We…Forever Together? Part 4

Raman is in the carpark irritated
Raman:y cant they understand?They forced me to get married to that madrasan and maa was happy with ishita!But now…
Mani comes there and sees raman.He smiles…
Raman:Oh god!!!I cant forget my ishu yaar…
Mani:forget her raman…
Raman lost in his thoughts:who teh hell r u?
Mani:me?Look clearly…Did ur love for ishu got u blind?
Raman realises mani and grabs his collar:U?!How dare u come here again?Get lost!
Mani:Shut up!I came in ishita’s life first!I loved her since school days…U!A punjabi came in between us!Actually by right i shuld have married ishu
Raman:Dont ever think about ishita!She is mine…
Mani laughs.Raman sees his hands and fumes
Raman:This hands…!This hands touched my ishu!I will break it
Mani:Sorry bro!Me being a gentleman didnt touch ur…Sorry my ishu!Only after marriage u know?
Raman:dont lie
Mani:seriously yaar…Im ishu’s friend and u know…Im not that bad!
Raman slaps mani and gets into a fight
Mihir and rinki come down and sees them
Mihir:bhai!!!Relax yaar
Raman:how?This bas****!!
Mani:shut up!
Rinki:can u get lost from here!!!!?!
Mani goes:Punjabis!!
Raman:go from here!Im getting irritated and i dont know what i will do…
Mihir and rinki leave and raman just walk here and there angrily

Amma is crying
Girish:amma…dont cry!Ishu is upset…thats y she talked like that
Amma:i dont care!But she is not going into that house anymore…
Vishwa:v will definitely get her married to mani
Mani:Of course appa…
Vandu comes there and stops him:look pls go from here!
Girish:vandu…He is going to be the son in law of the house
Heera comes there:girish?What r u talking?U know how much ishu loves raman
Girish:i dont care…
Mani:its ok girish!They need time
Vandu:even if v accept ishi wont and keep that in mind
Vishwa:raman said he still loves ishu…
Mani:i saw him downstairs
Amma:vandu bring food for ishu…
Vandu just stands there ignoring amma
Amma:go vandu
Vandu:she said dont want!
Vishwa:Y r u snapping?!
Vandu:i know about my sister…Even if i go she wont eat!Y me…Bala heera or mihika?She wont!
Girish:u cant judge that!
Vandu:ok!I will try for ur sake…
She goes to ishu’s room with food. Some time later they just here ishu shouting
Vandu comes out:see!I told u…
Mani grabs the plate and goes in
Mihika:ok now a head is going to roll out of that room!Akka get ready to call ambulance
Vishwa:mihika dont say like that
Bala:i hope mihika’s words come true…
Heera:he is saying right!
They all leave form there

Toshiji is shouting inside the house
Mr bhalla:toshi!My ears are bleeding!
Toshiji is throwing things in the kitchen…
Toshiji:lets see if those madarasi people go away form here at least now!!
Simmi:they wont cause bhabhi still loves bhai!
Param:shut up simmo!
Romi:whats wrong in this?
They have an argument
Toshi:look!This is the last!That ishita shoukd not come home!Thats it!
Param agrees with her
Simmi:who do u support papa!
Mr bhalla keeps quiet and looks at everyone
Romi:whatever…Look here mummy…V will bring ishita bhabhi back into the house as bhalla parivaar bahu!

Ishita is crying in her room and mani comes there
Ishu:what the hell r u doing here?
Mani:ishu eat first!Its late at night…
Ishu:get out!
Mani:its 10 already…!
Ishu:i said get out…
Ishu grabs the plate and comes out
She looks at the restoitside
Girish:thats like mani!
Ishu looks at him and mani and throws teh palte outside
Ishu turns to mani:u will get thrown just like this plate by my raman!Now get out!
Mani:its ok amma…She needs time…See u tmr ishu
He goes and ishita asks him to stop
Ishu:its not like u think
She goes go mani and gives him a tight slap
Everyone gets shocked
Ishu:i trusted u as my friend but u….Cheee..!U dont even deserve to be my friend!Now get out!
Mani leaves holding his cheek
Ishu turns to the others:How many times must i say this?!I cant live without raman!U get it?!I dont wamt anyone of u calling him the the 2nd son in law of this house!Thats only my raman!
She goes to the room angrily

