What’s your take on Kumkum Bhagya’s upcoming track?

Zee Tv’s Kumkum Bhagya is going directionless again. The makers have got a new track for the viewers, which is disliked by the fans on the social media. Since the news of Pragya’s re-kidnapping plus rape track is read by the fans, the show is slowing getting down. The show did not bring any positivity since a long time. Having done Pragya’s makeover and making her rule Abhi was the only change seen in Kumkum Bhagya. The evil is winning all the way and good is biting the dust. The show is bringing a bad concept by the upcoming track. After some good raise, the show is upsetting the fans again.

Kumkum Bhagya

Right now, the track is shown where Pragya is trying to expose Aaliya. Pragya’s uncle who was supposed to play the role of a sardar producer gets sick. He is unable to play the role, which makes Bulbul take over the sardar getup. Bulbul and Pragya reach the hotel where Aaliya has been invited. They set up the camera and microphone in order to collect the evidence. Purab lands there and gets into a fight with Bulbul. The track does not give any value to Abhi and his heroism. Abhi does not have any sense of realization to evaluate things around. Pragya would be landing in big problem after Aaliya gets exposed. Aaliya would be taking revenge from Pragya and ruining her life. What’s your take on Kumkum Bhagya’s upcoming track? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment on the track and this poll too.


  1. Mira

    They can make it more interesting by not delaying this track….
    I think this plot is going on for almost 2 months…
    They drag it too much…..

    • Waiting to See

      If they write in another weak kidnapping storyline that includes RAPE this time – they may as well take it RIGHT off the air. They have already completely changed the storyline and made it boring. Now they want to add evil to weak and sorry. Cant they think and come up with something that viewers would enjoy. Not bring in a rape story is NOT going to create interest – it is going to do the opposite. Find NEW writers if this is the best they can do – KKB is going down the toilet.

  2. we all are just waiting like fool since the first day of kb that pragya and abhi will be together.. but not a sign for that .. infact the story is going on different direction.. I va totally stop watching it.. just a waste of time..

    • Jackie

      Fire all the writers and bring in NEW Writers, The show is a big drag. How can you go from comedy to the tragedy of a rape???? Fire them all. Hire some that can think and are creative.

  3. Mary

    This is dragging for too long. Where is Nikhil ? how come no sign of him? please make it end faster as this is getting too long and boring !!

  4. Plzzzzzzzzzz change the track and let nothing happen with pragya and abhi.REUNITE them plzzzzz.all of us want to see that.husband and wife made for each other

  5. Stop all the evil plans of aaliya and tanu writer .is tooooooooooooooo muchhhh now.show us good things.be an example for all of us.I hate aaliya and tanu.why the evil is winning all the way and good is biting the dust.let the good winning all the way and the evils biting the dust .I like to see now how aaliya and tanu are suffering so much.

  6. kerona

    Bring nikil again reunite abhigya it’s my abhigya ladies group request don’t bring non sense track like kidnapping and rape it’s stupid idea first tanu problem should sort off later on aliya and raj and bring one guy for aliya.

  7. misha

    Ekta Kapoor you deserve to be punished severely making such devilish stories . Can’t you give some consideration to the wishes of your viewers MADAM EKTA or are you so greedy for cheap money? Life is so harsh and people expect some happiness when watching these serials to alleviate their frustrations!!! Kindly try to please THEM! After all the success of your serials depend on them doesn’t it? So beware and kindly change the track of this serial! WE are fed up watching a dumb hero who acts sillier than a five year old and a heroine who fails in whatever plan she makes to outdo evil while the vamps Aliya and Tanu triumph each time!! If you do not have a better track THEN END UP THIS TRASH OF YOURS!!!!

  8. Pragya who is suppose to be lecturer is more stupid than a dumb blonde, after her makeover the story has gone down the drain. Tanu’s dresses are getting more, n more tighter and shorter no sign of being pregnant, she looks so tacky?????? Aliyas dialogue’s everyday’s episodes feel like a repetition.?? What happened to interesting stories??????

