Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 10th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 10th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aryan walks in corridor and meets Sheetal/would be bride there and congratulates her. She says she thought he would not come. He says why will he not come to his friend’s marriage. She says Sakshi is also her friend. He asks how she looks and her nature. She says he is meeting her tomrrow anways, so he should know directly. Sheetal then meets Sanchi on the way who also congratulates her and asks how Arjun is. Sheetal says same to her. Aryan and Sanchi both think to have a glimpse of each other and tying a cloth on their face peep towards each other’s room.

Viren and his wife on terrace discuss Aryaan’s family should accept Sanchi. Aryan’s parents also discuss same. Viren’s wife prays god that Sanchi forgets them after marriage and gets busy in her new life. Viren prays that his daughter and son-in-law come to meet him everyday. Aryan’s parents discuss Sanchi should adapt to their culture soon. Mom says she saw ramji in him when she saw him first time. He says even he saw Seeta in her. Both parents get down. Viren sees Aryan peeping at Sanchi’s room and Aryan’s dad and uncle see Sanchi doing same. They both ask to remove their mask and show face. Viren and his wife identify Aryan and Aryan’s dad and uncle identify Sanchi. Viren asks what is he peeping at. Aryan says he is searching Sakshi’s room. Sanchi also replies same to Aryan’s dad. Viren asks why was he hiding then. Aryan says he is afraid of lizards. Sakshi says she is afraid of cockroaches. She greets namaste and leaves. Aryan also runs nervously. Viren says if Aryan’s family likes Sanchi, Sanchi and Aryan will look like ram milaye jodi. Aryan’s dad also likes Sanchi.

In the evening, Aryan’s dad chats with bride’s father/his friend and asks if groom’s family demanded money. Friend says no. Dad says that is good quality of a good family. In the morning, Sheetal’s haldi ceremony starts. Sanchi gets ready in beautiful yellow sari. Aunt says she looks beautiful in sari and her would be in-laws will like it. Mom asks aunt to teach her how to speak and to serve tea. Family’s gyaan exchange continues. Aryan also gets ready in blazer. Sushanth applies oil in his hair. Aryan says he is looking gangu teli. Sushanth says that is class. Both families share gyaan to Sanchi and Aryan. Aryan walks with his dad and uncle who ask him to tell he is in good designation in his family business. Aryan says he just joined. Uncle says some lie is allowed. Sanchi peforms haldi ritual of Sheetal and some haldi falls on her hand. People says her marriage will happen soon now. Both family’s dramas continue.

Precap: Saanchi tells her brother even if Aryan is world’s last boy, she will not marry him, he does not know who Virat Kohli is. Aryan says same to Sushanth and Sanchi does not know who Deepika is.

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