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Hi friends i’m back with my next episode. Thanks for supporting me. Really thanks alot for understanding me.

Link for Previous episode

Episode 14

Okay let’s start it

Sanskar was doing his work and Ragini was busy in talking with nikhil. Sanskar saw them and every time he wants to ask Ragini to talk with him only .

Sanskar – if she came with me or with him. What I’ll do. Wow she was busy in talk but she didn’t even seeing towards me.

Ragini – nikhil if your marriage happened or not?

Nikhil -no yaar i was waiting for you but you ditched me. Tell me if you can’t wait for me.

Ragini – common yaar i love him more than myself. And you know what I’m the most luckiest girl who got such a caring hubby.

Nikhil -really but he was not looking like that  .I think he was one angry young man.

Ragini – no nikhil he was very much friendly. Actually he has an meeting na that’s why he was busy don’t worry he’ll talk with you later.

Sanskar – yah I’ll talk with you later.

Ragini – you listen na. I told you.

Nikhil -yah now i’m also excited to talk with him.

In this time they heared that the plane is about to landing. After sometime they landed. Ragini was waiting for sanskar as he went to take their bags. Sanskar came near her.

Ragini – oh ho you came back so soon.

Sanskar – what you thought that I’ll stay there whole night.

Ragini – no no i thought it will take time.

Sanskar – let’s go now otherwise that driver will return back.

Ragini – okay and they went near to parking.

Sanskar – you go and sit i’m coming after keeping the bags.

Ragini – Sanskar driver will keep that you come na.

Sanskar – are if he’ll forger to keep any bag then we’ll have problem na you sit and i have to keep my eyes on someone.

Ragini – what? on whom?

Sanskar – are nothing on driver. You sit na.

Ragini – okay and she sits inside the car.

When Ragini sits inside sanskar hurriedly keeps the luggage.

Driver -sir I’ll keep them.

Sanskar – are no need of keeping slowly keep it fast.

Driver -he keeps the luggage one by one. He saw Sanskar was trying to find someone. Just then Sanskar saw him.

Sanskar – what? Why you are seeing me like this. Are do it fastly na.

Driver -sir you are the first person who was telling me just to keep the luggage fastly whatever be the result.

Sanskar – are yaar do it na.

Driver – sir, i had kept them. Please sit.

Sanskar – okay then. Thanks bro and he went and sit near Ragini.

And they drives off..

Ragini – Sanskar don’t you think today you got our bags easily.

Sanskar – yah . Then he remembers

Fb starts

After sanskar went to take bags he saw akash was also in the queue.

Akash – are Sanskar where is Ragini?

Sanskar – what you will do?

Akash – nothing.

Sanskar – that’s okay. Then he thought how to get bags quickly.

Akash – yaar in which hotel you both were staying?

Sanskar – what you will do by knowing that.

Akash – are I’ll also stay with you.

Sanskar- what but we both don’t know where we are going to stay.

Akash – but how?

Sanskar – are actually Khushi di will tell me on the way she had only booked the tickets.

Akash – okay done. Let’s see. See you soon. But after getting my luggage I’ll meet ragini once don’t go till that.

Sanskar – but where were you going?

Akash – i will come after getting freshing up.

Sanskar – here?

Akash – yah bye but please don’t go.

Sanskar- yah. Bye. And them akash left.

Sanskar – acha bachu first you come na. Then he silently went behind him and locked his bathroom from outside. Now I’ll see how you will come early. Bye and he rushed to take bags.

He saw there was a long queue.

Sanskar – oh god yanha toh itne sare log hai. Now if I’ll stay in line then it will take much more time. And if I’ll be late then akash will comeout and he’ll come with us. No Sanskar you don’t have time. He thinks something. He stands there for sometime then acted like he was was fainting. So the people hold him. The police man also come there.

Police -what happened?

Sanskar – acted. …..sir i’m having headache actually i have to eat medicine .Please give me my bags i have to show it to Dr. Please. And again he acted like fainting.

Police -he helped him to drink water. Okay you come with me I’ll give you them.

Sanskar – thanks sir. And he went with him and get his bags.

Fb ends. ..

Sanskar – he saw towards Ragini she was sleeping. Oh god yeh ladki mujhse kya kya katwayegi.

After sometime they reached the hotel.

Sanskar – Ragini wake up. We reached the hotel.

Ragini wakes up and they enter inside the hotel . Sanskar does all the formalities. Just before they were going they heard someone called Ragini. They turn ans saw it was akash. Seeing him sanskar’s smile vanished.

Ragini – akash you are here.

Akash – yah actually my friend had booked the room here . And you are also here.

Ragini – yah we’ll stay here .

Akash – wow then we’ll enjoy alot haan.

Ragini – yah.

Sanskar – he thought bhagvan ji if you can’t saw my smile. Which idiot let him come out from that toilet. If that idiot will come infront of me then I’ll surely kill him. Wow now he’ll stay here only. Now what I’ll do…

It ends with sanskar’s sad innocent face.

Precap- some masti and if sanskar had started fallen for Ragini? ???????

Guys here is the next part .Hope you all like it. And next update will be on 15th December. guys don’t forget to give your coment. Okay till then bye and take care.

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