What’s your take on Kumkum Bhagya’s upcoming track?


Zee Tv’s Kumkum Bhagya is going directionless again. The makers have got a new track for the viewers, which is disliked by the fans on the social media. Since the news of Pragya’s re-kidnapping plus rape track is read by the fans, the show is slowing getting down. The show did not bring any positivity since a long time. Having done Pragya’s makeover and making her rule Abhi was the only change seen in Kumkum Bhagya. The evil is winning all the way and good is biting the dust. The show is bringing a bad concept by the upcoming track. After some good raise, the show is upsetting the fans again.

Kumkum Bhagya

Right now, the track is shown where Pragya is trying to expose Aaliya. Pragya’s uncle who was supposed to play the role of a sardar producer gets sick. He is unable to play the role, which makes Bulbul take over the sardar getup. Bulbul and Pragya reach the hotel where Aaliya has been invited. They set up the camera and microphone in order to collect the evidence. Purab lands there and gets into a fight with Bulbul. The track does not give any value to Abhi and his heroism. Abhi does not have any sense of realization to evaluate things around. Pragya would be landing in big problem after Aaliya gets exposed. Aaliya would be taking revenge from Pragya and ruining her life. What’s your take on Kumkum Bhagya’s upcoming track? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment on the track and this poll too.

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  1. Pz change the track
    Unite Abhi and Pragya

  2. Pragya should trap Aliya and Tanu soon
    Tanu should marry her baby father.
    Get Aliya married
    Reunite Abhi and Praya and show them live happily like MADE FOR EACH OTHER and hv children
    Bring back Poorvi, Nikil, Corporator
    PZ DONT STOP THIS SERIAL. IT HAS GOT MILLIONS OF FANS ESPECIALLY FOR ABHI AND PRAGYA WHICH MAKES US TO WATCH ZEE TV. Make some changes and show interestingly by involving everybody in the serial like Mitali and others

  3. I stopped watching KKB/ its dragging too long as though evil plans are never ending.

  4. The main actors look like fools , how do we expect d writers should be . Dis series should av ended since. Buh i dnt y evil plan always win in india tv series and family always having to face one problem to another. Writer should try and think , write educative, intelligent, amazing plot not d same old and boring plot we can predict

  5. If the story of pragya rape come then no one can see the serial.this is disgusting.pls don’t do this .it is so tragedic. Pragya ne already bohot kuch seh chuka hai are kabhi to heroine ko khush rehene do.faltu Ki sirf rape scene hi karna jante Ho.aur kuch aata nehi kya.pls pragua ko kuch nehi hona chahiye. Nehi to Mein zee tv ke chhannel nehi dikhungi .got that

  6. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz change the track and reunite pragya and abhi….we want to see them as a loving each other not hating each other .

  7. Plz give some importance to abhi’s character his heroism was bill in this serial day by day his character was turning to a comedian though its quite interesting but he has to show some heroism like doing hidden research about the period oh pragya’s after accedent etc.,.and my sincere request plz don’t always show dat evil wins all the that is making that audience feel sick about the serial and forces them to stop watching.plz add some emotional moments beteen pragya and abhi.

  8. Change The Track…. Fans Wil Dislike The Story If Pragya Had Been Raped…Tanu Shud Be Trapped Wid Her Boy Friend Nd Pragya Nd Abhi shud Be Reunite

  9. Plzzzzzzz…….change the track.

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