Will you miss Ishq Ka Rang Safed?


Colors’ Ishq Ka Rang Safed started as a beautiful and inspiring tale of a widow marriage. The show has won many hearts by the captivating story line. It has drawn good interest of the fans right since its start. Mishal Raheja’s portrayal of Viplav in initial tracks was much appreciated. Viplav was naughty, cute, sensible and an adorable educated guy. Right now, Viplav is seen as a mature, hard-working and responsible guy. Viplav and Dhaani were accepted as a lovey dovey amazing couple because of their romanticism and humble nature.

Dhaani’s pretty and persistent role was played by the new talent Eisha Singh. She has worked really well and made a mark. Eisha brought the charm by her innocent appeal and her villager accent required for Dhaani’s character. Eisha got replaced by Sanjeeda Sheikh as the show took a leap and Dhaani’s character turned maturely aged. The widow marriage and love establishment in a widow’s life were depicted well in Ishq Ka Rang Safed. The show is ending soon. The viewers will really miss the show, its wonderful thought provoking concept and superb portrayals of the earthy characters played by rightly cast actors. Will you miss Colors’ Ishq Ka Rang Safed? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Latha

    Till leap the show was good interesting and awesome. After leap and eisha’s exit the show lost its charm. Sanjeeda is acting good but something missing . Mishal and eisha’s chemistry was superb. After IKRS missing our lovely, charming and expressions king mishal and his glittering eyes sooooooooo much . Come back soon mishal with a new show and love u so much ????

  2. Devga

    Ofc…. Wil again miss sanjeeda…. Plz sanjeeda come bck again with a powerful character…

    Nd mishal wil also b missed….

  3. Devga

    Omg the picture for this article is damn cute and awesome…. Both r so cute

  4. Latha

    Happy birthday mishal and I am going to miss you after IKRS

  5. Sujie

    Of course….. At some point …viewers were upset due to increasing negativity…… Eisha’s exit….
    Various reasons…..
    But one cannot deny that IKRS has won many hearts ….and the powerful cute lovely couple Viplav Dhaani…. Mishal Eisha pair will be missed …so would be Mishal and sanjeeda ….. And the love for the show will never change???❤️❤️❤️

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    this show was amazing initially vidhaani’s nok jhok i miss it so so much this show actually lost charm not when eisha quit it was when love confession happened because is not easy for a widow but dhaani is young maybe thats why but still they should have shown what happens after that because widow remarriage is not so easy, but vidhaani’s romance managed to glue us to the tv, but viplav’s dad death track was dragged way too much and i felt after vidhaani’s marriage they should have at least show a picture of other widows like rajlaxmi but i liked the way they introduce dhaani’s education track but kamini track was unnecessary and too much thats when show become worse and after leap didnt watch the show much so wont say much but i must say mishal raheja is an amazing actor his expressions are too good be it happy or sad its just amazing initially i was thinking how does he have so many fans when i saw ikrs i got to know the reason and eisha is talented she is doing a good job in ek tha raja and as for sanjeeda i love her acting and personallity she should have done some other show besides ikrs for some reason dhaani character didnt suit her but she gave her best to justify the role of dhaani
    and i woiuld love to thank ikrs due to which i got a lot a lot of amazing friends, thank u so much there are so many that it will be hard for me to mention all and happy birthday mishal raheja may you suceed because you are an amazing actor u deserve better

  7. Ya of course ,I will miss u a lot Ikrs . Plz show ko cuntinew rkho
    I love viplav dhaani . Mishal is an amazing acter .viplav k charater me jaan daldi . chenal ka sab se best show hi IKRS. Happy Birthday Mishal love u

  8. I started to watch this show mainly for its unique storyline.It provided an incite into several cultural concepts not offered in other popular serials. I had no idea about any of the cast …was only interested in the story. BUT as the show progressed it got me interested in anything and everything related to it. Fell in love with all the cast and admired Mishal Raheja’s brilliant acting. This guy kept us glued to the screen whenever he appeared. Unfortunately the writers lost track of the audience’s expectations after around 6 months or so. They dragged the storyline too long……..bringing in Kamini’s track was the worst mistake. This changed the whole concept of the show.
    Post leap, IKRS could have survived if the writers had paid some attention to the fans. So many unnecessary tracks (eg Dhani’s 3rd marriage etc) dragged on and on and on….. If not for Mishal’s acting skills IKRS would have NIL audience by now ….we all stayed post leap just for him. It is unfortunate that it is ending BUT I am so happy to have watched this serial. I know that I would watch anything that involves Mishal Raheja from hereon. He is a brilliant actor no doubt about it.

  9. Surely I’m going to miss ikrs very badly ???it has a unique storyline .
    I’m going to miss mishal very badly ???

  10. Angel20

    Of course I will miss my IKRS??
    My favorite serial!! I’ll miss my Mishal! The show started off well, with story of a widow transforming into a bride again. The shows theme was unique the portrayal of widow remarriage! A social cause! The widows who were considered as bad omen actually now also considered must have awaken the people living in village. That widows can live their happiness again and it’s not their fault that their husband’s died! What’s their fault in it? They have the right to be happy! And it was very well portrayed by the writers. But after the entry of Kamini aka Ishita the concept was totally ruined. It again became like any typical SAS bahu saga. Or the seperation track like any other show! The uniqueness of this show was washed away!and eisha’s exit was another loss for the show! Sanjeida could not fit into Eisha’s or Dhaani’s shoes. Thats my pov! Her acting could not impress me and I too lost interest in this show! But what to do I was so addicted to this serial that I couldn’t stop myself from watching it! Now it’s finally going on the right track and everything is being exposed and I’m loving the track! So of course I’ll miss this show a lot! I’ll miss Vidhaa a lot! And of course Mishal aka Viplav a lot!!

