing behind the door
Riddi : radu y are you talking like this ?
Radu : den u are not joining me in ur group hug… Radu faked a anger
Riddi extended his hand and signed her for joining the hug ???
Radu ran to them and joined in their group hug…..
All the 5 were having a group hug…. All having a ear to ear smile ?????
Arjun saw all the others face
Arjuns mindvoice : Iam happy that I got my nandu back.. But my ultimate happiness lies in ur death shyam….

Fortunately nandu didn’t remember anything…else she must have find that I was not telling the truth…. Sorry ….I have not revealed the truth to you guys… If u get to know the truth you will not be happy like this…. I want you guys to be happy as always…i want my nandu to be happy always…let all the sadness and dark past buried inside me….. I will never let anyone or anything hurt you, Promise …This is second time I making the same promise … (he have some flashes of giving the same promise to someone)
You two are the most precious things I have in my life … I will never let anyone or anything hurt you
I will bear all the sadness and wounds…no sadness can reach you until this Arjun is living…

His reaction changes ….
all this is because of you shyam… Though I got back my nandu I will not backup from my revenge…. Smirked arjun

That’s it guys how was it …
Waiting for ur comments….
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