Weekend Shots by Verna – Journey of Omkara’s life Part 28

Hello my drs.. 🙂 🙂 actually I’m really very upset with u guys.. because u guys didn’t notice ur Verna’s weekend shot last week ??? because if u noticed u could have shared ur thoughts with me.. u know what, I was eagerly waiting for ur thoughts.. but u all disappointed me.. not u Uf, Sangeeth, and Nikitajai 🙂 🙂 I’m angry with u guys ??? who missed last time
Ok cool.. I was just kidding my drs.. Take sneak peak into last part
Part 27

Weekend Shots by Verna – Journey of Omkara’s life Part 27

Let’s move to Part 28
Everyone had good time and dinner together. All girls were sitting in balcony and chit chat. Boys r cleaning kitchen and having fun in their own way. Although Rikara r enjoying themselves, their heart and soul is still revolving around each other. Om wanted to know more about Gauri and ask Varun to say more about her. Varun and Rudra tease him. Om blush. Meanwhile Gauri wanted to know more about Omkara and she don’t know how to ask AnniYa. She ask them to tell about their family. Meenu look at her with naughty smile and signs. Gauri makes her quite. AnniYa know what Gauri meant and wanted to play with her. They intentionally talk about all other Oberois except Omkara. Gauri was fed up with their blah blah blah and makes uncomfortable face and listen to them helplessly. After sometimes, AnniYa thought like it was enough to tease her and started talking about her Om. Meanwhile, Meenu was the happiest soul on this earth when Gauri is helplessly listening to them. She think how her Gauri is bearing all this for her love.
Om ask, Y won’t she bear anything that she don’t like? Varun say, its not like that Om.. Usually she won’t like to listen to someone’s nonsense talks.. just ignore them or she’ll leave that place.. but if its her loved ones or related to her loved ones.. she’ll bear anything to any extent. Annika say, U know Gauri.. Om is the most sweetest person in OM. He is not like his elder brother.. he such Stupid Singh Oberoi.. never ever accept his feelings or defeat.. He is a Stone Singh Oberoi. But our Om is vert soft hearted, caring and polite man. His life situations made him look like rude man.. but from bottom of his heart he is so good. But sad part is his he have locked up all his feelings and buried in his heart. Don’t know who will get keys to open doors of his feelings and get our old Om back. Annika winks at Saumya and Meenu while telling this, Gauri is lost in thoughts. She remembered how he behaved with her in office for first time, his moments with children in Kerala, his care towards her while she was shot. They 3 look at her and smile.
Varun say, What? She use to call u by ur full name? Then u did not even pass level 1? Oh no.. OmRu confused and look at each other. Rudra ask, why what is the big deal if she is calling him by full name? Varun say, Come on Rudy.. haven’t u heard this.. when a person likes someone or something a lot they use to give nick names to them. Rudra say, yeah.. like Annika Babhi.. chikni, chameli, champa.. her new Chapel Chandhini.. right? Om pat his head. Varun say, Om.. he s right.. even Gauri use to give nick names for whatever she likes. Om thinks about her LuLu and nods. He think, it means I have to go long way.. oh god.. where and how will I start? He looks at Gauri. Meanwhile Saumya say, u know Gauri.. Om Bhaiya is not just an artist.. he is very good in writing Shayari.. he use to gift anything to his beloved ones with his own Shayari. Gauri think about Om gifting her favorite 3D art.. she said, Om gifted me a painting.. but there was no Shayari as u said. AnniYa calms her by saying, maybe he could have forgot or gifted u in hurry. Gauri nods but not convinced. She is confused and look at Om. They both look at each other and turns.
After their talk all go to bed. Rikara in their respective rooms are lost in thoughts. Om and Gauri thinks how to get close to each other. Rumya and Annika r video chatting with Shivay and tell everything that happened. Shivay say, so like we planned.. they are coming closer.. this goon and kidnapping was unexpected but even this played big role in making them close. Shivay is happy for getting his old Omkara back. They make next plan. Gauri is sad by Omkara’s act. She is hugging and sleeping on her LuLu lost in thoughts. She say, LuLu.. I’m so confused.. why did he not give me that gift with Shayari.. it means I’m not his loved one? Don’t he like me? Then why did he care so much for me yesterday? Say something LuLu.. she think for a while and say, ooooh.. maybe like Annika said, he is good at heart and that’s y he felt concerned for me.. also he was guilty for not protecting me.. that’s y he felt concerned and cared me a lot.. I’m fool to imagine a lot. She thinks about their close moment before their arrival and blush. She come to sense and hit LuLu’s face.. she say, shut up LuLu.. its not like that.. he may have some feelings for me.. else I may not feel like that.. Don’t confuse me.. I’ll check it tomorrow. Then she sleeps hugging her LuLu.
Next day, Gauri wakes up and found her tea near bed. She smile its Om and takes it to drink. Then hit on her head and go to freshen up. Meenu walks out of Gauri’s washroom and greets her. She help Gauri and they both sit on the couch. Meenu say, have tea Gauri.. I bought it before long time. Gauri suddenly turns and ask, What? U got this for me? Meenu nods yes. Gauri is embarrassed for her thoughts. She also felt y didn’t Om do this. Rumya Varun Om r in.kitchen and preparing breakfast.. Om made Gauri’s diet breakfast and some sandwich. Meenu brings Gauri with her. All dine together. Gauri wanted to know her place in.his heart.. she wanted to spend some time with him.. She thanked Om for serving breakfast and about to talk something. Annika joins them. Rumya signs her. Annika as per their plan start talking, Om.. just now Shivay called me.. he wanted u and Rudra to manage some issues in our office. There is some misunderstanding between board of directors and today they are coming here for meeting.. Shivay can’t come here suddenly from Hong Kong.. so he want u to help him. He said he’ll send all those details to ur mail. OmRu agrees and nods. Gauri becomes sad and looks helpless. Om left when got call. Meerun, Rumya and Annika smile looking at her.
OmRu left to their office in next building. Meerun left to get her medicines and do some shopping. AniRiYa r at home. Gauri went to get something from her wardrobe. AnniYa gives hifi. When Gauri was searching she found a box and it was written “My Love” She eagerly opened it saw a key. She don’t understand whose box it was and which lock does that key belong to. She checked the box and found another layer of box. There was a folded paper in it. She eagerly opened it and read. It was like poem..
(Note: This is just my thoughts and tried to write down like poem.. I know it will be bad and hard to digest for u guys.. but pls tolerate me my drs ????????????)
My heart likes u.. likes u the most..
even my eyes hesitate to blink for a second..
Because of fear to lose ur sight for that second..
Even though I don’t know ur name.. its good feel to see u.. think about u..
Where I lose myself in u.
The moment u look at me and that beautiful smile on ur lips make me go crazy for u..
Before I could save myself from that shock.. someone pierced ur beautiful face in my heart..
Just place ur little fingers on chest and observe what it says.. says everything about u..
My stone heart have seen sun, strom and rain..
Never thought a flower will break that strong rock..
No one said that love happens suddenly.. even I didn’t believe in that..
But u made all impossible, possible..
Will u be my love… life… and my everything?

