What is it in our destiny???? Episode 1

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Hey frnds…. sammie here thank you so so much for all your support.. am really very very happy as you guys are liking my ff.
One more thing guys…. you all have many confusion regarding the pair so i want to tell you that in my story there is no raglak(Am srry all raglak fans). Ragini here is swara’s best friend Shabia. And about swalak or swasan i would like to say you that you just enjoy the story later on after knowing about all the characters and their circumstances i will ask you to choose the pair swalak or swasan and then according to your choice will continue the story further. Till then just enjoy. Today i am gonna post the first episode hope you guys will like it too…
Here is the link of previous episodes
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Episode 1
It is a beautiful evening of november. A girl is seen playing with a small child of her neighbourhood. She is looking very happy having a perfect smile. A man came there and called her.
Man :- Swara, beta come inside lets have some snacks.
Yes the girl was swara.
Swara :- Yes papa, coming.
Swara came back to her house. Washed her hand and feet and light the diya in her puja house as it was the time of evening.
Then she go in the kitchen and ask her mother if she wants any help from her. Her mom said her to take tea and come in the hall. She had tea and pakora with her papa and ma.
Suddenly her mobile beeps.
She sees there was a whatsapp message from an unknown no.
She replied it. As her net was slow she couldn’t see the profile pic of sender. She messaged.
Unkown:- Hiii….how r you??
Swara :- Am fine. But do we know each other.
Then the profile pic get loaded. It was of his old classmate laksh’s.
She got surprised..
Unknown:- hey its laksh here.
Swara :- omg.. topper is it you??? What a surprise yr.. how did you remember me??
Her message was not getting sent because of net prblm.
She saved the name by topper.
He called her.

Sbe was again surprised.
Swara :- hii topper, how are you?
laksh :- am fine.. how are you?
Swara :- are meko kya hoga am absolutely fine..(what will happn to me ..am fine)
Laksh:- no.. am not saying so.
Swara :- so… achanak se hmari yaad kaise aa gyi apko??
Laksh :- actually someone told me that swara needs her frnd so… i thought to talk to you. Are you fine?
Swa:- yeah yr am absolutely fine yr. And bdw we need our frnds always isn’t it?
Laksh:- hmm
Shomi called swara to go to the market.
Swa :- okk then topper we will talk later i have to go now. Hope you are okay with it.
Lak:- yeah yeah am okk. Yeah we will talk later no prblm.
Swara then go with her parents to the market and do some shopping.
Later same day, 11 p.m
A messege flashed on swara’s mob.
lak :- Hii is someone there.
Swa:- hii.. i was about to msg u. Wat a coincidence.
Lak:- liar!!
Swa :- noo i don’t lie.
Lak:- biggest lie of the millenium.?
Swa :- awww, i never lie.
Lak:- ?
swa:- ?
Lak:- ok ok don’t be angry. I believe your words
Lak:- sooo answer me truly.
Swa:- yeah ask whatever you want to
Lak:- okk then tell me, do you have a bf??
(Guys am fast forwarding their convo if you want me to slow then tell me in comments)
Swa:- Nahhhhhhh
Swa :- Yes

Swa :- Now my turn,
Lak :- i am not completed till now
Swa :- this is not fair. ?We will ask one by one now its my turn or else am not talking?
Lak :- ok ok ask whatever you want to..
Swa :- Do you love someone??
Lak :- Don’t start again.. i’ve told you earlier na that i don’t love ur frnd..
Swa :- I’m not talking about her. Are you missing her?
Lak:- SWARA???
Swa :- ok ok ur turn…
Lak :- do you love him??
Swa :- Whom?
Lak :- The person you are getting married.
Swa :- What!! ?? who told you about this?
Lak :- Swara am damm serious tell me na
Swa :- Why do you want to know?
Lak :- because the swara whom i know dont know anything else study.
Swa :- You are wrong mr. Laksh kumar
Lak:- what??
Swa :- I know singing , dancing, basketball,sports and many more. Did you forget?
Lak :- Swara am not joking.
Swa :- same here dear
Lak :- I was talking about these all time wasting stuff like pyar wyar
Swa :- topper love is not waste of time it’s a beautiful emotion
Lak :- it means you love him
Swa :- No not till now
Swa :- but it can happen later na
Lak :- why are you getting married swara
Lak :- that this early
Lak :- comon you are just 20 now you should have cmplt your graduation first
Swa :- that i will cmplt next year after marriage and then i wil do a gud job
Lak :- will he allow you for it?
Swa :- yes
Lak :- am still feeling that you should not marry
Swa :- you are late sir its npw only 15 days left now
Lak :- but
Swa :- nothing we will talk tmmrw now as i hav to pass my time 2mrw so i wl waste ur time tmmrw
Lak :- i dont have time to waste
Swa :- ok
Lak :- but why do you want to pass time
Swa :- actually tommorow i have to go to doc and i will be alone there so will get bored na
Lak :- so…
Swa :- so koi hona chahiye na jiska hm dimag kha ske??
Lak :- hahaha very funny??
Swa :- i knw i am
Swa :- okk then its 3 now we should go to bed now
Lak :- yeah
Swa :- nice to talk to you
Lak :- same here
Swa :- bye
Lak :- bye tc.
Swa :- you too.
And they both dozes off.
So guys, sorry for the grammatical and spelling mistakes. Bdw tell me do you guys like it or not. Thank you for reading??
And sorry for the boring epi.??
Now tata?? take care see you later

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