Weekend Shots by Verna – Journey of Omkara’s life Part 25

Hello my dr readers.. Hope u all r fine.. thanks a lot for ur tremendous response.. And Thank u so much Uf for such long and wonderful comment in last part.. Actually I was not bored or upset dr.. in fact u made my day by giving long explanation abt O’bros and O’bahus.. and the way u understood our writers problem and our time management made me feel goosebumps while reading.. thank for understanding and everything.. will always try to keep all 3 equally important.. but this is based on Rikara, so this will have a bit more brighter spotlight on Rikara.. hope u understand.. And thanks a lot for all other readers and silent readers enjoying silently.. Take a sneak peak into last part clicking below
Part 24
And THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING ME REACH 25th Part.. keep supporting me drs..
A cute little Pug reached Gauri with a small basket holding in its mouth. Gauri pampers it and then look into the basket. She was surprised and shouts, Omkara.. Omkara… Om panics and rush towards her. He hold Gauri and make her stand up and ask, What happened Gauri? R u hurt? R u wounded? Gauri felt good for his care but much more excited to share her happiness with him. She say, I’m fine Omkara.. but did u see this.. Its all my pics.. she show it with full excitement. Om saw those pics. It was Gauri’s pics from last night’s party pics where she was dancing so intense, winning prize, her excited face with LuLu, even that day’s pics when she opened and saw that decorated room and surprised, her cute moments with LuLu was there. Om was confused how and who took these photos.. He thought it must be Rudra’s work and suddenly he turn to either side of corridor where he saw Rudra signing him. He wished him all the best and moved. Om smile at him and call her inside.
Gauri thank him for all those surprises and gifts. Om and Gauri make breakfast and have it with lot of funny talks. Then they decide to go outing. Om gone to get ready and Gauri is playing with LuLu. She gets phone call from unknown number and some stranger tell her to check her car if she really care for her friend. She think its some prank call and didn’t mind it. After sometimes she get video msg and get shocked after watching that.. Same person call her again and threatens to run towards her car or else the whole Oberoi condo will be demolished by one click. Gauri get tensed and shivers.. her phone fall down and cries looking at Omkara’s room. She run towards it but stop and think. She run outside without informing him.
Om come out and calls Gauri. He search for her everywhere.. but he can’t find her. He think, where did she go? She was here till now.. better I should call her.. and took his phone from his pocket and call her number. He heard her phone ringing nearby and think she is pranking him. He went near LuLu and grab it by calling her to come out.. but she was not there. He just found her phone and confused. He left his apartment and went in search of her. He was informed that she went in a car and was crying while leaving. This made Om panic more and he don’t know what is going on. Gauri’s mobile beeped and he checks. He saw paused video and play it, which gave him a very big shock.
He saw a bomb settings inside a car and threatening msg from some unknown number. When he checked her call history he saw same number who called her twice. He go and check security cameras and found someone threatening Gauri in parking area and dragged her into their car.. he was shocked at this sight. Meanwhile Rudra bought police to the security room and Om explain about the situation. Cops say, Sorry sir this must be some plan.. No one can publicly threaten someone like this with bomb. Cop got call and confirm information. Cop say, We were right sir.. that is not real bomb.. its dummy.. they planned this to kidnap that girl. OmRu gets shocked and look at each other. Cop say, Don’t worry sir.. we can trace them using their car and goes to inform control room. Meanwhile Om get a video msg and shocked to see Gauri roped and unconscious in some abandoned place.
Om get call from some unknown number and cop ask him to attend call. Goon say, Namaste Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi.. I guess by this time u would have understood what is going around u.. Did u see video I sent u? Om on tip of anger nods and say, What do you want? Goon laughs and say, Wow.. I have heard u Oberois r gud in business dealings.. but never believed it and thought u guys getting all this by luck.. but u proved me worng.. U guys r pretty good in dealings man.. he laughed again. Om irritated and talk in his high voice, Tell me what the hell u want damn it. Goon say, What more will I ask from Oberoi.. just money.. and I know u r with cops.. like all villains say, Don’t disturb police.. they may have some other problems to handle with.. let’s make it as a man to man dealing.. U handover money and take ur girlfriend.. then our dealing is over. If u try to act smart and seek police help.. then.. (pause)… Om panic and raise his voice in anger and say, hello.. hello.. (pause).. Goon say, not bad Mr. Hero.. U r really worried for this girl.. I will not trouble her until its gentleman agreement.. if u try to act smart then I will become a very bad villain. (Husky voice) Also ur girlfriend is looking soo hot and beautiful.. don’t make me fallen villain.. u got it and laugh evil. Om who was tolerating his anger bursts out after hearing that from him, he say on top of his anger, Hey you.. whoever u r.. If I find a little scratch on her or if u try to touch her, then remember it, ur countdown for reaching hell will start from that minute.. don’t u ever dare to go near her.. if u trouble her, then I will be ur destroyer of this life.. by saying this he punched the table nearby. Rudra hold him and ask him to calm down. Om ask cops to leave for betterment of Gauri.

Precap: Om gets sad and teary eyed to see Gauri in that condition and run to her. Gauri cries very badly.

I’m really really really very sorry for late update my drs.. and thanks to all my readers who messaged me for my FF.. I’ll try to give next part ASAP.. Take care my drs.. love u all 🙂 🙂

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  1. Awesome episode.Keep writing dear.?????
    I loved it?????Rudy u become so intelligent with ur brothers haan.Gauri feeling tensed for u.
    OMG ,Om becomes Angrykara.Precap seems to be very interesting.Keep wriring dear.

    1. Verna

      Thank u Sanyukta

  2. Loved it .

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      Thanks Nishi

  3. awesome
    sad precap
    update soon

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  4. Staicey

    Emitional and sad

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  5. Awesome. I’m waiting for next

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  6. Shraddha-DBO

    Oh no emotional episode after lots of fun…
    Really awaiting their confession, I know it would b special??

    1. Verna

      Thanks Shraddha.. wait for upcoming parts dr 🙂


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  8. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

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  9. Nice di….who is the new villain???hope nothing bad will happen

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  10. Wt a dlags…. it ll be also a surprise fr om lik sowmya’s?….. i lik d dlgs of om while talkng to villan

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  11. Shreyanvi

    Lo miss late lateef ne aakhir update kr hi diya.. ????…i m very much angry…y soooòo lateee?????…itna intazar karana bhi accha nahi h ok…
    Coming to epi..it was emotional…but I m wondering y u did This?? ?..plz unite them soon..

    1. Verna

      Finally I got today’s dose of ur love.. thank u.. and sorry for late update. I’m really struck with work and getting very less time to write.. so ly late update.. as a punishment I’ll hug u tight and kiss u 🙂 🙂

      And don’t worry.. they’ll unite soon.. it’ll be boring if we give lovey dovey epis everyday 😉 😉 😛

  12. Rasika

    I understand akka a lot of work +update is very difficult, coming to epi it’s nice, but don’t make my rikara to cry

    1. Verna

      Haha sure rasi.. sometimes tears in our dear ones eyes will shake our soul.. and the result will be just unimaginable dr.. 😉 😉

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