Whisper Of Silence ( Introduction)

Whisper Of Silence
Some Moments before He was scolding her But He didn’t Imagined he will be Begging to her for in next few seconds. Some Days before He Used to Laugh At her but it was unexpected She will be the reason Of his Each tear.

______________CHARACTER SKETCH

Sanskar Maheshwari

Not A single whisper can get hear from his life. He is A clam man. He just love Silence but actually love word is not for him. Before He never belived Love exists But now He Hates why love Exists. He is A silent Killer. Who unexpectedly Bagged the Title Of business king In business Universe. He was the Same man was not much into Business world. All his Father Can bark at him nothing else. They were suffering from big loss and The company was at the peak of getting shut but he didn’t care. They were going through shortage of money but He didn’t care After all he was SANSKAR MAHESHWARI. But no one did know why and when did he take business on his head and when Did the company reached so high.

Laksh Maheshwari

Laksh Maheshwari

No wonder  Laksh Maheshwari tried his best to save the company and for him only the company was something but atleast didn’t went shut. Laksh was cousin brother of Sanskar but never Did Sanskar nor Did Laksh thought this both considered themselves Real brother

Ragini Maheshwari

A fashion conscious girl along with conscious about her relation everyone. She is good by heart but short-tempered. Wife of Laksh Maheshwari. She is A lowyer by profession.

Anannya Maheshwari

Daughter of Laksh and Ragini . Age 4 years.
Surrounded by lively Green And The blossoms of flowers
A well designed Mansion was settled in the middle . The big wooden door Followed by some few numbers of stairs which leads it to the Living room. It is made on basement. In the middle of It A well furnished sofa set and tea pot . Everything was so well furnished and Well designed But surrounded by silence. As it was midnight only moonlight the only source of light. Falling in the Artificial lake Outside of Mansion and Lights reflects it through window and Falls in the staircase.
Not A single sound of Insect can be heard. Only his foot Steps were coming out of Stairs. A man in his mid twenties was climbing up the stairs.
He unbolted The door of his rooms. His room was surrounded by Darkness. The cold give Shiver through his spine When the Echoes of Anklets  echoed in his ears

Jise Zindagi dhund Rahi hai
Kya woh Mukaam Mera Hai
Yahaaan Chain Sei Bass Ruk Jao
Kyu Dil yeh Mujhe Kehta hai
Jasbat naye seh Mile hai
Jane Kya Asar yeh Hua hai

Ik Aas Mili Mujhe Ko
Jo qubool kise ne kiya hai

He smiled . He never liked the Sounds of her Anklets But now He loves them. Infact he carves For hearing them.

Kisi shayar ki gazal
Jo de ruhu ko Sukun ke pal
Koi Mujh ko eyu Mila hai
Jaise Banjare ko Ghar

What happened to her?
Where is Swara?

A/N: So how is my story. Well it’s A short story and edited version of My one story which I started on Telly updates but never completed. ” Meta dena Har lamhe uske “

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