  9. aaaa

    ekta kapoor is bullshit she is making fool but fans are not , she is only fool from month this track is going on now fans stop watching kkb an lose trp of kkb then only ekta kapoor get to know that v r not a fool common fans u will support me


  10. sara

    Pls pls chanfe d track or else its better to close d serial
    cause we r bored of aaliya and tanu’s evil plans
    sometimes even show some good and positive thing too.
    this serial seems to be useless nonsense nowadays and for god sake stop dragging things more like a chewing gum (its seriously worse than that)
    pls unite abhigya and let them face whatever problems together.plssssssss
    sorry if I was rude

  11. We have been following the developments for the Past one Week since the rumour broke out anxiously. But no action has been taken by KKB unit to deny it officially. It is really killing us every day and could not even see the serial with that back drop. Our requests ,comments and apprehensions are meant noting to them or not reaching them. May be our voice is not strong enough to convince them that we are hurt terribly. May our views are nothing to them

    One thing is confusing if KKP is hesitant to show pregnant woman as pregnant in the show just because it is not glamorous to the person who is doing that role then how this obscene would suit the serial . Please KKB team respond to our request positively and put an end to it for the sake of millions viewers
    who are die hard fans of Abhigya. Hope thum karogenaa

  12. misha

    This serial contains such weaknesses. It shows the ‘unprofessionalism’ of Ekta Kapoor and her team. For example some characters have vanished completely without any reason ,,, For instance Nikhil, Corporator, Purvi , Akash and Rachna, the other sister of Dadi (I forgot her name), the couple who helps Pragya after her accident…etc etc.. What happened to them? Some have to answer for their evil doings (Corporator),,, Aliya the evil doer is protected and goes unpunished for her crimes!! Except for some two slaps from her foolish brother… After what she did to Bulbul, she should have spent some time in a mental institution!! Abhi and Pragya should have known that Aliya conspired for their kidnapping.. etc.. Such bullshit.. And now it seems that they are doing trial and error scripts!!! After having introduced Mamaji to act as producer, they have backed out and introduced another track. If they follow this trend, maybe Tanu’s child will be almost ten years old before Abhi discovers the truth… And the poor foolish Pragya would have returned to her school and Tanu’s child will attend her classes…. Ha ha ha ha !!!

  13. ayesha

    please change the track no one will like it … And please let nothing happen with pragya and please REUNITE THEM .. All of us want to see that husband and wife made for each other ..

    Cant you give some consideration to the wishes of your viewers … Please unite abhi pragya and let them face whatever problems together ..


  14. I lost interest in the show since the separation of abbi and pragya and with this rape coming up that is too much rubbish. This show needs to come to the end. Not a storyline.

  15. Ronelle

    This show is getting so boring that I can’t stay up anymore to watch it, it has been dragging on for a good couple months now, it’s time for the reveal, someone asked about nikhil, he is no where to be seen. What about the reveal for tanu and her baby daddy. This is starting to flop major. This is how this will turn out, abhi will marry tanu and she will have the baby prolly when the child is like two three he will find out that he is not the father. Getting BORING BORING BORING, PLEASE SPICE IT UP.??????????????.

  16. sam

    the serial should not be so exaggerated that people will leave it for other serial. Abhi was playing very well but pragya being trapped in difficult situation kidnapped or rape will decrease the interest of people. Funny scene between Abhi and Pragya make people watched it. Better divert it in such a way that both abhi and pragya trouble tanu and aliya until they realised their mistakes. It is often seen that the heroine are troubled many times and the villain have to repay only 5% of their bad deeds, Better balance it. That is let they repay 100-150% of their bad deeds with funny jokes and scenes…..

  17. huh…..this spoiler too giving doubt to me…actually aaliya ll b expose or not?nowadays don’t hav interest to see kkb…..more drag and boring….we made this serial high level just for abhi and pragya pair….but thy never join in this serial?hw many time wrong spoiler will com in this kkb…since b4 onwards showng onething in spoiler but later it was dream in serial….this kkb cheating fans expectation…better to stop watching this serial…..so upset and fedup wid kkb….

