Which show do you dislike more currently?

Kumkum Bhagya is dragging these days yet another time. Pragya still does not know Tanu’s child’s father is Nikhil. She will be figuring out soon. There will be Ramleela play in Kumkum Bhagya. The play preparations and enacting will keep the viewers busy for a while. Aaliya’s evil is not totally exposed. She is still good infront of them. Abhi’s silly plans to make Pragya jealous are still going on. Abhi sides with Tanu and acts to romance her. This reminds of the early episodes where the same scene was seen. The show is not progressing enough to hold interest of the viewers.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is getting famous for the horror track coming up. Shagun is a strong character who captivated the viewers since the beginning of the show. When viewers wanted to see Raman and Ishita’s romance and a happy married life, Shagun was always between them being negative or positive. Shagun is the unsaid lead of the show. The latest twist in the show is Shagun’s death which could be suicide being unable to bear humiliation. She should return as an evil spirit to haunt Ishita and take revenge from her. The show will follow filmi style like Krishna Cottage. The upcoming twist look good as per the new promo. The show is trying many things out to keep the viewers interest. Which show do you dislike more currently? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.


  1. yashvora

    both simply royal fans & even trps r only gained when a episode / track is good enough to watch it more then once

    d shows , their lead pairs & d music r d reasons to make us smile but they r giving much more reasons to ignore d shows

  2. Aahana

    Kkb is dragging too much its a long time they r showing this plot
    Tanu Ki pregenency ko bHut time ho gya lekin bhi zero size h lol

  3. i am watching yhm only it is not so bad it okay to watch not irritation so much but yhm
    writters not to spoil Raman character this much they must consendrate Raman character
    and ishra’s relation better like before.

  4. chinni

    I really like to watch both serials first.but now iam not watching any one,because both serials r dragging nd making less intetest to watch.so iam not voting for any.

  5. sona

    there is list of serials that I dont watch n think supersuper boring irritating..yhm n kkb I liked watching these 2,but stopped watching it long back.kkb I watch a little though but yes track is been dragged tooo much

  6. sona

    also I dont knw who watches sasuraal simar ka,its totally bakwas.Serials of Z Zindagi channel are really good n hav some sense .I liked manmarziyaan,reporters,ky2,serials shud hav limited episodes

  7. sona

    I know ekta kapoors serial later in serial hav too much of dragging..but start is usually super duper So looking forward to watch “Yeh kahaa aa gaye hum“

  8. diya

    yhm i thnk abhi thk ho jayega kuch din o mein har serial ka bura waqt hota hai .. yhm ka bhi abhi bura waqt chal raha hai . atkeast raman ishita k beech misunderstandngs to clear ho gayi ..abhi ye horror trck hoga . fir uske bad sab thik. i trust in god . i prayed to him ki leap na ho .nehi huya . now am just praying ki yhm pehle jaisa ho jay. sayad iss bar v bhagban meri sunle . #hopeneverdies

  9. Razzy

    I think kkb is dragging to much, it’s been long time for pragya to find the truth about who is the father of tannu’s baby and tell abhi about it

  10. rhia

    Hate yhm……just cant watch it anymore…still i m not watching it…..just hate karan. From the bottom of my heart….cant bear the cheap and idiotic drama ……..hate divyanka too…..just love the remaining cast who are more better than the leads…….love anita

  11. Vinu

    Kkb have lots to show… but instead of the main track they r showing just boring scenes.. routine scenes… dragging like anything… comparatively yhm is better becaz whatever the twist or issues they solve it very very soon.. hardly they take one month to solve it.. but this stupid Kkb nothing has changed from past six months… till now after many things stupid abhi don’t know abt his family….

  12. Ayesha

    please stop dragging in kum kum bhagya and expose tanu , aliya and Raj..

    please expose them and finish this current track and unite abhi and pragya…

    its a request to producers of kum kum bhagya…

  13. anu

    yhm was a sensible story.dnt make it nonsense by adding ghost track.this is not sasural simar ka or sathiya like show.dnt lower its standard.people r fed up of these typical drama serials.these serials make u feel like we live in 1857.we r watching the same story for years & years.shows like yhm raise our hopes but the makers r spoiling it again.if u like ghosts & black magic make the damm horror show.dnt promise us a love story then turn it into horror.

  14. Lilly

    Both r interesting popular shows but now kumkum bhagya is dragging they should end now the matters of tanu and Aaliyah . Abhi should know pragyas truth.they both should continue their marriage life.then maybe the show gets more trps

    Yeh hai mohabbatein is going good but again a horror track that too because of shagun is not good.they should start shaguns and manojs life track and Raman ishithas daily nok jhok and romance but it’s not going in that track so I think that compared to this show kumkum bhagya is goofing good

  15. Ququnus

    both shows are boring… fed up of all these nonsense secene. Adding sath nibhana, qubool hai, jamai raja, meri aashiqi, kumkum bhagya, yeh h mohabb.., yeh rishta kya.. Plz shut these show off. Getting day by day unbearable.
    Get sm idea frm Z Zindagi n make sensible limited episodes drama serials.

  16. Amna

    No problem NIBIR … I also like kum kum bhagya …

    But too much dragging … Its a request to producer to speed up the program and finish the current track

  17. nik

    yhm is one of my fav. kkb i don’t like this. yhm ab horrar sense se top 1-3 me aajayega. i pray to god ke leap na aye or ra-ish separate na go nd kids bhi ishita se dur na ho.

  18. DC


  19. Dev

    I like KKB even though it is dragging
    It has got amazing actors which makes us to watch again and again.
    but pz unite Abhi and Pragya.
    Let them join together and face all the problems

  20. Plumpyyy

    U gotta add another show…saath nibhana saathiya!! That’s utter crap!! But kkb is watchable for me… Yhm no idea but i love ani di lots!! Anita hassanandani rocks!! N u gotta add yrkkh,dbth,satrangi sasural,tsm,tmh,qh,ssk,ssel… List is too big! But sns is most!! Kyy outta it…kyy roxz

  21. K

    You have left out another one. MATSH. I don’t watch YHM but kkb and matsh doesn’t worth watching. So irritating. Unreal, boring, what else complete crap.

  22. unab

    both serials r quite disgusting, almost all serials but ssel in star plus are irritating,
    very boring. can’t even read their updates.

  23. christy

    Boring……..when pragya knw tat true n her family too this is too much to show the same drama ….I rely fetup this drama now I want to watch a new show…

  24. lee yan

    so less commentsss.. can’t believe this.. when is those devil tannu and aaliya plus raj gonna be exposed????? really!!!! this is very disappointing…. i’m so saaaaaaaad.. 🙁

  25. rsmani

    I luv kumkum bhagya… what happens Mr.writter and director sir… now it is too much dragging.. there is no fame… the lovable fight between abhi and pragya is lost… after pragya accident a memorable serial is getting worse… think well director sir..make the story more sensible…pl….

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