Would you watch Jamai Raja without Nia Sharma?


Zee Tv’s Jamai Raja is gearing up for Season 2. The show’s lead characters Siddharth/Sid and Roshni would be dying towards the end of Season 1. While viewers have seen Sid and Roshni getting blessed with a son Karan, and celebrate happiness, there is much more packed in Season 2. Actress Nia Sharma would be quitting the show because of the script change. Nia’s character will be ending, and that would make place for a new lead in the show. Ravi Dubey who plays Sid, will be continuing his stint in his new character of Sid’s son Karan post leap.

Season 2 will bring Ravi Dubey romancing Shiny Doshi as his female lead. Shiny Doshi was last seen in Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant in grey shade. Shiny played the lead role in Zee tv’s Sarojini. Post leap, Sid’s son will be seen brought up in a poor family, but dream to get a girl from rich and influential family. He would also dream to become a Jamai Raja, just like Sid. Sid’s son will be Sid’s shadow totally. He would have Sid’s looks and attitude, but just the situation will change in Season 2. Ravi Dubey will be seen in his all new avatar. Would you watch Jamai Raja without Nia Sharma? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. I don’t like Sorijini that’s why I wont watch the show, next none look good beside Revi except his wife and Roshni. I will still continue to love my favorite actor Revi but wont watch the show…. Because since they Killed Sid sasu maa they trying to find story none of which makes any sense..

    1. Sarojini why her ………she is so dam ugly


    Will only repeat season 1 in season 3 with new female lead…. addition sprinkle of season 2 history…

  3. Ravi and nia’s pair was the best…..so i cant even watch ravi with shiny….sidni pair was superb indeed…..miss u nia…luv u a lot???

  4. I ll will also not watch the show bcos Nia sharma is not there n again the new story so it will be boring , but its good ravi dubey is there

  5. To me yes I will continue watching because the well performed actor Ravi Dubley is still there. Though his life conditions will not be the same again we have to wait the result . Might be the new Sid should face lot of challenges but will succeed finely .

  6. I will miss you alot Nia.
    I will continue to love you and will live with your memories always.

    All the best to Ravi and Shiny. I want them to know that I will still support them.
    After all, life has its ups and downs.
    And besides let’s wait & see what happens in the show.

    Hope to see you soon in another show Nia, but first you need some rest.

    Love Always
    Stay As Sweet As You Are….
    All the best in the future..
    May all you dreams come through.
    God Bless You ….. Nia

  7. I don’t like sarojni… I like roshni Sid and roshni looks amazing together with out roshni Jamaica raja won’t be the same

  8. fan of sid -roshini

    I miss siddarth-roshini a lot. They are the nice pair i have ever seen. And even i donot like sarojni. so i will stop watching this serial

  9. Rekhavv

    Love Ravi. No matter who is casted against him. But definitely miss my sid and his love for his wife. Still needs to see how this little son of sidni is…

  10. No Roshni – No Jamai Raja!

  11. I be still watching this show although the story is going back to the original DNA or story. But, i will miss sid, roshni and everyone who already left the show. I atill want to watch because i want to see and watch what Cvs in store for us, viewers in season 3, with next generation as the lead.

    I wanted to say that ravi as karan aka sathya look exactly like raghu was, because i read somewhere even karan will be a tapori. Even, as ull should remember, sid as raghu also was acting as tapori and living as a very poor guy and working as a car mechanic during his supposed death and leap 6 months. But, the difference is, that time sid was only acting as raghu even to roshni, dd and his family. Now, sid is death, and his son, karan will be same like raghu was, living as raghu was, and his life will be different. This time , unfortunately, there is no roshni and sid, our faourite couple i have never seen in any other show i have watched. So sad, We r very angry cvs. Ull should thought better and end with happy ending for this couple, sid and roshni. But, ull killed them and start with 20 years leap and next generation as the male lead with going back to the square one. Lol, cvs. I hate ull.

  12. I love and miss u roshni and siddharth, even though ravi wille, wll be always my favourite couple forever. No one can replace ull both. Ur both chemistry was so good and i will miss ull both always.
    Love always. Hope can see u and ravi back in another show together again. Good lock for ur next project, nia, and ravi, good luck for ur acting as a lead in jamai raja as sidni’s son. I will miss ull both forever and ever.

    From ur greatest fan,

  13. Miss u Nia. I really don;t like shiny .Woh Rabi se badi dikhtihai. Koi cute sa cehera lao just like nia.

  14. I luv nia n Ravi Jodi can’t see any 1 wid Ravi xcept nia , I’ve been watching dis show since beginning ,, hard to quit watching d show but can’t help ,, pls bring back nia

  15. by the way its season 3 as season 2 was when she became ragini

  16. Yr plzzzz sid nd roshni ki vjah se e m hmesha yeh serial dekhti thi nd m v sid ko kisi aur ke sath nhi dekh skti yr jo v h hum dil se connect hote h itna saalo tk ek serial dekhne ke baad so yeh toh hurt krne wali baat hoi i lv u sid nd roshni plzzz roshni cm back m feeling like koi apna mere se bhut duur chla gya h

  17. omg

  18. noooooooooooo this can’t happend

  19. plz bring back roshani

  20. See guyzz I really cried a lot when I saw their death scene but I’ll still see the show cozz Jamai raja was the best thing ever happened to me I luv it a lot so I will not stop watching but I will pray to Allah that Nia comes back and I get my SidNi back

  21. Omg I jamai raja goes so good with Nia Sharma why do she have to leave??

  22. Now, Jr will be on air story seems very interesting today’s episode was awesome ??

  23. Will be good to just end the show

  24. how could you say Shiny Doshi is ugly . she is very pretty and will do a great job

  25. Roshini and sid is the best I rather watch the series with they both noone else I will still love if the both continue the series

  26. I cried during this last episode, I knew that I was going to see nia for the last time on jamai raja, no one completes this duo but each other. I loved nia’s intense delivery of her lines, made it so believable. Now she’s gone, and I cried so much for her, we all love her, Ravi, and sasuma and it wouldn’t feel the same not seeing them both together at least. Now I’m staying ONLY because of Ravi Dubey coz I love presence on the screen. Gonna mourn a bit now………

  27. Well this is a disappointment because of the sudden changes in character and I love watching this show but now I don’t think am that interested in it smh

  28. sabeta peters

    I have already stopped watching the show

  29. Jamaican girl

    Im really going to miss Nia aka Roshni
    I will watch some episodes and read updates for some episodes but probably will still watch out of curiosity. Miss u both together.

    From: a Jamaican fan.

  30. breanna stop lying,sarojini is not ugly. you just don’t like her

  31. Boring without Roshini it was best to end the show the new lead actress don’t suit sid am definitely not watching anymore

  32. Palaklunkad

    I would love to see shiny back in her positive character. So happy to see u back shiny and miss u lot nia. Will surely miss our Rosid

  33. change the sarojni and aisi actor laye aap log jo thodi roshini ke tarah ho ya phir match kare satya aur mahi ki jodhi tab audience pasand karenge dekhna jamai raja warna itne comments to aap logo dekha hi hoga meri mano to Monday tak change kar do ya agar nahi change kar sakte to abhi se jyada interesting kar do sireal ko

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