Time goes by and raman is still in the carpark
Raman looking at his watch:1 hour ishu…Then our 1 year marriage life is completed
Ishu is thinking the same at her room
Raman thinks for a while and gets an idea…He goes to the watchman and tells him something…The man agrees
He goes to the carpark and thinks how to call ishita
Ishita cannot sleep and goes to the balcony.She sees raman downstairs and smiles.Raman is thinking and ishu smiles at him.She blows in his direction and he looks up(music plays)He signals her to wait for him in the terrace
She does as he says
She waits for him near the door and he comes behind her and blindfolds her
Raman:just a second
Ishu senses something warm in his hands
Ishu:whats that raman?It smells familiar too?
Raman:u mean u dont know what is this?
Raman:ok wait…
Raman:ishu…Im going to remove the cloth but u shuld open ur eyes slowly!
She slowly opens her eyes and see a candle light dinner set up in front of her
Raman holds her hand:Happy anniversary madarasan…
Ishu had tears in her eyes and hugs him:happy annivesary raman!
Ishu:do u trust me?
Raman slapping her cheeks lightly:paagal patni!Of course i trust u!
Ishu hugs raman tighter:dont leave me raman!I love u….
Raman:i wont leave u and i love u too…!
Ishu:i never thought that mani will do this to me…
She cries and raman looks at her
Ishu:i never thought so raman…
Raman:ishita…He didnt do anything!
Raman tells her what mani told her
Raman:dint worry ishu…U will be back in our house again….
Ishu:as mrs raman bhalla
Raman:ok lets try the dosa i made
Raman:haan!For my madarsan in this annivesary!I remembered that u taught me how to make dosa…
He feeds her and she just looks at him
Raman:how is it?
Ishu smiles:na…U taste it!
Raman tastes it:it does even taste like the one u usually make
Ishu:cos i add salt to the batter!
Raman:oh shit!
Ishu:its ok…My raavan kumar did it!Its lovely
Raman:how long have it been since u called me raavan
Ishu:and what do u call me?
Raman:meri jhansi ki rani!
Ishu hugs raman
Raman:i planned a loy for the dinner date last week

Fb starts:
Ishra in their room.
Raman:Ishu lets go to chinese restaurant!
Ishu:i cant eat raman!
Raman:arrey u cant eat anything yaar…
Raman:sorry baby…Ok i will tell u where v r going!Ok?
Ishu:no non-veg!
Ishu hugs raman:its gonna be one year!
Ishu:y no soul?Active na raavan!
Raman:arrey yaar…people around the world celebrate 1st annivesary with a child but we…
Ishu smiles:not everyone…
Raman:ok…Maybe in our family…
Ishu interested:haan…Phir bolo mr bhalla!Kaun?
Raman:girish and heera had prateek on their 1st annivesary…Simmi and param had ananya…And bala and vandu had shravan!
Ishu:v will break the record for the 2nd annivesary!
Raman:come on yaar…
Ishu:mr raman bhalla…Wait na…patience!
He goes near ishu:i want a kiss!
Raman:then give it!
She kisses him on the cheek…
Raman:here(and points to his lips)
Ishu:no way raman!
Raman:last chance madarsan
Ishu smiles at him…He comes closer and they share a long passionate kiss
Fb ends

Raman:the kiss was awesome madarasan
Ishu blushing:raman…
Raman:ok now i want it again
Ishu:no raman
Raman:come on yaar…
Ishita’s face turns serious
Raman:y so serious?
Ishu:first v have to prove that nothing happened on that night to mummyji..
Raman:i think its not only mani’s plan
Ishu:what do u mean….
Raman:rinki told me that she saw ashok in the party
Ishu:ashok…?Haan raman i saw shagun there as well
Raman:y didnt u tell me?
Ishu:i was not sure if it was her but now as rinki saw ashok,than his wife shuld be there also na?
Raman looks at ishita
Raman:i shouldn’t have gone to US…Leaving u alone
Ishu looks at raman
Raman:sorry ishita!I promise to bring u back
Ishu gugs raman:ok now can v eat the saltless dosa woth love u made?
They laugh and enjoy that night

Precap:amma scolds ishita for being with raman.Ishita says that she is his Wife and that its their wedding annivesary so they can be together.Girish says obly if u r with him.He asks raman to wait for tomorrow.They bring ishita in and raman and the bhallas look on.

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