who am i? swasan ep5


hai frds.. i m back with my next part.. tq for ur love and support

here the story starts—
sanskar is in cloud nine he came home early and ordered the servants to clean d guest room.. and make some delicious food … looking at dis ap asked
ap: wt happened beata.. ? y u said to to clean guest room ? koi aa raha hai kya ?
sanky – with wide smile) haa maa… my lecturer … my idol…
ap-dr.shekar… ?
sanky- ji maa…
ap- don’t take tension about cooking i ll manage here everything…
sanky- love u maa.(while hugging)
ap- me too beta…y u dint uself bring them here
sanky- maa I want every thing perfact I want to welcome my home by myself…
ap- hmm…
at hospital—
shona- baba how u feeling now?
Shekar- baba
Shona- wt happened? Do u want any thing
Shekar- ha… I want my daughters smile.. which is lost from few hours..
Shona-(with tears) I m so afraid baba… pls take care of urself u always do this…?
Shekar- ok.. now eat something …
Lucky- warna patha chala ki tumhara bed bhi lagana padega agle kameremein
Shona- ho
Lucky – abb ye khayiye…(giving food packet)shona ji jaldi khake ready hojayiye hame sanky ki yaha bhi jaana hai…
Shona- Pls ji nahi sirf shona… aapne mere baba ko bachaye hai … kya apa mujse dosti kange?
Lucky- of cource… by d way.. im laksh.. Laksha malhotra… mein bhi yahi sunna chahtata… (winks at her)its my plesure to become ur frd…(in flirting way)
Shekar- accha u r flirting with my daughter … infront of me..(in fake anger)
Lucky-no uncle … I m just…
Shekar- (laughing loudly) don’t get tenced I m just kidding…

After some time
Luky- (in hospital coriddor) shona how dis accident happened? Who did?
Shona- wahi jisne hame layi thi…?par usine badme hamara madad bhi ki…
Laksha- (in mind) ragini .. till now I thought that u r just rich spoilt girl.. but some where ur innocence is still present… every get afraid to invove in all this matter ? oh wt am I thinking she just did this becoz she is d reson for accident may be after seeing shekarji.. she afraid of sanky angry.. and she did this.. nothing much no humanity she s just selfish girl.. just think about herself
Shona- luky where u gone? Come from ur dream land…
Lucky- hmm ha… be ready I ll pic u both in 8;00 get ready…

In evening
Laksha shona and shekar reached mm
Shona- laksha stop car here it self… I have work here ..
Shekar- y beta?
Shona-Papa we r going 1st time there we cant go empty hands ryt… I saw a backery bihind I will bring some fruits…
Shekar- yes beta go and come fast
Lucky- no need shona… not required..
Shona- bye I will come soon….
Shona goes….
Lacky and shekar in enterance…
Sanky came and welcome them…
Sanky- welcome sir… im so happy… how r u feeling sir? R u tired? Y r u standing sir.. come have a seat… and wr is ur daughter(he thinks his daughter is small arround 5… as when sanskar is with shekar he is bachulor so …)
Shekar – he is outside… she will come insometym….
Sanky- sir out side is so cold… it s not good for child….( saying this he goes without giving any chance to talk)
Sanky- wts her name?oh I even forgot to ask dat…baby…. Baby…. Wr r u?(he dindt hind her in garden… when he went to towards gate..he saw a shadow on road.. its coming towards him… every minute his heart beating is get fast… he himself don’t know y? but he stayed there till to get clear image… his heart beat skiped its rythem… seeing the image…. Unknowingly..)wow am I dreming… I m seeing an angle( he pinched himself to get clarification…)
He is lost in her beauty…, innocence… there is some glow in her face which is giving divine look to her…. (who is she yaar? I never feeled lyk this before… for any girl…. ) he crossed his arms lost in her beauty….

Recap- only swasan …….. lil raglak… moment

Hope u lyked d episode…
Pls if I did any mistake… let me know… I ll clarify that from next episode…
Am draging much… pls tell me frds…?

Credit to: varu

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  1. Aami

    so sweeet epi……. lol me too think tht is laksh try to flirt woth shona in frnt of her baba….. n sansakrs concern…. n soo funny for he is tring to find a baby….. n jst lvd sanskar seeing swara

    1. Aami

      yipee am the first one….

      1. Tq aami….?

  2. Ur not dragging…. its going smooth.. do continue…. this chapiee is good

    1. Tq navi ….

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    Superb epi….. Continue soon…..

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