Where is Heart There is Life Episode 23

the episode starts with sam is in auto and crying. she recalls her past.(fb shows that sam is in a garden at night and its decorated beautifully. sams crying and says why did u do this sameer? a boys back is shown and hes standing on sams opposite. the boys name is sameer.he says what did i done?sam says why did u cheat me? he says what did u think i really love u? sam says then why did u told me that u love me and now leaving? he says how fool u r! u thought i truely love u. sam says why did u do this? to pass time and earn money. sam says passing time and earning money? sameer says of course. whenever i asked for money u gave me money. i trapped u as u r rich. i knew that if i can make u fall in my love then u will do what i want. when i want money then i went to u with teary eye and u gave me money at any cost. and never asked where i invest these money. sam says so u did this all for money? sameer says of course. but now u r useless as u have heard my conversation with my friends about how i cheat u. so now its obvious that u wont give me money from today. sam slaps him and says u r so cheap minded. u play with someones emotion for money? shame on u. i will now go to police station and complain aganist u. sam is about to go but sameer stops her. he says what prove u have? police will ask for prove. and think when people will know this how will u r family face it?sam says i dont care about society. sameer says okay go but whom against u will complain? u dont know anything about me. and forget about my biodata u dont even know my real name . sam says i will never forgive u. sameer says ur badmouth will not punish me. till today i have trapped my girls. even i had marry some girl and after forcing them to give me money i have abandoned them. sam says u r a criminal.sameer says im dumping u right now. he goes but before going he says good bye and it will be better if u dont try to find me.) (in whole fb sameers face isnot shown) now sam is crying on auto and says i want to forget my past.

neil comes at home. he tries to call sam but she doesnt answer. neil says i think shes disturbed. i have to do something. if she dont love me then its okay. but shes my best friend. i should help her. i have to find out why shes so disturbed.

anu comes at home.madhvi comes and asks what happened today? anu acts to become sad. madhvi says dont worry.u will find better guy.anu smiles and says mom arjun proposed me.madhvi asks really? anu says yes. madhvi says im happy for u. mohit comes and says me too.anu says dad! mohit says ur mom had told me about arjun. i have gather information about arjun and hes really nice guy. i think if u wouldnt love him then i would try to convince u for arjun.anu huges mohit.anu says u know today arjun took me to his house and there i met his elder sister priya di who returned to mumbai from london after many years. mohit says then we should invite her at our house. madhvi says we should throw a party. there will invite ms priya and arjun andeven all internees will as they havent visit our house. mohit says u r right. anu says okay i will invite all.

its morning. arjun is getting ready.priya comes and says i want to talk to u. arjun says yes tell me. she says u love anu right?arjun says yes. she asks will u marry her? if u want i can go to anus home with marrage proposal.arjun huges priya and says i love u di. he holds her hand and says yes but before this wedding i want to know more about ananya. i want she to know me.priya says its a good thought. okay as u wish.

the scenc shifts to rishikesh. dadaji is getting ready. dilip says lets go. dadaji says yes.they comes out of house.dadaji asks in which hospital we r going? dilip says city hospital of rishikesh.they hire a auto and go.

precap: dilip and dadaji comes to hospital. a nurse comes gives dilip a serial number.dilip and dadaji waits for their turn. on the other hand madhvi is directing house staffs about decorating house for party.

credit to: Natasha

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guys i really want to continue our friendship and its my little try to give my friends some happiness through this story written by me.and forgive if my writting is not up to the mark and if theres any type of typos as i havent read it after writting and i have written it in small parts in 6days.

guess something about sameer. pls try.
kfar,thena,anu where u r? missing u a lot.nisha and tasnim api continue ur conversation.and tell me about ur vacation programe.


