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Episode 15

Okay let’s start it

Sanskar stood silently there. He was complaining to god about his illfate. At that time he was thinking to kill that person who help akash to come out. He silently followed akash and Ragini.

Sanskar – wow my wife didn’t even want to saw towards me. But why If that idiot akash was very much handsome than me. No yaar i think I’m more handsome more than him. I’ll ask Khushi di about it.

Then finally they reached their room. First Ragini went inside the room. So sanskar quickly went and stand infront of the door.
Akash- common yaar let me go inside.

Sanskar – if you didn’t have manners. We are newly married and we need privacy please yaar.

Akash – okay then I’ll come later.

Sanskar – thank god he went. Now I’ll not let them meet them again till we are here.

Sanskar enters the room. He saw Ragini was sitting in the bed.

Ragini – are akash didn’t come inside.

Sanskar – no he has to be fresh right. Thatswhy he went to his room.

Ragini – that’s also right. Okay I’m coming after changing.

Sanskar – okay.

Ragini left to washroom . Sanskar unpacked all the things in their place. Till that ragini returns back.

Ragini – are wah sanskar you had already unpacked the things.

Sanskar – you like it.

Ragini – yah of course. But today you became a very good husband why what happened?

Sanskar – no nothing yr actually till now you had suffered alot. Now i promise I’ll not do anything that will hurt you ever.

Ragini – are today why you are telling like these. If you are fine  na.

Sanskar – definitely yes. Now no more teasing okay i have to go to washroom.

Ragini – yah you go. And then Sanskar left.
Ragini went near her bag and open that. She had always carries a ganesh idol with her.

Ragini – please bhagvan ji don’t let this happiness be end. The dreams i had seen for sanskar and my life please let them fulfilled. Now i can’t lose him again. Don’t let anyone come between us. Please.

After sometime sanskar came out. After talking sometime they hear a knock sound on the door.

Ragini- you sit I’ll see that. And she went to open the door.

Sanskar – god please who ever be at the door please don’t that idiot come please i’m begging you please. He finger crossed ..

Ragini – are akash come inside. I was thinking about you only.

Sanskar – i knew it. Bhagvan ji if i had did wrong with you. Why you are doing this. If you can’t see my state. Now I’ll not pray you again.

Ragini and akash come inside. Akash greets sanskar .

Ragini – come have a sit.

Sanskar – yah please sit .

Akash – no yr actually i came to take you both downstairs let’s go.

Ragini- but why?

Akash – no questions let’s go. And he took them both downstairs.

When they reached they saw many couples are there. Ragini and Sanskar didn’t understand anything.

Ragini- akash what is this?

Akash – are pagal it’s a couple dance programme. You both guys have to take part and I’m one of the judge here. So guys be ready. And don’t give any reason. I’m coming right back. And saying this he left.

Sanskar stood there in disbelief. Because he don’t like dance. He saw towards Ragini. He saw her smiling.

Sanskar – please Ragini no… I’ll not come.

Ragini – please sanskar you are my partner na.

Sanskar – but i don’t like dance. So I’m not coming.

Ragini – okay I’ll ask akash for dance. And she left.

Sanskar – are pagal what you did? you only let that idiot to come near Ragini. Just run sanskar. And he runs near Ragini.
Akash – what happened Ragini ?

Ragini – woh..

Sanskar – thanks alot akash for giving us this opportunity. We’ll definitely take part.
Now let’s go Ragini we have to practice. And he went with Ragini.

Ragini – what you are sure that you will dance.

Sanskar – yah 100% sure. Now let’s go. And they went to the dance floor.

All couples come to the dance floor. Ishq vala love…. plays in the background. Sanskar holds Ragini’s waist and pulls her closer. They both share a very cute eye lock. Slowly slowly they lost in each other’s eyes. They don’t know how many times they dance,what steps they did, they don’t know anything,  but after hearing some sound they come to reality. They turns and saw all are clapping for them. They became happy. After sometime they returned back to their room.

Ragini – thanks alot because of you we got first prize . Just saw the trophy. That was so cool na.

Sanskar – yah now you sleep. I’ll sleep after sometime.

Ragini – why?

Sanskar -I have to complete the presentation .

Ragini – okay good night.

Sanskar – good night.

After sometime sanskar completed his work and went to sleep. But before sleep he saw Ragini. She was looking so innocent from her face. And looking very much beautiful. He slowly moves towards her. Then he thought something.

Sanskar – what is happening to me. Today i did so many things. I locked akash in the bathroom but why only not to let him meet with Ragini. I lied him about the hotel.  But why I’m doing this. If I’m loving Ragini. Then he remembers Khushi once said to him that if you have any doubt then just ask your heart it will answer you. I think it will help me now. He closes his eyes and saw only the moments he spent with Ragini wheather it was about their coaching time or the moments he kissed Ragini everything, her love confession. He opens his eyes. Now he was smiling happily. He got down the bed.

Sanskar – oh god it means i love Ragini. I’m so happy today. I love you ragini. When I’ll tell her she’ll be very much happy. I’ll definitely gonna tell you about my feelings tomorrow only. I’ll make it one of the memorable day for you. Then he also went and sleep beside her.

Precap – if sanskar will propose Ragini and some twist!!!!!

So guys here is the next part. Hope you all like it. And next update will be on 30th December. Don’t forget to give your coment. I’ll wait to know if you like it or not. See you soon. Till then bye and take care. ….

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