What’s your take on Charu’s entry in Jiji Maa?

Star Bharat’s popular show Jiji Maa is getting a high point in the story line by a new entry. The surprising character of P Sehgal remained a mystery for couple of episodes. It gets revealed that P Sehgal is actually a woman, Piyali, who has come into Suyash and Falguni’s lives to take revenge. The new girl in Suyash’s family isn’t welcomed by anyone. Rawat family wants to know the reason behind Piyali’s revengeful motives. They begin to suffer a lot in business. Rawat industries loses all of its investors. Piyali expresses her desire to have a relation with Suyash, and also gets stubborn to buy Rawat industries. She wants to snatch everything from Falguni.

Piyali is seen as a influential, sharp, manipulative and revengeful girl. She reveals her revenge motive. She comes out to be Falguni’s twin sister, who had got away from family because of Falguni’s careless behavior. Piyali wants to settle scores with Falguni. She stains Falguni’s sisterly love for Niyati as well. Piyali puts Falguni at tests and challenges her to save her relationships in Rawat Family. Charu Asopa is playing the negative character of Piyali Sehgal. Charu was last seen in Colors’ Laado – Veerpur Ki Mardaani. What’s your take on Charu’s entry in Jiji Maa? Let us know your opinion.

  1. Hating the track..its hortible. How can a person take a revenge like this..its do unreasonable. Falguni too was a kid when this happened. I feel her character has no brains. 5 to 6 yr old kid remembering this much and growing up to take this kind of revenge..soo dumb. Writers have lost it. They have no clue what to write. Show positive things in the show. The show is filled with negativity and revenge. Horrible

  2. i think that its Uttara taking revenge and stirring up trouble

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