  1. Hai buddy nice epi..I liked the Scene of Arj and Anu’s home discussion and so Sad for Sam yaar plz Sam try to forget about Past and try to move on c Neil is there for u…
    I think in upcoming epis it is gonna disclose that Anu is Rads?… Right?..Then I am eagerly waiting for it buddy…I am waiting for Party ? scene too…
    Sameer is Rads bro?.. Its just a guess..i don’t think so it is possible … And Is Sameer gonna come in upcoming epis?… Nice going..keep writing and waiting for next part eagerly..take care ? buddy and love ❤ u loads?..
    From where u r?.. And wat doing?. studying or working buddy?..

  2. Shub

    Natasha, thanks for the update!! Wish somethings happen at hospital and they get a clue about Radhika!! Waiting for ur next update!!

  3. Roma

    Hi Natasha lovely episode, very sad to know Sam’s past. Happy for Ardhika marriage proposal….Keep it up with this amazing story…Eagerly awaiting for the next episode.please update soon. Love you loads and very very tight hug

  4. chithu55

    Guys..i used to watch manmarziyan in the beginning..but now for quite some time, am not watching it…so i am trying to understand what is going on now..i know till Radhika getting married to Arjun and the frnzship of Radhika and Sam broke..

    Sam was in love with Arjun rite?? and who is this Sameer now? ? and it is Radhika who is acting as Anu??

  5. Hey natty…amazing episode buddy…feeling sad for Sam,when she vll understand abt our Neil,and his true love for her….am eagerly waiting wen dadaji and arjun vll come to know abt anaya real identity… Tight hug for u buddu

  6. nisha

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Hey dearieeeeeeeeeeeeees , how r u.

    Didn’t you notice this video . Hey at least tell me you watch it or not. Or you watch it before than me. Or anything.

    At least need your reaction on this . I updated in last none check it.

    Radhika/Monica Sehgal New promo add shoot for Movie channel


    I just want to know the reaction friends Whether its positive or negative or neutral. Just to know what you feel.

    • nisha cn u plzz temme wt z dr in dt video..cz m in granny’s hme nd my net z vry slw…so cnt wtch videos dea..plz tellme if u cn..

  7. nisha

    Hey mandy this is our feelings that connected all of us dear me to you , u to me.

    Hey tasnim dear , u are my lovely friends dear. For ur sake I will be able to tell u dat I am a girl For sure dear. But anything more here not appropriate .

    But till then .

    Rishte me to ham tumhare friend lagti hu naam hai nisha.

    NIsha ah ah haa haaa haaaaa.

    Dear Trust on words feelings comments that are pure and true truly comes from my heart. Love u dear all by my heart.

    Natasha Whatever we chit chat here. You always be a part dear. Always welcome with lots of hugs dear. With warm welcome .

    Come anytime anywhere afterall.
    We are sitting in your house dearr.

    Nats you are become my dearest friends and all of u tasnim, mandy, zara,chinni, and all dearieeeeeeeeeees.

    Hey mandy ,mandy ho ya mansi you heart are still the same. YOu are our sweet dil ka tukda dear.

    Dil ka rishta bada hi pyaara hai
    Kitna paagal ye dil hamaara hai.

    Hum sab ek doose se baate karte hai
    Dekhta ye tu ka zamaana saara hai

    Saare yaha comment karte hai
    aur ham apne telugu yaha padhte hai.

    He he he hehe ahhhhhhh he he he he he he

    Hey nats this one is for u and for all my deareies .

    Nats Congrats dear. Tumhari kahaani ne yaha 100 century marlee.

    Tumhare muh me 100 choclates , 1 cholo lava pastry,, so many choco bites and a big choclate cake dear. Well you can add some more sweets if you want he he he

    Hope your tummy get full now . Challo Jake so jao . Kisi ko bataana nahi itna sab khaaya hai nahi to mummy gussa karengi.

    Good night dear. Sweet dreams.

  8. nisha

    This one is for all my dearest lovies

    Fly like a bird fly like a masakali


    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh in starting of that video one can also watch bajirao mastani teaser.