  18. Elmo

    how long more u guys are gonna take to expose the culprits? its been way too long now. and where is Nikhil? the all obsessed lover of Tanu suddenly disappeared. He was so obsessed and wanted to marry her and now he’s not seen at all. i loved this series im all the way from the caribbean and enjoyed this show until the recent tracks. its getting boring day by day…and cant abhi figure out his wife by now? that she’s actually the good one and not bad? abhi knew from the beginning how bad his sister and Tanu is how they tried to defame pragya and all of a sudden he believes them more now…he needs to sit and think why she’s doing all that if its bcos of them…seriously change the boring tracks

  19. Sammi

    Dear all Indian people… Many of you may have heard about the India n Nepal current relation…I m big fan of Indian series bt due to the disputes created by Indian government in boarder of Nepal,the Nepal government has banned all the Indian Chanels in t.v… Due to the modi’s step we are forced to stop watching Indian channels

  20. Boss Man

    Let’s us all come together to boycott this GARBAGE SHOW AT THIS POINT for a few days. WHO IS IN ? Was once a good show that turn into a lump of shit.

  21. h

    its totally boring n we all fed up plz do something good n romantic between abhi n paragya . abhi behave likes aa baby no sense

  22. Do the writers have a mind to understand that this rubbish track isn’t going to work??? We want to see something new and good just too much dragging!!!!!!!

  23. Joycelyn

    I loved this show from the beginning especially the teenage kind of budding love story between Abhi and Pragya and the way they indirectly flirt with each other also Abhi’s goofy way. I especially liked Pragya’s makeover and new attitude which made the show more interesting but its taking to long to expose Aliya and is becoming boring. I really hope the new track does not include Pragya being raped (it’s like taking the show from 100 to 1), it’s time that the fans see some real romance between them, to often fans get to see a couple be together and happy at the last episode which is becoming monotonous.

  24. heidi

    If this really happen to Praagya than its the end for me to watch KKB How the writers can write such a storyline Rape is one of the most ugly thing happen to a woman Shame on you ekta and writers!!!!

    • Devero

      Ekta must have the devil in her. If not she would not consider putting this type of evil in her show. Rape is not entertainment Sicko!

  25. Jes

    Wat ever the story don ever show pragya been rape better n intrestingly abhi go n safe b4 any tink hapen 2 pragya …..its mk much better n may b we lv mr kumkum bhagya…

  26. DC

    Pragya should trap Aliya and Tanu soon
    Tanu should marry her baby father.
    Get Aliya married
    Reunite Abhi and Praya and show them live happily like MADE FOR EACH OTHER and hv children
    Bring back Poorvi, Nikil, Corporator
    PZ DONT STOP THIS SERIAL. IT HAS GOT MILLIONS OF FANS ESPECIALLY FOR ABHI AND PRAGYA WHICH MAKES US TO WATCH ZEE TV. Make some changes and show interestingly by involving everybody in the serial like Mitali and others

  27. Che

    The main actors look like fools , how do we expect d writers should be . Dis series should av ended since. Buh i dnt y evil plan always win in india tv series and family always having to face one problem to another. Writer should try and think , write educative, intelligent, amazing plot not d same old and boring plot we can predict

  28. If the story of pragya rape come then no one can see the serial.this is disgusting.pls don’t do this .it is so tragedic. Pragya ne already bohot kuch seh chuka hai are kabhi to heroine ko khush rehene do.faltu Ki sirf rape scene hi karna jante Ho.aur kuch aata nehi kya.pls pragua ko kuch nehi hona chahiye. Nehi to Mein zee tv ke chhannel nehi dikhungi .got that

  29. mona

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz change the track and reunite pragya and abhi….we want to see them as a loving each other not hating each other .

  30. lekhya

    Plz give some importance to abhi’s character his heroism was bill in this serial day by day his character was turning to a comedian though its quite interesting but he has to show some heroism like doing hidden research about the period oh pragya’s after accedent etc.,.and my sincere request plz don’t always show dat evil wins all the that is making that audience feel sick about the serial and forces them to stop watching.plz add some emotional moments beteen pragya and abhi.

  31. ABI

    Change The Track…. Fans Wil Dislike The Story If Pragya Had Been Raped…Tanu Shud Be Trapped Wid Her Boy Friend Nd Pragya Nd Abhi shud Be Reunite

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