Who is your Fav. Star in Thapki Pyaar Ki?

Colors’ sweet and inspiring tale Thapki Pyaar Ki is bringing good drama post Dhruv and Shraddha’s marriage. While the new vamp Shraddha is doing all the things possible to keep Thapki away from Dhruv’s heart, she got a new task to fail Thapki in family’s eyes. Shraddha wants Thapki to lose everyone’s trust and get far from her sight.

Poor Thapki bears all the humiliation and blames without a word. Then comes the savior Bihaan Pandey, who was not determined to marry Thapki. Bihaan earlier was assumed to be paired with Aditi, while Thapki was marrying Dhruv. With the makers bringing shocking twists, Thapki got married to Bihaan and Aditi married the supporting cast villain Diwakar. Aditi and Thapki are adorable sisters who are patiently bearing the bad happenings by the evil doers. While Aditi is courageous to answer back Diwakar and his parents, Thapki still has to get courage to stand against evil Vasundara. Vasundara better needs lessons from her own doings. Diwakar is seen troubling Aditi and her family, having he joined hands with Shraddha. Vasundara, Shraddha and Diwakar’s evil plans just make the good look more better. Thapki’s innocence and Bihaan’s daring attitude got them in this poll, while Dhruv’s romance and Aditi’s sweetness made them get along in the list. Who is your Fav. Star in Thapki Pyaar Ki? Let us know what you think and give your vote in this fun poll by choosing up to two options. You may leave comment as well.

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  1. i like dhruv and thapki pair soooo much but the story line was little dragggging

  2. No doubt…..it’s B for Bihaan pandey who though doesn’t have the courage to oppose his family members…but still wants to save thapki from that chudail……
    And surely his character seems to be killing us day by day with his act….dialogue delivery etc…………the most lovely part is his attitude towards thapki…..

  3. neeraj mishra

    b for bold aur b for bihaan pandey

  4. I am started to watch this show only bcoz of Dhruv-Thapki jodi.But now they are separated by evil plans.even Bihaan is good in heart he did wrong with his bro.The evil Vasu&shraddha are cross their limits and continuing their works.
    I think the initial concept was good but now it’s a below avg show….

  5. Definetly its beep air thahaan………

  6. Fatarajo(PHFFANK)

    Show’s name is thapki pyaar ki but more than Thapki Bihaan is winning audiences hearts , is more of Bihaan Pyaar ka 😛 but I must say not only the character even the actor himself is the best in Thapki Pyaar ki, must admit it tht it’s very difficult for an actor who was suppose to be the parallel lead/villian initially become the lead actor, this shows how well he acted which is why he became the lead well done Manish Goplani doing a fab job as Bihaan.
    Thapki was a very good character but her mahaan aatma skills is very big problem, I just hope she gets back to the original Thapki
    As for , Dhruv and Aditi they are not bad but their characters are being overshadowed , like the determined Dhruv and carefree and brave Aditi is missing.

    1. Bihaan didn’t enter the show as a parallel lead…. When bihaan and thapki first meeting was shown at thst time itself I understood that bihaan is thapki’s soul mate and the Temple scene confirmed it when bihaan said that u should marry someone u hate… It was like bihaan telling her that marry me and when vasundra asked bihaan to stop the marriage the thing became confirmed that he is the lead

      1. Oh thanks I missed some episodes in between that’s why and according to initial spoilers Dhruv n Thapki were supposed to be married but later the spoilers were changed n mentioned that Bihaan n Thapki will get married , thanks 🙂

  7. bihaaaaaaaaaan

  8. hardworking Dhruv…. PLz writers bring life to his character..

  9. No doubt B for Bihaan Pandey is B for best . Love Manish Goplani’s work !

  10. B for Bihaan is the bestest! Love you Manish Goplani!

  11. Thahaan that is bihaan and thapki couple is the cutest of all

  12. B For Bihaan is best <3 <3 Most entertaining & Jaan of drama <3 <3 <3 <3

  13. i watch this show for one and only Bihaan aka Manish Goplani..

  14. Manish Goplani is great actor..i love Bihaan because of his portrayel and well written character

  15. B For bihaan Pandey hi hai show ki Jaan

  16. I LoVe You Bihaan you Are Superb Actor <3

  17. Bihaan Great Actor

  18. One an only bihaan

  19. Is show ki jaan B for Bihaan

  20. One an only bihaan pandey

  21. B for bihaan
    t for thapki
    t for thahaan r for rockssss?

  22. Thahaan love u
    adorable cute pair

  23. only bihaan

  24. My favourite star in TPK is B for Bihaan Pandey
    I wish they focus on Thahaan story…this overdose of saas bahu saazish is becoming intolerable now

  25. Manish aka bihaan?

  26. Thapki and bihaan

  27. Watching Thapki pyaar ki only for Bihaan Pandey.. Love his boldness and innocence ?

  28. I don’t miss a single episode post Bihaan and Thapki marriage. I just love this serial, the casts are very good. But in my POV Bihaan’s character is very good.The way he enacts a scene is perfect and eye catching.

  29. Thapki bihan is aswsome. If u strictly wants the answer then i will say it’s bihan. It nice hearted person. When thapki and bihan merried scence happen in show that time i started watching this seriel. I don’t know abt duruv role in this show.

  30. I can’t understand that why serial maker can think some thing different than presenting the same gurbege full of chudail and their never ending activity . monotonous, pains taking to watch day by day , months after months . Apply your grey cells to create some thing new, some thing different instead of all these rubbish items. Think over it.

  31. My favrt pair is thahaan ….pakka jodi….

  32. of course B for Bihaan
    he is the best
    love u manish goplani

  33. i used to watch this show for Dhruv but they made his character a piece of garbage by snatching his love…I like Bihaan but he didnt do the right thing by marrying Thapki and they made Dhruv marry Shraddha ( The bad one) which is really unfair i wonder y good people only suffer in every single show like seriously Ankit should quit the show as they re not giving any inportance to his character….

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