    Enjoy it dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    And ya do tell please the reaction on the radhika /Monica sehgal vvideo luv u all. my lovieeeeeeeeeees.

  9. nisha

    Hey dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.
    Finally I am telling u , now no more hiding dearieeeeeeeeeeee.s

    I am an Indian dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    Naam kya hai ?
    Kaam ki maari

    Ghar ka pata do

    Dil hai tumhara

    Karte ho kya?

    Tum sab se pyaar


    kUCH bHI hO YAAR.


  10. nisha

    Hey nats dear.

    What to say . Touched with the story .U touched my heart dear.

    Well want to tell u and all my dearieeeeeees.

    A friend of mind face in reality a person like sameer. He useher for money emotionally trapped her. and take money whenever he wants . Sameer chaaracter makes me remember that incident and without telling any name I just want to inform u that such creeps are really exist in real life too.

    When I asked her why you are spending money on him. She simply tell me at that time I was full in love with him.

    And Girls when a girl fall in love she love with full whole heartedly a person. She can do everything to make her relation more strong .

    Would u agree dearieeeeeeeeeeees? Or won’t u?

    Except it nats I really loved the character of anu parents. They are awesome .

    Loved u dear Keep wriiting.

    • i agree wth u nisha..wthr d guy z good or bad if a grl falls fr him thn she’ll lve him wholehrtdly….nd sme grls hv potential to chng d guy bt sme grls bare the pain gvn by thm..,.

  11. Harani

    Sam’s past is still in her mind ..bt our Neil is nt like others right ..make Sam realize it soon dr..cant wait so long to see Sam and neil’s love …ardhika scenes missing dr ..soon reveal radhika’s truth yaar ..loads of love ❤

  12. nandhini

    nice one …hope everything will happen fine at anu’s house.
    But i felt getting marriage soon is too fast.bec we want to enjoy the love,romances betw anu and arjun for some more time.

  13. Natasha

    Yes nisha. I have heard many stories like ur friend. Through this track i want to show the reality of people like sameer who play with girls emotions. I want to make aware the girls about these cheaters. And i also want to tell the girls not to fall in traps of people like sameer. The result of falling in these traps are dangerous. Like now ur seeing sam in a pathetic state and shes metally disturbed. This type of mistake can lead ones life towards ruining. sometimes till when girls know about reality it becomes too late. Even at sometimes these cheaters dont tell about their real identity. So girls cant take action agaist them.And i want to tell the girls who have done mistake like sam that they need not to fear. They should fight with it. They should lead a normal life. And thats my motive to write this track. Hope u all r liking my motive of writing this track.

  14. Hey Natasha bohat hi acha lik thi ho it’s awesome !!! Hop to c 100 cmnts here toooo !!!

    Hey manha !!! N I real per Enti ???

    Hey Nisha jus awesome links !! N ta muje Pehle se hi pathatha ki tum Hindi bolthi !!! But still Love u !!??

    Hey Deepa hw r u yaar ?? Whr is ur story???

    Hey Sree chinni pragna Sandy !!! Ela vunnaru???

    Hey tasnim yaar kaha ho ???

    Guys it’s me Mandy in nd as Mansi !!???

  15. tasnim

    @NATASHA- stry is going vry well dr…nuvu ela unnanvu..? Nenu naku nachevu lot lot lot ….

    @NISHA- I knew it u r a girl n Indian tats why i ask ur pradesh… I Realy xpected 4rm my heart u,l tel me bt nvr mind its okey u have a privacy…stil ur my sweet heart dry…

    @MANsi… HELlo sweetie pie… Keise ho…? Or hw do u celebrating puja..?

    @ireena @ZARA @BRITY @PRAGNA @SHUB @ROMA @SANDYA @DEEPA @THENA @HAYATHI @SREE @Kfar(rockstar mising u a lot) n al d othr frnds Hw r u al?

  16. tasnim

    @NATASHA- stry is going vry well dr…nuvu ela unnanvu..? Nenu naku nachevu lot lot lot ….