Waiting for ur reply
Gauri was lost in this and felt like those words were for her. AnniYa then come to her and enquires about letter. Gauri explained how she got. Saumya eagerly get and read. AnniYa praise Om’s writing. Gauri still lost in that. AnniYa winks at each other and talk. Saumya say, Annika Babhi.. did u see how much bade baal wale Bhaiya love her. Gauri blush. Annika say, u r right Saumya.. she is such a stupid girl to miss a man our Om.. but its good.. our Om will get someone better than her. Gauri was shocked and ask, Who? Which girl r u talking about? AnniYa say about Ridhima and their relationship. They say, before Om propose her.. they broke up. Gauri gets sad after hearing this. They also tell her about is commitment phobia and fear in love. After knowing that she was bit relieved. She concluded that Ridhima is his bad past and she’ll never come back. Even.if she come back Om won’t accept her. But Annika said, U know something Gauri? Om is very good but he don’t like to be late in anything. He won’t like those who make him wait for long time too. Saumya know she is lying to Gauri but stayed silent to act according to their plan. Gauri gets serious by this talk but she had no idea why Annika said this and what bothers her. Then they all have lunch with girls gossip session.
Even though Om was busy with his board meetings his heart was longing to know about Gauri. He tried many times to make a call for her, but was spoiled by Rudra. After all this is also a part of their plan. Actually Shivika Rumya and Meerun’s plan is to keep them closer but make them long for each other.. so that they can understand their feelings towards each other. Om was very much worried for Gauri and finally called her during lunch. Om ask, Hello Gauri.. did u have lunch? And took ur medicines properly? Gauri say, yeah Omkara.. I had lunch.. Saumya helped me taking medicines. Om say, I was worried about u.. Gauri say, What? Om frowns for his reply. Gauri blush and ask, ok when will u come? Om was about to answer but was dragged by Rudy who was checking his watch.. he dragged him exactly after 60secs. Om said, he is busy in meeting.. I’ll be.. Gauri say, Hello.. hello.. Omkara.. can u hear me? Call disconnected.. Miss u Omkara. Gauri wonder what she said. She ask, why did I say I miss him.. she is lost in thoughts then fell asleep.
Precap: All three couples try to make them keep distance. AnniYa and Meerun will go back to India. New storyline for Rikara’s love story with Cupid Rudra.
I’m so sorry my drs.. this week also only one part.. that’s y I gave long part.. after finishing my regular FF I’ll write this regularly.. and again I’m extremely sorry for my stupid Shayari (ok.. that’s not Shayari.. but I thought like that and wrote) pls forgive me. Take care my drs.. love u all 🙂 🙂

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    I Really Like This Part??Keep It Up?

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