  11. Arshdeep

    IKRS is something that lives in our hearts❤ Its not just a show but part of our life. So undoubtedly we are gonna miss it a lot?? Will Miss “Vidha” be it Misha or Mishsan?

  12. Nima

    of course ….definitely….missing the show n the most adorable Mishal ko v bahoot hi miss karne wali hu?
    after finished the show I’m sure I will gonna be mad? ?

  13. Siddhi

    Would miss it very much loved vidhaani very much

  14. Areeb

    Yes of course! ?? Will miss the show – ViDhaani. ❤

    Wondering woh voted No. ?

  15. Maha_Aijaz

    Yes of course will miss ikrs alot?? viplav dhani vidha kanak dt and all.. just love this serial and will always miss this beautiful serial for sure..

  16. nope….i wont miss this show….
    becoz it will alive in my heart every day…..
    then this is the best opportunity to end ikrs…becoz the fans are not in a situation to bear another kamini….
    if this end here..it will be the best happy ending……
    viplav aur dhani and ya sab characters ko zaroor hum miss kar denge….but now on rishtey it is retelecasting….then we have another options to watch the episodes…..
    and one of the other main reason is the ffs here in tellyupdates….the members here make us stand strong for one another in the times of difficulties in the ikrs….so i will never miss them too…even the show ends we all will remains as the same…..
    and yep our cute birthday boy mishal will be seen in the upcoming show sangarsh…so usko bhibhbhbhi miss karne ki saval hi nahi udtha….

  17. and the other actors are also nowadays seen in other shows portraying great roles

  18. Sure we’ll miss viplav and dhani.mishal ur acting was too good in every emotions.sanjeeda did best and we missed eisha a lot.viplav and Dhani will not be forgettable.

  19. Narendran

    Till eisha was there I watched this show.. After her quit this show lost its charm and time slot also.. Due to early slot.. this show lost trp.. And leads chemistry was not equal to past vidhaani and present.. So only this show is ending it is my point of view..????????????????????Otherwise this show would be superb hit..

  20. i will miss mishal very much. everything changed since eisha left. hope to see mishal and eisha back on screen together. i hope this wish comes true one day.

  21. Vidha is Mishal and Eisha, without Eisha not complete IKRS.Mishal and Eisha unforgettable, best jodi of Indian serials.

  22. Of course we gonna miss mishal, sanjeeda,lovely chemistry between viplav and dhaani.

  23. Many more happy returns of the day mishal,we love u a lot. We the fans will be waiting for ur next show to air. Please come back with a new daily soap soon

  24. Luvleen

    I started watching this show along with Thaapki the same time cause both shows had great strong storylines of these two wonderful characters n their struggles. But in time both serials have changed for the worse. ? I stopped watching this show when the leap happened cause I didn’t feel the new Dhani complemented the role as well and the track went too far from the original issue of widows n their re marriage…they shouldn’t have killed off all the widows like that. Anyways good luck to them all and looking forward seeing Mishal in another serial. His a great actor love his expressions. ???

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      yes loveleen even I watched started watching these two shows together once upon a time they were my favorite shows but now both are 🙁 n evenI stopped watching it after leap

  25. Luvleen

    I started watching this show along with Thaapki the same time cause both shows had great strong storylines of these two wonderful characters n their struggles. But in time both serials have changed for the worse. ? I stopped watching this show when the leap happened cause I didn’t feel the new Dhani complemented the role as well and the track went too far from the original issue of widows n their re marriage…they shouldn’t have killed off all the widowsu like that. Anyways good luck to them all and looking forward seeing Mishal in another serial. His a great actor love his expressions. ???

    1. Luvleen

      Oops not sure what happen here doubled my msg pls delete this one cheers

  26. The leap was the biggest mistake done by ph..because of leap we lost eisha..and also they can be avoided the kamini-vip marg if he unintentionally married her or not..its unacceptable..already kamini entry cause dip in trp but ph never learned from that..they replaced eisha..i cant comment sanjeeda’s acting skills here…may be its her style unfortunately it doesnt suit dhani..they repeatedly make mistakes without hearing what fan’s want..so overall i think ikrs fall because of the lack of wisdom in script writing and loss of vision of future tracks..
    but to be honest untill kamini entry..the show was the unique one with unique concept..vidha as Mishal and Eisha was a divine couple and will be remembered forover..Mishal-Sanjeeda looks ordinary sometimes she looks older than mishal..my pov..i am already missing ikrs post leap..

  27. only one more week to end ikrs show….i really miss this show very much….. but little bit of happy in mishal upcoming serial on same color channel…really so much miss dis viplav character

  28. I will miss Village’s acting. But its good if the show ends on a good positive note. I won’t want the story to drag on or take another twist.

  29. Mishal and Sanjeeda are good actors and should come back soon.

  30. Shanitics

    We r gonna miss IKRS.. It’s nt just a serial.. Bt a serial wth unique plot lines.. We r surely gonna miss.. It especially Mishal.. And eishal jodi ?

  31. I will miss the show becos it was my fav serial I became rahejas fan from the serial nakusha where he acted as a don Pl come back soon in another serial

  32. Anastasia! The wanderer

    I’ll moss the show???

  33. Anastasia! The wanderer

    I’ll miss the show???

  34. Meghs

    We r really gone a miss this series its not just series for us it has become part of our life.. after leap eisha exit made show loss his charm still sajeeda worked hard to gain that same position to her

    I miss this show and mishal.. hope he join othet show soon

  35. Nibha Choudhary

    I miss ishq rang safed too much.

    Serial entne jaldi khatam ho gaya.
    I request to director to restart this serial again.
    Eske katha wastu bahut achhi thi

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