    @NISHA- I knew it u r a girl n Indian tats why i ask ur pradesh… I Realy xpected 4rm my heart u,l tel me bt nvr mind its okey u have a privacy…stil ur my sweet heart dry…

    @MANsi… HELlo sweetie pie… Keise ho…? Or hw do u celebrating puja..?

    @ireena @ZARA @BRITY @PRAGNA @SHUB @ROMA @SANDYA @DEEPA @THENA @HAYATHI @RICHA @CHINNI @NEHA @SREE @Kfar(rockstar mising u a lot) n al d othr frnds Hw r u al?

    • Hey tasnim !!!
      Mein ek dam 1st class hu !! Tum kaisi ho yaar !!! ??

      Acha tasnim can I also learn Bengali bcoz I m also very interested in learning sth new !! ???

      So pls teach me any words !!! ☺️☺️

  17. tasnim

    *@Mansi- Am also fyn by d grace of almighty dr…of course i.d like to teach u its vry easy n similar with hindi


    I – ami ;
    My – amar
    U- tumi (same age or close hua to ) / apni (eldr 1 or respected )
    ; ur – tomar
    WHAT IS UR NAME? – Tomar nam ki?

    MY NAME IS JERIN -amar nam jerin
    aj ei pOrjonto thak(aj etna thak)

    • Natasha

      @Tasnim is ur full name jerin tasnim?
      @mansi ur name mandy and mansi is beautiful. If u dont mind can u tell me ur real name?
      @ all guys r u liking my motive of writing sam and sameers track? Read my motive of writing this track in my last comment which is above devis comment.pls do tell me. And if u know any other story like this which u know or heard then pls share us.

  18. chinni

    super ga unnanu mansi .nuvu ela unnavu.niku me kutumbha sabhyulandariki vijaya dasami subhakankshalu.
    Happy dasara to all my dearieeeeees.

    • tasnim

      [email protected] begunnavu… Wish u also a vry happy daseera…

  19. nisha

    Hey seher really luv u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much dear. Dear Its a channel promo dear for movie channel its like an add in which radhika wore a black hot and s*xy floral dress . She is looking amazing in it. And love the add too. At least she is visible for other channels.

    Luv u dear. soooooooooooooo much . Keep writing and keep commenting.

    And ya I more infor dear , my friend jiska kissa maine kahaa tha now she is get over with the incident and happy in her married life with her hubby.

    Whenever the internet is ok check this video I am posting it again.


    From the last 2 days I am requesting u really like to u all to at least for insaniyat sake tell me whether u like our beloved monica sehgal new promo video for movie channel.

    do u even watch it or not. Or do you like it or not. Or any things negative positive neutral.

    Well the reason why I am asking it again and again coz I really want her(monica/Radhika) to be shown as soon as possible in other show.

    And I am genuinely happy when I saw her new teaser for movie channel at least she come out from her den (house)

    Dats it girleeeeeeees just am happy want to share the happiness but nobody notices it. even .
    May be coz of the long comment or don’t know. But I am sad. No body notices it.

    hey nats nice motivation dear , Really read ur full comment and happy to read it dear .Luv u dear for such an inspirational motivation. Dear want to inform u as just like ur advice even she fight with it and overcome d circumstances and now happy in her married life with another one. Luv u dear And please check radhika video and share ur views’

    Hey tasnim , really luv u dear u will understand and respect privacy but one day i may tell u the same give me some time dear and will luv u always after all apne dil ke tukde ko rootha hua nahi dekh saktee.

    hey mansi luv u dear Keep writing and keep commenting dear miss u all from my heart.

    Hey zara where r u can’t find u dear miss u.

    Check d video dearieeeeeeeeeeeeees

    Radhika monica sehgal new promo video video for movie channel

    • tasnim

      [email protected] WAIting 4 d day luv u lots dr…[email protected]

  20. Natasha

    Yes nisha. I saw the promo. Im finding monica in a new avater which is completely different from radhika. I think monica is now testing her in all style.

