Ishq Unplugged 16th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Unplugged 16th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sunny fumes that she gave idea to Mandy, but he shared new with Antara, that too at 12 midnight. She stole Antara’s song, even then she sailed throught, this is not happening. Shaan comes and tauns her and says he can do a lot, like he can steal Antara’s notes and force her to eliminate. Sunny says she does not need his help.

Antara practices questions with Bunty. Shen then checks her cupboard and does not find her notes. Shaan comes and says she knows where her notes are. Antara asks him to shut up. Shaan says Sunny has come back to get Antara out and stole notes. He continues. Mandy comes and starts fighting. Shaan says they don’t know what Sunny can do. Sunny comes and asks what is going on. Antara says Shaan told she stole her notes. Sunny says let us

go and find. She goes to green room and checks Shaan’s bag and finds her notes there. Shaan says Sunny tricked to get into good books and says she stole Antara’s song. Sunny says no. Antara takes Sunny’s side instead and says she will complain judges against hm. Shaan leaves. Simmy calls Mandy and informs him that his new video hit more than 1 lakh views. He happily informs everyone. Button hugs and congratulates him followed by Sunny.

Shaan angrily walks into dorimtory reminisces Antara and Mandy’s words. Bunty enters and consoles him. Shaan says he did not play dirty this time, but Mandy and Antara took Sunny’s side instead. Sunny speaks to Antara and Shaan is framing her. Antara says she knows. Sunny thinks when will she get out of Mandy’s life. Sunny then goes to Shaan and says she knew he would backbite, so she made a backup plan. She says cares damn about his competition and wants Mandy at any cost. She then goes to Mandy and badmouths about Antara that she told her everything about his family and is gossipping. Shaan then goes and scolds Antara and fights with her.

Next round starts. Host says this is buzzer round and whoever answers most questions will go to next round and then there will be 1 to 1 and whoever does not answer will get eliminated. Judges ask questions and everyone answer correctly. Antara Mandy and Suny go to next round. Sunny challenges Antara. Daboo questions Antara and she answers right. Another judge asks question, but Sunny does not answer. Judge asks Antara next and she answers right and gets an advantage. Dabboo asks Antara if she wants to challenge Sunny or mandy. Antara says Mandy. Dabboo questions Mandy who answers right and challenges Antara. Dabboo questions Antara which singer recorded most songs in a day. Antara thinks. Sunny prays she does not answer. Dabboo counts. Antara says Kumar Sanu. Dabboo says right answer. Antara and Mandy do hi fi. Sunny fumes.

Precap: Mandy asks Antara if she has not done anything without her mom’s permission, he will he take her seriously. She says that is not true. Mandy asks if she will kiss him then and goes near her face.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Precap looks awesome!!!
    Sunny stop troubling antara and Mandy!!

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