Ishq Unplugged 27th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Unplugged 27th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandy sees Shaan calling Sunny and asks why is he calling her. She says she does not know, she will disconnect. He insists her to pick call. Sunny picks and shouts at Shaan not to call her agai. He asks if someone is arhe says yes and disconnnects call. Mandy goes to green room and photographer shows his and Antara’s pic and says they both look cute together, he is sure there is something going on between then. Mandy says no. Button says he wants them to win. Sunny hears that and fumes.

Sunny goes out and calls Shaan who says Charu is taking Mandy and Antara’s side instead of getting angry. She says they have to something. He says he will take one moer chance and goes back to Charulatha’s house, but maid scolds and shuts door on him. Charu asks him to not let Shaan in and call Button.

Mandy tells Button that he is very hungry. Button says Sunny is preparing noodles. Antara comes. Button asks them to join. Antara asks Button if he submited his form. He says no as he got nervous. Shaan is seen entering record room and clicks pics of Mandy’s file. He messages Sunny and she walks out.

Charu’s maid calls Button, but phone gets disconnects. Charu thinks of meeting Antara at studio. Antara and Sunny post Button’s form and hope he gets selected for director internship. Mandy taunts Antara if she took her aayi’s permission to send Button’s form, to cut her hair, etc. Antara says aayi has come. He turns and sees Charu. Shaan on the other side informs Sunny that Charu has come here to scold Antara and media has gone to Mandy’s family in Delhi. Charu asks Mandy to leave her and her daughter alone for sometime. He thinks Charu will scold Antara, so he says this is public area and he can sit here. Charu scolds Antara for cutting her hair before finals. Mandy says Antara is so talented that even with bald head she will win competition. Charu says she is talking to her daughter and does not need his interference. He walks a bit. Antara says Mandy is right and says Mandy is teaching her to live. Charu angrily leaves. Sunny with Shaan hear their conversation and says they both will become friends. He says does not matter as they will fight again, media must have reached Mandy’s house by now.

Mandy’s friend enters his house and locks doors and windows and tells Minty and mom that media is searching Mandy’s house and they should act as nobody is in house. Minty says she will call Mandy. Sunny meets Mandy and in lieu of chatting with him mutes his phone. She says she tinks Antara loves him. He says this is bullshit and he has to win competition. Minty calls Mandy, but Sunny reverses his phone and leaves. Minty calls Antara and says media is outside and Mandy is not picking call. Antara says she will find Mandy and will inform him.

Media throng Mandy’s house and question his father if he is Mandy’s father. Minty takes him aside and asks not to tell anything. Shaan shows live footage to Button. Button says Daboo and Nakul are coming here. Daboo and Nakul call Mandy and ask what is this. Antara looks from behind. Minty tells mom that she sent this video to Antara. Nakul says Mandy lied abot his father. Mandy alleges Antara for leaking video. Dabboo asks what is all this. Shaan asks who came as his parents last time. Mandy says he does not know what to speak. Nakul says it is a question on their credibility, who did this. Mandy says he has to call his family as they must be tensed. Dabboo angrily orders to speak to them first. Sunny thinks what if they eliminate Mandy. Shaan smirks.

Precap: Sunny asks Antara why did she leak video. Minty calls Antara and says she and bhai trusted her, but she betrayed them.

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