  21. nisha

    Luv u nats , Soooooooooooooooooooo much at least you react .

    Well seriously she get a new serial and we get to watch her new serial soon.

    Dear A video for u of a childhood love from boy side.

    Check this out nats


  22. tasnim


    Pal, do pal, ki hi kiyon hain zindagi
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  24. nisha

    happy dusherra to u chinni and to all my dearieeeeeeees.

    This dushera leave one bad habit of yours so that this day makes a new change in ur life. Luv u deareeeeeeeeee.s

  25. Natasha

    @nisha,mansi,seher,shub,brity,roma ,zara,pragna,sree,deepa,tanya,kfar,richa,neha,tasnim,and all how r u?

    • tasnim

      @hai natasha sweet heart dn.t u like d song.,..?

      *@Nisha- ITS CALL HEART 2 HEART CNNECTION…AM REALY AMAZED EVEN I THOUGHT ABOUT IT before like u n 2day have time so update it
      yaap I aslo LIKE D Movie vry much o AM SO sry to say i dn.t have 3g cnnection in my phn so cn.t watch d promo nahi to kab ki tme reaction deti Lov u lots al drs

      @MANSI-Bohot busy ho na puja k lia ao na mising u…
      @sree-tnx yar missed u too…

      • S yaar seriosly bohat hi busy hogayi hu !! But now I hv free tym !! But not 4 long !! ??

        Hey tell me sme more words yaar like wat r u doing, whr r u, n how to reply wen sme asks u hw r u !!! Pls yaar do tell huh !!!??

    • Hey Natasha yaar wat to do aaj toh dasera hai isi liye puja tha n then guest aye fir frends n oders !!! Is jus now evr1 started leaving!!

      So I m free now !! I m fyn yaar !! Wat abt u ???

  26. tasnim

    @MANSI- Oh dr happy 2 see u…okey baba nw am gonna tel u s’me mre word…

    LESSON 2 WHERE-Kothay

    Whr r u ?- tumi kothay?
    WHAT R U DOING-Tumi ki korteco?/korco?
    HOW R U?- tumi kemon aco?
    I.m fine -Ami valo aci .
    I LIKE U- ami tomake pocondo kori.
    I LOVE U – Ami tomake VALOBASI tats it
    dr hope u BECOME HAPPY 2 LEARN A LOT…O
    Happy-khusi Lot-khub/besi/onek, 1 mr thing ki er pronunciation(key chabi ka us tara ki=key)
    HAVE A VRY NICE TIME WITH UR FAMILY N FRINDS (Tomar poribar abong bondhuder sathe khub valo somy katao) khub esay na

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    Hey dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeees. Hello my lovieeeeeeeeeeeeees , how r u.

    Its okey whenever your net is ok or you got the time you check the video and share your reaction.

    Hey sree how r u dear. Loved you dear . Even I like monica new avataar in that promo shoot add. Just because My heart is waiting for her to watch in new serial as soon as possible.

    Love u dear sree, even u r coming here and share ur feelings with us when u r so busy with ur studies for exams .I am touched dear. Love u dear.

    Hey mansi its ok dear tym na mil paane ke baad bhi you are at least once in day visiting here.

    U know for u dear ek line yaad aayee,,,,,, itna paisa me itna ich milengaa that line from sbs.

    whenever u got time visit here. Luv u buddy,

    hey chinni hello dear again u are spreading ur mithaas here luv u dear.

    hey tasnim luv u dear now i am totally sure that we thought same kunjam kunjam (thoda-thoda) hi sahi.

    luv u dear.

    hello richa dear , really nice to see another mmz fan here luv u dear keep writing here and sharing ur manmarziy7aan

  28. nisha

    Hey nats how r u dear, I am fine dear,

    We are having so much fun here, know dat u r so much busy waiting for d update here buddy.

