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Hi frnds….. I am sammie. Writing a ff for the first time so need all of yours support to write it further. My story is of a common cheerfull girl who loved to live the life but something happen in her life that changes her cmpltly. She became more practical. Guys i will need your suggestions too in order to write gud and to meet your expectations. Help me guys………

Ok its enough of my blabbering… lets start the story now.
The background of my story is a small town you can choose anyone city from patna, varanasi, agra or any other small town you would like to…
Here in my story there is not any buisness tycoon or college diva so extremely sorry for that too..

Here all the characters are in their early ages finding jobs…
Okay so i am giving just a short promo of the story and will proceed if you guys like it..
A girl and a boy are walking in a park . Boy has kept his hand on girl’s shoulder and girl is seeing in his eyes.
Girl said :- Do you really love me??
Boy :- More than anything in this world….
Girl side hugs him :- I love you too.. why didn’t you come in my life earlier?
Boy :- God knows… But i will never ever leave you.
Tears came in girls eyes. And boy just wipe it out and said :- hey no dear don’t. Dont cry i cant see these tears in your eyes.
Girl :- I am srry… i wish i hadn’t done that mostake in my life.
Scene 2
Girl (who was with the boy in scene1) :- yeah i love him.
Girl2(her bff) :- I knew that. But do you believe him?
Girl 1 :- I trust him completely.
Girl 2:- I wish he never broke your trust.
Girl 1 :- He won’t.
Girl 1 :- Am srry i know all of you will never ever forgive me for this but i have not any othe option than this. Am srry ma papa.
( She was saying all this to herself only)
She closes her eyes. A tear skip from the corner of her eyes. And she cut down her wrist with a sharp knife.
Boy :- I think we were never in love. I mean i had never loved you but was just attracted towards you.
Girl ( in a sad tone) :- Was that all just attraction? Were you just acting of love? If is it so na then you must try in acting you are an amazing actor.
Boy(with his eyesclosed) :- i knw i break your heart but listen..
Girl (in firm voice ) :- i dont knw what you say but i had always loved you and my love for you wasreal so i will always love you till my whole life but will never ever beg you for your love. I am going away from you life forever…
She starts going but turn in middle and says : – but you know what my heart says that you also love me and one day you will say it but that day i will not be there to listen you..
Boy :- Take care of yours…….

Same girl was walkimg with an other boy in a park. He was just his friend.
Boy :- sooooo…
Girl :- sooo what…
Boy :- What will you rply to one who propose you?
Girl :- It depends who is the one.. but ultimately my ans will be nooo
Boy :- Awwww dont say like that give that person a chance too.
Girl( playfully hitting him on his arm):- Stop now your stupid jokes…
Boy :- Just imagine if i say that i love you then what will you say??
Girl:- I said na stop your jokes ri8 now love is not something for make fun of..
Boy :- I am not joking….. seriously I LOVE YOU…..
Girl was shocked…. her eyes were full of pain…

So guys , what do you think who the girl is and what happened in her life.
Guys cmmnt if you want me to continue…
I will post the episodes when i will get more than 20 comments as i really need your supports and suggestion to continue….

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