    U know by ur name i don’t know why i am thinkind that dis might be ur real name or close to ur real name. Tell me if you will be able to tell here with ur own choice . Its a social site. so no heart feelings or else we are really loved u natasha

    Today 2 songs I am dedicating here for u and all my lovieeeees deaer nats

    1 is refreshing , zindadili se bhara hua

    Jiya jiya re jiya re jiya jiya re jiya re
    from jab tak hai jaan


    2nd one is that makes u cry so much heart touching for them whom we loved so much and they are no more in our life exists. For their rememberance.

    Chitthi naa koi sandes jaane wo kaun sa des jahaaan tum chale gaye

    Chitthi na koi sandes jaane wo kaun sa des jahaan tum chale gaye jahaan tum chale gaye


    a jagjit singh gazal .luv u all dearieeeeeeeees luv u nats

  29. Natasha

    @Tasnim,nisha,mansi,chinni,sree,richa,swara,brity how r u all?
    @nisha u all r having fun. But im sick.so cant update. And im not feeling good today.
    And nisha my name natasha hears similar to nisha. hears As we r sisters. Ha…ha…ha…
    @tasnim i loved the song
    @Mansi and tasnim taho le tomra nijeder role change korecho? teacher to student ar student to teacher? Tasnim like mansi tumio onek bhalo teacher.

    • Hey Natasha!!

      I m fyn yaar !!!

      Hw r u bud ???

      Hey thanq 4d complmnt !!! ??
      Actually I dinn no dat u n tasnim r Bengalis !!! ☺️☺️

      Hey nats u can also teach me yaar !!??

      Hey u dinn tell me ur real name !!
      Pls tell me yaar !!???

  30. tasnim

    [email protected]
    @Natasha*-amio motamti ser main dard hain 4 loud noise… oh my lovly age bolo ni keno tumi ato valo bangla jano so happy 2 see Ami tomake KHUB KHUB KHUB VALOBASI by d way hw do u knw bangla it sounds so nic Just loved loved loved

    @Nisha’ like d sng lot lot ya again i want 2 say Kuch to hain tere mere darmiyaan heart 2 heart cnnection…

    @mandy,..tumi kothay, puja kemon celebrate korla?

  31. zayn

    Hi natasha reallly soooooooooory I couldn’t dese days coz I went out of town but I loved ur updatesss……..:-). 🙂 🙂
    I thnk ur fastforwarding the ardhika scenes……… Yaar I wanted a bit more romantic sequnce b/w dem the proposing scene ……… A bit of misunderstanding jealousy…….drama…… But it a direct proposal without melodrama ………. Don’t feel bad coz dis my opinion and reallly really really really really if u felt bad about my commet but pls don’t stop writting……. And I am eagerly waiting 4 ur next update………..
    And on sameer I thnk with help of neil and family support she will be able 2 come out of sameer wala trauma I thnk he is d vamp of nesam but der is no -ve character 4 ardhika……… And pls don’t let anu know she is radhika …… 1st arjun should know den he has to radzz n radzz shuld not belive him……. N break up wid him n den how arjun will belive dat she is radhika n not anu it wil be really fun 2 see

    Pls feel bad dese are just some of my stupid suggestions……. If u don’t lyk dem I am sorry n pls don’t take any thing seriously……..

  32. nisha

    On yesterday evening I recommend too songs don’t know why my comment just not post here.

    I recommend 2 videos anyways I give it to u all twice dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    How r u all. zara, nats chinni, tasnim, mansi, , richa hey dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees how r u all .

    Really nice day . Yesterday night I feel cold breeze first time . I need to just off the fan by myself because I feel so cold .

    Oh finally winter begins for me.

    what about u dearieeeeeeeeeeeees.

    Soon posting the songs too luv u dearieeeeeeeeeeeees.

  33. Natasha

    Guys a notice for u all. I have changed my storys name into where is heart there is life. So while searching on telly updates.com write where is heart there is life.
    I hope u all r fine.

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..